Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Written Update 25th June |YT video of DANCE| :)

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Recap: Geet tells Maan that she wasn't informed of the time change, and says she just needs a bit more time - to which Maan angrily says Sasha will complete the decoration, and insults Geet saying she'll wear those clothes in front of the clients; Tasha tells Geet that a waiter was looking for her with clothes Maan sent; Geet complains that the clothes are cheap - how will she wear them; Geet makes her entrance, and Maan is left speechless.

The episode starts with Geet slowly making her way towards everyone, and with everyone's eyes on her. A couple of girls are standing there, and one remarks that at a party, it's the first time she's seen someone wear a sari - Geet's not at a wedding, but the other one says in Hoshiapur every party must be a wedding for them, so why blame Geet? (Ooooh, I've only just started the update, and already the insults?)
Adi is standing with Pinky, and tells her to stand next to Geet. Pinky quickly reaches Geet before she reaches Maan, and asks why she's wearing a sari when Pinky sent over her dress? Geet quietly says Maan sir gave it to her. (Mind you, Maan is still staring... wah, wah.)
Sasha looks at Maan staring, and thinks to herself that she thought Maan would yell at Geet seeing her wear a sari, but the opposite has happened. (Well duh lady, they go wayy back... Lol.) She then gets Maan's attention by remarking that everyone knew about tonight's dress code, but Geet as usual, does her own thing - she's an attention seeker. (I'll give you attention seeker in a minute Sasha.. silly girl!) This makes Maan's blood boil, and Mr. Rahul (ab yeh namura kaun hai?) adds fuel to the fire by mentioning Maan seems to be giving Geet special rights - boss, secretary. Maan gets really pissed off, and says she's nothing more than a secretary. Rahul wonders if Maan isn't going to introduce him - after all they'll be working together closely (and I thought Dev was a lecherous monkey for what he did - yeh namura to pehle se kareeb aane ke koshish kar raha hai).
Mr. Chopra asks for Geet to meet Mr. Rahul. Geet makes her way with Pinky, and Rahul pulls out his hand, and Maan nods for Geet to shake his hand. Geet does, but it seems more like Rahul doesn't want to let go of her hand, and Geet manages to shake it off. Maan sees the interaction but says nothing (but gets angrier by the second... as am I, I'm not liking the episode so far). Rahul then mentions that Geet must have worn a sari to look different, and she's definitely succeeded. Geet asks to be excused.
Geet drags Pinky, as Maan is livid that Geet wearing that - she might as well have not changed. Geet tells Pinky that Maan purposely did this so that everyone makes fun of her.  Sasha instigates Maan - that Geet is doing all this to irritate him. Whatever Maan tells her, Geet does the opposite. Maan says that this time Geet crossed the line.
As everyone is heading towards the food, Tasha makes her way to Sasha, and Sasha asks if Geet's special buffet is ready. Tasha says definitely, and now comes the real fun. (Blah, I'm feeling sick as it is... stupid brats.)

(Arghh, this part was hard to write about... I really felt bad for Geet)
Mr. Chopra opens the buffet, and exclaims 'chhole!' (mmmm, can I have some?) Maan looks up, and Mr. Chopra continues opening the dishes. Sasha/Tasha look really happy, Adi/Pinky are extremely worried, and Maan is silently going crazy. Mr. Chopra asks that it's such a grand party, but this low-budget food? Maan says it's nothing, and excuses himself.
Maan calls for Geet, and she comes running. Maan asks her what is all this - if he wanted Indian food, he'd take them to a dhaba. Geet looks at the dishes, and says that she didn't order this. (In the b/g, Rahul is watching amused... the... arghh!) Adi quietly mentions to Pinky that this is all Sasha's doing.
Mr. Chopra says that along with the samosas and kachori, maybe they should order tea as well, and Sasha watches this with amusement. Rahul tells Geet that while she's hot (how dare he!), her choice of food isn't that hot. Geet apologises to Mr. Chopra and says that she ordered Thai and continental food, while Maan looks on in anger.
Maan tells Geet off, and says that this isn't a home delivery service, but a five star hotel. Whatever is ordered, is delivered. Geet tells him that there's been a mistake, and Maan replies that mistakes only happen when Geet is around.
Sasha comes in to do 'damage control' and apologises to Mr. Chopra. She tells them that they didn't do this intentionally (hah), and anyway, poor Geet would never do this. She tells Maan that she knows people in the hotel, she'll order something. She calls for Adi, and Adi leads Mr. Chopra to the drinks. Maan cuts off Geet, and says that if she mentions one more word- Sasha cuts him off, and takes him away.
Geet is left standing there when Rahul comes and tries flirting with her. He tells her that when everything is going bad, obviously her mood will be such - but if she stays with him, he'll always keep her happy. Geet comes out of her trance, and excuses herself... only to hear Tasha and someone else talk about Geet's mistake - and Tasha says that at least Sasha was there to order better food. Geet is left standing there, tearing up.
Maan takes off his jacket (now he looks better) and Sasha tells him to calm down. While they're waiting for dinner, why not have everyone on the dance floor? Sasha then softly inquires that Maan lets Geet affect him, only to be given a look... Sasha relents, and calls for everyone's attention. She leads everyone onto the dancefloor, and they all start dancing.

Geet is still standing there, and Maan turns and looks at her. Maan recalls everyone's words - Mr. Chopra asking if this is a joke; Sasha saying Geet always does her own thing; whatever Maan says, Geet does the opposite; Sasha wondering why Geet affects Maan so much; and Geet thinks back to what was said about her - "In Hoshiapur all parties must be weddings"; Maan saying mistakes happen when she's around; Maan saying that whatever she ordered has arrived.
Maan drags Geet onto the dancefloor, and while dancing (salsa) starts scolding her. He asks her why she did this in front of the clients; she made mistakes when Maan told her what to do, gave her notes; Geet denies making mistakes, and Maan says that oh really, no mistakes? So she did everything on purpose - from the music, to the food, to her sari - and Geet tells him not to even talk about the sari, she was forced to wear this.
Maan says that on top of making mistakes, she shows him arrogance. Geet pushes him away, and tells him that she's been trying so hard from her first day to make sure Maan hasn't any problems, that there aren't anymore mistakes, so that he stops hating her, but no matter whatever she does, it's still not enough.
KURBAAN HUA starts and Geet tries to walk away, but Maan stops her, and they start dancing.
(There is no need for me to describe the dance - we all know what happens... there's just continuous eyelocks.) (BTW, Dev & Naintara are shown, so brace yourselves.)

They finally stop dancing, and everyone around them are in surprise and shock (especially Miss Churail Sasha). Maan walks off and leaves Geet standing there in pain. Rahul notices this, and walks over. He asks Geet for a dance, and it's obvious he's drunk. Geet says nothing, and Rahul says that she just danced so much, and Geet says she doesn't want to dance. Rahul tells her not to be a spoilsport, and in that moment, Sasha comes and steps on Geet's pallu.
Geet is pulled forward, and Tasha completes the job by twisting around on the pallu, causing it to rip. Rahul likes what he sees (jerk, of course he does).
Suddenly the lights dim, and Geet is again in the spotlight, trying to cover up what she can. Everyone around her can only stare, and someone mentions that she's still standing there with her sari ripped. The episode ends on Geet's sobbing.

Precap: Maan walks back in and sees Geet's state; walks over, and covers her with his jacket. Sasha/Tasha are in shock.

DONE. I wasn't happy with today at all.
It's one thing to embarrass someone by showing their inabilities.
But the sari?
That is pure evil.
Enjoy. :(

PS. Thanks for being so patient with me. :)

PPS. For those who wanted to see the dance sequence..
(credit goes to angadkripa4life on YT)

Alright everyone,
A word of caution...
PLEASE, do not make threats or bash characters. You are allowed to complain about their actions... but threats will end up being reported, and I'm sure no one would want that.
Thanks for understanding.

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Thank you very much...
Someone please kill sasha...

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Thanks. Maan was looking very hot in todays episode.. when he is angry he looks hotter LOLEmbarrassed Looking forward to Mondays episode. Sasha is so evil Angry

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thank you yaar!! brilliant and sad episode... dance was speechless but Sasha's deeds were ....Censored

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Awww....awesome update!! Thanks a bunch!!

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plz update the left part soon
i am so eager to read it
n yeah
thanks so much in advance


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thank u so much dearClap

God I hate Sasha and her Dog tail that silly her gal, they are so annoying to watching and no good for human being.

nasty and disgusting galsAngry

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Thnkk uu! =)
Ahhhh Sasha!Angry
Maneet danceBlushing

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