Pratigya Written Update 24th June 2010

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These lines are inspired by FIFA worldcup! LOL

"Tararampam Tararampam yuhin gaate rahe hum

De dana dun De dana dun goal khate rahe hum! ROFL

Yahan daude wahan bhaage, par hua na koi asar

Apni kismat hai phooti - dil ko samjhate rahe hum!" LOL

Pratigya Written Update 24th June 2010! LOL

Haila laal laal update! LOL Is it dedicated to the paanwaala or wht? ROFL
Arre humne kuch nahin kiya, par ab ye heading ka colour change hi nahin ho raha hai! Bole to ekdum chipak gaya hai post se - just like paan glued to the paanwala! ROFL

Ohk, so the episode starts with - SS on phone with Krish! He is scolding Krish to talk properly! SS says - behooda! LOL I am your father, you are not mine! I have made many kids like you and left them, so don't do all this drama in front of me! Dead  I am sending the jeep, so straight away come with your Queen Victoria here silently! This is wht even Guruma wants!" Krish says that its fine that its wht you and Guruma wants, but its also important to know wht Pratigya wants! Clap Clap Clap SS scolds that her will is not required! Krish says that "she and you fought and she was kicked out not I! So she will decide whether to come back or not!" Clap (ee hoota hai na jawab! Clap Jiyo rajja! LOL) On hearing this, SS taunts him that he is a pakka - juro ka gulam! LOL He is behaving like a puppet or pet of his wife! SS asks Krish to let him talk to Pratigya! Krish says that - you called at wrong time, she has gone to her maika! SS says that you are such a fool! She is enjoying in her maika and you are still roaming outside! Then SS taunts him like anything and calls him by disgraceful names! (Krish is like - abe chup ho jaa be "All India Radio"! Tab se baje jaa raha hai! ROFL ROFL ROFL) Krish is not at all interested in hearing and believing wht all SS is saying! Krish counterargues! SS says that - wow, so now in front of your wife, your parents are nothing! Krish replies back - wow isn't it awesome! When parents forget their children its fine! But when children ignore their parents then its bad! SS cuts the phone and lies to Guruma that Krish cut the phone! LOL (Mummy mummy maine phone nahin kaata, wo Krishna ne kaata! ROFL re chugalkhor! ROFL)

SS is complainting to guruma that wht a useless son he has who is his wife's puppet!
Hearing this, Amma starts cursing Pratigya! (Precaution - Please stuff some cotton in your ears as here come the cursing lady! LOL There are chances of ppl lossing their hair in event of hearing her curses! ROFL Baad main mat bolna ki bataya nahin! ROFL) So Amma is cursing Prtatigya that "she is enjoying like a queen in her maika and our baba is living a miserable life! If ever she will come in front of me, I will make her pay for whatever she did! Krish shd come back! Bring him back here somehow as the long he will live with her, the miserable his life will be! And if that Queen Victoria ever dared to come here, then I will break her legs!"Angry (Ohk I summarized Amma's curses! You see I am not good at repeating curses! LOL) Komal lady joins in the cursing session! She says that "just let her come here once! I will give her the beating of her life! Angry (I think I shd tell her abt the 'dhai kilo hand' slap power! LOL Jispe padta hai wo duniya se utth jaata hai! ROFL) Komal tells SS that - "whtever is happening is all becoz of that Pratigya!Angry (wah re akalmand insaan! LOL jab akal batt rahi thi to kahan thi tum? LOL) Its only because of her that Krish is out! Its becoz of her that Adarsh did not came to take me back! And babuji you are thinking of ways to get her back here! I am telling you if she ever comes back here, I will beat her like anything!" (nah munni! Usko haanth na lagan!Tongue Varna 'dhai kilo ..........' LOL)

Amma again starts balbbering to SS that "Krish is being stubborn is fine, but why aren't you understanding? Just bring Krish back!" SS' patience reaches the Mt. Everest limit LOL and he scolds Amma! He desparelty wants to put his hands and legs in beating exercise but he is minding Guruma's presence! He tells Amma - "Just becoz Guruma is here so I am controlling my temper or else you will get nice beating from me!" He asks her to go from thr! He is saying that these ladies are running their own politics in this house! Angry SS is damn frustrated that "wht all shd I handle now ? first the election, then all this useless drama in the house!" Ouch Guruma asks him that whtever be the case, he will have to tackle all this himself as the ppl of Pratigya's caste are gonna make Pratigya's ill treatment in this house as an issue to get election ticket! SS says that "wht did I do wrong? If the daughter in law will do some mistake, then don't I even have the right to punish her? I got the two lovers married, not that I made them commit suicide, so why shd I suffer?" Guruma tells him that they will use this issue against him in election! SS says that he will tackle all this and will teach lesson to them! He then does his behooda funny eyelid pulling move! Confused (Why does he always pulls his eyelids? Doe she wanna make them look like button eyes? LOL Arre SS - 'button eyes' sirf kismat waloon ko milti hai, sabko nahin! ka samjh
e! Wink)

Angad comes to the house and Adarsh opens the door! Angad says I will not give the grand salute today, rather I will gove order! Now come on, give me the money or else bring my bride! Where is she? Even I wanna see how is she looking in bride getup! See I even got the pandit! Adarsh scolds him that - mind your language! Angad asks him - man! have you got spring under your feet or wht? You jump in every now and then! ROFL Adarsh says that - neither will you get any money, nor will you after today ever say anything bad about Arushi! Lucky tries to scare Adarsh, but Angad stops him! He comes over to Adarsh and asks - "Why? Whts the matter? Why will I not get money, and if not money, why can't I have Arushi? Wht do you ppl want now! Are you gonna destroy one daughter's life for another! Wht do you want me to do, go and post Pratigya's photos of that kidnapping night all over the city?" Pratigya comes out clapping with an angry and taunting look! Angad's headless arms get scared seeing her! LOL Angad is shocked too! LOL

Pratigya says that ya please go ahead! In the whole city please post whatever you want and wherever you want! But also let me see wht photos you want to post? You played a nice game, you thought that a father will never want to see his daughter's bad pics! And you tried to take advantage of this situation! But you failed at the last moment as I know the whole truth! That day nothing happened with me! But in this whole fiasco one good thing happened! I came to know about Krishna's innocence! All this time I blamed him for all that you did! Angad says - yeah it was my fault that I did not do anything to you! I had you in my reach yet did not touch you! Dead Thats why you are shouting like - you did not do anything! But this time I will do, but not to you but your sister Arushi! And I will not leave any stones turned that she will ever be able to say that - nothing happened! Dead (Too gross dialogue by Anagd! Dead chee chee! Dead)

Hearing this Pratigya gets furious! She is kinda shaking in anger! And guess wht - I told you na! Arre that 'dhai kilo hand' landed again and this time on Angad's face!
ROFL (But good for Nainaji that Angad was not eating paan or else the paan juice would be flying everywhr!) Haila wht a slap! Angad's face turned to side and all his hairs went messy! LOL He turns and stares angrily at Pratigya!  (So with this slap Pratigya's score in slapping game reaches to No. 4! Her victims are - Angad, Krishna, Arushi and again Angad! LOL dunno how many teeth are left in his mouth! He was slapped and beaten so many times! LOL I bet if he will ever be able to chew paan after this heavy slap! ROFL)

PRECAP: One politician comes and says to Guruji that I know wht all bad things SS did to you and your family! But not to worry now as me and my party have decided to fight against SS with you! Now we will get together and bring out all the wrong deeds of SS! Guruji is again giving this - "haila main iss duniiya ka sabse thakela insaan hoon" looks! LOL (Someone give him his CHAI! Angry Why does he always get so worried? LOL Sab baat pe ek hi expression! Kya poore khandan ko ye bimaari hai kya?

Please press the LIKE Buttonif you liked the update! Embarrassed


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LOL @ Fifa, Argentina has got it. i cant believe legend maradona is their coach or assistant coach, man i would dieeeee.
italy chances are slim, 2 points only, lmao getting beaten by teams who were near qualifying last. chalo last years winners and this years losers.

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thanks priti.....really needed it

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Thanks Priti. Oh no, slap number 2 for Angad.. this is going to lead to so much more trouble.. i just wish Krishna was there.. and the precap, oh no! Stickied the update.

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Thank U priti
I haven't watched todays episode
Thgt today i will first enjoy your update and then watch it

Keep up da gud workThumbs Up

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Originally posted by pritirays

Post cannot be quoted.
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Thank you very much

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