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25/06: Mohabbatein ho...to maza aajaye!

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged

Can a leopard ever change it's spots? Armaan looks back and forth at Shilpa's puppy dog eyes, her innocent expression and based on this concludes...maybe she is telling the truth.
 It's such a shame that senior doctor Armaan has fallen horribly for the nautanki's lies. But as soon as he decides she's a fellow sufferer of the "similar" ailment, it's so sweet to see him make an effort to make the girl feel just at home. What better than to welcome a stranger by sharing some stories and personal experiences? And just as expected, Shilpa makes a massive blunder when she says "pichle 6 mahino se na?".
 Na aaan! Armaan is perceptive enough to query her on her source of information but as predicted she manages to successfully lie her way through his prying questions. "I was talking about myself", and when she sees Armaan arched eyebrows...she opts for a more sensitive, "main teek ho jaoongi na, manager saab" approach. Wow more emotional atyachaar! Armaan looks Confuseded, No no, I'm not your manager! Senior doctor! He reminds her....well if a demo didn't do the trick nothing would. It's certain that Armaan believes Shilpa and her "dash of amnesia" tale.
Reassuring her that everything will be okay, he leaves her to resume duties (and change the clothes which has been wearing since last week, bechara) whilst Shilpa happily waves at him, "Bye teacher! See you in class!"LOL Deja vu of selective amnesia suffer, junior hulk Armaan and Senior doc "Teacher" Riddhima anyone?

Another moment to speak to the camera, and Shilpa is back to her old ways. The fear long gone now that she realises that Armaan has once again fallen for her tricks. "Worry mujhe nahi, aap ko karni chahiye". Is there anything that can bring her down?! She challenges him, the game has only just begun. "Agar tum ho Armaan Malik, to main hoon Shilpa Malhotra, tumhare liye khatra!" Ohhh teri! Shocked She gives a cheeky wink to the camera...my sixth sense tells me she's up to something. Then again, when is she not? Ab kya hoga....??

Swwwitch to- the Modi residence. Officially.

It's night time and a half sleepy Sid walks to the fridge and helps himself to some water, I thought it was ok to drink from the bottle but he grabs a glass, only to be his clumsy self and it falls from his hand and smashes to the floor. Upon hearing the noise, the lights turn on and Riddhima hurries in, she looks surprised when she sees the broken remains of glass. Shayad usse laga koi chor aaya hai ghar mein?? Anyways, as per usual, a hibbery jibbery apology from a dosy Sidster "Sorry Riddhima, I was half asleep so it fell" but before anything else can be said, the lights switch off leaving the couple in complete darkness. Before watching any further, I would like to point out that along with cockraoches, Riddhima is also afraid of the dark. Helllooooo Siddhant Modi.
Yes, instinctively Riddhima holds onto Sid's arm, although Riddhima has an excuse in the form of the darkness, psychologically the gesture means that she's asking him for help, to support her, to be with her, protect her, save her. But wait, weren't they supposed to be taking things slowly. They must have their own scale upon which they decide what's too fast in this relationship and her "arm grabbing" is another one of those things. They make eye contact and embarrassed, she slowly withdraws her hands, but the fear is still there. Sid notices and tells her, "Don't worry, I know you're afraid of the dark...but I'm here for you". Embarrassed Heeeerooo! Sid has accepted the responsibility to be that person for her. Chweet. Aww, it does get better. He softly smiles at her and puts forth his hand encouraging her, "mera haath pakar lo". Love it. I think for Riddhima, she still has her apprehensions and her relationship with Sid has always been a rollercoaster, never easy. Any experience is fresh to her particularly when it concerns this new blunt Sid who has never been confident enough to claim her in his life and even assure his existence in hers. I'm not surprised when she can do nothing but stare at her hubby through the whole 'moment'.
Now, will she take his hand? Riddhima looks hither and thither, then back at Sid, and his smile speaks volumes. Finally, she reaches out, takes his hand, accepts and Sid in turn, clasps onto her fingers. A tight hold.
In the darkness, they are mesmerised by one another. They stare into each other's eyes, never blinking, moving closer ...and closer...and closer...

Sid's takes a step.

Straight on top of the broken glass!  DisapproveOuchhh!
He shouts out in pain, straight into Riddhima's face. Well, I bet that's something she wasn't expecting...and we'd thought the abrupt endings were finally put to rest! Wrongggg!
Next scene, Riddhima bandaging Sid up, well Sid's foot. For all those members who noticed the bandage in yesterday's precap ( I was impressed by a post I read) and were concered for Wahikins health, I hope this calms your concerns Smile it's all for the character!
Whilst placing Sid's leg on the floor, the couple bump into one another and have another moment. I'm being quite hasty with the description but I had to mute the volume. Yes,  I am another being who can't watch this particular bg track on SR and am cynical when it comes to being used, and what is a romantic slow motion scene without a sensible backing track to go alongside it right? There is a reason why the silent films aren't watched anymore. I don't feel this is pathetic, eventhough many other members may do. Each to their own. 
It is a shame though, since the eye contact is splendid between the two, with no music I can only comment on the picture, and all I can say lights, angles and make up is perfect. They aren't too close yet particular emphasis is being given on their lips....Sid raises his hand and tenderly moves Riddhima's hair from her face, she closes her eyes, but braces herself, moving away and consequently breaking the moment.
Riddhima continues to tuck Sid up with a blanket and awkwardly shimmies away, leaving him all alone with the pillow for company. He seems grateful holding it in his arms...and we blur out.

Focusssing on...Armaan on his bike, he rides past a ice cream stall where Shilpa stands happily munching on a vanilla scoop cone. Mmmm, I want one, I love Summer.  Anyways, Armaan's torn only his dilema doesn't concern which flavour he wants. What is she doing here? For Armaan, its a dharam sankat, taking care of an amnesia patient or his beloved football match. "Match?... duty!.... match!?.... duty?!....match?..." Sadly he realises, "duty first". 
 He approaches a relaxed Shilpa, very much in her own world, tapping her on the shoulder you can tell from the frown on her face she's troubled by the disturbance. Turning around, she's like a child caught stealing in a sweet shop. But Armaan's prognosis is slightly more accurate, "you've run away from the hospital right?". Shilpa's relieved, bhethe bhete ek aur explanation milgaya, and this time she didn't even have to use up any of her own brain cells. Being the good samaritan as per, Armaan offers to give patient Shilpa a lift back to the hospital. Thing is, Shilpa is not actually patient Shilpa but all new intern Shilpa and Shilpa lives at home, not in the hospital. She has to think fast and wails Cry, I can't go back, the bitter medicines and boring food will only make me worse! Armaan doesn't listen, "Mere match se phele main tumhe chod doonga". For a guy football is important, according to a girl this is a guy's number one flaw, and in my defence a massive generalisation. It's a shame Armaan had to disclose this to Shilpa. She decides to ruin it for him all the same. She cries, "tum bhi meri feelings nahi samajrahe". According to guys, a girls number one flaw, crying for attention. All. The. Time. (please note: again a massive generalisation Tongue) Totally irrelevant but still interesting, if you happen to watch the episode again, Shilpa points her ice cream at if you watch Armaan he pretends to take bite from it! Ha! Cheeky.

Moving on, Shilpa rants to Armaan, her speech containing a whirlwind of top bollywood movie titles, could this girl get any more dramatic?? She in so many titles says that she doesn't know how long she has to live, she wants to experience all the good things including good food. The good food being the junk food on the stalls, ice creams pani puri. Mmmm. Armaan points out the time and she angelicly responds, "is waqt to saari shops khuli hai na". Defeated once again, he tells her to hurry up. Bechara. He's regretting his decision as we see Shilpa help herself to plate after plate of pani puris, indian dishes while an impatient Armaan taps his fingers, counting every passing second of each minute.
Finally finished, Shilpa tells Armaan she would love to leave if there wasn't the little issue of her being quite penniless and unable to pay for the food.
If I hadn't said it before, I want Karan to get a haircut. Armaan agrees to pay, but, how unfortunate, he has notes no change. LOL When he holds out a 500 ruppee note and the stall bhaiya refuses, Armaan tells him to check again, surely she ate 500 ruppees worth of food!  Cue precap from yesterday, Armaan leaves to find some change, whaddya know Shilpa is in possesion of the keys and subsequently takes his bike. I am past the stage of doubting her every little thing, she could be wonderwoman for all I knew. Thus, when she got the keys, I will leave to you to decide.

Armaan returns, pays up only to realise Shilpa and his bike, both gone.

The next morning.
Modi residence. The precap from yesterday, Riddhima quietly tip toes towards a sleeping Sid, carrying a tea tray. She calls out to him but he doesn't stir, she decides to try a different method to wake him. She balances her wet hair across his face and without further ado swishes her lambe geele gesu across his face. Don't think his reaction was the similar YashRaj type she expected. Sid screams out in shock, Baad baaad! And the chai pyala falls to the floor. Why am I seein a pattern here? Broken beakers, and a screaming Sid. Haha!LOL
Riddhima's devastated, all the effort to amount to nothing. She throws her empty tray on the table. T
hey can never be the normal couple, no matter how much Riddhima tries. Trendsetters is the way forward.
Sid stands up again, noticing the red rose that now lies on the floor. No guesses as to what the next few words to leave his mouth will be. The amount of times he has apologised in the last couple of weeks? Immense.
Aw this time, his technique is different and a winner. He grabs a hold of her arm as she tries to leave in anger, and automatically kisses her hand. She freezes, but isn't swayed. She tries to draw away her hand, but Sid doesn't leave her and moves higher, kissing her now on her arm, with a soft, "I'm sorry". He continues to rise up, kissing her shoulder, reaching her neck. Riddhima's "Mujhe late...ho...raha..hai", shows the effect Sid has on her, but also shows that she's always going to pull away until she's ready. Sid to mood mein hai, when will Riddhima be won over!? Angry Today again is not their day...this time the newspaper man intervenes, aims and fires the paper at him, ruining the moment. Grr, anyone else hating him like me...and Sid. Then again, this moment hit me like a big yellow school bus. Slow and steady please....fireworks is an understatement to describe their sizzling chemistry. They compliment each other really well.  

Switch to bright and early in Sanjeevani. Armaan enters, confused as to what Shilpa's problem is that she took his bike. He decides to empty his locker, finally managing to take a break from the double life he was leading the past few days where Shilpa was taking up all his time. He stumbles upon a comic book, compelling him to think about Riddhima again. It's sad though when he says "aaj pure do din hogaye hain" we realise he had never forgotten about her.

Coooming up: Armaan asks Shilpa for the keys to his bike so he can check it out and then return to quarrel with her for taking it. But all is not well when Shilpa puts on a blank face, "kaunsi bike??" Armaan's left speechless.
Oh no, not the "baby!", anything worse than hurting Armaan is hurting his prized moped. Baddd move, ok, now you may continue on to world war three.

After the break, the importance of  Armaan's bike in his life is crystal clear. He balances it alongside the importance Dr. Kirti gives to a patient's life. Obviously Armaan may be exaggerating but atleast we know that the bike is still on his mind. And he wants it back. "I just hope wo teek hai...I mean meri bike". LOL He looks up to see "Dhanno" walking from the other end of the corridor, and history repeats itself, upon seeing Armaan, Shilpa turns back round, powerwalking away from. You'd have thought she learnt by now, even Armaan's exasperated, "yeh bhagti kyun hai yaar?!" This time he's ready though, catching up with her, no problem at all.
He asks her why she runs and she tells him she forgot her way and reminds him of her "bhulne ki bimari". He tells her to return the labcoat since she isn't a patient and Shilpa complies, "pata nahi yeh bimari mujhse aur kya kya karvaegi". ShockedBig smile Leh! Armaan actually looks symathetic!

Coooming up: Ooh wasn't quite ready for this, a dark OT viewing room and Riddhima stands on one end, with a guy standing in the shadows in the other. Riddhima says, this is what you wanted, somewhere we could meet where no one could disturb us. Uh oh, she thinks its Sid. But Sid is not Sid. It is Armaan. Armaan has his back from her so she walks up and hugs him tightly from behind. Armaan looks quite vacant. Bechara.
The dmg storyline is something that can be played with very easily, tweeked here and there to the creators fancy espeically with four leads now. In order to create drama I'm not surprised they've pulled this stunt and I'm not saying that in a negative way. I understand, that the story needs to be kept interesting and with regards to the character its in a human's nature to make a mistake so its pretty realistic. Why o why do we need to romance each other in Sanjeevani, kya ghar mein koi aisi jaaga nahi jahan koi inhe disturb na kare, espeically since they live alone?? Silly. I feel for KaSh and JeRan fans but a treat for AR fans nonetheless Smile.

Armaan casually asks Shilpa for the keys to his bike, the precap scene again, and she again replies, "kaunsi bike?". Episodo finito.
Personal note: I can imagine Armaan being helpless when Shilpa uses her "bimari" to her advantage and keep the bike for herself. He will not be able to object. She is tooo cunning!

Agle hafte: Part I- Armaan Riddhima hug.
Part II- Armaan proceeds to take Shilpa "to her ward" yet is stopped by JP and Sid respectively, who tell him he's mistaken. In the hustle, a file drops to the floor and documents with Shilpa's passport photos are exposed.

Daa daaa daaaaa! Are you excited??

Applause Clap : SR scenes, each and every one, they proceeded slowly and ended with fireworks. I take my words back from yday's post but atleast we know now. Every other day is SR day.
Armaan and Shilpa's nok jhok providing a different flavour.

Rotten tomatoesOuch: Personally, I wish they would stop using tht bgm for SR, that was a massive downer for me. Additionally, I don't want Armaan to be moving backwards...especially when it's a mistaken gesture. That's all I have to say.

BonusStar: Well there was something for everyone today. KaSh, SR.....and even a glimpse of AR.

Line of the day: (courtesy of Shilpa Malhotra urf Dhanno)
Main to Ravaan ban gayi hoon, jo kehti rehti hai...I hate love stories. LOL

Thank you for reading! Over and out my dears!
Please refrain from bashing! But any polite comments and criticisms welcome always!

Love and luck and tons of blessings to you all! xXx

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FarzuIrani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

i loved al the ArSh scene as that the only scene when armaan does not cry and he is back to himself.

and yeah about the recap i HATED it to the core it does not make sense to me. Riddhima thinks it his pati and Hugs and on the other hand it will kill armaan more and more
Oh God it better to have AR in one frame as friends then to have HUGS where at the end Armaan has to die thousand death withour riddhima feeliung his pain

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shamil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
Day Dreaming  love ur analysis !  u make the episode sound all the more interesting and beautifulClap

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bamboocopter IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 1:12pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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wolum Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 1:37pm | IP Logged
Love both SIDMA and ARSH scene

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gimzy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 2:20pm | IP Logged

Lovely post!! these days i wait for your post to read it religiously!!!  i really like your take on SR..... BG score is ok with me!!! lol i got eyes only on SR!!!!!  slow n steady to fireworks!! so well said!!!

lol im making abstraction of the precap!! that shall be dealt in next week.... gonna enjoy all my sr scenes in the weekend

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 2:50pm | IP Logged

enjoyed reaidng your take on today's epsiode

Siddhima were superb

and ArShi were hilarious

fab performances by all 4

waiting for mon


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ShiningStar18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 3:43pm | IP Logged

Brilliant analysis..Thumbs Up

As I mentioned earlier,your take on the episode makes it feel more interesting..Smile
Loved the episode today and I have to say it was a day for SR romance considering the removal of all the hindrances...
Loved their sizzling chemistry today..
Armaan and Shilpa were also in good form and although its funny to see Shilpa making him a fool but what she's doing goes to the far extreme of 'crazy'..

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