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~~!~YeH rIsHtA aNgElS CC~~!~

--Mahi-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 March 2010
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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 5:49am | IP Logged

!W e l c o m e E v e r y o n e!

I was thinking of you just a short while

I missed your sweet kiss, and I loved your precious smile

I was just thinking of you and your beautiful eyes

Just looking into mine, They'll tell no lies

I was thinking of you when I felt my heart ache

I wish I had your love, A love that will never break

I was thinking of you holding on to me

The way I felt, The way it could be

I was thinking of you to tell you I'd try

To give you pure love, Till'' the day that I die

I was thinking of you letting me care

Just to let you know, I'll always be there.

NaItIk   + AkShArA  = NaKsH

Thanks to shikha di aka starry.phoenix for the beautiful naksh siggy!

MoHiT + nAnDaNi = MoHaNi

Thanks to shikha di aka starry.phoenix for the beautiful mohani siggy!

ShAuRyA + VaRsHa = ShAvA

Thanks to shikha di aka starry.phoenix for the beautiful shava siggy!

Introduction Of CC


Hello and warm welcome to all of you'.

We are here to discuss about one of the most cutest and loving  jodi of telly wood and a most watched show YeH rIsHtA KyA KeHlAtA HaI.......which has make a very special place in our hearts in such a short time...

 This Jodi's chemistry sizzles on-screen!

The Jodi is none other than NAKSH

 This CC is especially dedicated to this special couple And the most loving families named singhanias and maheshwaris who made a special place in our heart!

...Please PM me (honeey_16) before you join into this club!!


Please fill in the following details and PM [private message]

Real name:

User name:

Date and month of birth:

Something About yourself:


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--Mahi-- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 March 2010
Posts: 16947

Posted: 25 June 2010 at 7:08am | IP Logged

AbOuT YeH rIsHtA KyA KeHlAtA HaI

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai seeks to build the concept of love within the
 traditional setting of an arranged marriage. It creates a quintessential
contrast to the world around us where marriages, once
 considered sacrosanct in our society, are losing their
 sanctity and turning into relationships of convenience. STAR Plus is the epitome
 of a family channel upholding the tenets of a values-based
society and is reflected in Akshara's trials, tribulations and evolution from a young girl to a responsible member of a family in the show.
 The story revolves around Akshara a shy, demure, obedient daughter who has been brought up like a princess in a traditional Marwari family.
 She has a very protective upbringing and has only experienced relationships that emanate love and protection. She is yet to discover a life beyond her over-protective mother or her disciplinarian father or her witty and loving grandmother
. Soon comes the desired moment of marriage for Akshara and she experiences emotions beyond those that she is familiar with. Marriage catapults her into a plethora
of new relationships, new emotions and a whole new environment.
 But most importantly, she discovers a unique relationship called LOVE
, which eventually helps her stride through all trials and tribulations.
 The story is her journey from being the ideal daughter to a person striving hard to understand her new situation to ultimately move towards falling in love with her husband.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a saga of an adolescent
 heart transforming into a mature one with desires and hopes that are in
tune with her new life. While Hina Khan as Akshara will take the viewers
 through her journey of maturing from a nave 21 year old to a responsible
and mature woman, veterans like Vinita Malik, Sanjeev Seth,
 Lata Sabharwal and Amardeep Jha will engage them with their entertaining and effortless acting.

About The Characters

Hina Khan

Hina Khan


Akshara (Age- 19)is a simple and sweet girl who has been brought up in a traditional Marwari family. She is the only daughter in the family in three generations; and therefore, she is adored and pampered by everyone. Nonetheless, the rules and regulations for her are the same as they are for others. She knows her limits and has never disobeyed rules. She is not a chirpy girl, yet has a lively nature that comes across through her expressive eyes and her attitude of accepting life just the way it is.

Ather Habib

Ather Habib


Shaurya, Akshara's elder brother, is an attractive and well built young man of today. He is overprotective about his kid sister and behaves like her father. Though he matches Vishambharnaath in aggression, he lacks maturity. He has a traditional and conservative approach towards women; 'they are to be protected' is ingrained as part of his chauvinistic training. Shaurya shares a warm relationship with Akshara but they do not share every detail of each other's lives. He projects a I'm your big brother image and has even kept his romance with Varsha a secret from her.

Ayush Agarwal

Ayush Agarwal


He is naitik's childhood and best friend and he likes naitik's sister nandani!

Neha Saroopa

Neha Saroopa

Role:Rashmi Rajshekhar Singhania

Rashmi Rajshekhar Singhania is Naitik's younger sister

Nidhi Uttam

Nidhi Uttam

Role:Nandini Mahendra Pratap Singhania

Nandini Mahendra Pratap Singhania is Naitik and Rashmi's first cousin,daddaji and bhabhima's daughter

Lata Sabharwal

Lata Sabarwal


Rajshri (Age ' 45) is the lady of the house. Being the eldest bahu, she shoulders many responsibilities, of which keeping the family together is her primary focus. She is affectionate, strict with Akshara but at the same time pampers Anshuman (her devraani's son). She is an attractive woman and her simplicity makes her even more attractive. She gets hyper easily and can cry or laugh with spectacular ease. She can't deal with tension. She never negates or confronts her husband publicly and guards his image fiercely. She is the only person who understands that behind his stern faade is a vulnerable man who has to play many roles to protect his family.

Sanjeev Seth

Sanjeev Seth

Role:Vishambhar Nath

Authoritative and dominating, this patriarch of the Mahehswari household is the bearer of family torch. He comes across as a strict disciplinarian, a believer and a staunch follower of traditions. He is very firm with his son Shaurya but is lenient with his daughter Akshara. Though he adores her and never talks to her in a raised voice, he has made it very clear that the girls/women of the household have to live within the strict rules laid down by society and no exceptions will be entertained. Behind his authoritative aura, he is also affectionate and emotional. He cloaks his vulnerability by being the responsible man who cannot afford to go wrong being the eldest son of the family.

Vinita Malik

Vinitta Malik


Daadiji (Age- 65+), the mother of the Maheshwari clan, has unquestionably accepted her place in the house after the death of her husband. She recognizes that though her sons respect her and give her importance, she should not interfere in their decisions. She allows Rajshri to take over the mantle of being the lady of the house and only guides her when necessary. Over the years, she has also developed a sense of humour and a keen sense of seeing things with a different perspective. She adores her granddaughter and in her company, Akshara finds unconditional love and acceptance. She is Akshara's guide and friend.

Karan Mehra

Karan Mehra


Handsome and youthful, Naitik is a typical son of a Marwari family. Well educated... yet somewhere tied to the customs and tradition. Naitik being the only son in the house of daughters was the most pampered and fussed over. His demands were met with even before he asked for them and even as his father tried hard to give him a more balanced upbringing, others made sure he felt very special. Though he is also a sensitive soul who cares for others and never hurts anyone, there is a certain pride in him for being born a boy! Together as a couple Akshara and Naitik will embark of a journey where both will have to shed the facade of being the people their respective families and ambience made them and accept each other in their most natural elements.

Pooja Joshi

Pooja Joshi


Varsha is Akshara's best friend, and is as lively and innocent like her. They share every girlie secret, their grievances and sorrows together- she is Akshara's 'true soulmate'. Varsha, an only child, lost her father at a very young age, and is a more practical, confident and self reliant person than Akshara since she does not have the security blanket of father figure or brother over her head. Varsha has been regular in Akshara's house and has fallen in love with her brother Shaurya. However no one knows about their relationship! This is one secret that she has kept even from Akshara. is Akshara's best friend, and is as lively and innocent like her. They share every girlie secret, their grievances and sorrows together- she is Akshara's 'true soulmate'. Varsha, an only child, lost her father at a very young age, and is a more practical, confident and self reliant person than Akshara since she does not have the security blanket of father figure or brother over her head. Varsha has been regular in Akshara's house and has fallen in love with her brother Shaurya. However no one knows about their relationship! This is one secret that she has kept even from Akshara.

Sonali Verma

Sonali Verma

Role:Gayatri Rajshekhar Singhania

Gayatri Rajshekhar Singhania (Naitik's mother)

Manu Malik

Manu Malik

Role:Omkar Nath

Vishambhar Nath's younger brother, Omkar Nath is a nice man. Fondly known as Omi Chacha by the kids of the house, he admits that it's only sheer chance that he was born in a Marwari family because he is not cut out for business. He has a sensitive heart which he guards fiercely and does not reveal his vulnerability to others. He instead hides it with his wry sense of humuor. It's only his wife who knows that he is a very sensitive man with an unique perspective on life. Yet, she falls short of understanding him completely as he does not conform to any preconceived image. He believes in God but not in the rituals. He is an amiable person but difficult to understand. Hence, the family has accepted him as he is without even trying to probe into his heart.

Neelima Tadepalli

Neelima Tadepalli


Sunaina is the pretty and sociable wife of Omkar Nath. An affectionate woman, she displays great understanding and sensitivity. She is loved by all and has never questioned the authority of Rajshri. Even though she has practically raised Akshara, she never claims any right over her. With her understanding of finer nuances of relationships and her caring attitude, she has earned everyone's respect. However, she feels that something is amiss in her relationship with her husband. Even though they are apparently happy, they lack togetherness. Sunaina Chachi is characterized by a sweet smile on her lips and a streak of sadness in her eyes.

Sunita Rajwar

Sunita Rajwaar


Dhaniya is the comic relief in the household. She is cute, lively, and also the gossip queen. She loves Bhola but each time she tries to win over him, she is unsuccessful.

Anand Mastana

Anand Mastana

Role:Bajinder Singh(Bhola)

Bhola is an orphan who has been brought up in the Maheshwari household. He loves Rajshri, like his own mother and can give his life for her. Bhola is very muscular and learns pehlwani (hence a bramachari) and protects Akshara as his sister. He accompanies Akshara on all her outings like a bodyguard. Bhola is overtly sentimental.

Medha Sambutkar

Medha Sambutkar

Role:Kaveri Mahendra Pratap Singhania

Kaveri Mahendra Pratap Singhania is Naitik's 'bhabhimaa',daddajee's wife

Amardeep Jha

Amardeep Jha

Role:Shankari Tai

Shankari Tai is the renowned match-maker of Udaipur. She is much sought after by the parent of every boy and girl of marriageable age in Udaipur for her knack of putting together the perfect match. She is a colourful personality with a little sharpness in her tongue. But her years of wisdom is what gives her a very unique perspective on relationships and the skill of not just fixing an alliance between an eligible boy and girl but of making matches that are a perfect fit.

Sandeep Mehta

Sandeep Mehta

Role:Rajshekhar Singhania

Rajshekhar Singhania is Naitik's father, Akshara's father-in-law

Sanjai Gandhi

Sanjai Gandhi

Role:Mahendra Pratap Singhania

Mahendra Pratap Singhania (Naitik's daddajee)

Aman Sharma

Aman Sharma


Anshuman is the youngest child in the house. He is an extremely amiable kid who hates to study and is a complete food buff- so overweight and very cuddly. He is otherwise a smart kid who always has a one liner ready for every occasion. He often brings smiles to people's faces even in the most tense situation and is adored and spoilt by everyone, especially Rajashri.

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--Mahi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Yeh Rishta Angels CC Members

Honeey_16 aka Maheen.

Cute_luv aka Vanshika.

Pravz_me aka pravallika.

Drishti... aka Drishti.

sia.k_1 aka sia.

zummi03 aka zumra

innocent-26 aka ayesha

mari-d aka mari
luv_naksh aka zeba
pankhi aka priya
nasco aka shwetha

sonalwade aka sonal

kashrocks aka diksha

divi4u aka divya

nikki18 aka nikki



Name : Maheen

User Name : honney_16

Date Of Birth : 26 March

Something About me:I am a very reserved kind of person.... ! ! ! !!and once i make someone a friend can do anything for them....

real name-sia

user name-sia.k_1

DOB-march 1 st

sumthin abt me-
humm.....frnds say im always jumping around...LOL i love making frnds n get attached to them really soon....n abt naksh, love them to the core.....m sooo crazy abt themEmbarrassed.....i almost get into the tv wen naksh cum on screen lolzzzz......n love my dahling frnds on IF......luv ya allHug


I am vanshika. I luv watching YRKKH. I m fun luving gal n i like to make lodzz of frnz. I am crazy abt Naksh i.e. hina  n Karan. My frndz call me vanshu, vanshi or vani. I luv spending my tym at LC. I am fond of chocolates n soft toys. I luv to hear songs , chatting n dng masti wit frnz. I luv all maf frnz..


well pravallika ..ppl call me pravz! ..
i hav complted ma 12th ...n um a huge fan of NAKSH! ..crazy naksholic! .
i love wtching yeh rishta! ..n love white n black colors! ..
um friendly n jovial ...n also kinda shorttemperd! ...
um ttly fun lover ..n a food freak! ..loz music! n love ma fiends! ..


fav actor-hollywood...ryan gosling,robert pattinson,ashton kutcher,gerard butler,tom cruise,ben affleck..
bollywood..ranbir kappor!!!...imran khan...hrithik roshan
fav actress-h-penelope cruz,ashley greene,megan fox,
b-katrina kaif,amrita rao
pass,meeting frnds,reading nvels
nature,shy,once we're frnds or anything else!..can do anything for them! anything
quite bubbly with those whom i know

Name :zumra

User Name : zummi03

Date Of Birth :3rd may

Something About me:I am a very reserved person....and very emotional....

Name: Ayesha
D.O.B: 29 September
About Me: hmmmm i like to make fun with my friends on IF
that's y i join this CC.LOL & i enjoy all pleasures of life.Smile

Real name:mari ahmed

User name:mari-d

Date and month of birth:8-7-1985

Something About yourself:m very fun loving gul, very sensitive,nd emotional YR soo much nd  carzy abut  naksh....


Real name: Zeba

User name: luv_naksh

Dateand month of birth: 4 march

Something About yourself: I am Zeba u can call me zebzz...i m. Simple, Crazy, Fun loving, Moody, Unpredictable, Sensitive, Emotional, Honest....i luv my frnz.. Dey r my world !! B 1 of em 2 noe more abt me !!

I m a very friendly person...Big smile

I love to watch movies , tv shows?Big smile

I love Dancing ,dance is my passion?HeartHeart

I love to watch YEH RISHTA KYA KHELATA HAI...Heart

NAKSH r my fav couple in tellywood......Heart

Tellywood fav  actress Hina khan & Divyanka tripathi?..Heart

         Tellywood fav actor Karan mehra & sharad malhotra?...Heart


Real name:shwetha

User name:nasco

Date and month of birth:15th december

Something About yourself:hi guys!! im shwetha called as shaker /sethu at the yeh rishta forum. i
m a  great fan of  naksh. i like reading a loot and write  bit(fan fictions) . i like to travel a lot and soft toys and chocolates are somethings without wich i cannot live.

Real Name--- I will not tell but u can call me PRIYA
User Name-- PANKHI
Date & Month of Birth-- 27th April
Something about me--I m very reserve kind of personLOL. Also very sensitive & emotional Cry.  I never make friends quicklyOuch. But when I make never  left themEmbarrassed. I love dancing.....reading books......listening all types of songs.......watching BIDAAI, YRKKH.....gossipping with Forum friends LOLLOLLOL

Name: Sonal
D.O.B: 24th September
About Me: hmmmm i like to make fun with my friends on IF
that's y i join this CC.LOL

Real name:DikshaTongue

User name:KashrocksSmile

Date and month of birth:29th july 1996Big smile

Something About yourself:i m very sweet n frndly...!!LOL

Real name: Divya Aggarwal

User name: divi4u

Date and month of birth: 9th March

Something About yourself: m very introvert n down to earth person

Real name:Nikki

User name:Nikki18

Date and month of birth: 18th february

Something About yourself:   m a simple girl who believes in simplicity.!!
                                      big fan of YRKKH..luv ShaVa more thn NakshEmbarrassed
Embarrassed                                       i like music a lot..thn shopping is d thing i njoy d mostBig smile
                                      luv eating chocolates n reading novels(luv stories)Embarrassed


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--Mahi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Birthday Calender

Maheen 26  March

Sia 1  March

Pravz 19 March
Zeba 4 March


Priya 27 april

zumra 3 may

Mari 8 july

Ayesha 29 september

Sonal 24 september

Drishti 16 October

Vanshika 18 november

Nasco 15 december

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--Mahi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Note:Rules are made to be broken..LOLWink....
But remember no bashing only masti

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-Vanshika- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 7:27am | IP Logged

Honey u did fab work dahling..!!!
luv u allHeart

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Serendipity.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 June 2009
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Posted: 26 June 2010 at 7:02am | IP Logged

ClapIts just awesome mahiClap

ClapClapyou have done fab job.....ClapClap
keep up the gud work my sweet lil sis....Smile

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ZumSrK. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 June 2010 at 11:42am | IP Logged
awesome post guys...
add me in.

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