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I am always yours- Maneet ff-Note pg 10 (7/5) (Page 6)

hira5431 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 June 2010 at 2:16pm | IP Logged

hey guySmile..I am soo happy that you are liking the story..Your comments mean a lot. Embarrassed. So here goes the next part..

Part 3
Geet quickened her steps. She was walking through the lobby towards the hallway that lead to her room. Her eyes were blurred with tears. But WHY? Why was she crying? The idiot that she was, She had thought the way that Maan had been behaving since they'd met again, he still liked her. That she still held that special place in his heart. But he had clearly indicated that he was interested in Sasha now. Then that's good, wasnt it? her mind asked her reminding her again the sole reason behind her leaving him. Yes, it would've been good if she'd been over him as she'd thought she was. But being in his company again, being under that lethal gaze, it had only made her realize that she still loved him as much as before. For the past two years, she had driven herself to forget him. Forget his face, forget his touch, forget his love. But she had failed miserably. All the defences she'd thought she had erected crumbled down like sand. And the worst part was, she couldn't even give into her feelings. The reason she left him mattering today as much as it had when she had left him. Geet wiped a tear trying not to sniffle.
"Geet!" suddenly she heard from behind her.
Geet stopped and turned around to see a surly Sasha giving her a contemptuous look. "I wanna talk to you."
Oh what now! Geet really didn't want to get into any discussion at the moment. And the way Sasha was looking at her, Geet could just bet she didn't want to talk about the latest fashion trend with her.
"umm..Sasha can we talk tomorrow? I am kind of tired now." She tried to get out of it.
"No, we need to clear this up right now." Sasha said sternly while walking towards her. She stopped facing Geet.
"Ok, fine. What's up?"
"Get this straight Geet. Maan is MINE. Don't try to cast your hook at him, coz it won't work!" Sasha bit out.
Geet felt jealousy oozing out of Sasha with each word she spoke. She felt an insane urge to laugh hysterically at Sasha. Geet really wanted to tell her that before Sasha had gotten her claws on Maan, he had been all HERS! And that if Geet had never left him, Sasha wouldn't have stood a chance. But she didn't. She wanted her past to stay where it was. And this girl wasn't worth getting her anger up. She decided to act indifferent.
"Uhh..ok..I dunno why you're telling me this..but fine.." she rolled her eyes at Sasha and turned around to go. Sasha clamped her hand over Geet's and swung her around.
"I'm telling this once. Stay away from him!" Sasha raged at Geet. Sasha couldn't believe this girl's nerve ignoring her warning. She felt very insecure with Geet's presence. Probably because she had noticed how Maan had stared at Geet all throughout the night. Even an idiot could tell that there was something between them. And Sasha didn't want to lose Maan.
Geet twisted her arm away from Sasha's hold, now equally angry. How dare she! "Oye hello! I don't want your precious Maan! Keep him to yourself. But don't you dare touch me again. It won't be good for you, trust me!" Geet breathed fire before she turned on her heel to leave the stupid girl.
Stupid girl is right, Geet thought angrily walking away, leaving a petulant Sasha staring after her. God Maan, couldn't you have picked a better girl for yourself! Whatever had he seen in this girl!!!
Anger was still simmering inside her as she reached her room. Geet took the key from her dress pocket to open it, swearing at Sasha and Maan under her
Just as she tried to unlock the door, she could feel two strong arms grabbing her from behind and swinging her around. Terrified at the attack, she opened her mouth to shout for help. But no words left her mouth as one of the hands left her arms and covered her mouth. She struggled against his strong hold and looked up at her attacker scared and helpless, only to be shocked to the hilt.
Maan??!! her eyes questioned even as she continued to struggle. Maan didn't let go. If possible, he further tightened the hold. Then Maan pressed her against the door with his body, his one hand covering her mouth and the other holding her hands together. He looked fierce and merciless.
"Hold still Geet!" he roared as she resumed her strugginlg, his gaze burning into her eyes. After he directed his blazing gaze towards her, she got lost in
those deep brown pools. As she continued to drown in his sexy eyes, she gave up struggling. Being so close to him with his hands on her brought back all the memories of getting lost in his embrace.
Unknowingly, she arched into him pressing even more close to him. At her response, Maan's eyes darkened with desire and the familiar anticipation. His hand left her mouth and gently caressed her face, rediscovering her stunning features, starting with her forehead and moving down her cheeks and finally stopping on her lips. He pressed his fingers harder on her lips. Once these lips had screamed only his name. They had trembled only for him. And only he had the right to touch them. And only he will!!!! He thought savagely as his eyes yelled out to her that she was only his!
Geet closed her eyes in an undeniable reaction as his touch sent shivers down her spine, breathing heavily.
"Geet.." he whispered closer to her ear at her response. His warm breath against her ears made her tremble. She opened her eyes again at the plea she heard in his voice.
"You drive me crazy Geet!" he murmured hotly leaning his forehead against hers, and she could hear his erratic breathing mingled with her own heavy
breathing. And nothing could've stopped the kiss that happened next. Maan cupped her chin tightly raising her face to his, slowly bringing his lips down to
touch hers. As their lips made contact, Geet could feel fire burning through her body.
YES! This was what had been missing in her life for the past 2 years. Maan, she sighed as she gave into him, every bit of resistance draining away from her. Maan felt ecstatic at her surrender. He put 2 years worth of yearning, desperation, anger and most of all love into the kiss. Geet felt her hands snake around his neck, but hadn't even realized when he'd let go of her hands. Maan put his arms around her too imprisoning her in his strong embrace.
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!" A shocked screech pulled them apart.
Maan and Geet broke away from each other to guiltily look up into the very much shocked faces of the gang. And looking at a hyperventilating Sasha, Geet and Maan could without a doubt guess that she'd been the one to scream.  Geet pushed Maan away from her, her whole face red from embarassment. OMG! What had just happened there!! Oh God Geet, how could you have lost control like that????!!!!! She breathed frantically to calm herself down.
Looking at a regretful Geet, Maan could only berate the hand of fate for ruining their intimate moment together. Or rather the gang. Did they have to come here now!!!!!???? Maan stared them down. The shock still hadn't left their expressions. The tension prevailing the scene was unmistakeable.
" SLUT!" Sasha was shaking with ire pointing her finger at Geet. Maan could feel his own anger rise at Sasha's accusation. NO ONE TALKED TO HIS GEET LIKE THAT!!!!
An enraged Sasha marched forward towards Geet to clamp her hands on Geet's shoulders and shook Geet harshly. "How dare you!!! I told you to stay away from him!! He's mine dammit He's MINE!!!!"
Maan was furious at Sasha's behaviour. He forcefully pushed Sasha away from Geet, dragging Geet behind him, protecting her from Sasha's wrath.
"SHUT UP!!!" He screamed. "I'm not yours! I've never been yours! I have been, from the first moment I'd seen her, Geet's!!! He bellowed. And the gang stood stupefied. Shock didn't even begin to cover what they were feeling. Maan and Geet?? But how?? When?? They'd only JUST MET!!! Sasha's hands fell against her sides as she stared helplessly at Maan.
"I am always hers!" Maan said more softly but forcefully. He turned around to face Geet, who looked up at him with tears. "I am always yours.." Maan
At his confession, Geet could feel more of her tears fall. The feelings that overwhelmed her couldn't be put down in words. Gosh, she loved him so
much. Why GOD?? Why couldn't she be with him??? Why wasn't life fair?? Geet yearned to give into the gentle pleading in his eyes. But she couldn't. she took a deep breath. All that happened, shouldn't have happened! Geet slowly stepped away from him, still looking into his eyes. Geet could register the surprise that enlarged his eyes.
With each retreating step, his pain increased. Why was she going away from him, yet again? What had he done wrong?
"Geet.." he said holding one hand towards her, his voice begging her to stop. But she slowly shook her head, turned around and escaped into her room, locking the door behind her. Maan ran to the door and banged on it. He slammed against the door until his body was hurting from the impact. "Geet, open the door!!!!"
He kept begging and shouting. But nothing worked. She had closed off herself to him again.
"Maan?" Dev softly questioned a Maan shaking in anger at his unsuccessful attempts. He put his hand on Maan's shoulder to calm him down. "Maan what's going on?"
Maan ran his hands through his hair in a sign of desperation. He had finally realized that Geet will not open that door. Eventually recognizing Maan's
vulnerable state, Gurwinder and Dev came forward and helped Maan away from Geet's door. There was a seating area not faraway from where the rooms were located. They made him sit down and gathered around him. And only one question was going through their head. What was going on between Maan and Geet?
Maan held his head between his hands. God, why did this happen to him? Why was his love taken away from him Over and over again? What had he done to deserve this punishment????  
"Maan, please tell us what's wrong?" Naintara inquired softly. Maan looked up at her question, his eyes brimming with tears. The look of worry on their faces telling Maan that they had a right know what was happening. They were his friends. He took a deep breath to bring back the capacity to string words together.
"Geet..Geet, she's my ex girlfriend. No, not an ex. The relationship with her has never ended for me. Remember guys, I've told you about this girl that I
loved so much. Who left me without saying good bye, leaving only a letter saying that she never loved me. That girl is Geet!"
Sorry guys, pms will be a little late in coming..gotta go shopping with my mom..

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wow!! loved the way you described the kiss, i can just imagine it happening... please do continue soon!~
swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2010 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
hey nice update... description abt the kiss was too gud.. luved the confession n whts up with geet now?? do continue soon.. very curious to knw abt their past..
Kaval05 Senior Member

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this is really nice i wonder what made geet leave maan. hopefully we will know soon
raziya56 Senior Member

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loved was really good!!!!!!!!!! and not to mention........ very happening and that dare she....grrrrrr!!!!!!!!
--Nargis-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 June 2010 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
Wow Hira....loved the update, and Maan and Geet....such much love....2 years didn't even begin to bridge the gap of love...but has deepened it that much more.  Wow...these 2 are in so much pain....what is it that is making Geet run form the love of her life??  Dying for the mystery to reveal....but will enjoy all of the Maneet moments in between!!

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Wow awesome part dear liked it do continue soon and thnx 4 pm
ilive2laugh IF-Rockerz

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yay another update! what an intense moment...or should i say chapter! i am dying to know why she broke up with him :P

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