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29/06: Confessions, apologies & some "no regrets!"

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Riddhima settles down on the pier in the OT viewing room. "Settles" is an understatment to describe the way she sat actually, the word I should be using, involves alot more excitement, a slight impatience as she looks around clearly waiting for someone. Remembering her past moments with her husband Siddhant tells us who that special someone is, she smiles to herself and looks at the door expectantly. She recalls another moment which explains to the viewers the reason behind her little visit to the room. Whilst checking their patients, and to obviously avoid the prying eyes of a certain Dr. Kirti and some idle, bored patients, the couple have decided to use a "passing file" tactic to arrange some rendezvous sessions. The way they sneak other glances and smiles is sweet to look at. They are at that "cutsie couple stage" on the relationship-meter. On Riddhima's orders, the nurse presents the file to Sid, he opens it and reads from a slip of paper, "viewing gallery, 5 minutes".
In present time, Riddhima looking around the gallery, notices the lights and decides that she will "surprise Sid", consequently moving to the switch and turning it off, subjecting the room into complete darkness. Many have seen the precap from last week, we all know what's going to happen. 

Switch to....

Armaan walking through the hustle and bustle of the Sanjeevani corridors. He speaks aloud to himself, clearly troubled due to a certain intern Dr. Shilpa. He's annoyed that Shilpa is repeatedly shunning him down either sending him to jail or making him look a fool infront of his colleagues. "Concentrate yaar, us ladki ko dhoondna hai". JP joins Armaan and happily informs him that Shilpa correctly diagnosed the 17 year old patient and now they can effectively start treatment. Armaan ignores him, focusing solely on how he will get back at Shilpa for making him a "bewakoof" not once not twice but "three bar". LOL It's funny when JP questions Shilpa's cunningness to which Armaan replies, "jiski bhi nayi entry hoti hai pehele 2 mahine wo hi smart hota hai". With DMGs past track record it seems that people only start acting foolishly when in love, "love makes you blind/weak/crazy" etc etc. We can expect Shilpa to fall in love 2 months from now....the countdown begins.

On cue, Shilpa saunters right infront of Armaan and as expected when she sees Armaan pointing at her, (personally I think it's rude to point Wink) ....any guesses? Yup, she turns back round and speeds away, chased by an exasperated Armaan. We have a little pattern going on here, I've noted it under Sid's "break glass and shout" comboSmile. He continues searching and something catches his eye, turning to look he notices the two glass doors of the viewing gallery are slowly closing shut. Putting two and two together, he smirks to himself, "ab bach ke kahan jaoogi, Dhannnno!".

Inside, upon hearing the doors open, Riddhima smiles and walks to the other side of the room, turning her back towards the entrance. "Agaye tum?" she whispers. It's more of a statement than a question...and Armaan recognises her voice instantly, a crease comes over his brow as he looks at her, confused. He doesn't understand when Riddhima invited him here to meet. Riddhima speaks of how things have been coming between them either people or their duty and finally they can now be together. Armaan smiles to himself, happy that Riddhima is associating all this with him. I won't "character bash" as some may be thinking "why is he smiling, why can't he get over her laa dee daa" but that would be pointless and waste precious time. Instead we should try and analyse the behaviour since its already been shown, we can't change the story. 
So, personally, I would say that from what I can remember Armaan hasn't met Riddhima for quite a few days, either Shilpa or work has been taking over his life. During this, Riddhima may have been floating in his mind somewhere yet they have only come face-to-face today. Riddhima has Sid, Sid has Riddhima...Armaan hasn't conjured any feelings for any other female at this point so for his one and only love to say this to "him" must be a dream come true. The bubble bursts when Riddhima states, "Sid", the smile wiping immediately off Armaan's face. It only gets worse, I suppose for both the characters when Riddhima pointedly tells "Sid" that he doesn't always have to make the first move, and she has taken that step today. It's sad because Armaan would obviously not want to hear her say that, and for Riddhima, whom finally made the effort which SR shub chintak wanted to see, yet the Sid is not there to witness it. A punch in the kisser, to say the least. Ouch

Armaan turns around, dejected, bracing himself as the tears prick at his eyes, closing them to soothe himself. Whilst Riddhima, still completely unaware, smiles at her own personal achievement, finally telling her husband how she feels. Finally....but not! As Armaan makes a move towards the door, Riddhima walks over and tightly hugs him from behind. The sad DMG tune plays in the background, purely for Armaan, the gesture so romantic, yet completely wrong. Not meant for him, and it cuts him deeply. Armaan is silent, only his eyes speaking volumes, of pain and angst. Riddhima feels....feels something....she looks up at the back of the person she holds in her arms and her grasp loosens slowly...ishq leta hai plays, and she remembers all the moments she hugged Armaan and consequently moves away.
Just a personal comment: I actually loved ishq leta before asmaani when I first heard the two tracksSmile to this post? no relevance whatsoever.
As if to clarify further, Armaan turns on the lights, everything now crystal clear, Riddhima is uncomfortable, embarrassed, turning away from Armaan, looking back at him, bewildered. Armaan is still unable to look at her...yet slowly he turns around to face her, simultaneously they both mumble "sorry"..for dashing your hopes.Armaan: ...thinking it was Sid. Riddhima: ...and thus inadvertently hurting you. They verify the confusion and Armaan, albeit hesitantly adds, that he is happy for Riddhima, happy that she's managed to make a place for Sid in her heart, and that's only because she really did try...he quickly moves to go with a "mujhe jaana hai" and Riddhima calls out his name. "You know you can't anything from me right?" he looks at her and she asks "kaise ho?"...usually we asks something how they are as a formality, some casual words when we greet one another. Yet when Riddhima asks Armaan, it means so much more. How are you coping, without me? ..is what she really means. (Also, how long is Jenny's hair, are they extensions?? She's just only recently had a haircut....) And yes with no response from Armaan, as expected she bluntly asks, "kya tum aage bhar paaye?" A long pause and Armaan manages to say, "Of course, tumhe vaada jo kiya tha". He can't handle the questions and tension and hurriedly makes an excuse to leave.
It's expected to have these little "awkward" moments between these two characters. It was predictable and was going to happen sooner or later.
And it can only get more awkward, when Sid pretty much skips/jogs into the roomLOL, and seeing the two together puts his hand on his hips. It's not the suspicious and jealous, 'angry young man' Mr. Mean Modi we see. No, instead,  the cute doctor rhetorically asks, "kya horaha hai?...kya baatein chal rahi hain?". Questions which he really doesn't need answering....his wife and his best friend stand before him, life is a party. Sensing the tension, he walks over to stand between them, symbolic? Immediately, reducing  the anxiety he  tells them how he came for his date but it seems that they're bitching about him behind his back. Armaan corrects him, we have alot more to talk about than you, don't give that much importance. Having thanked Armaan for keeping Riddhima company, he turns to her and...*drum roll please* .....apologises. Sorry, I came late, "meri timing hi kharab hai hamesha ki tarah"...double meaning? Sid seems completely naieve and thus ...insensitive to the situation, when he asks Riddhima whether she told Armaan that they've moved in together. Of course, where first we felt Riddhima was turning a blind eye and Sid was the confidante who was in the same boat as Armaan, the tables have turned yet again. Sid isn't trying to be mean, he really is just oblivious. Armaan acts happy, I say acts because his discomfort is obvious, and Riddhima stares at the ground. Sid asks her why she's so quiet, and she hides her emotions, changing topic she acts huffy and scolds him for being late. Sid says, "tum to aise keh rahi ho jaise Armaan tumhe kidnap karne wala tha". The expected reaction from Armaan-Riddhima and Sid is still clueless. Sid isn't Mr. Mean Modi....yet does being the cute doctor have a requirment attached which says one must act foolishly in akward situations. Sid reminds me of that person who doesn't think before they speak amongst a crowd of friends, ruining the cool ambience. The atmosphere was anything but cool before Sid entered, but things drastically went from bad to worse with his entry. But then I have to rethink and correct myself, maybe Sid would think like this because its been a while since he has shared space with both Armaan and Riddhima in the same room, for him he's been hanging out with his wife and friend separatey so upon seeing them together he won't find it akward because he doesn't expect it to be awkward anymore. If this is the take on the character, his actions and words are thus justified.
Riddhima manages to hide her embarrassment once again and leaves, not before turning to look back at Armaan, in contemplation, and then hurrying off again when she hears Sid calling her to stop.

At the same time, Armaan tries to sneak past Sid but he grabs onto him dragging him back to the room. He asks him, "meri baat kaun sunega??" Armaan patiently waits and Sid bursts out, "meri timing hi kharab hai", when I enter, Riddhima leaves, when's she happy, I make her angry....kuch...idea de na? When will he learn?LOL I love SidMaan though, looking at their informal, man-to-man urf Sid-to-Maan banter, you wouldn't think ice colddd vibes had been reverbertating off the same walls a few seconds ago. Armaan knows better though, he declines and making a comment on their gayism walks out leaving Sid all alone...frustrated. 

Switchh, Armaan walking through Sanjeevani, thinking about Riddhima's question, "have you moved on?".  Armaan thinks to himself, no one will ever be able to fill the space you left behind, Riddhima...never. And...
Star ta da, a photo of Shilpa in her basketball gear appears infront of Armaan's face. Eyebrows arched, he turns to his left and sees JP and Jiggy holding it before him. He raises his eyebrows questioning them and they return the favour, oops, return the gesture in a more encouraging way...Armaan, in one quick movement, takes the photo throwing it to the floor. Jiggy cries, "itna gussa kyun ho rahe hain...wo itni buri ladki nahi hai". Laurel and Hardy corner Armaan, compelling him to listen, she doesn't have the appropriate nature nor intention to carry out such stunts that Armaan speaks of...and besides even if Shilpa did do anything as such....she was only joking and fooling around. Surely its not that bad?...why? "ussi bahane hum bhi toda bauhaut hasliye"LOL>> one look from Armaan and their laughter is cut short.
"Oh, to us dhanno ne tumhe mere paas bheja hai" Armaan figures,...."Never!" We came ourselves to speak about Shilpa ji "ai shapath", JP exclaims. It's funny, I would say what are friends for since JP/Jigs have instinctively come to 'save' Shilpa, but they've only known her for what three/four DMG days? Itne sakke to wo Sid ke bhi nahi the WinkLOL

Armaan doesn't want to hear any more, "agar wo naak ragar ke bhi mujhse maafi mange gi na tab bhi main usse maaf nahi karoonga". Shilpa overhears, and shes furious, an attack on her self respect. Who does he think he is?! His words playing over and over in her mind. She struts over to Armaan intervening, placing an arm on his shoulder, aggressively turning him to face her. They look at each other, invisble daggers releasing from either facial expression.
Shilpa tells him simply that she did feel quite bad for all the problems he faced because of her, she was going to apologise..."par ab nahi". JP goes to interrupt, "what are you saying flowerji-" but a gesture from either party, and he gulps down the rest of his sentence.
Armaan far from happy, he stares coldly at Shilpa.

Coooming up: Shilpa points at Armaan, "tum bewakoof bane, kyunki tum bewakoof ho"Shocked. A flash zoom into Armaan's frosty expression. Ouch, if only looks could kill....!! JP/Jigs feel the heat and both hassled and frazzled shout out calls of "app shanth hojaiye" with identical "fan" movements, back and forth behind the Arsh, whilst they in turn stand stiff, mirror images with their hands on their hips. Haha! Shilpa continues, do what you want, I wont apologise to you, aur naa hi meri sandal! Fab effects I have to say..

Personal comment: Love these two. Well, if I have to make a comparison if a divorce letter can trigger anger and lead to Mr. Sexyface's return, then maybe Shilpa's words will trigger off the return of our much loved 2007 Mr. Supercool, the prankster, pretty please. I don't like foolish boys, even when it is a girl whose giving them a run for their money, and when was the original Armaan ever foolish?!...maybe this will lead to more, 'anything you can do I can do better' sing songs, the basket ball matches..and the bets....Big smile?!

After the break: "Aur tumhe maafi milegi bhi nahi", Armaan puts Shilpa in her place, you're an intern you'll only be given what a senior doctor wants to give you. Shilpa spits backAngry, whatever I did, I have no regrets. The precap scene, "tum bewakoof bane, kyunki tum bewakoof ho." Don't forgive me, I don't care. ArSh stare angrily at one another.

Cominggg up: ArSh, JP/Jigs in the OT, a patient lies on the stretcher. Armaan says, "patient ko observation ke through, paralytic attack aaya hai" Shilpa is crying. He continues, if his family members asks questions, what will we say? They make complain to the police and they could come to Sanjeevani to interrogate people, maybe even issue an attempt to murder case...Shilpa looks at him in disbelief.

Ok..I think, it's Shilpa's fault the patient is unresponsive, well that part seems clear anyway. But what I really think is that  he's calling her bluff, the prankster is back, but the prank is pretty serious. If he's joking then it's to torture Shilpa into thinking she's done something wrong, to incorporate the police the same way she had done for him, but even if it's true, then Shilpa really is in big trouble. Either way, Shilpa's not happy.

After the break, Armaan tells Shilpa "main jo karoonga wo to tum dekhogi hi". Supercool proclaiming his arrival maybee? We shall see....Yes, we shall.

Commming up: Part I: ArSh JJ in the OT.

Part II: Riddhima looks unimpressed, arms folded, at a fruit display lying infront of her in the children's ward, it spells the word "dinner". Sid looks at her hopeful, anxious...Riddhima whispers in a child's ear and leaves. He then tells Sid, "unho ne kaha, see you for dinner at 8pm". They kids cheering, proceed to run around Sid who seems quite speechless. Smile

Personal note: Hmm, maybe they will finally have their first perfect date?Embarrassed The OT on Riddhima's behalf was a terrible idea, the ball now lies in Sid's courtWink....


Applause Clap? : Erm.....I liked JP/Jigs today. SidMaan. The direction of the ArSh scene was fab too, with the dramatic zoom ins and flashes...

Rotten tomatoes Ouch: I tried to justify Sid's insensitivity, but admiteddly, I was irritated when I watched the scene so I'll have to mention it here....the OT 'date', which didn't actually lead to a date. It just showed the worst part of Riddhima's character, especially when we're in the fictious but potentially realstic world of a soap/serial.... We expect her to distinguish between Armaan and Sid but she didn't. She is human after all. So, everything mentioned here can be justified by the saying, "only humans are prone to making mistakes"...and Sid and Riddhima are human.

Bonus Star: This has been the most difficult conclusion I've had to write in al the sum ups I've done and similarly I'm struggling with bonuses. What to say? ....hmm, SidMaan/ Arsh.

Quote of the day: (Courtesy of Dr. Armaan Malik) "
"jiski bhi nayi entry hoti hai pehele 2 mahine wo hi smart hota hai"LOL

Over and out!
Also, accept my apology, I didn't mean to offend and I hope I haven't!
 Bear that in mind please if you comment,( which I hope you will) i.e. strictly no bashing. I'm not condoning the same eitherSmile

Thanks for reading!

Love, luck and blessings, N Xx

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Your Post can never offend anyone as its never biased and i love reading your post.
As far as AR scene goes it only tears that come to my eyes and feel angry on CV to destroy the most Beautiful Love story.
AS far as ArSh goes i am enjoying there scene. Let see where DMG goes further.

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Omg that was lovely!!
But I hated todays scene, and specially the behaviour of Riddhima and Sid.
Sid, IDK is he really naive and doens't get how Armaan and Riddhima were going through at that moment, or was he just trying to hide it by being funny?!
And Ridz argh, she herself said to Armaan that he can't hide anything from her..and she still had the guts to ask him if he has moved on?!! I hated that part, it made her look selfish and ignorant.
Then again ArSh scenes lightened my mood, ohh I just love how they give those ready to kill stared to each other.LOL

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Wow... Great Analysis....Kudos to you.....

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Thanks ! What an awesome write up Thumbs Up
Today's AR scene proved that... Riddhima has moved on in true sense. 

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Wow... what analysis?
Loved it... thanks

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