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Hey Guys since we open SO many (Well me LOL) posts,  millions of Different Articles about R-Patz, I thought of just having a Post where we could just keep the articles and Gossip and you know Chat, just to help Amborisa keep the forum clean so she doesn't have to bang her head against the wall from looking at our mess lol.


- If you don't Love, Adore, Like My Husband (Robert Pattinson) Do NOT bother posting rude comments because we could care less LOL.
- DO NOT whats so ever Bash him or his looks. (If you know me i will rip your head off LOL)
- Do NOT spam.
- DO NOT Bash members and their P.O.V's.
- Be kind and sweet to all members so we can follow Rob's foot steps.
- Posts Source to articles if you post them here.
- Do not start fights, if there is one Stay out of it so you don't get in trouble.
- Give credit to any Fanart, videos, VM's, or anything that is not written or done by you.
- Do NOT bash his relation ship with Kristen Stewart. (We all know there is something).
- Feel free to share your thoughts in a kind Manner.
- DO NOT bring in "Team Edward or Team Jacob" EVER.
- Do NOT compare Taylor and Robert (Totally not acceptable).
- DO NOT insult Edward Cullen.
- DO NOT Talk about Jacob Black or Taylor Launter in this Thread because it will lead to fights.
- Have Fun. Star

All About Robert Pattinson Will be found in This Thread. Embarrassed

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..:: B
ibliography ::..

Robert Pattinson was born on May 13, 1986, in London, England. He enjoys music and is an excellent musician, playing both the guitar and piano. Known for his Messy Hair.

When Robert was 15, he started acting in amateur plays with the Barnes Theatre Company. Afterward, he took screen role like Curse of the Ring (2004) (TV) (Kingdom of Twilight) as Giselher.

In 2003, Robert took on the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). He got his role a week later after meeting Mike Newell in late 2003.

He has since been cast as Edward Cullen in the highly-anticipated film, Twilight (2008/I). His music will also be heard in the film. Additionally, Robert has completed upcoming roles as Salvador Dal in Little Ashes (2008) and Art in How to Be (2008).

He Is an excellent musician and plays both the guitar and piano. He began taking piano lessons at age three, and classical guitar at five.

Attended Harrodian private school in London.

He has two older sisters, Lizzie and Victoria.

Remains close friends with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) co-stars, Stanislav IanevskiKatie Leung. and

Was taught how to scuba dive for his role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).

Sports: Has said that darts and pool are more his sport, and that he made up that he liked snowboarding and soccer for his Harry Potter audition.

Acting Inspiration: Jack Nicholson.

Was ranked #23 on Moviefone's "The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25" (2008).

Chosen by the Hollywood Film Festival Award Committee as the recipient of the 2008 New Hollywood Award.

Awarded Best Actor 2008 at the Strasbourg Film festival for his performance as "Art" in the film How to Be (2008).

One sister, Lizzy, 25, had a top ten hit with the band Aurora. The other, Victoria, 27, works in advertising.

Most of his earnings from his first acting job - a supporting role in the television film Curse of the Ring (2004) (TV) - went on paying his own fees at The Harrodian School in Barnes.

He beat 3,000 people to play Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight (2008/I).

Named as Yahoo's Top Movie Heart Throb of 2008.

Named as Rolling Stone Magazine's Hottest Actor of 2008.

Named by "Entertainment Tonight" (1981) (ET) as their top hunk of 2008.

Named as one of the LA Times Breakout Stars of 2008.

Named as one of Forbes Breakout Stars of 2008.

His small, but would-have-been-memorable part in Vanity Fair (2004), was cut out in the final production.

Awarded Hello Magazine's Most Attractive Man Award of 2008.

Invited an obsessive fan out for dinner when he was having a bad day.

Father is a car salesman.

Supports Arsenal Football Club.

Splits his time residing between London, UK where his family is from and Los Angeles, CA.

One of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive 2008.

Moviefone's Number 1 Hottest Young Star Under 25 2009.

Sarah Barry Williams wrote song "She wants to be Mrs Robert Pattinson".

Named AOL Moviefone's Sexiest Male Star of 2009.

Named GQ (UK) Best Dressed Man of 2009. "Extremely elegant and inspiring, the true essence of a contemporary man." Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, designers.

Learned to drive in a ten hour crash course on the set of Twilight.

Merited a place in Time magazine's - The 100 Most Influential People in the World ("Artists" category) - with a tribute provided by Chris Weitz. [May 10, 2010]



Quotes: Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as 'Claudia'! Twelve was a turning point as I moved to a mixed school and then I became cool and discovered hair gel.

It's strange, somebody asked for my autograph the other day. Because I finished school and I'm not really doing anything at the moment, I was just kind of aimlessly wandering around London and these two guys who were about 30 came up and asked for my autograph. I was really quite proud at the time, and they wanted to take photos and stuff. And then they were sort of wandering around and I was kind of wandering around and I bumped into them about three times, and every single time their respect for me kept growing and growing and growing.

They [Barnes Theatre Club] were a very good group, and for some reason when I finished the backstage thing, I just decided to that I should try to act. So I auditioned for Guys and Dolls and got a little tiny part as some Cuban dancer or something and then in the next play I got the lead part, and then I got my agent. So I owe everything to that little club.

I aspire to be Jack Nicholson. I love his every single mannerism. I used to try and be him in virtually everything I did, I don't know why. I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) when I was about 13, and I dressed like him. I tried to do his accent. I did everything like him. I think it kind of stuck with me.

The day before [the Harry Potter London premiere] I was just sitting in Leicester Square, happily being ignored by everyone. Then suddenly strangers are screaming your name. Amazing.

I went to one of these signing conventions. [in '06] It was one of the most interesting experiences I've had. It was so strange that people would pay for autographs. You keep thinking you should do a little dance for them as well or something.

I have been playing the piano for my entire life - since I was three or four. And the guitar - I used to play classical guitar from when I was about five to 12 years of age. Then I didn't play guitar for like years. About four or five years ago, I got out the guitar again and just started playing blues and stuff. I am not very good at the guitar, but I am all right. I am in a band in London as well.

My favorite teacher was probably my English teacher because she got me into writing instead of just answering the question. I used to hand in homework with 20 pages of nonsense and she'd still mark it. She was a really amazing teacher.

I didn't want to get stuck in pretty, public school roles, or I knew I'd end up as some sort of caricature. Playing Dali has been a complete turning point for me. It's the first part I've had that has required really serious thought. I became completely obsessed with Dali during the filming, and I read every biography I could get a hold of. He was the most bizarre, complex man, but in the end I felt I could relate to him. He was basically incredibly shy.

I wasn't at all focused on school, and I didn't achieve much. But I've got a sense of urgency now. I feel I can't let any more time waste away.

Twilight (2008/I) is a metaphor for the virtues of chastity, but it's had the opposite effect. I get letters that say "I'm going to kill myself if you don't watch High School Musical 2 (2007) (TV) with me". It's a little nuts.

Everything has become more intense for six months, since 'Twilight' was released. It's hard to handle what's happening to me. I don't have the necessary hindsight, even if only to find a way out to this situation. But this celebrity thing, you can't fight it, it's useless, you can't avoid it. When it's not something you desired during your whole life, or something you don't aspire to, you're free not to care about it. I didn't sign for Disney. There's not a stipulation which forces me to smile to the paparazzi.

Sometimes I think, 'to hell with acting,' and then I realize I could be working at a shoe shop. Acting is much cooler.

Where is he Now?:

(January 2008) He was recently named as the lead role in Twilight (2008/I). They are starting production.

(July 2008) Los Angeles, California

(January 2009) Currently spending time in his beloved London, England.

(December 2008) 22nd December 2008 Arrives from Los Angeles at London Heathrow Airport to spend Christmas with his family.

(February 2009) London, UK

(August 2009) Vancouver - Filming Eclipse

(April 2010) Filming "Bel Ami" in Budapest, Hungary

(February 2010) London, UK Filming Bel Ami

(March 2010) Budapest, Hungry Filming on location Bel Ami

(May 2010) Los Angeles, CA USA Pre-Production Water For Elephants


Robert Thomas Pattinson[3] (born 13 May 1986)[4] is an English actor, model, and musician.[5]Edward Cullen in the film adaptations of the Twilight novelsStephenie Meyer, and for the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.[6][7][8] In 2010, Pattinson was named one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in The World.[9] His upcoming films include The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bel Ami, Water For ElephantsUnbound Captives. Pattinson is best-known for playing by and

Pattinson was born in London. His mother, Clare, worked for a modeling agency, and his father, Richard, imported vintage cars from the U.S.[10] He attended Tower House School and Harrodian School,[11] and became involved in amateur theatre through the Barnes Theatre Company. After some backstage experience there, he took on acting roles. He caught the attention of an acting agent in a production of Tess of the D'Urbervilles and began looking for professional roles. Pattinson has two elder sisters, Lizzy Pattinson, a singer, and Victoria Pattinson.[12][13]

Pattinson began modeling when he was twelve years old, but his number of jobs began to decrease only four years later. He blamed his lack of work as a model on his masculine appearance. Pattinson explained in December 2008, "When I first started I was quite tall and looked like a girl, so I got lots of jobs, because it was during that period where the androgynous[14] Pattinson appeared in the advertising campaign for Hackett's Autumn 2007 collection.[15] look was cool. Then, I guess, I became too much of a guy, so I never got any more jobs. I had the most unsuccessful modeling career."

Pattinson at the 2008 premiere of the film Twilight

Pattinson had supporting roles in the made for television film Ring of the Nibelungs in 2004 and in director Mira Nair's Vanity Fair, although his scenes in the latter were deleted and only appear on the DVD version.[16] In May 2005, he was slated to appear in the UK premiere of The Woman Before at the Royal Court Theatre, but was fired shortly before the opening night and was replaced by Tom Riley.[17] Later that year he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. For this role he was named that year's British Star of Tomorrow by The Times.[18] He has more than once been touted as the next Jude Law.[11][19][20]

Pattinson played Edward Cullen in the film Twilight, based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novel of the same name, which was released on 21 November 2008 in North America. According to TV Guide, Pattinson was initially apprehensive about auditioning for the role of Edward Cullen, fearful that he would not be able to live up to the "perfection" expected from the character.[21] He reprised his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight sequels The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which will be released 30 June 2010.[22]

Pattinson had lead roles in the feature films Little Ashes (in which he plays Salvador Dal), How To Be (a British comedy) and the short film The Summer House.

In 2009, Pattinson presented at the 81st Academy Awards.[23] On 10 November, Revolver Entertainment released the DVD Robsessed, a documentary which details Pattinson's life and popularity.[24]

In 2010, Pattinson executively produced and starred in the film Remember Me, which was released on 12 March 2010.[25] He will play Georges Duroy in a film adaption of the 1885 novel, Bel Ami, with Uma Therman, which will be released in 2011.[26] He will also appear in a theatre production for producer David Pugh,[27] and star in a film adaption of the Sara Gruen novel, Water for Elephants, with Christoph Waltz and Reese Witherspoon.[28] On 13 May 2010, Pattinson appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show for his upcoming film The Twilight Saga: EclipseThe Ellen Degeneres Show on 18 May, which aired the following day.[29] Pattinson will attend the official red carpet premiere for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on 24 June, 2010 at the Los Angeles Nokia Theatre.[30] and also made an appearance on

Pattinson plays guitar and piano, and composes his own music.[31] He also appears as the singer of two songs on the Twilight soundtrack: "Never Think", which he co-wrote with Sam Bradley,[32] and "Let Me Sign", which was written by Marcus Foster and Bobby Long.[33] The songs were included in the film after director Catherine Hardwicke added Pattinson's recordings into an early cut without his knowledge, and he agreed that "one of them specifically, it really made the scene better. It was like it was supposed to be there."[5] The soundtrack for the film How To Be features three original songs performed by Pattinson[34] and written by composer Joe Hastings.[35]

Aside from recording for the soundtracks, Pattinson has said, "I've never really recorded anything ' I just played in pubs and stuff", and when asked about a professional music career, he said, "Music is my back-up plan if acting fails."[5] In 2010, Pattinson was awarded the 'Hollywood's Most Influential Top Unexpected Musicians' award.

Robert Pattinson after The Twilight Saga: New Moon Photocall at the Crillon Hotel in Paris, France on 10 November 2009

Pattinson was named one of the "Sexiest Men Alive" in 2008 and 2009 by People magazine.[36][37] In 2009, he was also named the "Sexiest Man Alive" in a poll conducted by Glamour.[38]GQ and Glamour both named him the "Best Dressed Man" of 2010, with GQ stating, "Extremely elegant and inspiring, the true essence of a contemporary man."[39][40] In 2010, People also listed Pattinson in their "World's Most Beautiful" issue. [citation needed]

He was named one of Vanity Fair's "Top Hollywood Earners of 2009" with earnings of $18 million in 2009.[41] Pattinson was ranked #10 on The Telegraph's list of the 10 Highest Paid Actors, with earnings of 10 million ($16 million) from the Twilight movies.[42] In 2010, Britain's The Sunday Times "Rich List" put him on its "list of young millionaires" in the UK, worth 13 million.[43] Time magazine named him as one of 2010's 100 Most Influential People in The World.[9] Due to Pattinson's rising fame, a wax statue of him was added to the Madame Tussauds collection in London and New York City.[44]

In December 2009, Pattinson autographed a guitar to be auctioned off for charity.[45] He also volunteered for the Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief in January 2010. In May, Pattinson submitted a drawing for the charity PACT, that was auctioned off on Ebay on June 5, 2010.[46]


Year Title Role Notes
2004 Vanity Fair Rawdy Crawley Only seen on DVD release
Ring of the Nibelungs Giselher Television film
2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Cedric Diggory
2006 The Haunted Airman Toby Jugg Television film
2007 The Bad Mother's Handbook Daniel Gale Television film
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Cedric Diggory Cameo
2008 How To Be Art Strasbourg Film Festival Award for Best Actor[47]
Twilight Edward Cullen Hollywood Film Award for New Hollywood
MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Performance Male
MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (with Kristen Stewart)
MTV Movie Award for Best Fight (with Cam Gigandet)
People's Choice Award for Favourite On-Screen-Team (Shared with: Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart)
Scream Award for Best Fantasy Actor
Teen Choice Award for Choice Hottie
Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor Drama
Teen Choice Award for Movie Liplock (with Kristen Stewart)
Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Rumble (with Cam Gigandet)
Nominated ' Empire Award for Best Newcomer[48]
Nominated ' People's Choice Award for Favourite Movie Actor
Nominated ' Scream Award for Best Ensemble Cast
2009 Little Ashes Salvador Dal
The Twilight Saga: New Moon Edward Cullen Russia's Georges Award for Best Foreign Actor
National Movie Award for Best Performance
MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance
MTV Movie Award for Global Superstar
MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (with Kristen Stewart)
Nominated ' Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor Fantasy
Nominated ' Empire Award for Best Actor[49]
Nominated ' Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards for Cutest Couple (Shared with Kristen Stewart)
2010 Remember Me Tyler Hawkins Executive producer
Nominated ' Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor Drama
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Edward Cullen Completed
2011 Bel Ami Georges Duroy Post-production
Water For Elephants Jacob Jankowski Filming
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I Edward Cullen Pre-production

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Robert Pattinson Has Been Nominated For The Sexiest Man Alive of 2010. Taking His Crown Last Year As The Winner&We Hope He Keeps The Crown This Year As Well.

Do Vote For Robert Pattinson!!image-number=46


Appearance/Release Date Calendar


Monday, August 9 - 8/7c

Release Dates

In Theaters

' TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE | June 30, 2010
' WATER FOR ELEPHANTS | April 15, 2011
' BREAKING DAWN: PART 1 | November 18, 2011
' BREAKING DAWN: PART 2 | November 16, 2012


' REMEMBER ME - June 22, 2010
' THE BAD MOTHER'S HANDBOOK - August 24, 2010

On ITunes

' THE SUMMER HOUSE - July 13, 2010

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Hottest Celeb Couple's Baby we would Like to See Some Day
  • Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

These Twilight lovers have fans young and old cooing and curious as to their relationship status and weakening in the knees over their palpable sex appeal. There's no doubt that the offspring of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would be adorable.

The British actor reveals how reading scripts for possible roles stokes his desire to have children one day, saying,

"...whenever I see a part now with a younger brother, or a part where I've got a kid... I just love the idea of that. I think I'm getting broody. It's so bizarre."

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I love rob and kellan they r so cute togther.

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Robert Pattinson's Family at the Eclipse Premiere

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Here's a few photos featuring Robert Pattinson's family at the world premiere of the upcoming film "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" aka Eclipse stars Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), Kristen Stewart (Adventureland, The Runaways), Taylor Lautner, (My Own Worst Enemy) and Xavier Samuel (Road Train, The Loved Ones).

Click Here for more photos, news and videos from Twilight and Eclipse.

Synopsis: In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob - knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

Stay tuned to for the latest from "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse".

Robert Pattinsons Family at the Eclipse Premiere

Robert Pattinsons Family at the Eclipse Premiere

Robert Pattinsons Sisters at the Eclipse Premiere

Robert Pattinsons Sisters at the Eclipse Premiere

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Hey guys 2 more days

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I am sooo excited!!

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