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Chaand Chupa Badal Mein
Chaand Chupa Badal Mein

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Welcome to the

Chaand Chupa Badal Mein

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Neha Sargam: New member of STAR Parivaar

Nivedita, from Star Plus' latest offering 'Chaand Chupa Badal Mein', is a simple middle-class girl who, due to circumstances in her life, has built a strong wall around her heart forbidding anyone from coming too close to her. She does not even acknowledge love or realize that romance does exist in the world!


Discuss here

On the other hand is Siddharth, the scion of a business family, who is completely oblivious to his own feelings for Nivedita. The show has being shot in the beautiful environs of Himachal Pradesh; 'Chaand Chupa Badal Mein' narrates the story of Nivedita and Siddharth. The show revolves around how Nivedita's self- imposed restrictions and resistance towards love, prevent her from committing to a relationship with Siddharth. The character of Nivedita is played by Neha Sargam from Patna whose remarkable talent was noticed when she participated in Indian Idol 4.

We spoke to Neha Sargam aka Nivedita about her role and more.

Tell us something about your character?

"Nivedita is a young girl of around 20 years of age, having lost her mother at a tender age; she is brought up by her grandmother. Apart from her grandmother she lives with her father and brother. Her father has contributed very little to her upbringing as due to a failure in his business he has become bitter and cynical about everything in life. Nivedita's younger brother Yash is a fairly successful man and well settled with a good job and is upwardly mobile. On the other hand Nivedita - having gone to a Hindi medium school is not as confident as her brother. Besides that the day to day demands of her middle class existence prevented her from being a carefree young girl like the other girls of her age. All this put together has made Nivedita shy and diffident. She is not very confident of doing simple things in life like talking to people other then her immediate family. She avoids going out, mixing with people, shies away from any human contact. Apart from all these hindrances that she faces Nivedita is a responsible person. She has many strengths and talents but is not aware of using it due to her extremely shy nature. Nivedita has a rare insight into people and their behavior as she is a keen observer. In spite of sitting at home she has kept herself busy by learning new things like sewing, knitting, embroidery and excels in the same as she has a great aesthetic sense."

How did you bag the role of Nivedita?

"I didn't audition for it but Rajan Sir saw the clippings of my auditions for a reality show on Youtube and at the time I was in Patna preparing for my MBA entrance exam. I got a call from him and he told me about the offer. I was confused about who was calling but he said that he was Rajan Shahi producer of
Sapnaa Babul Ka Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain and I was in shock to hear from him. He said I had little time: just enough to pack my bags and come to Mumbai. I was little apprehensive but my parents assured that if things didn't happen in Mumbai they would get my admissions done for MBA and so I just accepted it."

Tell your fans a little bit about Neha Sargam?

OK: Birth Date: 4th March 1988
Interests: Singing, watching television shows and movies, dancing

When did the acting bug bite you?

I had never thought that acting bug will bite me but during my childhood days I used to do scenes in front of the mirror and that time I didn't know that I would land up in acting one day.

Favourite Actor:
Hrithik Roshan

Favourite Actress:
Madhuri Dixit

Favourite Film:
Dil Chahta Hain

A role I would love to reprise:
I think Madhuri Dixit's role from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun…

Did you attend acting classes?

Not really but during the start of the show I did an acting session with
Bidaai veteran actress Amardeep Jha

Preconceived notion of the television industry:

I always knew that acting is a great platform and I am glad all the serials are female oriented and for that I feel very proud.

If not an actor:

Don't forget to watch Nivedita's love story in
Chand Chupa Badal Main starting from June 28th every Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on STAR Plus.


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Chaand Chupa Baadal Mein - A Critical Review

29 June 2010 | 7:13pm   Comments 15 Comments

Chaand Chupa Baadal Mein, Director's Kut's third ambitious project on Star Plus launched yesterday, and here is a TellyBuzz review on the very first episode..

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First episode party of Chaand Chupa Baadal Mein

30 June 2010 | 12:59pm   Comments 10 Comments

Producer Rajan Shahi's third show titled "Chaand Chupa Badal Mein" on Star Plus went on air on Monday. The cast and crew of the show watched the episode together.

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 Chaand Chupa Badal Mein launched

The boy is head-over-heels in love with the girl, puts his heart and soul into wooing her and eventually the girl ends up falling in love with him....

This is the way in which most – if not all - love stories unravel. But, here is an exception! Siddharth and Nivedita are made for each other and are meant to be together but it is easier said than done.

Nivedita, from 'Chaand Chupa Badal Mein', is a simple middle-class girl who, due to circumstances in her life, has built a strong wall around her heart forbidding anyone from coming too close to her. She does not even acknowledge love or realize that romance does exist in the world! On the other hand is Siddharth, the scion of a business family, who is completely oblivious to his own feelings for Nivedita. The story goes on to gradually reveal the underlying chemistry that exists between Nivedita and Siddharth and Nivedita's self imposed restraint.

Legendary Poet & Lyricist, Javed Akhtar, beautifully introduced the show with a recitation in his inimitable style. He will also lend his captivating voice to the on-air promotions of the show. Shot in the beautiful environs of Himachal Pradesh, 'Chaand Chupa Badal Mein' narrates the story of Nivedita and Siddharth. The show revolves around how Nivedita's self- imposed restrictions and resistance towards love, prevent her from committing to a relationship with Siddharth. The character of Nivedita is played by Neha Sargam from Patna whose talent got remarkably noticed when she participated in Indian Idol 4 and Siddharth's role is played by Abhishek Tewari from Dehradun.

Commenting on the show, Anupam Vasudev, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communication, STAR India, said, "'Chand Chupa BadalMein is a story of a girl in a middle-class family who though feels the love of her prince charming holds herself back. Why she does that and how their story unfolds in the beautiful settings of Simla will provide viewers a fresh take to a love story."

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MEET Nayantara Dadi

The hunger to try something new and portray it on television that bring veterans like Sarita Joshi aka Nayantara Dadi back to the small screen. After essaying the role of righteous and mighty Baa in STAR Plus' Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, the seasoned actress is now seen in Director's Kut's Chaand Chhupa Baadal Mein.


Interestingly, it is the first time in a long time that she's doing a show outside Hats Off production house. The child in her, still alive and kicking, thrives to explore new waters. It is the simplicity and the strength of the character that has prompted her to take up the role of Nivedita's grandmother.

What prompted you to take up this role?
It was worth the wait as I haven't made any appearance for three months after Baa Bahu Aur Baby ended. I didn't like the roles that were being offered It's actually very pleasing for any artiste to receive a challenging and good role and like any other actor, I too wanted to do something different. Rajan Shahi has earned a place for himself in the industry. Also, the show is being aired on STAR Plus with whom my association goes a long way. I also like the character that I am going to play.

Baa was a very strong character as she was the decision maker of the family. How different is Baa from dadi ma in Chaand Chhupa Baadal Mein?
Baa was strong as she was the protagonist and had to be portrayed in a certain manner. As the name says, Baa, Bahoo and Baby were the central characters and the entire story revolved around them. The show would be incomplete without any of these three characters. You have seen my roles and heard me speak. I speak simple language like any other Mumbaikar in all the shows that I have been a part of. But this show is again different for me as an actor and when you get a potential role like this, you break out of your comfort zone and push yourself hard to make it look convincing on screen.

The character of Dadi is not a conventional role. She is different from the grannies you get to see on-screen or in real life. She believes in modern ideology and is someone who understands her children, supports them and guides them. She strongly believes that one shouldn't depend on others in life. You have to find your own path and reach your destination without expecting any kind of support. You are the one who can change your life, persuade it and act accordingly. Trust your conscience and follow your instincts, you will be fine, are some of the mantras that dadi ma follows.

What was the most challenging aspect of this role?
The language that has been very challenging for me. Rajan had specially got a teacher from Shimla to teach me the language and I am very comfortable with it now. We have studied the character in depth, keeping in mind the accent. There are lots of words that we are not used to pronouncing or even hearing in our daily life, which you will see me utter in this show.

What equation does the protagonist Nivedita share with you on the show?
She is very close to me as she doesn't have a mother. I am like a maternal figure to her. There is this one very nice dialogue from the serial: "Mein tumhari Maa nahi ban sakti. Par yahi toh sachchai hai. Maa ki jagah lena kissi ke liye bhi moomkeen nahi hai. Maa jaisa hona mushkil hai. Bin maa ke baache kitna pyaar maangte hai." (I can't be a mother to you and this is the truth. It is impossible for anyone to take place of your mother. A motherless child always demands more love). 

You think it will be easy for you to shed the image of Baa which has got imprinted in the minds of the viewers?
This is an issue that every actor faces after he becomes famous for a particular role and they struggle to form another image, which is very challenging. You have seen the Baa from Kyunki Saas Bhi Bahu thi. She was old, grumpy and unique in her own ways. The Baa that I play on this show is completely different from hers. She was very strong from within. The role is as powerful as of a lead actress. That's the reason why I've accepted this role. I did receive a lot of roles similar to that of Baa Bahoo Aur Baby but I didn't accept them.

When you flip the TV channels, you will come across hordes of characters similar to that of Baa. Their body language and mannerisms is like that of Baa from Baa Bahoo Aur Baby. I didn't want to become a part of the crowd and do similar roles. I desired something different. As Nivedita's granny I want to explain that people who have mothers don't value them and I try to become a mother to my grandchildren as they have lost their mother. 

The second season of Baa Bahu Aur Baby didn't turn out to be a success. What do you think was the reason behind the debacle?
I can't really point out the exact reasons which resulted in the failure of the second season of Baa Bahoo Aur Baby. The show aired on weekends and many times the show made way for some awards and events, so maybe the viewers that we had started shifting to other shows. After all, it's just a button that you have to press and they forget you. So we decided that before people completely forget us, we better disappear gracefully. I really appreciate the efforts made by everyone on the show. Baa is still alive in hearts of people and will always be.

You have worked in movies, plays and TV serials for over a decade. Do you feel in terms of content of the shows have been turning gaudy?
No, I totally disagree. If we talk about television, everyone from Hrishikesh Mukherjee to Sameer Chaudhary has worked with passion. There have been lots of good shows like Buniyaad, C.I.D., Baa Bahu Aur Baby, Khichidi, Bidaai etc. There is definitely something that make viewers still watch them. And why do we think that it's only the people who watch television in the city? They reach the homes of people across the country. If we do a study of the shows on television, a lot of them have come and gone. There are shows even in regional languages too. For instance, there is Pratigya who can make people ignite and touch everyone's heart.

We talk about modern civilization and society, but then why do we keep on showing the same shows over and over again?
Pardon me but our society is what? Women are still suppressed in this country. Don't see the girls from metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. If you happen to go further North like Simla, you will still find those old customs and practices still prevalent. A woman doesn't have a freedom of speech even in front of her own man.

What shows do you like to follow on television?
I am a person who follows mythology. But Buniyaad has always been my favourite show. I used to watch it a lot.

In one of your recent interviews you had mentioned that during your free time you like to watch television a lot. What shows have impressed you from the recent times?
I loved watching Jhansi Ki Rani because she epitomizes the strength of a lady but I don't get to follow it anymore. I also used to follow Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Kijo and Laado. I liked Pratigya too and now I have started liking Behenein on STAR Plus.

Why is that on television it's always a female who is an enemy of another female?
 Aare Bhai! But isn't this what really happens in our society? For example, one female would envy another female for the colour of her lipstick and the dress she dons (laughs).

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The humble Siddharth Sood

Siddharth of STAR Plus' latest offering Chaand Chhupa Baadal mein is a disciplined guy who is the scion of a business family. He is an outspoken and stubborn lad who likes challenges at every walk of life. In real life too Siddharth (Abhishek Tiwari) loves challenges and this is what drew him to the world of acting.


After doing a course in aviation and hospitality management, Abhishek realized that acting is his calling and putting everything at stake, he came down to Mumbai to realize his dreams. STAR Plus and Director's Kut gave him the chance of a lifetime and he ended up as the Siddharth of Chaand Chhupa Baadal Mein. This Dehradun bred lad is excited about his debut and is confident that the show will be well-received by the viewers.

Siddharth talks about the show, his character and journey so far.

What did you do before acting bug bit you?
"I have done hospitality management and a course in aviation. I have also done modeling for four years in Delhi, Dehradun, Lucknow and Simla and have done print ads. I have also done a music video which hasn't released yet for unknown reasons."

Weren't your parents surprised when their only son decided to go into acting?
"Acting was the only thing that I wanted to do ever since I discovered my goal in life. I started modeling when I was 17 years old. As a kid I used to do crazy stuff like painting my face with colors and act in front of the mirror. Thus acting had absorbed me completely right from my childhood. I just followed my dreams and finally came to Mumbai. I did an acting course with Creating Characters. My parents have been supportive throughout. They had never stopped me from realizing my dreams."

How did you bag the role of Siddharth Sood?
"I auditioned for the role and Rajan sir spotted me and felt that I am very close to the character. They called me for a look test for the second time and finally I was chosen to play Siddharth."

Describe Siddharth to us?
"This is a very positive character. Siddharth is flamboyant and noble at heart. He is an extremely sensible and sincere guy when it comes to decision making. He is a thorough gentleman."

How is Abhishek in real life?
"Abhishek is a grounded and down to earth guy who is very focused on his work. I like simplicity."

Were you a nervous freak while giving your first shot?
"My first shot was my introduction scene and rather than being nervous, I was excited like a child. The team of the show motivates us a lot and they show so much of confidence in their actors that there is no place for nervousness."

Are you nervous for the reactions since this happens to be your debut show?
"I have a mixed feeling. I am very confident about the show as it has been beautifully shot and conceptualized. Being my first show, I am obviously a little nervous like any other debutant but I am excited too."

How did your parents react to your achievement?
"They were really happy and excited for me but they miss me too. It's been nine months and I haven't been to my home. They pray for my success and well-being always."

Have you seen any shows by Directors Kut earlier?
"When I was in Dehradun, I used to watch Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. I am watching the two shows from the past two years and always dreamt of making it big like the lead actors of these two shows. My desire to make it big in the industry like them got me to Mumbai and here I am sharing the same stage as Naitik. I feel overwhelmed with the turn of the events in my life."

What is the difference between the two cities - Dehradun and Mumbai?
"Mumbai is a fast and an active city and Simla is beautiful and quiet. After working hard for the entire day at your work-station you like unwinding yourself at your home amid the beautiful locales of Simla. Mumbai is the city which spells growth professionally."

How different is a life of an actor than a model?
"As a model you exhume confidence once you come on stage to walk the ramp and you don't carry any baggage back home. But as an actor you have to live a character, throughout the show and round the clock, that might not be necessarily relatable and anything like you in real life. You might end up living a complete stranger life and that's the challenge this profession throws at you. You have to think beyond your real life and adapt to new situations. How you look shouldn't bother as that's then look of the character you are essaying. Your focus has to be on giving your best shot always."


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Neha Sargam, the female lead of the Rajan Shahi's show, 'Chaand Chupa Badal Mein', had been an Indian idol contestant.  She had also appeared for her advertising and marketing final year exams before getting the call from Rajan Shahi.  She received wonderful news very soon after her show was launched. Her results are out and she has topped not only in her college but is the topper of Patna University too.

Her father completed the formalities as she could not go and receive her result personally. The girl was a bit confused about her choice of career. Neha says, "I wanted to take admission to the M.B.A course as all my studies so far had been with that objective in mind. But this was before Rajan Shahi called me. I had been busy with my G.D.P.I (Group Discussion and Personal Interviews) and had totally forgotten about it. I was confused initially as acting was never my passion nor was I keen to pursue it. But I am here now, thanks to the support of my parents."

So after getting busy with the show have you given up the thought of pursuing an M.B.A? "No, not at all, let's see when I get time from my work, I will definitely give it a second thought," clarifies Neha.

We wish you good luck for whatever you do, be it acting or further studies!

--Tejashree Bhopatkar /

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