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Siddhima OS :- I Just can't live without you!!!


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Hula Friends,SmileWinkBig smile
This is My New OS On Siddhima & It's dedicated to all Siddhimaholics of I-F & Residing elsewhere on the whole Universe. I thank all the Siddhimaholics on I-F for your support,motivation & inspiration.
Hope you all like it!!!
The OS goes this way.
Sid & Riddhima have Sorted all the misunderstandings & they are living under the same roof at Modi's Penthouse.

It's Morning time with a Nice Sunshine.
Well Riddhima has just took a bath & she is ready now to prepare some breakfast for herself & Sid.
Sid wakes up after listening Sweet Sound of Riddhima's Bangles.

Riddhima rums her hand through Sid's hair :- Hey my sleepy Cute Doctor,Uthne ka iraada hain ya nahi?
Sid is in a mischievous mood pulls Riddhima on the bed.
Sid :- Naa toh uthne ka iraada hain aur naa hi tumhe chhodne ka.Wink
Riddhima :- Chhodo Sid,Badmaashi nahin.Jaldi se taiyaar ho jao.Main tab tak hum dono ke liye Breakfast banati hoon.
Sid :- theek hai Riddhima.

Sid takes a bath & gets ready while Riddhima is still preparing Breakfast.
Sid :- Riddhima mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi hain.
Riddhima :- Bas 2 minute Sid.Breakfast taiyaar ho gaya hain.
Sid :- Main tumhari help karoon?
Riddhima :- Nahi Sid,Ho gaya hain.Main laa rahi hoon.

Riddhima has prepared Aloo Paratha for Sid.Wink(Thanks to My Dear Friend Payal(lightening buzz) for giving me this Idea).Clap
Well Sid & Riddhima are enjoying Aloo Paratha & fruit juices.
Sid :- Wow Riddhima,Tumne Aloo Parath kaafi acchha banaye hain.
Riddhima :- Thanks Sid.
Sid & Riddhima have took breakfast & Riddhima is taking the left-over plates to the kitchen now.

In the meantime,The phone is ringing.
Riddhima :- Sid,Phone baj raha hain.Dekho toh kiska hain.
Sid Picks up the phone.
It's Padma on the phone call.
Sid :- Hello Mom.
Padma :- Hello Sid.Kaisey ho tum?
Sid :- Main theek hoon Mom.Aap Kaisey hain aur Dad?
Padma :- Hum dono theek hain.
Sid :- Ek minute hun Mom.Main Riddhima ko phone deta hoon.
Sid calls Riddhima coz she's in the kitchen.
Sid :- Riddhima... jaldi aao.Mom ka phone hain.
Riddhima :- Aa rahi hoon Sid.

Riddhima :- Hello Mom,Kaisi hi hain aap?
Padma :- Main theek hoon.
Riddhima :- Aur Dad?
Padma :- Tumhare papa bhi theek hain.
Padma :- Riddhima maine tumhe yeh poochne ke liye phone kiya tha ki ghar kab aa rahi hoon.Shaadi ke baad tum Maayke nahi aayi hoon.

(Well Last Time jab Riddhima Sid ka ghar chood aayi thi tab Padma nahi thi so she does'nt know anything.)

Riddhima :- Main thoodi der main ghar aa jaungi Mom.
Padma :- Theek hain beta.
The Phone Convo Ends here.

Sid does'nt know about the interaction of Riddhima & Padma.
Sid :- Kya Hua?Mom kya keh rahi thi?Confused
Riddhima :Kuch nahi.Mom ne mujhe kuch dino ke liye maayke rehne bulaya hain.Well riwaaz hain ki shaadi ke kuch dino ke baad har ladki ko maayke rehne jaana hota hain.Isliye mom ne mujhe bulaya hain.
Sid is feeling bad.
Sid :- Toh tum jaa rahi hoon Riddhima?
Riddhima :- Don't worry jaan.Kuch dino main waapas aa jaaongi.
Sid :-Jaan Jaan kehke Maska mat lagaoCry.Tumhare jaane se yahaan meri jaan jaa rahi hain.CryLOL
Riddhima :- Awww...My Cute Doctor...Don't worry Sid.Jaldi aa jaaongi.Main jaanti hoon tum mujhse bahut pyaar karte hoon aur main bhi tumhare bina jee nahi sakti.

Sid drops Riddhima to her house.
Meanwhile Sid goes to Sanjeevani.
Sid is feeling lonely & he's remembering Riddhima & Missing her in Sanjeevani.
Sue sees Sid & She asks him what has happened?
Sue :- Kya hua SuperBoy?
Sid :- Kuch nahi Sue.Bas Riddhima ki bahut yaad aa rahi hain.
Sue :- Babs dikhai nahi de rahi aaj?Hospital nahi aayi hai kya?
Sid :- Riddhima kuch dino ke liye maayke rehne gaayi hain.Riwaaz hote hain naa.
Sue :- toh isliye tum itna restless feel kar rahe ho SuperBoy.
Babs ke bina tumhara kahin Dill nahi lagta.
Sid :- Riddhima hai hi aisi ki uspe har waqt Dill aa jayye.
Sue :- Jaanti hoon SuperBoy.Babs bahut acchhi hain aur tum dono ek doosre se bahut pyaar karte hoon.Mujhe India aane ke baad tumse aur bhabhi se milne ke baad bahut khushi hui thi.Big smile
SuperBoy,tum bahut lucky ho ki tumhe Riddhima jaisi biwi mili hain.
Sid :- Haan Sue,main lucky hoon ki mujhe Riddhima jaisi wife mili hain.
Yuvi sees Sid & Sue interacting with each other.
Well Yuvi is also lonely after Naina leaving Sanjeevani.
He knows how it hurts when your love is no more with you.
Sid & Sue see Yuvi.
Sid :- kaisey ho Yuvi?
Yuvi :- Bas jee raha hoon.Naina ke bina kuch bhi theek nahi lag raha hain.Tears in Yuvi's eyes.Dead
Sue(puts her hand on Yuvi's shoulder) :- Sab kuch theek ho jaayega Yuvi.
Sid :- Haan Yuvi,Sab kuch theek ho jaayega.
Meanwhile JP & Jiggy arrive there.Well Yuvi tells everyone that he is going to leave Sanjeevani & going to US & Sue also tells everyone that she's also leaving Sanjeevani & transferring to USA branch.
Sid,JP & Jiggy are sad coz they will miss Yuvi & Sue the most.
Sid(Tears in his eyes) :- Yuvi,Sue,tum dono apna khayal rakhna.Tum dono ki bahut yaad aayegi.
Yuvi & Sue(Tears in their Eyes) :- Hum dono ko bhi tum sab ki bahut yaad aayegi.
Well There's a group Hug b/w all of them followed by a song.
"Yaaro Dosti badi hi ajeeb hain,
 Yeh naa ho toh kya phir bolo yeh zindagi hain"
Yuvi & Sue leave Sanjeevani & go to US.

Sid Returns home from hospital.Well he's feeling loneliness without Riddhima at home.
Sid saying to himself :- Riddhima ke bina har saans lena bhi mushkil ho raha hain.Shaayad Riddhima ke gar chala jaata hoon aur Riddhima se mill aata hoon.
But Sid is in two minds coz he thinks agar abhi jaaonga toh Riddhima ko bura lagega ki main bahut possesive hoon aur agar nahi gaya toh mujhe bahut bura lagega.
Sid finally decides to go to Riddhima's house & now he is heading towards Riddhima's house.
On the way while driving,Sid sees a boy selling bunch of red roses.Sid purchases the roses for Riddhima.He also purchases some Icecreams & desserts for Riddhima.
Sid Reaches Riddhima's house.He thinks that he can't go & ring the door bell coz Mom & dad will feel bad about his possesiveness.Sid sees light in Riddhima's room.
Sid :- Lagta hain Riddhima abhi tak jaag rahi hain.Ek kaam karta hoon.Iss Pipe ke sahare se upar chad jaata hoon.
Sid reaches Riddhima's room.Well he's watching what's Riddhima is doing at this time?
Riddhima is looking to her & Sid's Marriage photo & reviving the memories.
Sid sees all this,he smiles & then Suddenly he comes in front of Riddhima.
Riddhima(she'surprised to see Sid) :- Sid,Tum!Tum yahaan kaise aaye?Shocked
Sid :- Pipe se upar chad ke.Wink
Riddhima :- Par itni raat ko?
Sid :- Bas tumhari bahut yaad aa rahi thi.Tumhare bina har saans bhi bhari(heavy) lag rahi thi.
Riddhima :- Itna Pyaar karte ho mujhse?
Sid :- Bahut Zyaada.
Riddhima :- Main jaanti hoon Sid.Par tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahi ki tum aa rahe ho?
Sid :- Waise main tumhe yahaan aake Disturb nahi karna chahta tha kyunki tum itne dino baad Mom,Dad ke paas rehne aayi hoon par yeh Dill hain ki maanta nahin.
Sid Ab Riddhima ko apne Dill ka dard Shairi se suna raha hain.
 "Maine Dill ko Lakh samjhaya ki ae Dill Riddhima ko kuch dino ke liye yaad karna chhod de,
  Maine Dill ko Lakh samjhaya ki ae Dill Riddhima ko kuch dino ke liye yaad karna chhod de,
  Par Dill ke har kone se Awaaz aayi ki Riddhima to har saans main basi hain toh kya ab saans lena bhi chhod de".

Riddhima :- Wow Jaan,Bahut acchhi shairi kar lete ho tum.
Sid Gifts the bunch of Red Roses to Riddhima.Riddhima is happy.
Sid & Riddhima Hug each other tightly.
Sid :-Riddhima,Tumne khana khaya?
Riddhima :- Haan Sid.Tumne khaya?
Sid :- Haan kha liya.
Riddhima :- Sid tumhare kehne se pehle tumhare Dill ki har baat main jaan leti hoon.Tumne khana nahi khaya hain.
Sid :- Chhodo Riddhima.Main tumahre liye Icecream leke aaye hoon.Ab jaldi kha lo warna pighal jaayegi.
Sid & Riddhima both are feeding each other & enjoying the Icecream.Wink
After Some time,
Sid :- Riddhima,Aaj Aasmaan kitna saaf hain.Kyun na hum Terrace pe chalein?
Riddhima :- Haan chalo.Smile

Sid & Riddhima are on Terrace.Well Cool & Fresh air & a nice atmosphere is prevailing in the night with thousands of Stars & Moon in the Sky.
Sid :- Kitna acchha nazaara hain naa Riddhima.
Riddhima :- Haan Sid.Bahut acchaa nazaara hain.
Sid is in a Romantic mood.Riddhima is looking towards the Sky.
Sid from Back covers his both hands through Riddhima's Waist & keeps his chin on Riddhima's Shoulder.Sid & Riddhima's cheeks are touching to each other.
Sid :- I Love You,Riddhima.
Riddhima :- Jaanti hoon Sid.
Sid :- Jab sab kuch jaanti hoon toh phir Pyaar ka Izhaar kyun nahi karti?
Sid :- Main jaanta hoon tum mujhse bahut pyaar karti hoon isliye toh kamrey main akeli baith ke hamari shaadi ki tasveer dekh ke muskurati hoon.
Riddhima(Surprised):Tumhey kaisey Pata?Shocked
Sid :- Mujhe sab pata hain,Riddhima.LOL
Riddhima :- I Love You Siddhanth Modi.
Riddhima turns back & Sid covers Riddhima's face with his hands & kisses her on Forehead.Then he kisses on her Nose & then on both cheeks.Finally Sid & Riddhima kiss each other(Passionate Lip to Lip Kiss).Everything is Enlighten up now.

Once Again Sid & Riddhima are looking towards Sky.
Riddhima :- Sid,wo dekho toothta tara.
Riddhima streches her hand to show the shining star to Sid.Sid keeps his Hand above Riddhima's hand & they both are making a wish.
Sid & Riddhima(looking towards the star) :- Hum dono har janam main ek saath rahenge.
Well after Some Time,
Both Sid & Riddhima are feeling sleepy now & they both sleep in each other's arms on the terrace putting weight on each other.

After Some Days,
Riddhima is once again back in Modi penthouse.
Sid is very happy to see Riddhima back in their house.
They both live hapilly hereafter.SmileWinkBig smile

Siddhima Riddhanth Modi Forever!!!Heart

Hope you all like my Work.
I want the views of all Siddhimaholics.
Hope you enjoy it!!
Sorry for Typos,if any.
Love You All!!Hug
Live Your Dreams!!!

Missing My First & Last Love Sue(Madhura Naik).Plz...SweetHeart come back.
My Life's incomplete without you.
I Got to tell you how i feel...Hey ya,
Oh Baby you are the only one for me.









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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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haiyee....I just luv it...how sweet....i hope something like this happens in the show 2...now tht SIDDHIMA are living 2gether!!!!

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blossom1234 IF-Sizzlerz

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 8:29am | IP Logged

this is a great OS on siddhima Jatin

enjoyed it, esp the part when sid comes to shashank padma house via pipe and gives rids icecream, so cute

the breakfast part was ncie too

keep it up


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hewascool90210 IF-Sizzlerz

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AfghanLeena IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 8:39am | IP Logged
awww yaar it is very beautiful just love awesome like always hope something like this happen gr8 yaar............

Love Leena:)

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kasucrazy Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Loved it. Beautiful post. Great work. Keep it up

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zeenia IF-Rockerz

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