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24/06:Milgaye jo chora chori, hui masti thodi todi

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

Tom and Jerry, Cat and Mouse, Armaan and Shilpa?
Continuing from yesterday's episode, Armaan looks across at the girl standing infront of him who wears a terrified expression herself. A big question mark on Armaan's face, is it Shilpa urf Dhanno? it is Shilpa urf Dhanno! How can it be? This is Sanjeevani. Yet the realisation dawns upon him only too soon, his face relaxes as he sees that the girl who has turned his life upside down in the last few days, stands before him once again. It's pay back time.
..."Oye suno" he calls out to her, which only triggers Shilpa to come to her senses and impromptu make a run for it. Kab tak bhago gi? Armaan loses her for a second, but oh how the tables have turned, Shilpa collides with a peon carrying a trolley of medical instruments which in turn makes a huge racket and Armaan looks towards the sound only to see Shilpa there.

Personally, I love it when guys chase girls, no cheese intended. It's true. For whatever reason it may be, a male following the female is alot less stalkerish and alot more appealing than when a girl hunts down a guy....or maybe that only applies where Armaan is concerned Tongue. Hence I am loving this Shilpa Armaan pursuit. So Shilpa "loses" Armaan, yet she is huffing and puffing, hassled and frazzled she looks around and notices the water dispenser. Paaani! Big smile After exercise nothing quenches thirst better than a drink of water. Well whaddya know, Armaan also wants a drink of water, Shilpa turns around and sees her nemisis before her....haha, I almost feel bad for her. Ab tera kya hoga, Shilpa? They stare at each other and...

A scene switch to Sid's house. Subsequent to the cute greha pravesh rasam, Riddhima walks into what I presume is Sid's bedroom simply due to the clutter of personal belongings which greets her and consequently stops her in her tracks. A minefield of clothes, a basketball and some CDs lies before her. She seems repulsed as she picks up using only her forefinger and thumb one of Sid's shirts and holds it far away from her as possible. It's amusing to know that considering Sid is a doctor there is no indication of hygiene and cleanliness in his own bedroom. It's a tip and for Riddhima probably one of her worst nightmares. They say behind every sucessful man there is a woman, they should also say that behind every clean man there is a woman with a hoover. This is very sexist for me to say yet it has been implied in DMG.

Sid follows Riddhima in with a tea tray, now why they're having tea in the bedroom is beyond me...the point being that he trips over something in the process yet manages to save himself before any disastrous spillages occur.
LOL I criticised the 'stupid matchstick act' in yesterday's episode and someone quite rightly pointed out that it was because Sid is in awe of Riddhima. His perplexed and nervous attitude causes him to act in silly ways. Similarly, on the tea tray are many various drinks, Riddhima asks if they're all for her to which he replies, he didn't know what she would want to drink so he brought everything. Very adorable, I don't blame him now, to me it seems that he doesn't want to get Riddhima annoyed again...thus if it is in his hands he'll make sure nothing goes wrong, from the drinks to the rasams, everything should be proper just as Riddhima would like it. Embarrassed His effort to keep her happy is highly commendable yet I feel for him, I want Riddhima to make an effort too! 

Riddhima doesn't want anything just then, she seems distracted by the mess and process to tidy the bed....Sid puts the drinks down and joins her, casusally telling her how "akela" he had become without her. As if planned, Riddhima is disgusted to encounter a half eaten banana within the duvet covers. Bleugh! Dead I admit Sid has not fallen from heaven, he is a mere human being....but that is overwhelmingly revolting! Yuck.
Aww maaayn.  Okay, so if finding the banana wasn't enough, Riddhima has to witness Sid go on to eat the remains of the banana with her own eyes. Her expression mirrors mine completely. Horrible.
Sid drops the banana skin on the floor and kicks it away with his foot. Yup definitely absence of basic hygiene. Sid tells Riddhima he'll bring her luggage in, returning to the room he slips on the same banana skin, bumps into Riddhima and they both topple onto the bed. Riddhima staring into his eyes forgets about the banana, the clothes, the mess. Everything.

They blink and the moment ends, they hastily get up from the bed and surprisingly and suddenly Sid runs around the room, clearing everything away in a split second. And Riddhima didn't have to say anything nor lift a finger. Apna kaam khud karna chahiye, Wah Dr. Modi wah....how exemplary. Haha! He opens his wardrobe only for a pile of clothes to fall on top of and consequently overcome him. Riddhima holds her head in frustration. She helps Sid up, aww, and meekly smiles at her confused husband, "main karloongi". Sid stares at her and they both smile in harmony. United we stand, divided we fall. Even if we manage to work alone, sometimes its easier and more enjoyable to share the work. Undoubtedly more efficient. Riddhima knows that it takes two to tango. Sid tidied the room, she'll tidy the wardrobe. Lesson learnt? Understanding is key in a successful relationship.

Switch scene to ArSh: Armaan crushes his plastic glass. This is what I'm going to do to you.
Shilpa finishes her drink and throws the empty glass on Armaan. You're going to have to catch me first. She makes another attempt to run away, yet fails. Armaan cunningly stands in her way. Game over.
"Main yahan ka senior doctor hoon aur jab tak main chahoon tum yahan se nahi jaa sakti". Shilpa's entry has made the DMG presentation alot more pictorial, comic-book illustrative. The direct interaction with the camera, today a thought bubble looms over her head and we see her conscience telling her, "jaldi kuch soch Shilpa think think!". She thinks, cue fainting, hyperventilation attack. Its funny, Armaan doesn't believe her. In indian tellyvision, couples kare kare girjate hain.....but what happens when the male doesn't want to save you and break your fall with his strong arms for support. Shilpa extends her own arms and calls "haath haath" LOLLOL
Armaan reluctantly complies, rolling his eyes in the process. Not impressed, been there heard that.
Shilpa acts like a yo yo moving between his arms, its amusing to watch, a clear sign that she has no control over herself at this point, unconscious you know? Pffft!
Haha, they're story isn't the quintessential hero, damsel in distress story. When Armaan went to save her from the goons she gave him a piece of her mind and in fact took some of the bad guys down herself. Similarly for a typical romantic couple, the guy would probably be able to lift the girl with one hand. Very bollywood. Here we find Armaan struggling to lift Shilpa, he has placed her on a stretcher, and even then he's finding it difficult! Big smile Peons over their help but Armaan waves them away, the stretcher idea obviously failing he takes it upon himself to carry her to the ward. Shilpa slips the odd sneaky glance to Armaan with a smile on her face, clearly enjoying herself!

ArSh bump into Dr. Kirti, Armaan has no choice but to put Shilpa down who tells him "ab phele se better hoon", from Dr. Kirti's face she also seems entertained due to the antics of this new intern.  OOoh, I completely forgot about Armaan's absence with regards to his duty anyway. Dr. Kirti sarcastically asks questions him that he must be tired due to his long holiday. She snaps at him, I have no time for your excuses. First Shilpa got Sid in trouble and now Armaan. He looks at her, his look saying only one thing, your fault. Dr. Kirti follows his glance and introduces her as the new intern and Armaan is left speechless. Shilpa looks around, anywhere but at Armaan...he remembers their past history. "Intern" he repeats...for Armaan the news could not have got better. Wink

Switchh to Sid watching telly, Riddhima comes into the room wearing a nightdress (the same kurta Naina borrowed from Yuvi, yet it has now been fitted specifically for a female, I like the colour) Sid isn't used to having any company, especially his wife's, he's momentarily lost as she walks towards him, shy. "Morning shift hai", we'll have to wake up early. Sleeping arrangements weren't discussed by the introvert couple. Sid decides he'll sleep outside yet Riddhima has planned to sleep outside only to find Sid sitting there watching tv. Of course these are their thoughts, they won't say this to one another. Dilema!!?! Sid clarifies, you can sleep in my room. Riddhima's apprehensive, since Sid hasn't added the fact that he'll sleep outside. He inaccurately thinks she's worried about the mess. Riddhima questions him, how can she sleep in his room? He takes her words literally, where else will you sleep? I'm having so much fun writing this, the rising confusion and consequent disbelief on Riddhima's face when he says "tum lights band kardene tumhe kuch pata nahi chalega" is hilarious to watch! Riddhima snaps, "Sid hum ek saath ek kamre mein ek bed par nahi so sakte!". Sid's astonished, no no no! I meant I'll sleep in the guest room. Its awkward as they both look away, they both wanted the same thing yet were unable to say to each other straight out. Sound familiar? Riddhima nods and turns to move as Sid says, "good night Riddhima" she turns and smiles at him. Its the little things that count.  Embarrassed

Back to Arsh, Shilpa tries to convince Armaan that she's not the new intern, anything to save herself from getting punished by her snr doc. She has the audacity to say that Dr. Kirti misrecognised her as an intern even though she only came to the hospital for a checkup. He dismisses her dispositions and tells her he's going to get his own back now. She's equally adamant, it's all dr. Kirti's fault. Yet with her plan clearly failing she tries the split personality justification, "Hotel? Nahi, main to Sanjeevani mein hi thi". LOL With no other option she feins dizzyness, Armaan tells her to sit, but she refuses..."Nahi...main pppreg-" Armaan's astonished, kya?! Tum pregnant ho!? Shocked

Coooming up: Armaan tells Shilpa, "main bhi is phase se guzar chuka hoon" Shilpa responds nonchalantly, "I know" for 6 months right? Na aaan, wrong move. Armaan looks at her, how do you know?? LOL Sometimes being too clever can act as a flaw.

After the break, Shilpa explains that she's not pregnant but she suffers from multiple personality disorder...."with a dash of amnesia". Yaar, ye bimari hai yaan koi khanne ki recipe??
Anyway, that explains the hotel incident then. She further asserts that the illness was only discovered two days ago, for Shilpa this means she can add or remove symptoms and justifications as she pleases! Clever. And she continues to do this....I love the drama queen Shilpa, she cries out when Armaan accuses her of lying. A filthy liar, jhoot pe jhoot. She apologises to Armaan for everything she "may" have done because she can't remember anything... and Armaan goes into his own past, remembering when he suffered from "selective amnesia" and he concludes, shayad ye teek keh rahi hai. Personal note: a similarity albeit artifical now exists between the two beings.

Coooming up: Riddhima brings a cup of tea to a sleeping Sid. She softly calls his name, he doesn't even flinch. She notices her fresh from the shower, wet hair and swishes it across his face. Talk abou a wake up call. Not the graceful awakening she was hoping for. Sid screams out in shock and Riddhima jumps away dropping the chai ka pyala in the process. She's hurt....Sid can only look apologetic. LOL Another couple which deviates from the norm. Ah I love it.

After the break ArSh repeat the precap, Armaan tries to relate, Shilpa questions accurately, "tumhe kaise pata?". Episodo finito.
Personal note: It's not that big a shocker. She'll be able to justify herself successfully.

Kal dekhiye: Part I ArSh- Armaan treating Shilpa to some pani puri, par afsos, he has no change...leaving her to get some, she takes the opportunity to disappear....with his bike.

Part II: Sid Riddhima aur ek chai ka pyala. 


Applause? Clap : ArSh, KSG can romance anyone but seeing him with SA again really is a treat to the eyes. I love their scenes together. SR cuteness. The lighter storyline for both couples and the surprise? JP and Jiggy weren't needed.

Rotten tomatoes!Ouch : Well, not really a plus point nor a bad point, SR slow progression with regards to their relationship. It's realistic, yet for SR fans, I daresay there's no fireworks.

BonusStar: The light storyline. Definitely.

Over and out! Thanks for reading!

Please leave comments and criticisms, the more constructive the better yet anything and everything is appreciated though note: Refrain from bashing of any kind!

Danyavaaad! Xx

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
very nice post!

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
I so enjoy the humor in your posts......awesome
And I wonld say much....what you wrote was hell nice the way it was....an yes...the nevousness....a bit is good...a little more is tolerable...and slightly more would be terrible...
And it was so good to see SA do the OTT...she was damn good at it....and then she runs off with his bike....thats so not helping her coause to staying at sanjeevni
I loved the lightness today ..the whole episode..the diaglogues were truly funny....
fireworks..we will survive  another day
Woman with a hoover bit is a firstROFLROFL...and I dont want to talk bananas.................eeeshhhhhhh......except that they served some "meaningful" purpose...so what else do I sayLOLLOL
thats it from me.....and my intent at not saying muchLOLWink

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i have to find words from the dictionary to tell you how wonderful this post is.....amazing!!!!!!!!!... Clap Clap Clap

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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good analysis of today's episode

loving both stories of Siddhima and ArShi.

it nice that  both stories are differnet and interesting in they own way

looking fowrad to see how Armaan finds out that Shilpa is fooling him

and how Siddhima love story progress, loving they cuteness and simplicty



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srkangel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 12:36pm | IP Logged

armaan and shilpa have awsome chemistry.. both SR and arsh story r so different from each other n very interesting to watch..

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FarzuIrani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
i love how you write is not at all biased and not at all hyped with your favourite
it so sweet and beautiful keep writing
i loved all the ArSh scne where armaan burst shilpa bubble and tell him what are you thinking and also Haath do
I love there scene

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ShiningStar18 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Totally loved your post..Smile
I must say you have a great sense of humour...Thumbs Up
Today's episode was thoroughly enjoyable due to ArSh and JeRan...ArSh displayed their own problems of jhoots and some comedy whereas JeRan was hilarious with their cute intentions and expressions!Day Dreaming
One thing to which I completely second is that SR's pace of progressing into further love is a bit slow and even I thought that some of Sid's actions were unnecessary such as the matchbox incident and the rotten-banana eating thing...Dead
One thing which I am against is the reluctance of Riddhima of making any effort to progress their marriage in all ways..from the past few episodes I have notivced that Sid is the only one from the two who is making all the effort to show his love whereas Riddhima is too reluctant which I feel is wrong her part especially seeing that her husband has confessed to her..
As you said,JP and Jiggy were not needed and it was actually a good episode without them..
It was a good episode with some somewhat visible flaws...

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