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FF(AR/KaSh) PG 1-3 and OS pg 4 thread complete

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Hey Friends...

Thank you for your love and support on the DMG forum.. I really appreciate it a lot....

For friends who don't know me


I recently wrote an AR One Shot which was really loved  by the readers......

FF:(AR/KaSh) A new bundle of joy ( pg 1-3)

But the AR One Shot was really long as each of the three parts had a  lot of emotions going on in them.. So for the convenience of the readers i decided to divide it in chapters  for you all to readers

I am sure you all will love it.

Thank you guys for loving it N I am going to start another FF in this one only... this is also about AR pregnancy...... but viewed differently and with a little more expanded If u guys like the first part I wil update more.. or else will defo stop it.. hehe

AR:FF:Once Upon a time in Mumbai(Upd 8/11/10 on page 4)

Please leave ur comments/ criticize

N most of all

Enjoy reading


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Chapter 1

Being married for 2 years now they had developed a mutual understanding amongst themselves. She would understand his basic needs even without him mentioning them. For him however, he had always understood what she wanted and he always wanted it to be like that.

He woke up and touched upon the side of the bed but didn't find her. But this was not unusual. In these two years he had seen the many sides of his jaan and one of it was getting up early so that she could be ready herself and make things ready for him something which he never asked but she always did. He was going to brush his teeth and take a bath when he heard her, something that he always wanted to be the first thing he heard in the morning. She said, "Ammy, take your shower and come downstairs. Breakfast is almost ready." He replied, "Yes Jaan, be there in a minute." He went on to shower.

Downstairs in the kitchen, she was making omelet and toast for him, which was always his favorite and something that he himself had taught her. In her mind she was thinking about the doctor's phone call that she had received yesterday while returning from work. And she was praying to God that everything turn out good because there was no one else to take care of Ammy besides her. Suddenly she felt two hands coming up and touching her belly. She knew who it was. He said, "Morning jaan" and kissed her on her cheeks. She kissed him back on his cheeks and said, "Morning Ammy. Sit. Your breakfast is ready and here it comes." She brought his breakfast on the table and turned to go around but he pulled her back into his lap and made her eat one bite and said, "I know you must not have eaten. Come and sit with me and eat." She smiled and knew this was coming. She brought coffee for him and for herself and sat at the dining table in front of him.

Armaan: This is lovely. You make it better than me now. (She smiled at him)

Riddhima: I have learned it from you only. (He smiled at her)

Armaan: I have a surgery today with Dr. Keerti. It's a case of acute Liver cirrhosis. Dr. Keerti said it's going to be tough and hence she wants me to be early to discuss the case.

Riddhima: (nods) I wonder why people don't stop drinking when they already know the circumstances.

Armaan: (while eating) Yes that's why I try and tell all my patients to reduce the alcohol intake because excess of anything is just bad. (Finishes his breakfast) Chalo jaan. I have to rush. Take care. I will see later. You have a long case lined up today?

Riddhima: No Ammy. Don't forget your lunch.

Armaan:  hmmm.. Let's go for dinner tonight' Yes jaan I won't''.

Riddhima: Sure …

Armaan: I will pick you up as soon as I leave from work.

Riddhima: Sure jaan. Take care. (He kisses her forehead and then leaves)

Riddhima then return to her task of cleaning the kitchen, fills her lunch and gets ready to go to the hospital. She thinks I have to meet Dr. Subralakshmi as soon as I reach the hospital. She drives to work and all the while she keeps thinking why did she call her yesterday and say that she wanted to say something to me? She reaches the hospital, parks the car and is about to go to her office when she meets Dr. Subralakshmi.

Dr. Subralakshmi: Hey Riddhima. I was waiting for you only. Come in my office. I have some news for you.

Dr. Riddhima: Subra is everything ok.

Dr. Subralakshmi: (looks at Riddhima with a tensed look) I am afraid Riddhima I can't talk anymore here. Wait until we go in the cabin.

They reached her office.

Dr. Subralakshmi: Riddhima I will just be back.

Riddhima says ok and waits for her to come back. She slowly turns impatient and starts to look here and there. Suddenly the light turns off. She worries and tries to go towards the door. The door appeared locked.

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Chapter 2

She was about to scream when the hands that had always felt comforting touched her. But her reasoning questioned her. How was it possible? He was at work and had a meeting with Dr. Keerti. She still took a chance and waited to see what happened next. She didn't say a word. He picked her up and laid her on the bed. She wanted to struggle to scream, but somewhere the touch had made her calm, as she sensed it to be his. She waited. Finally he spoke, "Riddhima, don't worry I won't harm you." She wanted to ask him a thousand questions as to what was he doing here, what about his meeting, and if there was no meeting then why did he lie to her but all she could do was stay still. He gently applied a gel on her stomach and she was about to say, "Arm…….." when he shushed her and told her to keep quiet for a while. She hesitated. She said, "No Armaan. Tell me what are you doing here and why did you lie to me in the morning." She was about to get up when she suddenly felt dizzy. Armaan immediately switched on the lights and rushed to help her. He took her into his arms to prevent her from falling but she twitched his support off.

Riddhima: Don't touch me. Why did you lie to me about the meeting and things when you just wanted to be here and play pranks on me?

Armaan: Riddhima... I didn't lie. I had a meeting but… I… received a phone call yesterday… and the meeting is there just not at the time I told you.

Now Riddhima wonders, 'What phone call is he talking about?' Did the doctor tell him what illness I have? Is that why he came here rushing. He touched her face with the hand which was free, "Riddhima" he said, "I love you and I would never do something to hurt you. Now please lay down and this will be done over with." She listened to him and lay down.

Riddhima: Did Subra say something to you about me?

Armaan nodded while rubbing the gel on her stomach.

Riddhima: Is it serious?

Armaan: yes

And then he moved a monitor so that he n Riddhima could view it.

Riddhima: But y are u using this device? It is used when ... (she thinks of all the possible conditions like cancer, ulcers etc etc)

Armaan: Sssshhh

He tells her, "Ok Riddhima! Now look at the monitor." She looks at the monitor and sees nothing. He moves the device that he had on her stomach. She feels vibrations and hold on to his hand. He moves it all around on her stomach and then he spots it. He looks at Riddhima and smiles because instead of looking at it she has her eyes closed. He calls her name, "Riddhima" and kisses on her forehead, "look at the monitor." She slowly opens her eyes and sees it. At first she doesn't recognize what it is but this was her profession her major… she knew what it meant. It was the happiest moment in her life and in his.

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Chapter 3

She couldn't emote she felt choked for emotions. Armaan saw it. He took a picture of the screenshot and then removed the gel off her stomach. She was just unable to move. It was as if the heavens were showering blessing upon her, upon the two of them. 'So much happiness in a moment,' she thought to herself. It was unable to control. He constantly kept repeating her name, "Riddhima Riddhima Riddhima" she finally heard it… n she saw his face. She tried to get up and sit straight… She knew he loved kids and was waiting for one of his own since a long time… but their work commitments had kept them busy and then that night it happened and this day today. She saw tears in his eyes. She started crying herself. She started crying and smiling at the same time ... and laughing and kept looking at him. "Armaan" she finally said it. He said, "Yes Riddhima … this is the happiest moment in our life." She laughed a little, he laughed a little and then they just let each other go into each other's arms and hugged each other tightly N then she said, "Armaan………… we are going to be parents soon". She cried, "and all this while we were planning for it and then this."

He broke the hug and looked at her, his arms still touching hers, "I know Riddhima" he cried, "all this while we were planning and this news today. I m the happiest man ever to be alive today." She smiled and wiped her tears but it seemed that there was no dearth of them at that moment. She kept looking into his eyes n then fell into his caressing arms again. "Thank you Armaan" she said. He said, "No Riddhima thank you. U don't know how happy I am." Riddhima said, "Mom dad will be so happy to hear it… we must tell them." Armaan said, "I know, even Billy n mom would be glad to know about it...we will tell them but tomorrow. Today you are all mine n I m all urs". Riddhima says, "not anymore." He's surprised, then he realizes, "and our baby between us Riddhima... I am so happy. I am going to take the day off and stay with you."

Riddhima says, "No Armaan you must not do that… go to work. Someone's life is depending on you. You must go". He stopped. Hugged her again and kissed her on the lips. "I will try to be home as early as possible and we will celebrate." She nodded a yes and then he said, "but before I go" he came close to her took her hand in his, kissed her hand and touched it on her stomach. She smiled and just kept looking at him. Then she kissed his hand, touched it to the baby and touched it on his lips n whispered, "love you." He whispered, "love you" n left with a heavy heart'.

He opened the door and left the cabin. She was still sitting on the patient's bed still touching her stomach with the hand he had kissed. Subra came in but Ridz was just too happy to notice…

She came to her and said, "Riddhima". This brought her out of the trance .She kept her hand on her stomach and signaled Subra to come closer to her. Her best friend the one she ever had… and the one who had given her such wonderful news in the best possible manner came closer. Riddhima held Subra's hand in her hand and made her touch her stomach."Subra" she said "I am going to be a mother (Subra smiled a yes). Subra he was the happiest I have ever seen him. (She smiled at her) Subra we are going to be parents soon. I still cannot believe it. Subra, we are finally going to be parents…. I saw it in his eyes. The way he just touched the baby, I felt his desire, the desire of playing with a child. Subra (there were tears in Ridzi's eyes) we are finally going to be parents."

Riddzi is about to thank her when Subra says, "don't Riddhima… thanks bolke paraya maat karna. Come let's sit there." She helps her get down the bed and they sit in the chairs. "I wanted to tell you yesterday about this news but then I consulted my husband and he suggested I should do this. I was apprehensive as to how would Armaan react but I knew that he always wanted to be father n it would be special for the both of you. So I called him up simultaneously after I called you and told him about it and told him to keep this a surprise. I must tell you ur man is a tough person. He knew about it since yesterday but he controlled all his emotions until today for this special moment between u too." Riddhima cried out... n hugged Subra, "thanks lakszz this was special for us and it was possible only because of u. I can't thank u enuf" she interrupts and says, "don't thank a friend… ever." Ridzi smiled. Subra said, "If u want to take an off ur most welcome... I will take ur patients."

Riddhima said "no I think I will work. Patients are important n besides I would never like to burden such a sweet friend like you"... they hug and then Ridz goes to work in her cabin.

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Chapter 4

All the time her patients sensed that she was hppy and they were happy to see her happy n when anyone would ask her dr why are u so happy she would blush and tell them that my husband is happy today n hence I am '.

After work'..Laksz went Ridzzi because she wasnted her to be safe and said that from tomorrow don't drive I will come n pick u upnnn she laughed n besides Armaan wont let u drive'.

Riddhima said no subru really its ok'. I just turned pregnant n not 9 months hehe

Subru said I forgot to tell u u r two months pregnant so that means out of 9 2 gone.. so u hav to be careful I wil come an pic u up tommo'.. n if u do a zid I will make sure Armaan doesn't let u oout..

Riddhima just smiles at her sweet friend' and goess home'..with her'

They reach her house'n its all dark inside. Subru says take care ridz I will come n pick u up tomm n I m sure he must hv something plnned for u n she winks at her'

She smiels and winks back says bye to her and then turns to walk towards her house. But before going in she decided t check the garage'yes Armaan car ws here that means he was home.. so she decided to wait outside' cuz she knw he must have planned something in'.

She sat on the bench and just stared at the stars'. It was so serene to look at the starts all glittering away their light to the night' she looked at the moon that was surrounded by the stars' n then she felt it'.a movement in her stomach.. she was sure that it was soemthign else cuz the baby momvent was not to be observed this early during pregnancy' she sensed maybe it was just her anxiety the was showing up like that'.She touched her stomach and it reminded her of the morning. She closed her eyes'.and remembered everything'..he was watching her from behind but didn't want to disturb her emotions'. He waited patiently'.She remembered him toucheing her stomach' his eyes'.that cried'n the words that he said'I am the happiest man alive' it felt blessed'it brought a smile on her face'' n then she felt his hand touch hers on her stomach'.she didn't open her eyes but said Armaan'and then turned towards him'Hecame close to her'.smiled and came and sat next to her' she wanted to lay in his arms.. he knew it was cold so he brought a shawl for her' and out it on her'she loked at him and smiled'.his hand and hers were still together not wanting to let the baby stay away from their touch'.She gently and gradually slipped onto his lap her head resting on his lap and he caressed her head'.with the other hand''they stay there in that silence for a long time'It was as ifall their emotions had come out in the morning and now they felt content with each other'. About this new feeling' He just touched her stomach more closely. She breathed a heavy breadth and finally broke the silenece'Armaannnn'''

He was staring ahead not looking at anything but just in thoughts'he replied.. Riddhima' they took a long pause'she looked at him directly in his eyes and called his name again..Armaan'this time he was more attentive to her voice' He looked into his eyes caressed her face and said Yes Riddhima' She kept looking into his eyes and him into hers' Finally she spoke' " Are you happy?" She knew the answer but she wanted his assurance'.. he smiled moved a slick of hair on her face behind her ear'and said' Riddhima I have never in my life been more happier than this'he kissed her hand N said N my love for you grows stronger' he smiles cuz now I have to share it with our baby too N she blushes'.he kisses her hand'.and touches her stomach again.. she again breathed a heavy sigh'

Armaan''.she said, he replied.. hmmmm'. She continued'ur touch' does something to me very intimate'..n now it is doing it to my baby'. He moved his hand away' she pulled it back on her stomach.. no  no I mean I love ur touch and what it does to me' but now its doing the same thing to our baby'.n then she just cried.. Armaan.. she gets off from his lap  n holds both his hands in her'and asks him Armaan' promise me'..promise me that you will never leave me alone'saying this she hugs him' still holding on to his hands and just keeps on crying' she is unable to control her tears'.. Armaan lets her cry her heart out and then she wakes her from the hug'.touches her face and says Riddhima' meri aankhon main dekho'..( she is unable to look into his eyes because she is afraid to look into them)Riddhima( saying that helifts her face up )aankhe kholo(she finally opens her eyes'.. he looks into themmmshe looks into his'.they don't speak'.but she keeps looking into them.. its as if the eyes are speaking to her'.they are saying that I will never leave you alone'.Armaan speaks) main tumhe apni jaan se jyaada pyar karta hoon'..aaj tak maine tumhara saath kabhi nahin choda'..aage bhi nahin chodunga'..tum meri ho main tumhara hoon aur yeh jo ane wala hai yeh hamara ansh hai'..( he feels that she is still not assured) He says, "Riddhima tumhe mujhpe yakeen hai'(she nods and replies a soft yes)toh mere saath chalo'.(he holds her handwraps the shawl tightly around her.. and then walks her into their house''She walks in and sees how beautifully he had decorated the house for her. But he takes her away from all that near the mandir'. He asks her Riddhima tum diya chalu karooo'she looks at him and wonders but follows' she lights the diya does a prayer and then looks at Armaan'.He holds her hand and with her hand in his he bends down and touches her stomach' she wonders what is he doing'but waits for him to finish'.he then gets up n with her hand in his he puts it on the diya he brings the hand back onto her stomach,.on her head and near his heart'..then he prays along with her'.they do the namaskar to god and leave'..

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Chapter 5

He says tumne aa kar kuch nahin khaya change kar kea a jao aur jaldi se kha lo u should not delay eating in this condition..she interrupts but he says nothng doing change varna main gusse ho jaunga.. he smiles touches her ear in a sorry mode and goes off to change her dress'

As soon as she goes'he breaks down'..n starts crying silentsly' but for the fear that she might hear him he goes outside in the lawn'. He cries to himself', "Riddhima tumhe main kaise batauuuu ki mere saath kya ho raha hai'.n defn not at this moment when our life is the best'..he cries y did u have to do this to me god'how can I leave her alone in this condition'.nooo nooooooo he somehow controls himself wipes his tears' n goes in.

As he steps in he sees her standing thre right behind the door and staring at him' he thinks she ehard me cry maybe'.then she speaks'where had u gone I was so tensed'.he said.. I had just gone outside'to park the car properly'she somehow dint believe the excuse but took it for the while'

She held her hand into his  and said: chalo lets see what has Armaan's dad done for his mom'.she smiles'he looks at her n says .. wait how do u kno its Armaan n not Riddhima..she laughs I kno.  I am his mother'.he says so what I m his father.. its gonnabe a sweet riddhma'they have a c ute argument .. n then reach the dinner table'.she looks at the dishes and says u ordered these..? he says what do u thinkg'.. she thinks' n decides to taste one of the dish and as soon as she tastes it she knows he has made it'.she says " I kno the ans mr. chef"they smile and eat their dinner'.n then they go to their room'''


They are on the bed lying in each others arms'and watching a romantic movie'.

Armaan goes on to touch her stomach again'she looks at him'n laughs he asks why did u laugh'.she said cuz u just look for a chance to touch the baby' he tries to act angry at the comment and says aisa.. go I m not touching.. she looks at thim smilesand says' isme bura mannevali kya baat ha..she cathes his hand and puts in on her stomach'.yeh toh tumhara haq hai'.he smiles'and tries to tease her'.he lies on the stomach and talks to the baby'..

U kno junior Riddhima'(Riddhima laughs)sshhh Riddhima let me talk to my baby'.junior Riddhima don't listen to your mommy'.talk only to me'. I am ur daddy dearest'(Riddhima interrupts accha ' daddy's girlll) yes Riddhima..junior Ridz will be my girl..sshhh Riddhima don't interrupt(she laughs) I am waiting for you to come into this world so that you can talk to ur mom n dad'..(Riddhima is caressing his hair and listening to what he is saying')Ridz junior when you come into this world I will have toys all around you and you will be surrounded by the people who will love and only love u.. N u wil have me n ur mom''I will take you everywhere and everywhere you would want me to take you'..U will do susu on my lap and I will be laughing' and ur mom will be running after you' change ur diapers(Ridzi laughs) n then' (he stops'.) come into this world early baby'before'(he stops..)Ridzi looks at him Armaan before..what'.is everything ok'.(he realisez what he said')he says before ur mom takes away all my attention.. he laughs'but she realisez that he was trying to hide something' she let it go at the moment'


Riddhima'.(he said')Yes Armaan''I want to ask you for something..She says yes Armaan go ahead'..

He says' can we''..

She gets it''and nods'.. they turn off the TV and the lighs' and make love for about an hour'.Riddhima goes and wears her night dress but he does not get up'.

She comes and lies on the bed.He comes near her.. n looks at her..she nods'he lifts her topto expose her bellyyy' him'..he sees her kisses it andlays his hear on her chest caressing her stomach'.

Riddhima wonders and asks her..Armaan is everything ok'he says yeah y do u ask'she says cuz I can make out when something bothers u'. n the way u r touching the baby today it feels like u r tying to hide something'.

Armaan looks at her and says Riddhima its nothing' I am just happy that I am goin to be a parent and I want the baby to feel each and every emotion of mine(he says in his mind.. so that when I am not there tomorrow' touch keeps me alive in u n in the baby'..

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Chapter 6

The next day begins in a similar manner .Riddhima( Ridz for short) gets up early to prepare breakfast for herself and Armaan(Ammy for short) and lunch for the both of them to take at work. Gradually in an hour Armaan wakes up and thinks about last night. He thinks that he was about to almost tell Ridz everything but the baby saved him because the baby and the mom went to sleep because of Ammy's patting Ridz stomach. He smiled. The baby is already on his side. He turns around to see that Ridz is not there and wonders that she must be preparing breakfast and that I should go and help her. He goes in the bathroom to shower and get ready quickly. Downstairs Ridz is working with a lot of heat in the kitchen because she is preparing food and the heat takes a toll on her. Suddenly she starts feeling dizzy and is about to fall when she catches hold of the Dining table and controls herself from falling and waits for a few moments and starts working again. Ammy is ready and coming downstairs, he is by the kitchen entrance and sees Ridz about to fall, he quickly rushes to her side and makes her sit on the chair, turns on the fan facing towards her and scolds her, "Riddhima, you don't take care about yourself. What is all this. Tumhe ya baby ko kuch ho jata toh."Riddhima defends herself saying, "Armaan, this is normal in pregnancy. I am a gynac I know." Armaan now really angry says, "I know you are a gynac  but you should take care. From tomorrow no need to get up early and do all this. I will do it. Samjhi." Riddhima smiles and says, "Honey, its really ok. It happens in the beginning months of pregnancy and it used to happen to me earlier too but I didn't take it seriously." Armaan looks baffled," Since when has this been happening to you?"Ridz says, "For the past one and a half month but that's really ok cuz I am two months now." Armaan is about to cry, he doesn't speak anything just goes on to make coffee for the both of them and break fast was already done by Riddhima so he just made the coffee. Ridz comes and tries to help him. But he just points her to sit back. She tensed the hurt in him. He says nothing just makes coffee and then brings it to her and sits in front of her and points her to finish her breakfast. They start eating but don't talk. Ridz wants to make him talk so she thinks of an idea. She acts as if she is getting dizzy and is about to fall off the chair. Ammy quickly rushes to her side and tells her Ridz we have to see Subra this is not normal, N I am worried for the both of you. She catched his hand,makes him sit on the chair next to her, she touches his face with her hand  and says," Ammy I didn't tell you about the dizziness earlier because I was afraid that you would be worried unnecessarily and hence I checked on with Subra and then this wonderful news. I enver meant for you to be hurt. You know how much I love you, right. "He just looks at her' his eyes moist he  said, "But you should tell me everything, I love it when you share things with me' N I want to be there for u every minute'.. promise me that you will tell me everything." Ridz says "I promise" and saying that she hold his hand in hers and brings it and touches her stomach" on our baby that I won't hide anything from you." He smiles a bit and then she says," But you have to promise me too that you won't hide anything from me." Saying that she looks into his eyes and then at the hands touching her stomach and then again at him. He tries to back out of that promise but she hold it on more closer to her stomach. Now he was afraid. He didn't want to lie on his baby and he couldn't even tell her at this point. Just at that moment his phone rang. They looked at each other and she let his hand go. He talked on the phone about a patients case and then hung up. He then said, "Ridz I have to go now but I am not leaving untilI drop you at work and from today you will not be driving. A smile broke on her face and she said," You know Subra told the same thing to me yesterday that you are not driving alone. I love it I have the world's best husband and the worlds best frind with me. He says  ok ok enough of this buttering up'.. nowget ready Ridz ki mummy(she laughs) I am gonna drop u to work. She hesitates but then she wanted  to spend time with him so she agreed. She went upstairs to change and texte4d Subra that she is coming to work with Armaan. Subra texted back saying didn't I tell u he wont leave u alone.. ehehhRidz smiles and replied back yes N I feel blesse to hv him n u by my side. THE TEXT BACK CONTAIEND A smile.

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Chapter 7

Ridz is now 6 months pregnant

Ammy was in his car talking on the phone with Dr. Shubhankar about the case on Liver cirhossis and Ridz came by and sat in the car. He told Dr.S hubhankar that he is gonna drive and will talk more abt the case in the hospital.

Ammy started the car and looked at Ridz'. Ready .. she said yes.. lets go' they smiled and he drove. While driving he had to change the gear, he looked at Riddhima who was looking out of the window on the road, took her hand in his and changed the gear. She immediately looked at him smiled and said, "accha yeh sab badmashi karne keh liye u don't want me to drive" He smiled and said, "no but if u want me to I can defn keep on doing it " and saying that he teases her some more. They have a cute moment and keep driving . He finally reaches the hospital and its time for her to go. He doenst want to let her go neither does she. They look at each other and are aboutto kiss when someone honks in the back. e asked her do you ha a few min to spare. She replied a positive and he drove towards a quiter place. They walked out of the car towards a bench where no one was sitting and sat there. He held her hand and just looked in front at the water in front of them. She kept looking at him. She closed towards him and said,"Armaan tumhne abhi tak woh vaada complete nahin kiya." He asked her innocently" Which one Riddhima" She pulled his hand in hers and placed it on the baby. She looked at him and said, "This one" He looked at her and then just kept staring at the baby which was covered by their hands. Riddhima, " Bolo na Armaan. " She pushed his hand harder into the stomach. Armaan, "Riddhima don't do that it will hurt the baby." sHE loosened a bit and and said ," Bolo na Armaan" He could say nothing. He just kept looking at her eyes and kept feeling her anxiety through the baby that he was touching. They stared at each other in silence.

After a few minutes Armaan's phone rang'. Coming out of the moment he picked up the phone

Dr. Shubhankar: Armaan. Where are you? We are waiting on you?

Dr. Armaan: I am coming Sir.

Dr. Shubhankar: Do make it fast Armaan.

Dr. Armaan: Yes Sir.

And he hung the phone. Riddhima started loosening her grip on his hand and said, "Chalo Armaan."

He held her hand tightly and brought it to his heart, "You trust me here'"She said, "You know the answer." Yes he knew that she had always trusted his heart, he said, " This heart will never lie to you. I will never lie to you." She said, " I know you never won't but then why don't you take the baby's oath." He hesitated and said, " I don't want anything to happen to our baby. You trust me , don't you? I will never and never have lied to you Riddhima." They hug each other and then leave towards the car. He drops her at the hospital and said ..I will come and pick u up by the evening. She nods and goes into the hospital.

Armaan goes to Sanjeevani where everyone was waiting for him and in the rush of the operation the oath topic slipped his mind. By evening, it was time for him to leave Sanjeevani and pick up Riddhima on his way home. But before that he had to answer the call on his phone. It was important .

Armaan: Yes Doctor I am just leaving. I will be in your office in a jiffy.

He walks across the hallway all the way towards the end.

Cancer Ward.

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