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ArSh l Tum Mile: Drop in message/Pg 56

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Posted: 26 June 2010 at 3:01pm | IP Logged
Some people felt that i should post this story in this section too. so here it is Big smile i'm posting all the parts that i've written till now :)
I began it with small little scenes and converted it into a fic only halfway through.
Guys, earlier Shilpa's name in the show was speculated to be Kangan, so it's Kangan in some of the earlier parts but then later I changed it back to Shilpa. Hope there's no confusion regarding that.
Dr. Keerti is pretty pissed and yells, 'Where is Dr. Shilpa?'
Everyone looks at eachother, having no clue whatsoever. While Dr. Keerti is grumpily puffing and flaring her nostrils, in walks a girl who looks like she has no idea that she's late, and even if she did, she wouldn't care. Dr. Keerti notices her walking in calmly and this infuriates her, 'Thankyou for finally gracing us with your presence, your highness'
Dr. Shilpa stops chewing her gum and looks at Dr. Keerti, 'Oh you're most welcome'
Dr. Keerti gapes at her while Shilpa goes back to cheweing her gum. Her temper rises and finally yells, 'Dr. Shilpa! Firstly, you're late, and secondly, you're supposed to be wearing a lab coat!'
Shilpa looks unperturbed, 'Why?' Everyone is shocked. Shilpa continues, 'I mean, what difference would it make? It's not like that white saintly-looking-trash will make diseases go away'
Dr. Keerti is literally fuming, her face goes red and she is finding it hard to find the right words, 'Dr. Shilpa, Who do think you-'
'Save your breath doctor. It was a JOKE', she winks at Dr. Keerti and smirks, 'Looks like you guys eradicated humour by mistake too'
Armaan and Shilpa are assigned to the General ward. They walk in the general ward, Ridhima is there too. Armaan starts staring at her, Shilpa notices this and snaps her fingers infront of his eyes, 'Hello? Mister, we have a case to handle. You can stare at the chic later'
Armaan was already pissed at her, and her constant jabs were making him even more infuriated, 'Listen Dr.-whatever-your-name-is, just leave me alone, alright? I'm not in the mood to fight'
Shilpa shrugged, 'Sure. Go tell Dr. Keerti you don't wanna handle this case. I don't mind at all'
Armaan sighed, 'Listen, that's not what I meant. Just -'
'Hey dude, relax. Can we get to the patient now?'
He nodded, 'Yeah'
After attending the patient, they start walking towards another patient when Shilps notices Armaan staring at Ridhima again. She gets annoyed and walks to Ridhima, unknown to Armaan's unwavering attention.
'Listen, I need you to get out of here so Dr. Armaan can stop staring at you'
Ridhima looks up at her, with a confused expression on her face, 'Huh?'
Shilpa sighs exasperatedly, 'I said - Get. Out. of. here. My partner won't stop ogling at you, woman. I'm in for some real mess because of you two'
Ridhima is still confused, and by now Armaan has walked up to them too, 'Dr. Shilpa, what do you think you're doing?'
'Driving your distraction away so we can F-o-c-u-s. You love birds can cuddle later.'
Armaan keeps his hands on his waist and is really angry at her. Before he opens his mouth to say anything, Ridhima speaks up, 'Dr. Shilpa, mind what you're saying. Dr. Armaan and I are just colleagues.'
Shilpa rolls her eyes, 'Colleagues with benefits? Look, I need to get this job done and I hate wasting my time on crap conversations. So please tell your colleague-cum-lover to stop gawking at you, alright?'
And walks away.
'I love you Dr. Armaan', said Kangan suddenly.
Armaan's trance was broken as turned to give Kangan an incredulous expression, 'What?'
She walked closer to him and repeated, this time in a whisper, 'I said I love you Dr. Armaan'
Armaan kept staring at her for a few moments as if she were mad, after which Kangan leaned in even closer and whispered, 'This was to get your attention'. She suddenly backed off and spoke as if she were talking about the weather, 'I hope it's enough of a shock to keep you focused for another 2 hours. Let me know if you feel delusional again'
She brushed past him and after reaching the door of the locker room, signaled him to come with her.
Armaan couldn't believe this woman. She was in a completely different league. He sighed, shook his head and turned to follow the queen, sensing that he didn't have any other option.
Consider these small ficlets as the intro. I'm going to post part 1 now.
P.S - oh and since I'm posting this here, i should tell you that there is going to be no pm list since i'll be updating quite frequently (shock and horror), so incase you decide to follow this, please keep an eye on the updates, thanks Smile
P.P.S - Yes this is my first romantic fic. Get ready to laugh.
Dedicated to this fic:
Part 10 l Page 6
Part 11 l Page 12
Part 12 l Page 18
Part 13 l Page 28
Part 14 l Page 33
Part 15 l Page 41
Part 16 l Page 48

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Ridhima is sitting in the locker room and sobbing quietly. She is wondering what twist of fate landed her in this predicament, feeling that she didn't deserve it. Just then, Kangan walks inside, unaware of Ridhima's presence.

She notices Ridhima sobbing but ignores it walks to her locker. Ridhima quickly wipes away her tears and mumbles, 'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-'
'Oh no you didn't scare me. I'm used to this perpetually depressed state of your hospital now. Everyone seems to be depressed here. You keep crying, Dr. Armaan is always in a trance, and everyone else, well, they're just insignificant'
Hearing Armaan's name, Ridhima spoke up, 'Dr. Armaan is always in a trance?'
Kangan raised an eyebrow. She knew something was going on between these two, 'Are you guys a couple?'
Ridhima was indignant. Feeling insulted, she raised a finger and spoke, 'Listen Dr. Kangan, I've told you before that-'
'Hey girl, finger down', cut in Kangan, and pushed Ridhima's finger down, 'I don't give a damn what goes on between people here. I just noticed something fishy between you two so I asked. Stop getting hyper all the bloody time, alright? You could go jump into the well for all I care'
Just then, Armaan walked in and noticed Kangan and Ridhima standing so close that their noses were almost touching. Kangan seemed angry and Ridhima seemed, well, as if she had been crying.
'What's going on?', he asked. Kangan and Ridhima turned around. Ridhima said, 'Armaan?''
'What a surprise', Kangan rolled her eyes. Before Armaan could speak up, Sidhant walked in. Noticing Ridhima's disheleved state, he quickly walked up to her and asked, 'Are you okay Ridhima?'
As she nodded, he noticed Kangan standing right next to Ridhima.
'What are you doing here?', he asked.
'Last I checked, this was the locker room', she replied.
Sidhant stood infront of Ridhima, his eyes suddenly gaining an angry look, 'Did you say something to Ridhima?'
Kangan felt her anger rising, 'Who the hell are you to ask me?'
He took a step towards Kangan, 'I'm her husband'
Then, to everyone's shock, Kangan burst into laughter. Armaan, Ridhima and Sidhant stared at eachother as she doubled over in laughter. Sidhant spoke up again, 'What's so funny?'
'Y-You guys are married? AHAHHAHAHHA', she said in between laughs, 'O dear lord. I don't understand the dynamics of this place. Seems like a major K-serial setup to me. AHAHHAHAHAHHA'
She straightened herself up and eased her laughs, 'O wait. I think I understand now. Kya baat hai Dr. Ridhima, shaadi kisi aur se aur pyaar kisi aur se? Lagey raho boss', and burst into laughter once again, 'I'm outta here'
Laughing, she walked out of the locker room, leaving Armaan, Sidhant and Ridhima staring at each other, wondering what just happened.

'So how come you decided to become a doctor?', asked Kangan, trying to start some conversation.
Armaan sighed, 'I don't know..I guess I just wanted to be away from my alcoholic-cum-workaholic father...' he trailed off and shrugged. Kangan nodded, not knowing what to say.
The day was coming to an end. Armaan and Kangan had some time off before their final rounds so they decided to have a cup of coffee. Neither was too fond of eachother, particularly after the day's events, but they realized that they had no choice but to be together for the day.
'So medicine was never really your passion. It's an escape?', she spoke after a moment's silence.
Armaan remained silent and chose to take a sip from his coffee instead. He knew his silence was the answer. Kangan nodded again, and then everything was silent.
'Why did you become a doctor?', Armaan asked after a while.
'I love blood', she said.
'Seriously. I have this sadistic pleasure in watching blood oozing out of people's bodies. It's so red and thick and -'
'Woah. Stop woman. Are you normal? Geez, you're the most different person I've met in my life', Armaan interrupted, genuinely dazed by her response.
She smirked and leaned forward in her chair, 'And neither will you come across one like me again', she said and winked.
To his surprise, Armaan smiled. She was as feisty as she was fascinating. He said, 'I'm beginning to believe that'.
She grinned and leaned back in her chair. He spoke up again, 'But you know, you shouldn't have laughed at Ridhima like that today'
'C'mon man. It WAS a funny situation. She likes you, then why the hell is she married to Sidhant?', she said exasperatedly. Armaan just shook his head, 'I don't want to talk about it'
'Then I can laugh at her all I want dude', she replied whilst giving him a serious look. Suddenly, her pager beeped, 'Gotta go', she mumbled and got up to leave.
She almost walked out of the door when she suddenly turned around and said loudly, 'Oh by the way, did I tell you you're smokin' hot? Just get that devdas expression off your face and you'd be ready to rock 'n' roll!", laughing she walked out of the cafe'.
Armaan sat there with everyone staring at him. He gave a sheepish smile to everyone and inwardly cursed Kangan for being who she was once again.
Everyone in the locker room is gossiping about Dr. Shilpa (now it's back to shilpa again Wacko) Ridhima is lost in her own world and Armaan chooses to ignore the ongoing bitcing session and is focusing  on a case file instead.
Shilpa is about to walk inside the locker room when she hears her name.
'Shilpa is so rude. I mean, she doesn't even have basic sense of civility'
Then she heard Sidhant's voice, 'Yeah, the way she insulted Ridhima yesterday made my blood boil. Let me see her again and I'll-'
'Aapne bulaya aur hum chale aaye!', walked in Shilpa suddenly, startling everyone, 'Kyun guys? Talking about me? Waah bhai Waah, ek din bhi nahi hua, aur itni izzat?', she said in a mocking tone.
Sidhant walked towards her in anger and raised a finger, 'Listen Dr. Shilpa, if you say anything to hurt Ridhima ever again, then I'm going to-'
'Tell me something. Do you both, I mean you and Ridhima, love raising fingers at other people? Tell you what, next time something about me pisses you off, just bloody do what you can instead of throwing blank threats at me. Because let me tell you in advance, THEY. DON'T. WORK', she finished in a tone that had finality and firmness.
She walked past him without waiting for a response and went to her locker. On the way, she spotted Armaan standing apart from the group and reading a file. 'Hey Dr. D', she called to him, 'Good morning', and winked at him.
Armaan looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but everyone was shell shocked to notice anything. He shifted a little closer to shilpa and said, 'Dr. D?'
'Yeah, Dr. Devdas', she said matter-of-factly. Armaan sighed in exasperation and shook his head, 'Will you please let that go?'
Shilpa chuckled and shook her head like he had asked the most stupid question, 'Hell NO'
He realized she was not the one to budge, so he sighed again in defeat and shifted back to his locker. By then, Ridhima had stormed towards Shilpa. She tapped on her shoulder and before Shilpa could turn around, started yelling, 'You dare insult Sidhant again DOCTOR. This was totally uncalled for..'
Shilpa made a bored face and with her fingers and thumb, gestured how Ridhima kept doing 'yak-yak' all the time. She walked past Ridhima as if she didn't exist, leaving her behind with her statement still hanging in the air. Ridhima took a deep breath, still angry at Shilpa for her behaviour.
'You guys gotta give her a break', said Armaan suddenly. All eyes turned to him. Ridhima stared at him incredulously, 'Armaan, how can you take her side? She just -'
'Look, it's not like she's ultra sweet to me either, okay? That's just how she is. So you all have to relax and accept her as a colleague', he said, cutting Ridhima off.
Ridhima just looked away and crossed her arms across her chest. Without waiting for a response, Armaan walked out of the locker room, wishing nothing more than to get away from the drama for a while.
'Dr. Ridhima, you will continue to handle your previous patients', said Dr, Keerti in her usual flat tone, 'Dr. Sidhant, path lab. Dr. Shilpa and Dr. Armaan, I noticed you guys worked well as a team yesterday, so I'd like you to attend the general ward today aswell'
Armaan didn't know how to react, He no longer minded Shilpa's bluntness, but he wanted to be alone for a few days. He wanted silence and solace, but nothing could dither Dr, Keerti, so he simply nodded.
After the briefing got over, all doctors dispersed to attend their respective duties. Armaan and Shilpa started walking towards the direction of General Ward. There was hardly any conversation except of their patients. Armaan was surprised to see how professionally Shilpa seemed to discuss each case. She seemed like someone who knew when to draw the line between personal and professional.
When they were entering the general ward, Shilpa suddenly said, 'By the way, Dr. Armaan. I will not mention Dr. Ridhima again. I was just pulling your leg. Let's just say, old habits die hard yeah?', and smiled at him. Armaan stared at her for a while, wondering what facet of her was he looking at, before returning the smile and nodding in acknowledgement.
Shilpa was in the general ward when she got Dr. Keerti's page. It seemed urgent. She excused herself from Armaan and quickly went to the emergency ward. Dr. Keerti was rushing in with a patient who seemed to have been in a major accident. His family members, tearful and shocked, ran along with the stretcher. Shilpa quickly ran upto them.
Dr. Keerti looked up and started speaking quickly, 'Major accident. Too much blood loss. Operation abhi karna padega. Page Dr. Ridhima and two senior nurses'
Shilpa nodded and quickly took out her pager to page the surgical team. Without feeling an ounce of hesitation, she geared up to face the critical surgery. Ridhima came into sight soon after, running upto them, she asked, 'What happened? How?-'
'Questions later Dr. Ridhima, we need to get him into an OT right now', said Dr. Keerti. She told them to scrub in ASAP and went inside the OT to get things ready for the operation.
Shilpa quickly scrubbed in and was about to tie the mask when she noticed Ridhima standing next to her with a blank expression on her face. She touched her arm and said, 'Dr. Ridhima?' no response. She shook her arm more firmly, 'Dr. Ridhima?'
Ridhima broke out of her reverie and said, 'Yes?Yes? What happened?'
'Are you okay? Why aern't you scrubbing in? We need to go to the OT'
'Yeah. Yea - I'm sorry. I-I'll just...', Ridhima trailed off as she slowly picked up her scrubs. She slipped into a trance again and her limbs worked slowly and mindlessly. Shilpa noticed her confusing behaviour, Is she scared?, she thought to herself. She looked at her again and saw that her eyes had a faraway expression in them. Then, realizing that they didn't have time to waste, said, 'Dr. Ridhima, please go. We'll handle the surgery'
Ridhima looked at her for a long moment, and then nodded, 'Okay', she whispered, slowly turned around and left.
Shilpa looked at her retreating figure and wondered whether her incapability to handle emergency cases was ever noticed by someone else. She took a deep breath and walked to the OT.
Dr. Keerti was already inside the OT. The bloody clothes had been taken off the patient and he had been wiped clean by the nurses. Shilpa walked upto her and said, 'Dr. Keerti, Dr. Ridhima will not be operating with us. She wasn't feeling well'
Dr. Keerti nodded and said, 'Okay. Will you be able to handle this on your own? It's your first surgery here'
'Yes, doctor'
'Okay then, let's start the operation'
Shilpa worked the procedure perfectly. She was as sharp and focused as any experienced surgeon. No one could have believed that the a girl who was so blunt and crude could be such a focused and serious person inside the OT. No one felt the lack of Dr. Ridhima who was supposed to be a part of the surgical team, since Shilpa handled it effortlessly. After a stretch of 3 hours, the operation was finally over and successful. The entire surgical team congratulated each other and walked out of the OT.
'Well done, Dr. Shilpa, you did a brilliant job inside', said Dr. Keerti.
Shilpa smiled, 'Yep doctor, I'm quite awesome. Uh, you see, I just happen to be humble. Now if you excuse me, I gotta inform the family members. See-ya'
She walked away leaving Dr. Keerti in utter astonishment of the sudden transformation. As she stood there, she wondered whether Dr. Shilpa had MPD.
'Ab aab bilkul theek ho jayenge. No worries. I've done the stitches. Just make sure you don't do strenous physical activities for 2 weeks', said Armaan as he took off his latex gloves after stitching up a rather nasty cut on a boy's leg.
As he walked out of the ICU, he rubbed his neck, feeling tired. It had been a long day. Two minor surgeries and the regular duty in the general ward had left him exhausted. As he neared the water point, he noticed Shilpa standing there with her back against the wall. She looked equally stumped.
'Hey, you alright?', Armaan asked, picking a glass up.
Shilpa nodded tiredly, 'Yeah. I'm fine. Just a little tired'
He took a sip from his glass, 'Well you look more than a 'little' tired'
She sighed, 'Yeah. Major surgery today. Plus other duties..'
'That accident case? Didn't Ridhima assist you?'
Shilpa shook her head, 'No..she looked rather scared and confused when we were scrubbing in. So I told her leave'
Armaan nodded in understanding, 'Hmm..she always had trouble with emergencies'
Shilpa looked at him, 'You've noticed it before? I wonder why'
'Yes, it has happened before', he paused a little and continued, 'Are you off now?'
Shilpa leaned her head against the wall and smiled, 'Kyun Dr. D? Do you want to ask me out on a date?'
Armaan grinned and shook his head, 'You're incorrigible. Chalo let's say, yes, I want to ask you out on a date. What would you say?'
She shrugged, 'obviously yes, why the hell would I refuse a date with a stud like you? Unless ofcourse, you have a disease that you haven't told me about'
They both looked at each other, and inspite of their tiredness, burst into laughter. Armaan couldn't remember the last time he had laughed, or even smiled. After the laughter died down, Armaan said, 'You know, you're not as bad as people think  you are'
Shilpa nodded, 'You're right. I'm worse'
They laughed again and started walking towards the locker room together.

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Armaan and Shilpa walked back to the locker room. Armaan didn't know why, but with Shilpa, he felt better than with the rest of the group. As they walked in the room, Shilpa saw Ridhima sitting on the bench. The moment she saw Shilpa enter, she walked upto her and said, 'Thanks for today Shilpa. I mean, you know, for letting me off. I really wasn't feeling upto it'
Shilpa stared at Ridhima for a moment and then walked past her. Armaan glanced from Ridhima to shilpa, and then walked to his locker too. Ridhima turned around and looked at Shilpa nonchalantly stuffing things into her locker. She took a deep breath and said, 'Shilpa, I really want to apolo-'

'It's okay, Dr. Ridhima. It's okay', shilpa cut in and said, 'I do not wish to speak to you any more'

Ridhima was quiet for a while before she nodded. She couldn't completely understand why Shilpa was so cold, but she understood that she was the way she was, and getting offended by it wasn't going to change things. Sid noticed Ridhima's fallen face but didn't say anything. Instead, he said, 'Ridhima, c'mon, we have to go. It's getting late'

She nodded and walked towards her locker to keep her lab coat in it. Meanwhile, Sid walked closer to Armaan and kept a hand on his shoulder, 'Armaan, I'm happy that you and Shilpa are becoming friends. It's nice to see you smile'

Armaan looked at him and sighed, 'It's not going where you think it is Sid'

Sid made a 'What-are-you-talking-about' face, 'I didn't imply anything'

Armaan smiled, 'I know what you implied. Just stop looking out for me, okay? This lonely time, it's given me a chance to think. Just let me be. Please', he patted his shoulder, closed his locker and walked towards the door.



'Oh damn', Armaan spat out and kicked his car, 'Amazing'

Shilpa was about to drive past Armaan when she noticed him angrily muttering something under his breath. She stopped next to him and said, 'Kya hua He-man?'

He stopped muttering and turned around to see Shilpa sitting in a sexy, blue sports car. Why am I not surprised?

'Um, actually my car's not starting. I think it's overheated or somethi-'

'C'mon, I'll drop you', Shilpa said, gesturing with her hand. Armaan was confused. He didn't know Shilpa was capable of offering help to anyone.

'No, uh, I'll mana-'

'I like you doctor, come on in. Or are you ashamed of being driven home by a lady?'

Armaan sighed. There was no winning from this gal. He locked his car, I'll fix this tomorrow, and walked to the other side of Shilpa's car, opened the door and sat on the passenger seat, 'Actually, I'm rather proud'

Shilpa grinned, 'Superb then'. He told her his address. The moment she pressed down on the accelerator, Armaan fell back into his seat. Her speed seemed to be increasing with each passing moment. Armaan usually loved speed, but only when he was driving himself. Now he understood what it was like to be above 80 km/hr and be sitting on the passenger seat.

He was about to ask Shilpa to slow down, but his male ego got the better of him. Instead, he pulled out the seat belt and fixed it in it's holder. Few moments passed, and his mind wandered off to Ridhima, and then consequently to Sid. He wished he'd stop trying to find a girlfriend for him. He was enjoying this silence in his life. Perhaps all he needed right now was a friend.

'Why are you so sad today?', Shilpa's voice brought him out of his trance. He missed what she said the first time, 'Huh? Did you say something?'
'Why do you look so sad today?', she repeated and looked at him.
He sighed and leaned his head back in the seat. Closing his eyes, he said, 'I don't know..It's alot of things...'
He trailed off. Shilpa didn't ask him any further. She just nodded and looked ahead. A comfortable silence settled in the car. Armaan was about to look outside the window when his eyes caught something. He picked up the familiar looking box.
'You smoke?', he asked with surprise and curosity.
Shilpa nodded, 'Used to', she replied matter-of-factly. When Armaan continued to stare at her, she sighed and said, 'I quit a while ago...apparently doctors aren't allowed to smoke'
Armaan wondered whether he had just had a glimpse of the vulnerable side of Shilpa. It was gone the moment it came, but he was sure he had seen something in her eyes. Something he couldn't pinpoint. He kept the empty box back in it's place while she continued to look ahead.
'Oh damn I love this song!', Shilpa exclaimed suddenly. Armaan jumped a little in his seat and said, 'Can you be a little more predictable please? It'll spare me from getting a heart attack!'
She increased the volume of the song and started singing, 'Chor bazari do nainon ki, pehli ki aadat jo hat gayi...oh c'mon, don't you like this song?'
Armaan smiled inspite of himself. He really did like this song, 'Actually, I do'
She continued to sing like a maniac, and Armaan didn't realize when he joined her in the singing spree. After a while, they both seemed like two drunkards who had been let loose on the streets of Mumbai. Every time a song that either of them loved came on the radio, they jumped like small kids.
For a moment, just for a moment, Armaan had forgotten about his sorrow. He felt light headed. And that moment told him that his road to recovery had started, and maybe he had found the friend he really needed.

'Thanks for the ride', said Armaan, after getting down from Shilpa's car.
'No problem Dr. D', she replied.
Armaan raised in eye-brows in a 'not-again' manner, 'You had said you wont-'
Shilpa raised her hands in surrender, 'Okay Okay I'm sorry. Like I said, old habits die hard'
Armaan shook his head and smiled, 'Good night Shilpa. See you on monday'
Shilpa sighed, 'All these 'good' wishes seem superficial to me. They sound more like an obligation'
Armaan leaned forward and placed his arms on her window, 'Why is that?'
She shrugged, 'I don't know. My experience says so'
'What has your experience been like?'
Shilpa smiled and looked ahead. She kept staring at nothing in particular for a while and then turned towards Armaan, who was curiosly waiting for an answer, 'Not now. I have to go somewhere'
Armaan who hadn't realized how tense the moment had become, relaxed in slight dissappointment and said, 'Oh. Where?'
'To my customary saturday daru night', she replied, winking at him.
'Daru night?', Armaan asked, incredulously.
'Yep. I go get drunk every saturday night. It's been a custom for 1 year now'
Wow, Armaan thought, 'That's...really nice'
Shilpa looked at him for a moment and said, 'You wanna come along?'
Armaan raised his eyebrows, 'Me? Uh, no thanks. I think I'll just-'
'Oh c'mon. You know what you need doctor? You need to get drunk and relax for a while. And maybe find a hot chick and get laid', Shilpa said in a teasing voice.
Armaan laughed, 'You're amazingly...different, you know that?'
She nodded, 'Very much so'
'You know what? You're right. I do need to get drunk', and then looked at her face, 'Yes. and maybe get laid too'
'Jump right in. We're gonna hit the best goddamn bar of Mumbai'
'Have you e-everrbeeninlove?', asked Armaan as he leaned forward towards Shilpa.
She put her head back and laughed, 'Yourree and what did you say? yes, love! me and lurve do not go together', she laughed again and gestured him to come closer, 'Hindi mein bolte hain na - 36 ka aankda hai yaar'
They laughed like she had just cracked the world's best joke. With his shirt out, hair disheveled and hair unkempt, it was obvious that Armaan was very, very drunk. His words slurred and vision blurred, but he was having the time of his life.
'Tu bata yaar. Pyaaaaar...ishqqq...mohabbat ?!', she emphasized on each word. She pointed a finger at his nose and said, 'Tujhe hua hai kya?'
Armaan laughed harder, and was about to fall down from his bar stool but Shilpa held his arm, 'Oye control yours-'
He held up his finger and stared at it. Shilpa looked at him confusedly, 'What?'
'Ek baar. Only once', he said waving his finger to and fro, 'Aur isi baat pe', he raised his arm higher, 'Ek vodka AUR!'
They both laughed again and yelled together, 'Ek Vodka AUR!'
Another one down, it seemed as though their level of craziness had gone higher.
'Doo youu knoww shomething?', Shilpa said with a mock-serious expression, 'I can p-provee that humanshave11 feengers'
'Chal jhooti', Armaan said with a wave of his hand.
'Abe ullu ke patthe, yeh dekh', Shilpa said indignantly. She held up her hands and started counting, '10..9..8..', she missed one finger as her vision blurred, 'ek second. 10..9..8..7..6..', waving the other hand she said, 'aur paanch? 11!'
Armaan's eyes widened, 'Chamatkaar! you-you should informm the-the science..scien-tists about thish science-scien-tificc development'
Suddenly the bartender said, 'Sir, Madam, I think you both have had enough. The bar is also about to close. I suggest you go ba-'
Shilpa banged her palm on the table and stood up, 'Kitne paise doo tera mooh band karne ke liye you mother-fff-'
Armaan stood up too, 'Abe maa ko gali nahi yaar', and held her from her shoulders. Shilpa looked at him and covered her mouth, 'Are haan. Thanks yaar', and before they both knew it, they burst into laughter again.
'I tthink we sshhouldgo now', Armaan said, staggering on his feet. Shilpa nodded, 'Youu'ree right! Let'sh go', and pointed her finger towards the exit. They paid their bill with difficulty and made their way towards the exit, falling and stumbling over each other, chanting 'Left right Left' like small kids.
Shilpa walked into the bustling locker room. She walked straight to her locker and spotted Armaan.
'Yo He-man', she said chirpily. Armaan looked at her and felt embarrassed. He didn't remember what had happened last night. He remembered having a bet with her about vodka shots and then all was blank. Shilpa noticed him looking here and there, trying to avoid her gaze and she guessed that he was embarrassed. She smiled inwardly and moved closer, 'Um, Armaan. Are you embarrassed?'
He just half looked at her and remained silent. Shilpa smiled even more and kept looking at him.
'What?', Armaan said
Shilpa wiped off her smiled and shrugged, 'Did I say something?'
'Will you quit staring at me?', he said
She moved even closer. Looking into his eyes, she whispered huskily, 'No'
Just then, an announcement was made, 'All senior doctors are requested to report to the nurse station'
'Time to go', she whispered and moved away. She quickly grabbed her lab coat and tied her hair and walked out. Armaan stood transfixed for a moment, a little fazed out by the proximity. And then he too grabbed his lab coat, shook his head and made his way towards the door.
'Dr. Shilpa, OPD', said Dr. Keerti, 'Dr. Armaan, emergency ward. Dr. Ridhima, general ward and Dr. Sidhant, you will be in the general award along with Dr. Ridhima'.
Sid smiled to himself and looked at Ridhima. She seemed quite unhappy about the duty. That will change, he thought to himself.
They dispersed for their respective duties. Armaan rubbed his forehead with his fingers, damn the hangover, he thought with annoyance. Suddenly, Shilpa appeared out of nowhere infront of him.
'Have this tablet. It'll help your hangover', she said flatly. Armaan looked at her, confused for a moment. She repeated, 'Take it. It really helps'
He slowly picked up the tablet. Shilpa was about to walk, when he said, 'Thanks'
'Not a problem. You're welcome..He-man', she said and winked at him. Armaan looked at her retreating figure and grinned to himself. He-man, not a bad name, he thought.
'So, what can I do for you?', asked Shilpa.
'Doctor, I was bathing yesterday when I noticed this lump in my armpit. I got a little suspicious so I decided to get a check-up done', said a middle aged lady. She seemed to be in her early 40's, short, plump with a thin face.
'Hmm, I see. Did you observe any other unusual symptoms in the past few days?', asked Shilpa.
'Not really, I've just been feeling itchy around the nipple area. That's it'
'Okay, Mrs. Varshney, let me take a look at it. Can you please take off your upper clothes and lie down on that bed?', Shilpa said as she put on her glasses. The lady nodded and did as she was told.
Shilpa studied the lump with her fingers and after a few moments, asked her to wear her clothes. Back at her table, she tore off a sheet from her paperpad and said, 'Look Mrs. Varshney, these things can often be quite frightening. But alot of times it just turns out to be a small cyst. Before your mind goes off to something else, I want you to get these tests done as soon as possible'
The lady nodded meekly as Shilpa wrote down the basic tests including an X-ray and a MRI. She signed the paper, tore it off and handed it to her, 'You have to get an X-ray and a MRI done. And the basics like blood test and an ultrasound. After you've got all of them done, please come and see me again'
She nodded and said nervously, 'Doctor, uh, are these tests..expensive?'
Shilpa kept looking flatly at the woman, then leaned forward and said, 'Look Mrs. Varshney, Sanjeevani is a private hospital. I cannot lie to you about the expenses. Yes, they are high. However, I can assure you that you will not find a better hospital in the whole of Mumbai'
The lady looked down and nodded, 'Thankyou Doctor', and then slowly got up and walked out. Shilpa kept staring at the door long after she had left, and then sighed and waited for the next patient.
Shilpa looked at her watch. She had a half an hour break before her duty started again. Deciding that she needed a little peace and loneliness, she made her way towards the one place she knew she would get those - The fire escape.
She had attended to almost 20 patients since morning, and all their problems seemed to be swirling in her head like a thick liquid. Even though each patient's story replayed in her head again and again, she felt detached. It was like looking at her a horrific event through a thick glass pane.
Shaking her head to get all those thoughts out of her head, she opened the door to the fire escape, only to notice Armaan already sitting there. His sight made her feel light headed for a while. She smiled and walked down the stairs to sit next to him.
'You mind?', she said softly.
He looked at her and shook his head. She nodded, 'Wanna talk about it?'
He sighed and looked down, 'Complicated surgery this morning. I don't know whether...whether I've done a good job..'
Shilpa just looked at him and lightly patted his hand, 'It's okay', she whispered. She then turned her head ahead and just sat there, enjoying the silence.
Armaan felt better after having taken off the thought off his mind. Shilpa's silent company made him feel better, and both of them just sat there looking at nothing in particular.

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After a long silence, that felt more comforting than awkward, Armaan sighed and said, 'Why is life such a b*tch?'

Shilpa kept looking ahead and shook her head slowly, 'I don't know'

Armaan looked at her for a moment, 'Thanks for the tablet. It helped'

Shilpa smiled and looked at him, 'You don't need to be embarrassed Armaan. It happens with me all the time. I'm sure I must have said stupid things too', she paused for a moment and then said, 'It's okay. I'm not judging you'

Her assurance eased his tension a bit. He hadn't expected the 'daru night' to turn out to be so wild. But he was glad Shilpa said that. It was as if she had read his mind and said exactly what he wanted to hear. He smiled back in response.

'Thanks', he said.

Shilpa made a mock-annoyed face and said, 'Remember what I told you the other day? I don't like these pleasantries. They seem superficial to me. So no more 'thanks' or 'sorry' and the other bullshit, okay?'

Armaan continued to smile and nodded, 'Okay'

And then the silence returned. Armaan wondered how peaceful and fulfilling silence actually was. Where was the need to exchange words all the time? He turned around to look at Shilpa once again, who seemed to be lost in her own world. For some odd reason, he connected with her at very deep level. They may seem different from the outside, but from the inside, something told Armaan that Shilpa was an equally wounded soul. Just when he was about to turn away, he spotted something on her right arm. A tattoo.

Although not surprised by the fact that Shilpa had a tattoo, he was surprised by it's content. A snake wrapped around an electric guitar. It's meaning or symbolism escaped him, but he decided not to ask Shilpa at that moment. He wanted this silent interaction to last.

They sat there like that for few moments before Armaan's pager rang.

'Crap. I have to go. See you later', he said and got up. Shilpa looked up and nodded, 'Yeah, okay. See you'

He smiled at her and then walked out. Shilpa continued to stare the door for a long time after he left, wondering what was it that pulled her towards him. She was quite the anti-social, and hardly knew anyone except of Armaan and well, Dr. Keerti in the whole of Sanjeevani. If anything, she had made a handful of enemies. But with Armaan, it was different. He was quiet, calm, silent...someone she could never be, and yet it seemed as though she had known him for ages.


After the duty hours were over, the locker room was full of interns stuffing their stethoscopes and lab coats back into their lockers, getting ready to go back home. Armaan walked in only to be pulled by Sid towards their gang which included JP, Jiggy, Naina, Yuvi and Ridhima. At her sight, Armaan instantly lowered his eyes and avoided any eye contact.

'What is this about?', said Armaan an irritated tone.

'Don't you think it's been a long time since we all sat down and had coffee in the Sanjeevani cafe?', said Sidhant excitedly, 'We all are going to the cafe before going back home'

Armaan was is no mood. He was tired and wanted to go back home, 'But Sid-'

'Not buts. You're coming and that's final', he said firmly.

Armaan looked at everyone's faces, ready to pounce on him if he said no once again, and reluctantly accepted, 'Fine'. There was a soft cheer from the gang.

After everyone had left, the gang made their way towards the cafe, with Sidhant animatedly talking about something, Yuvi and Naina stealing glances at each other and Ridhima uncomfortably looking here and there.
They entered the cafe and walked towards a table. 'Where's Shilpa?', said Armaan suddenly. Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at him. 'C'mon Armaan, you don't think we'd invite her, do you? I mean, we're a group yaar', said Sid.
'Yes, but now she's a part of this group too', replied Armaan firmly.
'Since when?', Ridhima spoke up suddenly. Her eyes bore into Armaan's, but this time he didn't tear his gaze away. He looked right into her eyes and answered, 'Since she's been my friend'
'Friend? oh c'mon man-'
Sid was cut off by Armaan, 'Look Sid. I know you all don't really like her but we've got to try to include her with us. She's a part of the team now'
Armaan didn't know whether he really wanted her to be a part of the group or whether he just wanted her to be around so he didn't feel left out. Truth was, he had stopped connecting with these people the moment Ridhima had chosen Sid over him. All of them seemed strangers.
Sid sighed, 'Okay, Armaan. If that's what you want'
'But Sid-', Ridhima started.
'It's okay RIdhima. Maybe Armaan's right', Sid said.
Armaaan nodded, 'Okay then, I'll go call her', everyone nodded and sat down around a table. Ridhima looked at Armaan's retreating figure and thought of something.
'I'll..just be back. I think I forgot my phone in the locker room', said Ridhima quickly and got up. Sid looked at her confusedly, it was unlike her to forget something. But guessing that she might have been too stressed, he shrugged it off.
Ridhima caught up with Armaan halfway through the corridor, 'Armaan...Armaan, just a second. I need to talk to you'
He looked at her, 'Ridhima? What are you doing here?'
'I just need to talk to you for a moment. Please?', they both had stopped midway now. Armaan slowly nodded and pointed towards the fire escape. Ridhima shut the door and walked a few steps down before turning towards Armaan.
'Armaan, I...I just wanted to thank you for whatever you've done for Sid and me', she said quietly, 'I mean, our relationship really needed strength and you..well, you were the strength'
Armaan tried to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat. No matter how much he tried to detach himself from her words, he simply couldn't. He was a very strong person, but not strong enough to deal with this. He took a deep breath and said, 'Well, you're welcome. Is that it?'
With tears brimming in her eyes, Ridhima walked up a few steps and said, 'Please Armaan. Don't detach yourself. I understand that this is painful-'
That broke his constraint. Hearing the words 'I understand' from her mouth was almost laughable. She had left him all alone, and she understands?
He looked up with hot tears brimming in his eyes, and fiercely gazed at her, 'Don't. Don't ever say that you understand. You don't. You made a choice for yourself, Ridhima, but you're not the only one facing the consequences. You do not understand my pain'
Ridhima was shocked to see him responding so fiercely. He had never displayed such raw emotion with regard to her marriage before. Atleast not to her. She took a step down.
'But Armaa-'
'Please Ridhima. I don't want to talk about this anymore', he said, trying his best to hold her gaze. Tears now threatened to roll down, but he held them back, 'And I don't want any relationship with you. Not even friendship. We're colleagues. That's it'
And with that, he turned around and literally ran out of the fire escape, leaving Ridhima standing on the steps with tears rolling down her cheeks. She had never thought that their beautiful relationship would come to such an end - Incomplete.

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Neetz LOL so decided to post it here, thank god as it'll save me from going to the DMG forum looking for updates!

TC Nahida <3

PS: I'll be spamming here demanding updates LOL

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Originally posted by khahani

Neetz LOL so decided to post it here, thank god as it'll save me from going to the DMG forum looking for updates!

TC Nahida <3

PS: I'll be spamming here demanding updates LOL

lol yeah, I finally decided to post it here Big smile okies... Ermm lemme figure out a way to dodge that now LOL
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Wow Neetz! That was awesome yaar! And so real. I like the way Armaan and Shilpa interact with eachother really sweet and understanding. Your gonna have me hooked to this lol.. Update Soon Haha ;)
Harry x

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Originally posted by harry9186

Wow Neetz! That was awesome yaar! And so real. I like the way Armaan and Shilpa interact with eachother really sweet and understanding. Your gonna have me hooked to this lol.. Update Soon Haha ;)
Harry x
Thankyou so much Harry :)

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