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I am always yours- Maneet ff-Note pg 10 (7/5) (Page 2)

kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2010 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
hey Hira
i am so glad u r finally back
i too am in love with Maneet
plz do start uploading a new part soon


hira5431 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2010 at 10:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kweetrockstar

hey Hira
i am so glad u r finally back
i too am in love with Maneet
plz do start uploading a new part soon

hey honHug..good to see you too!!!!!!Embarrassed and I am head over heels in love with Maan n Maneet..I never thought that I could like someone so much after AR. But Maneet is totally getting thereTongue..N I'm just gonna post the next part..
hira5431 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2010 at 10:05pm | IP Logged

Hey guys..Big smile

I am so glad that you like the ff so far. Trust me it only gets better..:) I am a total M & B n fairytales fan. So while my stories have twists n turns, they ALWAYS have happy endings....And do let me know if you want me to pm you. I'll make a list. And Its good to see some old faces too..really here goes part 2.
Part 2
Geet walked back to the gang as fast as her feet would carry her. The shock of meeting Maan, on top of having a girl all over him was just too much to take. But why are you upset Geet? Didn't you leave him so he could be happy with someone else? her mind mocked her. Yes she did, but she never thought that she'd have to see it with her own eyes. The pain of seeing him with someone else had confirmed one thing. She still loved him as much as she had the day she left him. But she would never let him know. Geet had said in the farewell letter that she had never loved him, and that was the stance that she would take. God, why was life so difficult? Geet reached the fire and composed herself before anyone questioned her sudden entry. She sat by Pinky after giving everyone a smile.
"You're back, finally. You were missing out all the fun here Geet." Pinky said.
"Yea I know. But it's ok Pinky. Let her have fun with the waves as much as she wants, after all when she goes back, what will she play with? There are no
oceans in the province of the big cold country you guys live in!!!" Naintara teased.
"HEY! For your information, we have 5 HUGE lakes!!! They are as big as you could possibly want any ocean to be" Pinky defended the country she had grown up in.
"Sure sure, but it's still a lake! No ocean." Naintara poked her tongue at Pinky and Geet could see that Pinky was getting worked up over it. It was always
like this, Pinky and Naintara were as close as sisters. And what was sisterly love without some nokh-jokh. And they sure had this in abundance.
"Listen you!.." Pinky bit out but Geet quickly interrupted her. She didn't want World War III to start.
 "Ok ok guys. That's enough. I love both countries, so stop it you two!" Geet said holding her hands out in peace.
"So, you're from Canada," she suddenly heard Maan say. Geet shot her head up in the direction of his voice. When had they come back? Walking back to the fire, Maan and Sasha settled down across from her.  Maan's eyes pierced through her. So Canada was where you were hiding from me, his eyes seemed to say. Geet turned her gaze away from him.
"yea," she answered as she had no other choice. Everyone seemed to be waiting for her answer.
"Did you go there recently or have you always lived there?" Maan continued ruthlessly. Geet sighed in helplessness. Maan you know very well that I went there recently! Why are you torturing me??? her mind screamed. She braved a glance at him and he raised his eyebrow in challenge. The atmosphere tensed with something unknown and Geet could see that even the gang could feel the tension. It was his voice. The way that he asked the question made it seem like much more than a simple question. Geet needed to bring everything back to normal. What could she do? Idea!
"Ah..I just went there recently. Anyways, guys, since all of us are here now, why don't we play a game??" Geet quickly laid out her idea. And everyone agreed excitedly. phew.
"So what should we play?" Rajji asked.
"Truth or Dare." Maan suggested in a stark voice. His voice made Geet tremble, with fear or feeling, she couldn't decide. And she had the premonition that playing this game could be injurious to her heart. Her knowledge of Maan screamed that he would not stop until he got every scrap of truth out of her. But to her misfortune, everyone jumped at the idea.
"I'll go first," Dev spun the bottle. It stopped on him and Gurwinder, with the open end pointing at Gurwinder.
"Truth or dare Guru? Dev asked, mischief prominent in his eyes.
Never one to back down from danger, Gurwinder answered. "Dare." Everyone laughed at the way Dev stood straight and rubbed his hands together with an evil grin.
"Ok Guru, I dare you to tell Rajji about how you really feel!"
Gurwinder's shocked face and Rajji's shy one at the dare told Geet that those two really liked each other. And the way everyone looked on gleefully at Gurwinder, waiting for him to complete the dare told her that everyone else knew about it too.
Maan looked happily at Gurwinder who was taking deep breaths to calm himself down and find the courage to complete his dare. He winked at Dev, who winked in return. Finally!!! Gurwinder and Rajji had liked each other from the moment they had met. But the coward that Gurwinder was, he had never confessed his love. Even when EVERYONE had given them hints about it, the two idiots had done nothing about it.
"So Guru, we're waiting," Sasha teased with a giggle.
And finally, as if making a momentous decision, Gurwinder nodded his head and stood up. He went to where Rajji was sitting down and grabbed her hand. Everyone catcalled and whistled at his behaviour. Geet, too, joined in the laughter, smiling at the way Rajji's face turned as red as tomatoes. Gurwinder, probably understanding professing his love infront of his rowdy friends would ensure life-long teasing helped Rajji stand up and started walking away from the fire.
"Oye hello! Where are you going?" Naintara yelled out. Everyone protested at Gurwinder's actions.
"Guys, you didn't really think that I was gonna confess in front of all you idiots, now did you??" Gurwinder winked at them as the couple tread towards the ocean.
Geet and the others watched smiling as the couple stopped near the edge of the beach. They saw that Gurwinder got down with a hand on his heart and mouthed the words that had been in his heart since he first laid eyes on her. Even though, they couldn't see Rajji's expressions, the way she jumped on Gurwinder after he got up, sure told them that she was as ecstatic about it as they were. The gang clapped and laughed at the happy couple when they returned after sharing an emotional hug. They congratulated Gurwinder and Rajji on their happiness with lots of hugs. Then they all sat down once again, and resumed the game.
"Well, that went well. Thanks guys. Now it's my turn." Gurwinder spun the bottle with a huge smile on his face. Rajji, now sitting next to him, couldn't hide her happiness either. Geet's heart smiled to see such joy being bestowed upon them. At least God united some couples.
The bottle stopped on Naintara and Pinky, pointing at Pinky. "Pinky, truth or dare?" Naintara asked her.
"Truth," Pinky said with a smile. Nope, she wasn't the bravest person in the world.
"OK, why are you marrying Adi?" Naintara asked and Pinki's face fell at the question.
It was a question that Geet too had asked, but had gotten no reply. Pinki was the kind of girl who believed in fairy tales and prince charming. She waited for her one true love to come and whisk her away. Therefore, her acceptance of an arranged marriage was baffling. And looking at the shuttered expression on her face, Geet knew that they won't get the answer today either.
"Oh just, momma and papa asked me. I couldn't say No you know. Parental emotional blackmail," Pinki answered with a fake smile, which was recognized only by Naintara and Geet. The others, satisfied with the answer nodded their heads. They all had known some form of emotional blackmail from parents at some point or the other. Pinki taking advantage of the opportunity, quickly spun the bottle again.
And to Geet's dismay, it ended up on her and Maan with the bottle pointing towards her. Her breath quickened as she waited for the axe to fall. She clutched on to her dress nervously waiting for Maan's question. Her sweating palms and pounding heart asked only one question. God, how could you?
Maan stood up straight at the sudden opportunity. Thank you God! It seemed as if God was finally on his side after two long years of suffering,
"Truth or Dare Geet?" he raised his eyebrow at her again.
It was a habit of his that she had loved immensely before. In the olden days, she would kiss his brow whenever he had raised it at her. But at the moment, it reminded her of exactly why he was known as a ruthless businessman. His sharp gaze was piercing in to her soul challenging her to pick dare, telling her that if she picked truth he was going to ask the question she dreaded the most. The tension they had created again could be cut with a knife. Geet knew that everyone was curious at their behaviour even though the gang had no idea why they were since Maan and Geet weren't doing anything out of ordinary. It was the feelings Geet, her mind told her. It was the feelings you both share. You couldn't hide your love before when you were together and you can't hide it now. Geet's breathing deepened as she weighted her answer. Should she choose truth or dare? If she picked dare, he'd know that she's running scared and thus might suggest something outrageous. But if she picked truth, he might ask why she left him!
Maan could see the play of emotions on her face as she struggled to reach a decision. He knew exactly what she was thinking. He knew she feared that he might ask why she'd left him. But of course, he had no such intentions, at least not right now. That was a question he'd ask when they were all alone, not surrounded by this many people. Because if he wasn't satisfied with her answer, he wouldn't be responsible for his actions. No, there was another question that was swimming in his mind. As firmness dawned on her face, Maan could see that she had reached a decision.
"Truth!" Geet decided, the desire to show him that he didn't affect her overriding her fear. But her heartbeat increased in anticipation of his query.
"OK Geet..hmm" Maan pretended to think and Geet could feel her blood pressure riding up.
"Have you ever been in love?" he smirked.
WHAT? Geet opened her eyes wide in surprise to ensure that Maan had indeed asked this question. But this was even worse than the question she had anticipated. She looked up at Maan's face and his eyes challenged her to tell the truth.
Resisting his intoxicating eyes, she looked away and replied, "NO."
Then Geet quickly spun the bottle without giving him a chance to protest.
Maan was absolutely LIVID!! He curled his fists in anger. How dare she!!!! Maan remembered every instant she had whispered or screamed her love for him! How dare she say no and deny all those wonderful moments they had spent together! He longed to reach over and strangle her until she screamed out her love for him again. Geet how could you??? he asked her silently, his heart hurting.
While Maan was lost in his anger and pain, the bottle stopped spinning. It stopped on Maan and Sasha, pointing towards Maan. Sasha, who had been quietly observing Geet and Maan with distaste jumped at the opportunity this provided. Leaning towards him, she asked.
"Truth or dare Maan?"
"Truth" Maan didn't really care at this moment. All he could think of was Geet's denial. Why was she denying her love for him?
"Ok Maan..hmm..tell me, what kind of a girl do you like. Your dream girl, you know..?"
The gang, knowing Sasha's infatuation with Maan, snickered behind their hands. Geet stood straight waiting for him to reply. SHE had been his dream girl once. And Maan had told she'd always remain so. Would he keep to his promise?
Maan was surprised at the question. The first thing he did when he heard it was to look at Geet. From the moment he had seen her, SHE had been his dream girl and would forever remain so. But looking at the question in her eyes, he had a sudden urge to hurt her as much as she'd hurt him a couple of minutes ago! He looked at an eager Sasha waiting for his answer. He leaned in closer to her and replied.
"My dream girl..hmm..someone exactly like you Sasha," he winked at her. While Sasha was simpering with excitement, Maan looked over at Geet to garner her reaction.
Geet closed her eyes in pain. Well, what did you expect Geet! He'd always love you even after you left him like that??? You are being delusional if you think he still feels the same way as he did once before, her mind mocked her. Suddenly she felt it hard to breathe. She needed to get out of there. Geet swiftly got up, surprising everyone.
"What's wrong Geet?" Pinki asked looking up at her.
"Pinky. It's late. I think I'm gonna turn in now. Good night guys. See you tomorrow." Geet quickly made her escape leaving everyone to stare after her.
AGAIN! She had run from him again, Maan thought with anger. And the satisfaction he'd thought he'd feel at hurting her was nowhere in sight. Maan you idiot! Why did you have to hurt her? He should apologize. Yes he should. But just not yet. He'd do it when they went back to the hotel.

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omg!! i want to read the next part soon, loved how you described how maan bore his eyes through geet's soul, you can just feel the goosebumps... ahh, please do write more soon!

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Hey lovely update... enjoyed it.. thanx a ton for the pm.. do continue soon..

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omg. i wanted to scream while reading this update. you're making me anxious. this story is gonna make me go crazy. (in a good way)

hurry up and update. i just absolutely love this story.

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welcome bak
but sorry cant read this ff on maneet
i was eagerly waiting r u to come bak and contd on AR
all the best

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nice parts dear

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