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Nadhaswaram Monday Episode 48

PartyMaapillai sold out for 15 soverigns and a two-wheeler....Party
1.NMP-nadaswaram serial's manjal pisasu-mappu's Akka...
2.Bada pp-Chokku
3.chotta PP-Mayil
4..Dabbawali-Chokku and mayil's Mummy kizhavi
Starts with Manjal NMP perumai pesing abt their murukku business..says their murukku is the only best murukku in that area..No other murukku can beat the taste of their murukkkuLOL..Both bada and chotta pp's mandaiya mandaiya aating and listening to her...At the end ofthe conversation PP's comes to a decision that NMP is the home minister of that family and rest of the ppl are Dummy pieces...LOLLOL
Deivanai sitting alonein a room..NMP comes there and starts kadalai putting with deivanai...asks devainai why she sits alone here..deivanai says headache..NMP slowly tries get some details abt PP's family...she asks deivanai whether there is some problem b/w bada and chotta family..Deivanai says veettukku veedu vaspadi....nothing new....Deivanai samaluchufies that NMP ....
Senior citizens kadalai putting in another place.LOLLOL...Mappu's dad and PP's Mom....LOLLOLDabbawali asks her sammandhi 'indha veedu yaar name la irukku?"...She gives idea to her new friend...tells him not to believe any of his sons...if u have money deposit it in will be helpful in the last minute...Thatha laughing at dabbawali's speech...Dabbawali says u r like my "makku son chokku"....ekkedo kettu ponga..iam going ...She leaves the place ....
MR and Mrs.NMP discussinga abt their poo kadai...Deivanai suddenly enters that room and watches them...NMP samaliching the situation...Deivanai feels something is wrong
Pechu varthai abt varadhatchanai etc etc starts...BPP says this is their family's first marraige ...They cannot afford 15 soverigns of gold..NMP shocked and inteferes ..what?no no..ppl ready to give 20-25 soveigns jewels ae standing in a queue fo my brother...Dabbawali's situational comment..."appo avangalukku unga thambiya kudunga"LOL..NMP shocked and says jadagam not matching....She is strong with her condition ...15 soverign means 15 soverign.....CPP now opens his mouth..says OK..we r ready to put 15 soverigns...BPP tries to intefere and CPP tells him we will talk after we reach our home.... NMP asks for a two wheeler...Gopi and co tells they will try  to buy one after maraige...NMP also says that marraige selavu full aa maappilai veetar dhaan....oru vazhiya pechu varthai gets over and ellarum kottikka (saapida) poranga....
PP's returning home with their family..Ellarum sandoshama talking abt mappu's family..Deivanai tells that they should visaruchufy that family once more....mayil stops her saying that from the begining she is trying to stop mahesh's dont beleive he words....small fighting b/w deivanai and mayil....But no one seems to be taking deivanai's words seriously...
PP's home....CPP tells tha kaamu's 10 soverign jewles is there...from that we can take 5 mahesh kku 15 soverign vandhudum....Kaamu's marraige will come only after 3 mnths..we can buy 5 more soverins within that duration....BPP not satisfied....They talk abt pushpa's situation....says they will talk to pushpa and update her with the maraige tomorrow...
Malar coming to gopi's shop...Malar asks gopi "ur family la ellam loosa?especially ur sithappu?...he avoided me in the he says that is should come and meet u?...and what is ur problem?cycle dhaan vandhuduchu illa..why r u not talking to me?.....Gopi starts his pechu....says "oru naal unga bike la utkarndhadha my sithappu parthutaru...adhaan ellathukkum stating...This is a smaal village .....this kind of boy sitting in a girl's bike is a big vishayam here...i have pancha paandavigal in my house...if becoz of this problem..ennoda name repair sisiters vazhkai will also get spoiled...i'll never do anything which will spoil my sisters life...."......Gopi goes on talking..He asks malar "unga manasula or en manasula ippadi ou thappana ennam irukka?Shockedno na?LOLLOL(Mango madaiyar...respect ma ..enna irundhalum serialoda director and producer illaLOL)...but this oor will not beleive sitappu told that i'll not talk to u...thats the reson iam avoiding u....."..Malar asks gopi..."inimel pesuveengala ?maatengala?"....Gopi says "pesaa vishayuthukku pesidhaan aaganum"....Malar say "idhu varaikkum neenga dhaan kuzhapathula irundhinga...ippo nanaum.."...

Update by Shreenithi

Tuesday June 29 2010 - Episode 29

Updates by Asathal Name vaikkum Shree the Great Senior

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Chokku and family veetula sitting and vetti pechu pesing....always talking talking...vaay valikumo valikadho....AngryFamily members discussing abt marraige preparations...pushpa phone la calling...Chokku updates abt the wedding date to her...Pushpa wishing mahesh and some more vetti dialogues going on....Pushpa inturn tells her daughters abt mahesh's marraige....Maha says after this marraige my marraige with gopi should take place...i'll not listen to appa in this matter....
Pirai visits canada ppl busy doing her make-up...Mr.canada vettiya sitting..pirai gives them a sweetbox and ms.canada refuses to eat it,saying "idhellam engalukku othukadhuAngry"....pirai says he has come to finalise engagement and mrs canada overa bandha panranga....tells pirai that engagement should be a grand one...dont miss anything.....pirai transforms into thajavur doll.....mandaiya mandaiya aating......they decide the engament date as 27th of that month......some more blah blah going and mrs canada gives some make-up tips tp pirai and also gives him a gift box saying that its from their son to maha....pirai vazhinjufies for some more time and leaves the place......
Malar's house.....fight b/w malar's bro and malar's dad......son seetu aatathula loses a gold chain..adhaan panjayathu...appa thitting his son as udavakarai.....sidela thitting his wife tooo.....appa says he is a thirudan...nee urupadavae maata....malar too asks him abt the gold chain...malar kku bebbe kattittu brother leaves the place....appa polambufying abt his daughter malar's maraige...he says he wants malar to get married soon....malar says no avasaram for my kalyanam.....appa says within my lifetime i want ur marraige to happen....malar thinks abt gopi.....she is deam land...he sisiter comes and tells her to accept appa's offer.....Malar and her sister talks abt gopi....malar tells her abt the gopi scooty matter ....thats why he is avoiding me.....sister asks malar whether she loves gopi...malar silent......
chokku and mayil visit josiyar...that villain josiyar....Josiyar finalises 30th as the marraige date...josiyar says that day ...u will never foget in ur life...everybody will vadichufy kanneerr....i mean aanandha kanneerLOLLOL.....josiyar reads the kalyana pathrikkai.....heis talking like a villain not like a josiyar......josiyar leaves...chokku and co happy....
Mahesh's mappillai veetar.....chokku's phone call coming....chokku says "invitaion la poda unga fmaily names ellam venum".....Shanthi(mappillai's akka)  tells her own family members names...perumai pesing abt her family....says her vamsam is a rajavamsam....afert her family puranam he tells her brother and husband's name...says no need to put her maamanar name....chokku sends gopi and pandi to get mappillai's photo.....pandi and gopi comes to meet mappilai and mappilai goes to get his the meantime gopi and pandi visaruchufying abt cocunut vyabaram .....mappillai morachukittaey watching them....kitta vandu starts shouting at them....says "what r u thinking?ennai ulavu parkareengala?enga range kku unga kooda sammandam vachukittadhey perusu"...gopi and pandi shocked.....

Update by Rojapoooo

Wednesday - Episode No 50 - ellarum jOraa clap pannungappa

Maheshwari Oda  would be hubby romba thaan thullaraar - Just because Gopi tries to probe about the turnover of thengai pazha kadai - " look at me, I am very fair and look like a hero....unga Mahesh enna Miss. World aa?? Neenga peepee kudumbam but we are Raja paramparai..unga veet le pOnnu eduthathe periya vishaym...blah blah....." ( yovv, vaLa vaLa Gopi, kekka maattiya thiruppi, pray why would do stoop so low nnu??) Pandy is all ready to " pOttuda"
and keeps nudging Gopi . Gopi turns to him and shouts " Pesi kittu irukken le, enna nai nai panre?? Just because some one is listening quietly, you will keep going??? Don't you have any sense of proportion?? " - in short, whatever he wants to convey to the mappillai gets conveyed to Pandy . Pandy is puzzled for a minute but picks up the tab and plays along . Mappillai busss nnu kizhe erangi, photo kuduthu, tea ubasaaram panni sends back the duo. Pandy applauds Gopi's valiant effort. Gopi as usual warns "not a word to
any one at home, gotcha??" Post master is doing some thing. Pushpa comes and says that Mahesh is getting married on 30th -
 " we have to be there" Pirai's mind wheels are spinning over time.
As soon as Pushpa goes in, he calls the "foreign sambhandhi" and re-fixes the engagement date - of course to 30th.

EB office. Gopi and pOdisu have gone to pay some bill. Gopi tries to talk to Malar but she cuts him off - reason?? Senior Peepee is in the same arena . After senior leaves, Malar talks to Gopi. Gopi says that he was wondering asto why Malar shunned him. Malar says that at least she has a reason to keep quiet - " you shunned me without
a reason !!! Can u imagine my feelings?" Gopi feels bad. Temple - Invitations kku poojai. Coconut azhugal but poosari hides it. Sokku sends Gopi and Pandy to Mappillai's house - "invitations ai kOndu pOi kudtuhuttu vaangappa". Pushpa is informed that Maha's engagement is fixed for 30th. Pushpa cries saying that they have to be at Maha's wedding "can't you postpone??" Pirai asks the peepees to postpone the wedding "my foreign sambhandhis are
busy people. Mappillai is coming for the engagement from Canada..matha mudiyaathu.." Pushpa cries and Maha consoles "just wait and see ....I have my plan in place.."

Selvarangam and Akka alangaaram are discussing - the rest of the family is uppukku sappani Oorukku maang kottai - they just listen. Discussion is about the Dubai guy who owns Selva's shop - " only 2 months...akka..apram buvva kku vazhi?" Akka says that Mahesh is coming with gold - "athai vaichu new shop open pannidalaam, don't
worry.." Well, another bluff of Akka is called - the house owner comes and demands the rent. So, veedu is not their own house. Also, he wants them to "edathai gali pannufy" soon. I plan to renovate and give this to my daughter.." Gopi and Pandy land with the invitations
and akka finds some 1000 lacunae in the invitation " samasthaana vaarisu invitation mathiri illiye??" Pandy is ready to " pOda" but Gopi placates as usual. Gopi comes back home and narrates akka alangaram's savadaals....the family is in no mood to listen....well, Maha has landed with bags and baggages ( ore oru air bag thaan ...Rojaaaaaaaaaa) While all look shocked, Maha happily greets Gopi - "athaan..."


Update by Smlaksh

Episode - 51           Thursday - 01.07.10

Credits to

Gopi is shocked to see Maha , but she happily greets him "aththaan" .. Chokku updates him tht Maha hasn't informed her parents abt this visit & she doesn't wish to return to her parents .. Adds Maha wants to get married to him & settle .. Gopi arandu poyi nikkuthu .. Slowly recovers from the shock & chides his dad , neenga nalla buththi solli thiruppi anuppunga nu .. Maha is over smart , says her arai kirukku appa is all set to dump her with canada groom .. i have no choice .. Gopi starts his advice mazhai .. whatever u have done is wrong .. unga appa - my family yezham porutham .. and now u have invited more trouble by ur act .. Maha nyayama oru kelvi ketta Embarrassed .. Asks , whether loosu Pirai would have showered love & affection on his family , if she stayed in her home itself .. Firmly says she can't lose her life for Pirai's varattu pidivatham .. Gopi tries to put some sense into her head , but in vain .. Maha asks if she doesn't has the rights to visit her maternal uncle's home .. Chok's says she has all rights to visit his home , but no girl has the rights to ditch her family .. Speaks on behalf of Pirai , as a father .. i too have daughters , i don't want to be a thappana dad .. Maha pulambifies , intha veetu manushangalum enna kai vittutanga .. where will i go now .. Chok's assures neither Gopi nor his family will leave her alone .. Gopi thiru thiru nu muzhikkarathu .. Meenakshi & Chok's persuade her to return home .. Also they assure tht they'll bring her to their family muraipadi soon .. Maha agrees on a condn .. Only Gopi aththaan should take me home .. i have a lot of issues to discuss with him .. will utilise the travel time for it nu .. Chok's hesitantly agrees for her condn .. Gopi argues as it'll create more probs .. But obeys his dad .. Airbag thookittu follows Maha Embarrassed [enakku yetho kooja thookittu pona mathiri thonuchu EmbarrassedLOL] .. Chok's sighs & comments "nalla jodi" LOL .. Chok's calls Pushpa & updates her abt Maha's visit .. Tells her to give a call back once she reaches home ...

Maha & Gopi on road .. ponnu nalla Gopi yai idichukitte nadakkuthu Embarrassed .. Maha feels bad abt their decision to send her back [intha ponnu Gopi yai vida tall aah irukku .. Malar thaan best match for him Tongue] .. Continues to say tht she has been longing for such a private moment with him .. ithe mathiri kaiyila oru baby , iduppula oru baby , unga kooda happy aah nadanthu varanum .. Gopi tells her not to dream much .. Maha asks , dream aah , ippo umm nu sollunga , straight aah madurai meenakshi amman temple .. u tie the knot , then all my dreams will come true [pity this girl .. has high hopes for this Gopi .. it'll be better for all , if they tell her abt Pandi's love] .. They reach a bus stop .. Malar spots them both ..

Maha pulls Gopi's hand & makes him stand near her .. Gopi doesn't see Malar & they get into a bus .. Malar gets upset seeing them together ..

Gopi prefers to be seated alone , but Maha viduvaala Embarrassed .. Porathathukku , a newly wed couple in the bus .. Maha appadiya dream land shift aayittanga .. Gopi & she is married [nalla kaalam ithu dream .. promo la parthu konjam naan upset .. yov thirumuruga nalla thaan ya engala yemathareenga Angry ] .. They travel in a bus with pancha pandavigal .. BG la "pothi vacha malliga mottu" song .. Gopi tells his sisters to be smart like Maha in getting a groom .. kindal keli koothu ellam arangeruthu .. One sis asks why Gopi is silent .. Gopi kku nakkal jaasthi .. Says , he is wondering if Maha is able to see him without spectacles .. Rendum orey vazhisal paa .. thaanga mudiyala .. Gopi shooks her & she comes to reality .. Maha tells him abt her dream .. Gopi face la no fly dancing Embarrassed .. Pandi calls Maha & she disconnects the call .. Gopi probes & she replies tht Pandi nalla blade poduvan .. Gopi uses the chance & talks high of Pandi .. he is good at heart .. un mela romba paasam .. nallavan vallavan .. Maha has had enough , tells him straight tht she doesn't want to hear abt any man other than her husband .. Gopi feels bad ..

Malar in deep thoughts .. her sister probes .. Malar tells her abt bus stop incident .. Chides Maha , public place no decency , Gopi kitta kozhanchu pesaraa .. Sister teases .. Malar mind la 1008 questions .. Maha yen sirichu sirichu pesinaa .. why Gopi went with her .. where did they go , blah blah .. Sister comforts Malar .. says they both grew up together & it's casual to behave so nu .. Further asks if she loves Gopi .. Malar denies .. Sister says she knows for sure tht she is in love & challenges tht she herself will come & tell her soon .. Malar is thoughtful ...

Bus stops by a tea stall .. Gopi offers for a drink .. Maha refuses & asks enkitta unakku enna pidikkum .. Gopi sighs .. starts his lecture .. naalaikku enna vena nadakkum .. anything can change .. Maha again talks abt eloping Dead .. Gopi says Mahesh first , Kaamu next , only then our marriage .. Maha nalla point pidichu kelvi kekkara .. Asks , why he never talks abt their marriage .. not even a single time he has assured her abt their marriage .. Gopi gets angry , nalla dose vidaraar .. enna pechu , veeta vittu vandhuttu , let's elope , get married nu .. Maha gets scared & remains silent .. Gopi feels bad & asks if she is upset .. Maha cool aah says , ithellam purushan pondatti kulla sagajam .. Gopi kku pecha kanom LOLLOL .. Goes to get her a drink .. stall owner says no fridge no cooling .. Gopi turns back to ask Maha if it's ok & finds her missing .. Road la suthi suthi thedaraar .. Checks in the bus , baggage is also missing .. Screams "Maha Maha" & runs around .. Bus too leaves .. Nalla four road junction naduvula thiru thiru nu muzhichutte nikkaraar ...

Thodarum ...

Update by Anjkhoney

Friday (02/07/2010)

PSudanin Kodumai Koothu
(Kadavule,Enakku nu vandhu maatichey
D'oh.Naan Enna Pannuvain.Cry)

Maha seems to be missing and Gopi is all worried nowConfused.He calls his appa and talks about the whole story to him..Sokku is shocked and so is the ladies of the house.. Gopi recieves a call waiting from his athai Pushpa and tells his dad that he would get back to him after talking to Maha's mom...

Gopi seems tensed and worried to talk but he had no choice than to answer her call and reply to her questions.. First question from her was about Maha with him and where they were at the moment.. It was getting late,so she asks him to come home soon with her.. Gopi is dumbstruck and just nods Yes,Okay to al her instructions..

Priasudan is all angry and worried about his daughter missing from home that too during the night time.. He tires to contact her friends and enquires about her..

Ayyo,konjam kooda mandela masala illatha mathiriye behave pannuvaaraAngryD'oh.. Ponnu irukkala nu ketta podhathu? Appram vera enga poyirpaa nu ellam phone le kettu oorukke therivikkanuma Mahave kaanom nu
D'ohD'oh..He keeps on cross questioning his wife in between as he doubts about his wife letting Maha go to Sokku or Mayil's place...

Gopi comes and Pushpa is a bit puzzled seeing him alone and Psudan is like enna nadakuthu inga kinda reaction with questions like why is he here now at this time adhu idhu .. Avara pathi thaan oorukke theriyume..Gopi explains the whole story and Sudan seems to be listening with his sarcastic expressions.. Missing nu sonnathum he reacts and Pushpa stops him..

Avarkku jaalra thattuve oru member irukkangale,adhaan Sundanoda paasamana Athai/MaamiyaarDeadDead..She comes out and asks her sweet mapilai to hit Gopi and get to knw the truth.. Avaroda pulla also joins the gang and finally Sudan decides to let Pushpa also out of the house for being so irresponsible about their daughter's matter..

Aiyo ponna pathi konjam kooda kavale padama mapilaiku support pannikittu, ponna adichu thoratha avangale suggestion kudukkaranga..Nalla kumdumbam...

Anga appidi oru koothu na, Inga Sokku veettule innum periya koothu.. Mayil is shocked to hear the whole story and thiru thiru nu muzhichukittu he blames his annan for leaving the gal like that from their house.

Pandy is upset and angry too. (edhukku kovam?Maha missing na illa Maha voda interest Gopi thaan nu therinjathunaalaya?Confused)Both father and son blame Sokku for being so generous in sending Maha away to avoid problems..

Gopi comes with Pushpa and again ore oppari thaan... Pushpa asks her anna why he had decided to send her back, instead he should have taken Gopi with Maha and got them married in some temple (Ivangalku Pandyoda polambal theriyuma theriyatha? ).Mayil is with his eyes bulged (Avaroda expressions enna nu solla theriyale.. ShockaShocked? EmathramaConfused? Sad aUnhappy? )..

Sudan comes with some people and tries searching for Maha in Sokku's house first.. Periya oru scene created by the father and son in search of Maha inspite of hearing all wht both the PP brothers,their sons had to sayAngry..

Sudan fails to find her darling daughter in Sokku's house .. Mayil overa kovathile thullarthey paathu Sudan the Detective plans for the next search in Mayil's house..

Mayil kitta veettu saaviye kettu oru periya scene, then finally Pandy and Mayil accopmany them to their house and the search goes on.. Sudan and his son fails in their search.. They both leave the place..

The discussion continues and there comes Sudan with police this time.. Sokku Mayil and their wives all plead the inspector telling that they were innocent and Sudan on the other side complaints mela complaints about his bro in laws and family trying to kidnap his daughter..

Pushpa comes forward and puts the whole blame on Sudan. She tells that it was all due to his compulsion to marry the guy from Canada, which made Maha insecured and ran from their house (Wah re wah, Yo unga pondattiye ungala pathi police kitta, ungalkku edhira sollarangaClapClapClap,avalo nallavar neengaAngryDead )

Same story repeated from both side along with the oppari from both the Wives of the PP bros (Avalo sathathuleAngryAngry yaar enna sonnanga ne puriyala paCryCry)...

(Adhukkappram edhavathu nadanthutha ennaConfused? Cable adikkadi cut aagitte irundhathu and vandathum paatha TMS arambichaachu...Middle le edhavathu miss panneerndha pls mannichikongaOuch.. )


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Shree, thanks da - habbaaa, intha serial le pecchaana
pecchu - yaruppa dialogs??? Pecchhaai korainga ppa
a la Vaiyapuri

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PP brothers should reject that coconut seller and look another groom.. Mayil plays cupid for malar and gopi?
thanks for updates

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Originally posted by rojapoooo

Shree, thanks da - habbaaa, intha serial le pecchaana
pecchu - yaruppa dialogs??? Pecchhaai korainga ppa
a la Vaiyapuri
Aama roja akka....indha update ezhudaadhukulla...
"Vendam...Valikudhu...mental aayiduven...Sevudu aayiduven" ....NilamaidhaanCry
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Thanks for the kalakkal updates yekkoi....... bimbalakadai bimba maathiri super nicks for Thaailam and co LOLClapClapClap
Sappa, Nadhas manjal pisaasu that S akka range leh, pithaalatam and rowdy thanam pannuraanga pola irukke Confused..... I wonder what Devainai heard... this is prolly gonna cost that pee pee bro's a lot or even mahesh's vaazhkai Ouch...... that Mayil Angry should have listened to Deivanai when she asked to visaarichufy (whom we should appreciate for bringing forth the matter... after all this shows she cares for Mahesh naa Clap). 
This Thaalaiamma AngryAngry enna oru manushi..... she is like a floater... ingai onnu solli.. ange onnu solli.. enna mathavangalai kelapi vittu vedikai paarka rombha aasai pola Angry
Hmmm... Mayil 5 sowren nagai Kaamu account leh aduthu koduthu innum pratchanai yai ootha poiraaru....
Finally we get to see Malar n Gopi... rombha naala miss pannitean intha couple ai LOLLOL..aaha now Gopi has confused her too? LOLLOL eppo thaan green flag kaamipaangalo? Day Dreaming

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Thanks Suma .. Poor Mahes .. Wish the truth abt the groom gets revealed to her family before marriage ..

Saw a new promo .. Shocked Gopi & Maha in mana kolam , travelling in a van with sisters behind .. Maha kazhuthula new yellow thread Ouch .. i really wish Gopi & Malar to be paired .. Mahes's groom gets caught by cops ..
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Originally posted by smlaksh

Thanks Suma .. Poor Mahes .. Wish the truth abt the groom gets revealed to her family before marriage ..

Saw a new promo .. Shocked Gopi & Maha in mana kolam , travelling in a van with sisters behind .. Maha kazhuthula new yellow thread Ouch .. i really wish Gopi & Malar to be paired .. Mahes's groom gets caught by cops .. is interesting.....
Malar and gopi only...
And maha for pandi nnu nenekiren...i thik that canada mappu ppls ae dubakkors....Pirai kku soooper aappu waiting....
And why mahesh's groom caught by cops?marraige overaa ?
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thanks for updates..." look at me, I am very fair and look like a hero....unga Mahesh enna Miss. World aa??
what a stupid remarks..... so if he fair that will make a girl happy? what skin colour has to do with marriage.? so stupid. gopi should let pandy poothu him. what raja parambarai? which raja sells coconut at temple? gopi and co should go and look for new groom. why is family so idiot? why want bring someone like Pirai to family?

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