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(Siddhima)Bumbling is Adorable

arp04srocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 5:24pm | IP Logged

Siddhant Modi how do you manage to steal my heart everytime? It doesn't matter if you are being a batameez or if you are in your angry young man mode.  Or whether you are playing white knight or jealous husband.  Each and everytime you manage to not just touch my heart, but to actually steal a piece of it.  No wonder Riddhima Modi can't resist you even when everything you do ultimately goes so wrong.  But I must say there is just something so adorable about watching the Siddhant Modi we have been seeing for the past few days.  I know a lot of people feel as though this is not the real Sid, or that somehow this Sid is just not who should be presenting himself to his wife.  That the assertive and self confident Sid is the one that should be seen wooing his wife.  But you know what, I think adorable bumbling Sid is exactly what Ridz needs right now.  You see as I said in my last post, Ridz has been having a hard time facing the truth of her heart and how she has fallen in love with Sid.  See assertive Sid came out when it was needed, he forced Ridz to face what her heart has been telling her all along that she loves her husband and that where she belongs is with him in their home.  But that is all Ridz is ready for right now, and truth be told, that is all Sid is ready for too.  These two have certainly fallen for each other, and they have definitely seen each other at their worst.  But they have never really gotten the chance to see their spouses in their "normal" mode.  Life has prevented them from leading normal calm lives.  So now that they finally get the chance assertive Sid does not need to be out for he only comes out when his wife is being stubborn or ignorant.  And right now Ridz is being neither. 


As for bumbling Sid I agree that Sid is grown man and life has forced him to grow up to become a responsible man.  But you know what just cause he acts like a grown man when faced with hard situations doesn't mean that he has grown up fully.  See Sid certainly is a man when it comes to responsibilities of life, work and right and wrong.  But Sid has never really gotten the chance to play boyfriend.  He doesn't know how to be smooth and suave.  Oh sure he is sweet, but his sweetness is the bumbling he does, it's the fact that everything he does for Ridz comes purely from the heart.  But nothing he ever plans ever goes the way it is meant to be.  And isn't that the heart of the Modi's? That no matter what plans they make life never lets them unfold the way they want them to, that instead life forces them to unfold in an unexpected way that in the short run seems to ruin everything, but in the long run is most definitely for the better.  So once again Sid manages to melt Ridz's ice and he says the words that he has been holding back for sooo long and the words Ridz has been dreaming about hearing.  Finally, Mr and Mrs Modi are on the right track again.  And Ridz comes to move back into her home, their home.  And as she prepares to step foot into the home Sid stops her with an abrupt shout. (Oh, I love when Sid yells at Ridz)  And this time Ridz doesn't get mad as Sid abandons her on the doorstep instead she thinks back to those sweet words he told her on the fireescape.  Where he asked for her from her, where he gave her a new ring to symbolize this new relationship this new journey they are about to embark on. 


When Sid returns, he comes back with all the materials needed to welcome Ridz into their home properly.  And even though the thought he put into it was sweet, what was sweeter was the fact that he wanted everything to be so perfect that he actually wrote down what he needed to do on a note.  And this was also not missed by his wife.  In fact, seeing the amount of thought and effort he put into this Ridz simply smiled the smile of a woman comfortable with the man standing before her. And then when Sid goes to lift Ridz in a romantic gesture, he manages to both literally and metaphorically sweep Ridz of her feet.  She wasn't expecting this sweet gesture, but she was sure glad he did.  Of course, this is Sid and Ridz and so instead of living out the romantic gesture and crossing the threshold and worrying about practical things later Ridz manages to point out to Sid that he needs to grab her bag.  So as he turns to grab the bag he manages to hit her head on the door.  Poor Sid he never manages to catch a break.  But you see that is exactly what Ridz needs to see.  She has had the perfect dream like hero before.  But Sid is anything but. He is innocent when it comes to being cool and giving off the impression of a guy that knows what he is doing.  Instead he is a guy that worries more about getting everything right and making sure Ridz doesn't get upset.  And after hitting her head on the door bumbling Sid reemerges and what he says next proves to Ridz that he is someone that speaks from the heart.  He tells her that she can hit him with the door on the head, that the door can break, but he can't handle trying to manofying her again.  See this is how much Sid loves Ridz, he doesn't want her to leave him ever.   And everytime something goes wrong the first thing he does is tell her please don't leave.  And each time he tells her this he reaffirms her place in his life.  This is what Ridz needs, she doesn't need to be told what to do instead she needs to discover it by herself, through herself.


As for today's episode, I will just say I loved every minute of innocent bumbling Sid and you could tell Ridz did as well.  When he first came in with all those drinks, his tray started to shake showing how nervous he is in front of his wife.  And when she asks if all of those are for her, he simply says, of course I didn't know what you would want so I thought I'd bring it all so you could choose.  Ridz's face when he says those sweet words says it all.  She loves her man thinking about her.  When he offers to get her bag and she says no its ok.  He responds by saying, no I want to help I will get it.  See once again, Sid proves that he doesn't want to leave any reason or doubt for Ridz so that she may have an excuse to leave him again.  His only goal right now is to make Ridz as comfortable as possible so that she will stay.  For as he said he wants her and he wants her in their home.  He then goes on to clean the room and at the end he manages to drop a load of clothes on himself.  Now this may be "silly" to some and it may bother you that Sid is shown as kiddish.  But you know what Sid cleaning the room didn't touch Ridz as much as seeing him under a pile of clothes.  When she saw Sid fall with a load of clothes on him sure she touched her forehead and shook her head thinking, "Oh bhagwan".  But then she bends down and gives her adorable husband a hand and tells him not to worry.  You see once again the cuteness of Sid trying to make everything perfect for his wife touched her more than any fancy words or intense eyelocks.


Then we get the night scene.  Where we are shown how in sync these two are in their own thinking about trying to make it easier for the other, but how horribly out of touch they are when it comes to communicating with each other.  Poor Sid thinks that Ridz doesn't want to sleep in his room because it's dirty, and Ridz thinks Sid is trying to move faster than they should.  You see this scene proves that Ridz is not ready for intense assertive Sid.  Oh sure Sid could have used his intense eyelocks to get Ridz to lose her train of thought and they could have moved into the same room.  But if anything did happen then it is a given that the next day Ridz would either regret what happened, or she would be way too uncomfortable and this would cause a rift between the two and what they are trying to accomplish, which is getting to know one another.  So instead we get a confused and cute conversation between husband and wife which ends in Ridz realizing that her husband once again knows her better than she thinks and that he knows that they are still trying to build their relationship.  That he knows that they are not ready to sleep in the same room yet and he is okay with it. 


See I don't think it is unreasonable for Sid to be so nervous around Ridz.  For him to bumble and mess up.  You see he is with the woman of his dreams.  He is with the woman he loves finally.  Just as I said for Ridz in my last post, it is difficult to accept all your dreams are coming true especially when you have been fighting for them for so long.  It is only natural to be nervous when in the company of your dream woman.  You want everything to be perfect and this in turn makes you overthink everything.  Also Ridz is not an easy woman to please.  In fact, she probably has the shortest fuse of any woman in the world.  And so Sid being cursed with a lack of suaveness it is inevitable that he will mess up and when he does the chudail is unleashed.  Which means the poor guy is forced to be overly cautious around wifey dearest and this just adds on the pressure.


So I will end with this, sure Siddhant Modi when he is angry and intense is a formidable man that no one can resist especially his wife.  But this is not the man Ridz needs right now.  What this relationship needs is time.  Life has forced them to fast forward through a lot of important landmarks in a relationship that allows two people to become comfortable with one another.  And adorable bumbling Sid manages to get through to Ridz's heart without setting off her self defenses and her heart's warning bells.



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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
Arpu !!
Wonderful post once again girl !!
First, i was really worried about SID's character can loose charm...because he has become very responsible person. Riddhima also fall in love with Angry Young Dashing Siddhant MODI. Who has his own charm. SO some of the comic element Minus I want there story to give beautiful touch....
The way you mentioned....About SID and Mumbling SID and RIDZ-----I love it ....the both just try to help each other and think about each other that is their unique relationship.
Love your post Arpu....!!

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ROBlicious. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 6:21pm | IP Logged
Sid's reactions and face expressions are so damn cute. I could eat that guy alive.

Plus there whole bedroom scene was so damn adorable. I love there cute fights and i think Sidhima will steals millions of hearts with their chemistry and cuteness.

Al thought i was them to a little less childish. BUT Sid should stay the same. I love him, and he should get his car back. Big smile

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Lennie IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 7:06pm | IP Logged
As far as i can see this is the Sid she needs to see, coz this is how he is - the original Sid, the innocence that he has, that bholapan, that is so endearing and adorable
Its quite rare that Ridz hasnt see this Sid, and so i am glad she is seeing this, and also the way he rambles on, and if you see in the past few weeks the way he has done, Ridz lovingly gazes at him - its just a beautiful sight to see, Ridz with a smile on her face whilst just gazing at him
And as for SR to adjust, then this is something Ridz has to adjust to Sid, coz this is a side to him she has never seen - it will be endearing and sweetly annoying but on the whole this is her Sid, and its one where you say how can you not fall in love with him more when he is being his cute adorable self, that cute little kid with such innocence when everything he does is from his heart, every thing he does is for Ridz - his little gestures is his way of showing her his love
He was nervous hence the tray shaking, but its good that Ridz sees this, its what i love about Sid he is open and honest - he doesnt hide or tries to be cool, what you see is what you get
Also the intense Sid comes out when he needs to be straight to the point with Ridz or when he is angry, or hurt and thats when it works well - not all the time, this is an aspect of Sid that Ridz knows well, and how he hurts himself when angry and she knows his intense eyes and she saw that when he dragged her in the FE and coming towards her
But the other wonderful thing is that Sid when needs to be responsible and understanding is that at the right moment, as you see him address the bedroom problem, he knew they wont be sharing a bed let alone a bedroom, and again we see that Ridz inside is amazed that Sid 'gets' her - thats the beauty of them
And in a way they both in their own way help each other out, listen to each other etc
As far as i can see this is the Sid - RIdz needs to see and grow her affection and love even more - steal her heart piece by piece
Soft and subtle and simple SR are, but all this will come in Siddhima style - Sid style

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 7:18pm | IP Logged
Great post

See I don't think it is unreasonable for Sid to be so nervous around Ridz.  For him to bumble and mess up.  You see he is with the woman of his dreams.  He is with the woman he loves finally.  Just as I said for Ridz in my last post, it is difficult to accept all your dreams are coming true especially when you have been fighting for them for so long.  It is only natural to be nervous when in the company of your dream woman.  You want everything to be perfect and this in turn makes you overthink everything.  Also Ridz is not an easy woman to please.  In fact, she probably has the shortest fuse of any woman in the world.  And so Sid being cursed with a lack of suaveness it is inevitable that he will mess up and when he does the chudail is unleashed.  Which means the poor guy is forced to be overly cautious around wifey dearest and this just adds on the pressure.

I want him to be normal and  do things  a little silly but no too overboard!!
He is excited to have Ridz back in his life in his home but I don't want to see him hyper excited or doing somthing too ridiculous..

Normalcy may  make both of them feel more comfortable and a little mistake here or there would hmake her feel that her husband is really  has errors but a gem of a guy she has had to commit to for the rest of her life !!!

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punjabkudi98 Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
There super cute and hot 2gether

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
Arpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you sneaked in another postBig smileBig smile....awesome
Sid Modi......can enough be said...nope....there is always so much more to him........
He is passionate, headstrong....appealing...honest.....sweet.....bumbling.....angry...intense...and so mcuh more...and are we all...humans are mulitifaceted...and that is why Sid is so real..he aint perfect....he is just a regular guy...forced into circumstances not of his choosing....but having made the choice he stood by what was right.....and did th eriht thing....as far as his journey to love goes......he met his wife first married her and then fell in love iwith her....yep he had feelings for her but he never even understood them...when time and  his faith..and his love were tested...he came out with flying colors....and now he cant beleiev that he is lucky in love....that ridhima feels for him like he does for her.....so bumbles in nervousness when he is aroud her..trying to do his best to impress her..rather not upset her...walking on eggshells and when he is not doing that....he makes his wife's knees go jelly...
hot cold..bumbling sweet...he is all that and more...and no wonder his wife fell in love with him.....

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monar IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
wonderful post arp, you are brilliant when it comes of writing insight of Siddhima, I wont say I like the way they are showing Sidhhima I agree they need time and essence of humor and nervousness is acceptable but somehow somewhere I found something missing, but not any more after reading your post, it might sound insane to you but your post makes better siddhima then CVz, I will love reading your post again rather than watching todays episode. that's the beauty  of writer Arp and you are one brilliant writer.

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