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FF(AR/KaSh) PG 1-3 and OS pg 4 thread complete (Page 2)

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Chapter 8

Yes. The place where he used to come to meet his mentor Dr. Rahul and where they used to share numerous jokes was now only a place where his memories were filled only  with one word cancer. He walked in Dr. Rahul's office.

Rahul: Hi Armaan. Are you feeling good today?

Armaan: you know how I feel.

Rahul comes to him and makes him sit down.

Rahul: Armaan I know yo are going through tremendous pain and it is hard for me to even imagine what you are going through. But you have to let her know. It is high time Armaan. You should have told her already. You know the more you delay it the more it is affecting your life.

Armaan: Rahul I had made up my mind to tell her everything on that day at night.. but that phone call changed everything. I didn't want to ruin her happiness. I can die for her you know.

Rahul: N you are dying every minute even as we speak Armaan. She is in the best stage of her life where in theres a life being brought up in her. Yu think she would be that weak. If you tell her she will become your support. If she finds out from somewhere else.. can you imagine her condition at that point. She will feel betrayed. Armaan you have to tell her. N if you don't then I wil definetly. I cannot delay this anylonger. We have to perform your surgery soon. Your tumor is expanding already. N no more delays' u tell her today or tomorrow morning the first call that she gets will be mine.

Armaan: Please Rahul I cannot do it. You kno it. She is in such a beautiful phase ..nnnn

Rahul: N if you hide it anymore from her'.. it will hurt her.. don't u get it'..

Armaan just stands there quite. Thinks. And then he finally says. I will talk to her tomorrow morning but just let me be with her like a normal person in her eyes.. tonigh.

Rahul: You are normal Armaan,. This is just a disease that we have to get cured'.

Armaan nods: You are too sweet but I am aware what I would have to go through once after the surgery. Just this one night''' let me be with her' as her Armaan'. N tomoroow morning I wil tell her

Rahul agrees' n then Armaan takes his leave and goes to pick up Riddhima.

While Driving to Nanavati Hospital where she works as a Gynac he remember the night he was coming home n the phone call he had received:

Rahul : I want to meet you now. Come at Sanjeevani. Saying that much he had hung up.

Armaan was worried and thought what must have happened.

He reached Sanjeevani and went to Rahuls cabin.

Rahul : Armaan I was afraid of this .

Armaan just looks at him asks of what Rahul. What happened

Rahul: Armaan you wil have to bear this news with a lot of strength . Its not going to be easy for you neither for me but I have to tell it to you.

Armaan just wonders and waits for him to finish what he is saying.

Rahul: Remember, the day you felt dizzy during the operation' and then you said that it happened to you regularly.. I was afraid of this but I wanted to be sure of that before I said nything to you that's Y I asked you to do those tests and the results are in my hand. Armaan'. With a heavy heart I have to say this' that you have Brain tumor.

Armaan was just shocked. He couldn't believe it. At first he just thought that Rahul is kidding  bu when he looked at the reports he realiseddd that gravity of the situation.

Rahul: But we can still treat it'. We would have to perform a surgery and you would be fine after that. But you kno what happens after the surgery. It will take you time to recover. And hence I want you to tell Riddhima about it soon and then we would go on with the surgery.

Armaan thought about it. About Riddhima but he knew this was curable so he didt cry.. he knew Riddhima was strong and would be there to support him' so he told Rahul.. I will tell her tonight' saying that he hugged Rahul and then left.

While drving back to his home he received a call from Subra and that just changed everything. The confident Armaan just broke. He had heard a news earlier that was affecting him and this second news just brought down the heavens in his lap he was happy'. Very happy nnnn then thee realization stukc him'.he couldn't ruin this moment of thiers' he had to hide about his illness from him. He knew if her told her'. She would sacrifice her health and her well being over his.. n her didn't want that'. So he hid it from her'..

Back to present.. he reached'. The clinic and Riddhima was waiting for him. She came and sat in the car.

Riddhima: (she smiled at him) It was a long day today. But a satisfying one. How was urs.

Armaan: thought abt what Rahul had said'. It was good( he said)

Whle they were driving back he didn't say a word, didn't tease her, didn't play with the baby'.. Riddhima found it odd.

She touched his hand and asked, " Armaan. Kya hua. Anything serious at work."

Armaan said no Riddhima just tired'. She hesistated.. then said ok. N then removed her hand from his hand and sat there in the seat just touching her tummy which was already bulging. She sensed something was not right and so decided to do soemthign on her own.

Riddhima said" Armaan stop the car."

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Chapter 9

 He got worried, "Kya hua Riddhima. Is everything ok. Is the baby ok." Riddhima laughed, " Yea the baby is fine. I just need fresh air. Can we sit somewhere where theres quite before gong home." Armaan said, " but yahan. This is so freaky ." She said, " ok then not here somewhere else that more beautiful." He agreed and took drove her on the mountain side towars the top from where they could see the entire city. As the started on the mountain. Her breath started becoming heavy. He said, " This completely crossed my mind. We should not drive on hill top. Its on a height its gonna make breathing heavier for you." She said" still breathing heavily.. No Armaan I want to go there'. Take me there'" Armaan interrupted but she insisted'. He thought he shouldn't have thought about the idea'.. He drove slowly all the way and then gently helped her out of the car. She hold on to his hand and they walked towards the egde. He said be careful don't go allthe way towards the egde. Wait let me brign out the chairs and Riddhima stay here don't go towards the egde.

He ran back to get the chair and his head started hurting'. He quickly hid behind the car' and said not now god not now please'. Give me time until tomorrow morning'' eh took out the medicine from his car and drank it'. Sat for a sec then picked up the chair and left' coming by the cliff edge here Riddhima sit.. n he helped her sit in the chair'.. n then he opened his chair and sat. they both kept staring at the city that looked so beautiful

Armaan asked her' are you hungry cuz I have some fruits in the car I can brign it out. She said No Armaan we ill go home and it. He asked the baby are u hungry.. Riddhima laughed and nodded'. Armaand smiled and went to the car'. Took the apple washed it the water he had and brought itfor her' Riddhima asked' aur tumm' He said main tumhari mummy ke saath ghar par khaunga'. N they both laughed'.. She was eating and he kept looking at her'.Riddhima asked him tumhe baby toh touch nahn karna aaj' Armaan inched in closer with his chair so that he could feel the baby and toucher her Tummy. Riddhima released a sigh. Riddhima said, " You kno aaj pura din tumhare baby ne mujhe tang nahin kiya.. kyunki use pata tha end main papa milenge hi na'" He smiled at her innocence but inside cried at the thought that the baby is becomgin so attached to it'..n that is soemthign happened to him during the operation how willthe baby control'. He jus tsat quietly and looked at the stars.. Riddhima said, "tum aaj bade chup ho.. I know you are tired and all but biwi bacho ke samne toh bol hi sakhte ho na'" Armaan laughed'." Ha aap toh main biwi baccho wala hone wala hoon na'." they both laughed and stared away in the front at the view'. Armaan said that let me bring you water and he removed his hand from her tummy. She nodded. But just as he left she started feeling a little pain.. At first she ignored it' but then it just ran thorugh her stomach really bad and she screamed, " Armaan''''.." H dropped the bottle and rushed towards her' "Riddhima kya ho raha hain tumhe'.(seeing her screaming in pain)' abhi toh time hain na'.(talking about her delivery..) are you okyyy'.. let me take you to the doctor'''. ( he lifted her'..and made her sit in the car'.. her pain was uncontroable.. she was trying to control her pain by pulling on the seat in which she was sitting'. Armmaaannn she screamed'..  I can't bear this pain''.. He quickely put the chairs in the car and rushed to the drivers seat'..)Riddhima tumhe kuch nahin hoga' main abhi tumhe hosp le jata hoon( He quickly started the car and started driving'.. he was driving so fast it was worsening her condition' she said Armaan.. breathing heaving'.)Riddhima(he started crying.)Kuch nahin hoga tumhe.. kuch nahin hone doonga main..(Riddhima pain was just unbearable'. She touched her tummy and said baby' quite'. Kyun pareshan kar rahe honn'..she said that and her pain just sharpened''''''''.)Riddhima don't say anything'. Don't worry I am gonna take you to the hospitalll''.(Riddhima.. said Armaan'.. her pain was too much he coudltn see her like that.. her rushed his car'. They reached the hospital')Nurse hurry She is in pain she need a doctor.. if subra is here please call her'(the nurse helps Riddhima on the stretcher' and they take her to the Emeregency room. Subra was not there because she was busy in an operation''Armaan was just tensed..)Nurse goddamit where is your doctor' call the doctor'.. (the nurse said that the doctor is coming'  the doctor quickly came from the back) Doctor please look at her'  We were at the hil top she was eating an apple I went to get water for her and her pain started suddenly'.. she is not even due yet' please doctor.. look at her'(the doctor told Armaan not to worry his wife was with them now.. she quisy gave a couple of instructions to the nurses to check the pulse put on the glucose and cehkc the heart beat of the baby''.. the nurse said'. Doctor the baby is sinking.. we are loosing her heart beat'''.. Armaan was shocked) how is this possible we were just normal a few in agao..( doctor was worried too '. This had never happened in her  career before' Armaan wasa figeting'. Riddhima was going to sleep.. the doctor said Armaan don't let her sleep .. he toldher..) wake up Riddhima.. he slapped her cheeks wake up Riddhima.. looo the baby is calling you (and saying that he touched the baby'.immediately the ECG monitors started changing'.. everyone saw the change he sa it.. he started talking to the baby.. baby'.. listen to daddy' u hv to live for ur mom for ur dad'(its as if that brought back the baby'.. Riddhima was about to go into sleeppp.. n that could hv been dangerous' when Armaan'..told her)Riddhima look the baby is fine'.(hearing that as if soemthign inside her ticked to be back' she opened her eyes'..and stared at Armaan saw him touhing her belly saw the doctors n then again at Armaan.

Doctor said to Armaan this is really something never known of but I think the baby is attached to your senses'.. to your touch'. She and the baby are fine now.. you could take her home in a few mnutes but we have do some tests on her first' but I will give you guys some time before the test so you can talk to each other' saying that she smiled at the both of them and lef.t'

Armaan just cried'.. Riddhima cried too'she said..Armaan'.. the baby loves you more than me' It is definitely a girl' ur girl'' look how she troubles me everytime'.. she just kept on crying'.Armaan said, Riddhima I don't kno what to say he talked to the baby' baby I kno u love me N I love you too.. but you must not trouble ur mom like this' kno how scared I was'.for the both of u' he cm closer and kissed the tummy'.. from now on I will not touch you.. Riddhima interrupted No Armaanabut he interrupted saying.. Yes Riddhima.. the baby is troubling you so much' I was scared to death when this al happened. No Riddhima' the baby has to live without my touch' Riddhima said no Armaan neither can the baby nor I live without youuu'. Armaan just cried broke of the contact with Ridz hand with the baby and went outside' he saw the doctor' n the doctor said.. I was gona take Riddhima for the tests yo can wait in my cabin  unti then.. he nodded and went.. He sat there' not crying not emoting just thinking' what happenend today was something he has never seen.. the baby was so attached to him' if he went for the surgery now.. Riddhma would be alone' who would take her care'. Who would' make the baby understand'.. no he had to wait until the baby cam into the world   then there would the babys nana nanis, dada dadis to take care of her.. but now he had to postpone it'. The doctor cam in his room with Riddhima.. Armaan got up and helped Riddhima sit down'. And then the doctor said.. this was very unusual today..but as I mentioned b4 Dr,Armaan the baby is used to ur touch,' u must not stop that unlike ho u mentioned to Dr. Riddhima.. (he looked at her that u told the doctor')she didn't tell me I heard it when I was about to walk in'.Look Dr. Armaan' this is extreme but its just a case of love'. Ur baby loves u n u hv to love her back'. Cuz u r the one I believe to made her used to ur touch.. n now u must not stop it..So now smile.. the reports will be in by tomorrow.. so u both must come in tomorrow.. I m sure its nothing out of the ordinary'. But I had to be sure.. after all its ur baby (they smile andtake the doctors leave' He helps Riddhima get out of the chair'. And takes her to the car makes her sit in the car and then drives back home safely')

At home, he parks the car, helps Riddhima out of the car and they go home. She tells him not to worryyy.. Its just that his baby is learning to love right from the inception. He smiles she says let me go n change then we wil eat. She goes to change' he is still thinking.. he makes a call'to Rahul and explains all this he says Rahul I cannot do it'.(Riddhima hears the last bit..she asks what can u not do Armaan..he quickly changes the topic..)I cannot perform the operation' It's a bit risky and we have to look at the details first.. (Riddhima realizes that he is talking abt his patient she goes into the kithchen)Rahul I really cnnot do this'(Rahul understands and says I wil have to talk to my team n the n I wil let u kno')

He goes in the kitchen and sees Riddhima lifting the bowls to brign them at the dining table.. He goes and takes it away form her. makes her sit and then serves the food' They eat and she keeps smiling at him. He asks her why are u smiling' She says nothing'I m just smiling at whatever happened today'. He said nothing'.jsut kep eating silently' she knew he was worried when all that happenend n she should probably have notsaid what she did. So she just continued eating'.. They finished eating'. He did the dishes not letting her do anything'. While she sat there on the chair'. Just looking at him' and then he walked with her to their bedroom'  He told her' a lot happened today'. Take rest go to sleep'.. and asked her when wil u be taking ur leave from her.. she said that she had time and that she would work until 8 months.. he said I kno' but I want u n the bab y to be safe' she said don't worry I hv a very loving husbnd who would care for me if something ever happenend' He just looked at her' angry'.Riddhima said.. sorry baba.. bhul jao jo hua aab now come play with ur baby'.

Armaan said no I m tired today.. N I cant' saying that he turned away from her turned off the lights and acted as if he is sleeping' She lay on the bed just staing at Ammyyy

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Chapter 10

It continues from where we left.

She lay on the bed staring at him while he had his back turned towards her but was still awake. Armaan was thinking of whatever had happened today and the fact that he could not tell her anyways now and wait for the baby to come into this world even if it meant hurting himself. He was thinking about detaching himself from the baby and from Riddhima so that when they come to know about it it would be less painful for her. He decided that he would stay away from Riddhima and the baby for their own sake even if it pained him to do that, but he would still do it. Riddhima was awake as well and still looking at Armaan, she thought that now he would turn, then he would turn and talk to the baby, touch her belly. She was feeling as if a part of her body was missing. She was thinking that its maybe because of what happened today and that maybe tomorrow he would be normal. Thinking that with a clear mind she slept. Him on the other hand couldn't sleep all night. After like 2 hours he turned towards her to see her fast asleep just as he had expected. He stay there looking at her face, her beautiful face. He wanted to caress her, make her feel special but he was stopping himself. He looked at the belly and felt the urge to touch it but controlled himself because he knew if he grew anyclose it would create problem for Riddhima. All night he kept looking at her.

Riddhima woke up an hour late today. She got up and turned to see Armaan but his side was empty. She was worried as to where did he go this morning. She slided on the bed towards the table on Armaan's side where there was a letter addressed to her.

The letter: Riddhima I have a surgery today and hence I am leaving early. I have kept your breakfast on the table. Subra will come and pick you up and drop you off in the evening. I won't be able to come to pick you up as I have a late night shift. So finish your dinner and don't wait for me. Take care. Armaan.

Riddhima just kept looking at it. Armaan had never reacted like this even if he was tight on the schedule. She decided to call him but it went on voicemail so she left him a message, "Armaan I need to talk to you. Please give me a call back. Bye. Love you." She waited for a minute to see if he calls back but he didn't. Reluctantly she went to shower, once out she immediately went to check her phone but no miss calls. She went downstairs to eat and saw that he had done everything and left food for her. She sat down to eat it and while eating remembered all the moments when he pulled her back and made her eat, when she was acting to feel dizzy and he helped her. She was missing all that, missing him. He baby kicked her inside…. She felt happy and was like I know baby you agree with me. She called him to tell him that their baby kicked her for the first time but it was still on voicemail, she left him a voicemail, "Armaan, While eating breakfast today I was remembering you and you know our baby kicked me. Come home and I am sure she will kick again after all she wants to show it to her daddy too. Love you. Missing you already." She waited for him to call back. But he didn't. Subra came in. She helped Riddhima do the Dishes and then took her to the hospital. Riddhima told her what happened yesterday And how Armaan was acting today. Subra said that it is definetly visible that hes upset but you must not let him alone. Just let him know that you are there for him. Riddhima said that she is trying to reach him but he is not picking up. Subra said that I will try to talk to him. Riddhima then went to her cabin and engrossed herself in work. Subra went to her cabin and called Armaan. Armaan picked it up N Subra told him that is he ok? She said that she doesn't want to interfere in his and Riddhima's personal life but she just wanted to tell him that Riddhima is trying to reach him since morning. Armaan said I know Subra but I am just busy in work. Subra said I understand but you know that she needs you and you them both. I don't know whats preventing you from talking to her but please do talk to her she looked a little sad and its good for her and your baby to be sad, Armaan. Armaan said ok I will talk to her.

He was in Rahul's office when he was attending the call. He ended the call. He told him about the call. Rahul listened to him very patiently and then said, " Armaan I understand your pain. But what you are not realizing is that the tumor is killing you every minute. You have to tell her one day."Armaan screams at him that , "You are not realizing how this is going for me. I saw how strongly the baby reacted to my absence. N if I go through the operation I know what I would have to go through after that. She would need me then. How can I leave her helpless like that."They hear something break outside. They turn. He sees her , she sees him. She just stands there shocked. And he whispers, "Riddhima."

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Chapter 11

She starts feeling dizzy, he quickly rushes outside and so does Rahul, Armaan rushes to her side,"Riddhima tum..yah.." She doesn't even let him complete his sentence and shrugs him off… She stumbles … he hold her again.. she shrugs him off again… and is about to fall.. He becomes angry and holds her lifts her and takes her inside Rahuls cabin while Rahul held the door for him. Rahul said I wil just brign water you stay with her. He makes her sit on the chair and is about to ask, "Riddhima are you o….."She just removes his hand from her and tries to get up but the dizziness just brings her down. He comes down on his knees…. Riddhima….please….. tum yahan.. aur tumhari tabiyat thik nahin hain… please …baith jao…Riddhima gets up and stumbling and holding on to things walks towards the cabin.. he tries to stop her… but she listens to him no even once… she keeps moving all along the corridor stumbling and moving with the support of the wall….but doesn't let him touch her… He is crying and saying Riddhima please stop….but she hears no more.. Dr. Keerti  sees her stuggling and tries to help her but she says no and keep goin alon….Keerti just looks on… Riddhima goes to the parking lot….him following but not touching her as she prohibited her…she runs holding on to her tummy…. He says Riddhima careful please don't punish yourself….. because of me.. she runs in the car…..and locks it.He tries opening the door but because she has locked it he cannot open it.She puts her head on the driving wheel and cries.He is trying to bang on the window for her to open it but she doesn't…. she looks up from the wheelturns towards him and he sees her crying…She brings her hand to the window…….he brings his almost to where her hand is…. The other hand she touches on her stomach and then her heart and brings it to the window. He brings his hand to hers and she just keeps on crying.. He keeps telling her to open the window and let him talk… but she just keep crying….Its liekas if they were in a trance… then suddenly breaking off the trance she starts her car andgoes and he just kept on running after her saying Riddhim.. please no be carefullllllll btu she drove fast and he couldn't catch up. He sttod there just watching….

After half an hour he got a call from Subra," Armaan Riddhima has been into an accident please come soon she need you…" Armaan just drove quickly to Nanavati.. n asked for Riddhima… the nurse said there is no one admitted by that name. He just screamed at her…….. Subra came running there and said Armaan go in room 305 they are operating her there please hurry. He just rannn he went to the room but it was dark.. He screamed Riddhima Riddhima tum kahan ho Riddhima.. why is it so darkkk doctors.. I want my wife back… At that moment the lights turned on he saw Riddhimastanding in front of hm sound and clear.He ran to her..Riddhima tum thik ho….. I was scared but then that phone call… I am glad nothng happened…. Riddhima said"Armaan I asked Subra to make that call" Armaan asked, "What? Do you even realize what you mean to me how could you do something like this?"Riddhima got angry on this, "You are saying this to me. I mean everything to you. Out baby means everything to you. But did you not realize how much you mean to me Armaan. I have been trying to find out why have you been acting so strange since morning. I knew you were hiding something from day one. That day. I didn't tell you about my dizziness and you got mad.. how do you expect me to react to this Armaan……… you hid such a big thing from me… Whyyyy????? Did you not consider me your own..(Armaan said, "Riddhim no you know you are the world to me." )No I am not…otherwise you would have told me about ur illness. (She goes to him and catches his collar) M I UR NOONE…… Armaan…. N If not me then…(she held his hand and touched her belly) is this ur nobody…. I aksed you to swear on ur baby now I know y u didn't take the oath….(She jerks off his hand) U never considered us ur own….(she started walking towards the other way He started walking towards Riddhima… and tried to hold her hand..)

Armaan: Riddhima…. Listen to me… first sit down… all this excitement is not good for you…and the baby(Riddhima interrupts… don't tell me that… you know what is good for the both of us…. That the baby's daddy doesn't lie to us…. But daddy u did that….)Riddhima listen to me I wil tell you everything… but first sit down(He made her sit and told her everything about the tumor how he found it and hetried to tell her but the news of the baby and then the other day whatever happened..)

Riddhima: (she waited for him to finish)Armaan(she touched his face) I am not that weak…… you thought I would  be unable to take the streesss and something would happen to me and the baby.. but no we are fine.. we have such a loving daddy.. (she pulls his ear ) And what the baby did yesterday was just to grab your attention(I know but it could have taken ur life)No it would not have….. u were there for me… N its ur baby.. it has to be extreme in love na…(she smiled… It made him smile too) Now first things first… we have to go for the operation….. and that too soon….(Armaan said hmmm)no hmmm let me talk to Rahul..he must be worried too(he called Rahul and said Rahul I am ready for the operation…..but give me one week with my wife please…Riddhima takes the phone from him) Rahul this is me Riddhima….yes I am fine… thanks.. Rahul don't listen to him.. we will do his operation as soon as you are ready..(Rahul said that great.. give me a days time and we will go for his operation) Thanks Rahul… thank u so much for everything….. we must all meet one day… brign your wife too.. thanks…

Armaan: Riddhima…..( he smiled at her) lets go home today. I want you to be with me.. N I want to be with u n our baby.(She smiled and said sure.. let me see how many patients are there…. And I will close earlyyy He agreed on on condition that he could stay with her in her cabin… she agreed)

After all the patients were treated they decided to leave….

They walk to the car….He said nahin ek min….

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Chapter 12

He opened the door for her lifted her and made her sit….Riddhima said, "Armaann ..yeh yeh kya…"Armaan said, "bus yuhin zyaada pyar aa raha hain aaj.."Riddhima smiled…He asked aaj candle night dinner ho jaiii…She said sure… So they went home…to get ready.. She decided to look her best today for him… so that he always remember this day…. She put on asky blue saree with beautiful sequins but was wondering how to cover her tummy…. He came in she said" eye y Armaan no peeking in I am changing" He said" Well I am here with my wife so technically no one can stop me.. and he came n hugged her.." She smiled and kissed him on the cheeks….then she asked, " Armaan how do I cover my huge tummyyy It looks so bad…" He said" no it doenst A woman loks her best when she is pregnant… you know nothing about dressing up…(she laughsss)let me dress you up…He removes the pin on her shoulder that was holdingher pallu and it exposed her bare stomach… he came down to it… kissed it.. She just closed here eyes and followed his touch… hedrapped her pallu from the behind and then covered it in the front covering her stomach and kissng her on the stomach everytime…Her eyes still closed her hands went to his hair…she said, "Armaannnnnnnnnn"He said "Riddhimaaa" She whispered, "Your touch…… its soooooo pure….." Armaan comes up to her does her hair.. her eyes stil closed makes hersit…. N tells her don't open ur eyes….. he does all the sringar on her…then made her stand and comes around her….. touches her belly and tells.. akkhen kholo Riddhima…..He tells it again Riddhima aankhen kholo She slowly opens her eyes……and looks at how beautifully he had dressed her and then brought her hands on to his ……"Tumhe kaha sikha… saree ko aise drape karna.." He smiled… "Sikha kisise" She asked "kIsssee" He showed her the picture of a magazine.."yahan say" she laughed and said "but I like ur way better" They smiled  and then she said chale… he said" aab jane ka mood nahin nai" He smiled and said chalo….but in my way.. she asked n what is ur way…… he said u will know.." he picked her up….." and carried her all the way to the car..and made her sit in the car…"She smiled…. He sat in the car and started the car….and they went to the Restaurant… They came out of the car and in the restaurant…She asked" Armaan why is the restaurant empty" He said" Lagta mujhe dhoka hua hai.. ekdum third class restaurant hoga isiliye koi nai hai.." She laughed….The waiter came in and said" Sir Maam your table is ready this way please" They smiled and followed him. Then they ordered some food and he said… I will just be back in a minute… She said ok….

As soon as he left… the lights turned off she got scaredd..she said Armaan,  a spotlight cam on him and music started playing in the back….. Na hai yeh paana… Na hai yeh khonaaa.. Tum se hi din hota hai.. tumse raat hoti hai tum se hi tum se hi……She kept looking at him………and smiling.. He slowly came to her and asked her for a dance.. she said in this condition he said sure y not…. She smiled and they danced. The soft music kept playing….. they both stopped…. No one was there because he had booked it on her name and had special instructios so as not to disturb them…They both were standing on the floor in each others arms… the music still playing and them coming closer…… they were about to kiss.. when they heard a trolley come in …. They came out of it.. and he said shall we and took her to dinner… The ate their dinner all the while discussing about their baby… at the end.. he paid the restaurant and thanked them for making his evening beautiful… he then took her by hs hand and then they left the restaurant……he picked her.. and placed her on the car bonnet…..n he himself climbed on it…He asked" So Mrs Riddhima soon to be mother to Junior Riddhima…." She smiled and said" Yes Mr Armaan soon to be father to Junior Armaan.." he smiled too… they just stared into each other laying there on the car their fingers intertwined into each others.. he pulled her closer… Are you happy She nodded she asked him are u.. He said U r happy our baby is happy so I am happy… She then yawned… Armaan I think the baby needs sleep.. He smiled noddedgot up helped her down made her sit in the car… n then he drove back….Back in the home… they changed and they went to bed… He turned towards Riddhima who was lying on her back and about to sleep and started patting on her tummy..She smiled held his hand….in hers kissed it he kissed it back… and put it on the tummy and then they both felt it….Armaan smiled… did she just kick…. Riddhima smiled… baby did that in the morning too when I called u.. he said sorry for everything  she said no need… smiled and said just keep ur hand here…. U will feel it she will feel good too he asked how do u kno it's a girlshe sadi I toldu na girls love daddy more than moms ehhe.. he said acchhaa she smiled.. he saida ab tum so jao…. N she smiled she went off to sleep with his one hand in hers and the other on the baby. This was one of the many best nights he had shared with the baby and Riddhima. He watched her sleep away and felt content that he didn't have to hide anything now….Riddhima woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to drink water……she saw his hand was still in hers and on her tummy she smiled kissed on his forehead a smile passed his face….. got upand set on her bed…. Drank water and juststayed there…looking at him. He got up and said Riddhim tumhe kuch chahiye… She said nahin.. he said then y r u awake… she said.. I got for water .He lloked at her…she said kya hua he asked tumhe need nahin aa rahi kya… she said.. yeah…he moved to her lap and held her hand played with the fingers… and they talked all night.. about the baby about their future life what would they name the baby etc etc.. Suddenly she touched her stomach.. she said.. Armaan u kno whatmonth is this.. he said yeah its still ur sixth month.. y.. she said.. can we have a premature delivery. He asked her y are u asking this… she said.. cuz I feel some movement in my stomach.. he moved up lets go to the doctor..she said.. no I m sure this is nothng but still I feel  something…. He said lets go we are goin… In their night dress he drove her to the hospital… all the while he kep asking her…. U r felling ok na… or is is paining too much… she smiled and said.. I m fine…. Its just a little….they reached the hospital and went to her doctor….. they checked her gave her medications and then told them that this is normal in pregnancy. The babys weight is coming on the uterus and hence I believe this…. U shld try not to stand a lot and support ur belly… that shld reduce thepain. The doctor smiled and said take car.e..and then they came back home…. He asked her I am doing the operation fro u n our baby can u do one thing for me.. she asked yes Armaan just name it.. he said..plz stop working….for a few months… it might affect u I m afraid.. she assures him that its not because of work….but that it happenes in pregnancy..he stil tries to make her understand.. but she says… I don't want my patients to suffer…n then she tell sthe story of one of her patienssts who was working right before her delivery.. but before Armaan could say anything she said… I wil stop working in the 9th month don't worry… he smiles a bit and said fine….and they went to sleep.

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Chapter 13

The next day was Armaans operation so they did breakfast early and Armaan made it… He made her eat it with his own hands….n she ate it savouringly….. they cracked jokes…..with each other… n then..she said.. Armaan its time… he stopped what he was doing.. just stared at her….. She got up and walked to him.. and told him I am there for at every step…..come lets go… Hesistantly they go… and reached Sanjeevani….. rAhul ws ready with his team and was just waiting for them… As soon as they cam e in welcome Riddhima.. u looked beautiful.. the baby is making u glow.. armaan said eey rahul she officially mine.. rahul said.. yeah yeah I kno… kya abhi taarif bhi nahin kar sakta man.. they all laughed… was time for armaans operation…..the nurse aksed him to wear the pateienst clothes.. he wore them n cam in the ward.. the nrse said dr Armaan we will go into the operation in 30 min… everyone came to wish him a speedy recovery……….he took everyones blessing at the end it was 5 min left to go he told Rahul plz don't send anyone in for 5 min…Rahul agreed and took everyone with himmm to the OT to get things ready it was only Riddhima and Armaan…

Armaan: Riddhima(he said holding her hand) so this is it….

Riddhima tightened her grip on his and said, " This is a new beginning for all the three of us" He smiled. She added, " Don' forget tum biwi bacche wale ho. We will be waiting for you." He asked her, "Riddhima, you will be there for me na." A tear rolled down her eyes, "Armaan I wil always be there for don't believe me. I know you believe ur baby more." He smiled. She took his hand and put it on her tummy…, "See you baby's heartbeats… the baby is saying daddy come soon.. I will be waiting for you." He was about to cry but he could say nothing. The nurse came in and said Dr. Armaan we are ready to go. He looked at Riddhima took her hand gave her a kiss on the hand…she took it on her lips. HE SAID, " I have to go now Riddhima." She nodded . He went with the nurse and Riddhima just stayed there looking at her hands….that he had kissed. Rahul came in and said, "Riddhima, you are really very brave. Always be this brave. You know we are not sure what would happen.. but I will try my best u know it na…(she nodded a yes) u need to take rest go home and rest I will call u and tel u the details of the case.. She said, "No Rahul.. I promised him I will not leave him… N I won't " Rahul said, "Riddhima u need to take care of your baby too." She said, " My baby kknows that her dad need me after all (she touched her belly) shes a daddys girl na…" A tear roller her eye….. Rahul put a hand on her head (a blessing gesture) and just left from there…..

The Operation started… Armaan was conscious he kept looking at the window in the OT at her. She kept looking at him and assuring him by signals that she and the baby are fine and that nothing will happen to her. Not for a minute did she move.. because she knew his eyes were on her. The nurse came to her and said, "Maam you will be tired please sit down" Without even looking at her, still looking at Armaan she said, " I am fine sister. My husband is depending on me. I cannot move. Thankyou." The sister just kep looking at her.then she left…. All through out the operation they gazed at each other. Rahul kept loking at her just to check on Riddhima and see if she is alright.. he would send someone or other outside to check on her…the operation lasted 12 hours….Finally the light closed and she just collapsed.. Rahul was out there he caught her made her sit. Rahul said, "Riddhima what is this? You promised him you wil wait for him and if you do this how wil u fulfill his promise?" She didn't realsie what he said she asked him, " Rahul how is he..?" Rahul said, "Riddhima, he is out of danger the tumor ahs been removed.. he will be under observation for the next 24 hours… but Riddhima Are you listening to me…"Riddhima says as if in a trance.. "Huh.. kya..Rahul can I see him please……" Rahul thinkg to himself…. " these two are just impossible… he was ready to sacrifice his life on her n she is ruining her health for him" Rahul tries to brign her to reality but she just keeps saying "Rahul let me see him once." He says" Oky I will let you see him but if u promise me that after seeing him u will go home and eat well.." She doesn't listen to what he sys she just hears that he said he will let her go …she agreed and he took her to Armaan.. He made her sit next to him…She just looked at him…at the bandage on his head… she touched his face…. She was about to cry but Rahul controlled her told her Riddhim I fulfilled my promise now u have too she kept saying Rahul let me be by hs side.. plzz.  Rahul called up Subra….. for help.. In half and hour Subra came in… She told Riddhima that Riddhima Armaan wants u too b thr na so u wil hv to tk cr of ursled to be with him.. someone this finally got to her… she thanked rahul an  said I wil be back….Rahul tahnked Subra….n Subra took her home. She called her husband and told him that she would be staying withRiddhima tonight because her condition is not stable… he agreed to it…S ubra made some dinner and made her eat… she ate quietly just thinking abt Armaan abt the momnts she hadwith him… abt his touch ,the dinner they had yesterday..She just cried out loud..Subra went to her she cried on SUBRAS SHOULDER…..Riddhima said "Subra I am just afraid for him… I want hm to be safe….."Subra consoled her saying he wil be he has u don't worry…Subra finally made Riddhima sleep. Next morning she got a call from Rahul and said Subra…I called u first because I kne u must be with her.. I hv mixed news … good news is that he is safe but…the bad part is…he doesn't rememberthe past 2and half years….… Subra was shocked.. she said to Rahul that she will bring him but she didn't know how to break this news to Riddhima….Riddhima came downstairs all dressed and told to Subra…..lets go..Subra was unable to tell her anything….they reached the hospital n she just went past everyone to Armaan Rahul asked Subra did u tel her.. she said no I didn't kno hwo to…He said then we must stop her cuz Armaan is awake but he know nothing of their marriage and if her sees her like that wont he question her abt her pregnancy….. THEY run to stop her but when they reach the room they see that Riddhima is already by his bed… They think its too late now…. Armaan is about to open his eyes Riddhima is sitting next to him on the chair..She takes his hand and touched her belly…. Armaan wakes up and is pleased to see Riddhima he says Riddhima kaisi ho….tum yahan kaise.. she doesn't realize why he said that.. but moves on Armaan tum thik ho na…. he said ha Riddhima… mujhe bus thodi sic hot lagi thi us bike accident main isiliye toh yahan pe hoon.. its like her world just comes crashing down……she asks him bike accident.. he says ha remrb mere aur rahul ke beech main…. She stil looks puzzled rahul come s in and says.. kya yaar tujhe har e k bike accident main hosp pahunchne ki jaldi hoti hain…Riddhima looks at Rahul and is about to ask him when subra comes in Armaan tells her hi subra….abhi kaisa hai.. shaadi ke baad to tum gayab hi ho gayi ho…. Riddhima asks him Armaan tum aise baat kyun kar rahe hoon..

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Chapter 14

 Subra tell s her Riddhima I hv to tlk to u…..rahul keeps Armaan busy in talks.. subra takeshe out and Riddhima asks her subra why is behaving like this.. subra tells her calm down.. Riddhima listen to me very carefully….she explains everything to her…. Riddhima stares at her shocked…"how can this be he forgot our marriage.. he forgot abt the baby.. he forgot everything……..subra tells her he remrmbers u he just doesn't remrbr the marriage… n the baby.. Riddhima asks hr subra… how can he forget all that…..the baby is about to be born.. he told me to wait I waited forhi……….. subra consoolled her made her understand.. but I want to be with him/ Riddhima subra explains…. He still loves u remrb he used to… he just doesn't remrb abt ur marriage….riddhima tells her shouldn't we tellhim then.. rahul come sout and says….riddhima if we tell him now.. I m afraid… that his condition might worsen ridhhima says  but he will want tomeet me I want to meet him n when he asks bt the bump I cant lie…RAHUL sasy I understand but just one more day.. let me knowhis condition properly and we will tell him about it….b ut until then plz Riddhima …Riddhima says" Rahul I don't kno how to react.. I thought that the first thing I would do was go to him n hug him tighly U knothe baby s waiting for its touch.. (baby kicked) see its saying the same thing…..n then she broke down and sat on the chair.. just not knowing how to react… Inside Armaan asked for Riddhima.. Rahul said that yeah I wil just send her… Rahul came outside.. n told her that he is calling u… she aksed he will see me ans ask me ques… rahul said here put a shawl on u and cover the belly he woudln know that ways.. Riddhima was about to cry.. Rahul held her hand… and said trust me I will find a solutions in ina  day or son….now go…..u wanted to tlk to him na..just don't tlk abt marriage and baby…..She went in.. Armaan saw her… and smiled.. Riddhima tum thodi badi ho gayi ho…..Aur yeh shawl kyun… She made an excuse that she was feeling cold…. He told her to come close to her….and sit he held her hand and said… mujhse naraz ho… she cried to act her part but was crying inside…… He told her I love u riddhima……those 4 words the ones that she really wanted to hear… she finally heard it… she said I kno he said.. arre.. she tried to laugh it out.. he smiled….. he told her u kno we should get married soon…. Aur phir bache bhi toh hone hain na… she couldn't control at that point she left his hand and just ran from there….she cried out on Subras shoulder….Armaan asked Rahul why did she run away like this.. he said she just shied away I think.. Armaan knew this was not shying away…..she left from there and told subra to drop her home ….. Subra dropped her home and wanted to stay with her.. but Riddhima said I am fine subra.. u go n thanks… Subra hesitated but left….Riddhima sat in her room and lay on her bed just thinking about all that happpenend today…..she thought abt her baby she didn't know how would Armaan react on knowing abt her pregnancy would he believe her or would he think that she lied to himmmm…….she didn't know just what to dooo…..she decided to go and see him and then make a decision…… she put on a shawl and covered herself up and sneaked into armaans room. He was fast asleep/. He was sedated to sleep because she tried to wake him but he didn't wake up…. She took his hand and put it on her belly….. it was as if she was waiting forever for this…. Tears rolled down her eyes….she just stayes there holding on his hand on her belly her eyes closed… cuz she didn't know when would she be able to get tha feeling next….. Armaan woke up slowly looked at Riddhma and that his hand was inside the shawl that she was wearing.. He asked her Riddhima what are u doing.. She got startled…. Didn't know what to answer… He got up she was still clutching his hand to hers on the belly….he moved ahead to remove the shawl but she said no armaan plzz no.. he asked kyun Riddhima.. tumhi ne mera chooha hua hai.. she let her hand go off his… but his hand was still on the belly….Riddhima held her shawl tightly….. Armaan came closer to her.. and told her.. Riddhima u r scaring me plz remove the shawl… She slowly followed and opened her shawl………. He looked at her eyes… crying… he asked why r u crying… n then…..he looked at her tummyyy… n his hand tocuhign her tummy… Riddhima he asked…R ..rr u pregnant…….She just looked at hm… He asked Riddhima when did this happen We have never been together…. Riddhima.. he held her hands and pulled her closer.. Riddhima…explain…….. (Riddhima didn't know what to say….. She knew she couldn't tell him the truth because of the fear that it would affect him… )Riddhima( he screamed..)Rahul came running… he saw Riddhima thre and her shawl on the floor .. he knew what happpenend he was just worried now…. Rahul came in and said arre Riddhima tum yahan… Armaan asked her RIDDHIMA tell me… Rahul tried to side her… Riddhima bahut moti ho gayi ho tum…. U need to loose weight…. Armaan hold Riddhima by her arms and pulls her closer….She said Armaan u r hurting me… n our…..she couldn't complete the sentence…. Armaan : and our what ….baby…… Rahul n Riddhima looked at him… shocked…..Armaan said, " Tumhe lagta hain I will believe you… Riddhima…..whose child is this.. Riddhima s heart stopppped how could he ask soemthign like thatl.. she said" Armaan… yeh hamara…"he didn't let her complete "Hamara jab hamare beech kuch hua hi nahin .. Riddhima…yeh kiska baccha hai…… RIDDHIMA… tumne aisa kyun kiya…… main ………"(he just let her go….. n collapsed on the bed just go Riddhima……………….he said)

Riddhima took his hand  Armaan tumhe lagta hai… aisa.. (he tried to jerk off her hand…)Armaan ek minute….. just listen to me once……(she made him touch her belly touched it deeper into the skin)Armaan suno suno baby kya keh rahi hain….woh keh rahi hai… papa we were waiting for u only y are u dong this to us…..he jerked off his hand….and it hurt her.. she breathed a heavy sigh… Armaan tumhe yaad hain…. Tum Subra kki office main aye the…..aur tumhine mujhe hamari khushi ke bare main bataya tha … tumhe yaad nahin raat raat bhar tum baby se baatein karte the(she takes his hand again)tumhe yaad nahin us din hum jab mountain top par gaye the….aur meri tabiyat kharab ho gayi thi.. kyunki hamari baby tumhari baby ne tumhare sparsh ko apnaya tha….Armaan tumhe yaad nahin who dinner .. jab humne dance kiya tha…. Armaan tumhe kuch bhi yaad nahn………….

Armaanlooks at her..and says… "yeh sab jiske saath karke ayi ho usi ko sunana mujhe nahin"

Ridddhima just looked at what he said….."Armaan"she whispered..

He said" maar gaya Armaan… tumne ek baar nahin socha… hamare bare main ek baar Riddhima…………………….."

It was hurting her so much.. Rahul tookHer and told Armaan to shut up.. and took her away…..

ARMAAN said " Rahull toh eyh hai wohh"

They were both shocked….and stopped "Armaan.. "Rahul said tujhe hosh nahin hain tu kya keh raha hain….

Armaan "nahin hosh toh abhi aya hai…… mere peet peeche yeh sab karna tha… toh kyun ayi meri life.. chali jao.. Riddhima….chali jao"

Riddhima could take it no more…. She ran out of the roomran all the way…….. int o the parking garage….Rahul told subra to go after her… but Riddhima stated the care even before Subra could come and just drove…… AAlll the while she was driving…..she thought of the accusations that Armaan put on her…….She reached home but was afraid to go in because his memories would haunt him his words would taunt him…..She just stay in her car… afraid to go in afraid to go out… she just stood there……she touched her belly and cried……Subra reached her home she told her to come out of the car finally she made her come out….n made her sit down

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                                                    Chapter 15                                                           

Armaan was very angry on everyone …. On Rahulll… Rahul wanted to tell him the truth but he wanted to be sure that the reports turned out normal before he said something.. he just couldn't see what was going he finally told A rmaannn  everything.. Armaan didn't believe him…..Rahul showed him the reports and everythignn….. he told them everything that he had told Rahul about Riddhima and the baby… and everything… Rahul expected a reaction to all that but thankfully he had no reaction… Armaan took time to believe but then he realized what all he said to He.r..  who beared all this alone…..

Subra put Riddhima to sleep and then left . Next morning Riddhima woke up and the last night memories came up……. It hurt her more.. but she knew she had to move ahead.. she had patients waiting for her….

She got ready Subra was there to take her.. She told her…Riddhmaur 7th month starts today… make sure u come for the test she nodded… went to her cabin and treated her patients… At 3 Subra called her for her test…..she said that she will be there in a min… he walked and eneetered the room.. Subra told her to lay down…… on the bed and she wil be back…As soonas she left… the lights turned off. But she didn't scare this tiem… Subra plz stop this.. u kno what I m goin thru… She knew the first time they had found out abt the baby was in this manner.. she said.. subra turn on the light…… or I m leaving I hv no time for this nonsense… she was about to get off but two stongs hands held her back… she asked who is this… one replied… subra she shouted.. subra…….the person put a hand on her mouth.. she started figeting.. leave me leave me she mumbled but the person didn't leave her….he moved her sarees pallu away.. n applied the gel on her stomach.. she stopped figeting…. Armaan she whispered.. he looked at her…but then it stuck her it cant be him cuz of what happenend yest..shestarted screaming and fidgeting.. letm e go…. Let me go she got up and was about to get down when her saree got stuck and she would have fallen if he would not have caught her…..he finally said wait…. He went on to turn on the lights….she saw him n just couldn't believe herself……she asked you…. Wht r u doing here…he said… shh just lay on the bed…. She asked yy… he said cuz I asked u to……He made her lay applied the gel on her stomach and looked at her and smiled….. she looked away from him…she asked why are u doing this.." He didn't reply….. he moved the monitor towards her…. And moved the device onher stomach..Riddhima look… she didn't and asked y r u doing this to me…..he said Riddhima looklook at our baby… just when she heard…. Our baby.. her emotions changed…. She looked at him she looked at the baby and started cryin….g….. he cameto her…touched her cheeks…and saidI am sorry Riddhima.. he kissed her on the lips….I said what I shousdnt havebut I know the truth now….Riddhiima…… he kissed her again…..I am sorry.. he touches his own ears.. he removes the gel from her stomach.. and he hold her hand in his….touches her hand on his lips she touches her on his hands.  And then he touches it on the baby.. It brigns  back memories for her……She just forgets everything and hugs him tight.. they hug eachother for a longggggggggggggggggggg time…….

Subra comes in… and smiels at the both of them.. Riddhima calls Subra to herself.. Subra comes she hold her hand and kisses it… thanku for everything Subra… She smiles are not workign  and says no tahnks in friendship….. they al smile….

  Armaan tells them Ok Riddhima now onwards you are not working here anymore….U kno we will be having ur godbharai soon and then u would have to stay at home.. with me… so I have all the time with u..They all smile… n Riddhima says u have to come.. Subra says yeh bhi koi kehne ki baat hai…I will be there…

They leave for home.. thanksing everyone… After a few days… Riddhimas godbharai was organized…. Everyone who came in blessed them that may nomore problems come in their life…..Subra came in with her husband.. and Rahul cam in with his wife…. Armaan apologized to Rahul for saying what he did that day.. Rahul says he already forgot it….Riddhima's mom dad came.. n so didArmaans mom and dad…. After that There d make her eat…was someone to always care for Riddhim.a…. Her Nani wouls laddos that were very spicy but good for the baby…. Riddhimas mom would come and oil her feet…. And the best of all Armaan would talk to his baby all night……. They were finally content…. With each other……

It was almost the end of her pregnancy…. Her last month.. and he wanted to celebrate is.. Everyone was at home n he wanted to spend sometime with her…He asked Riddhima for a  date and she smiled and said abhi at this hour.. cuz it was 1 am he said yea cuz everyone is sleeping varna subah se raat tak tumhare pas log rahte hain.. She saysok.. let me get dresse he said zarruri hain.. she says badmaashhh ..he amiles he is about to go when she tell him to wait.. she closes the door and she is already wearing her dress she just has to drape the saree she brings it to him and asks him to dress he.. He smiles and agrees…

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