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Maaneet- A new dimension to the love (Ch 30 Pg.74) (Page 7)

crazy4lyf Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2010 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
My Note:

Sorry, people, to disappoint you all, but I won't be able to update the next parts of story....going out of town....

But here's an interesting thing that you can do till then(besides watching Maaneet's hilarious scenesWink)....

in the next post, is a part of the story that i've been working upon....
It's a bit suspense-filled-romance- (or viceversa).....

Read that part and try figuring out for yourself, what i'm gonna write next.....WinkWinkWink

I know u will njoy doing that bit, plus it'll also give me inputs to write the story.... Smile

i'll  be updating ASAP
I'll miss the forum, and everyone of you.....


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crazy4lyf Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2010 at 1:23pm | IP Logged

Rains have a tremendous ability to bring about the ever changing emotions of a person into expressions.


While Geet was still getting wet in the rain, drenching every bit of her body and soul, feeling the cold water that was lashing against her skin. But the sudden turn of events that had interrupted her life gave her greater pain, breaking every bit of hope, heart and dreams that was left in her.


Meanwhile, someone was really happy to see the dark and misty weather. Enjoying the beauty that it had brought to Delhi.


In the faraway resort of Delhi, someone had the reason to celebrate. Stretching the hand out from the shaded hut that isolated them from the rest of resort and the world, she felt the cold drops on her skin, took the water into her hands and playfully threw it on him.


"Hey, Yaar…What are you doing? You have drenched me. This is not fair." He complained in his husky voice, cleaning his misty spectacles. He went towards her and said,"Take this now".

And splashed water on her face.


Immediately both started laughing and splashing water on each other. They both ran here and there and finally he got hold of her. Both smirked. He put his arms around her shoulder and said with love, "thanks Naintara, for helping me out of all this. The way you saved me from all this mess, no one else could. You are simply wonderful, dear. I LOVE YOU, MY WIFE."


Giving her honey sweet smile, she said,"hume toh ye sab karna hi tha…aapke liye….kyunki aap sirf Naintara ke Dev hai, sirf humare, aur vo Gee…."


But before she could complete her sentence, Dev stopped her midway, "Shhhhh......No, NT, not today, don't spoil your mood today."

"comeon, let's dance, to the music of rain"


Both danced and danced for very long and their devilsh laughter echoed in the atmosphere as if screaming out the atrocities that they had imposed on the innocent-small-town-bubbly-girl Geet.

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Antares IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 July 2010 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
That part was short but sweet......lolz......surprisingly I like Dev and Naintara it their fights or lovey-dovey scenes........lolz......can't wait to read the next continue soon!

Have fun!Wink

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miss_bennet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 July 2010 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
nice part...short but nice...
crazy4lyf Senior Member

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Posted: 05 July 2010 at 10:28am | IP Logged

Chapter 8

Maan was on the journey back to Delhi.  Maan was still thinking about past week's events.


How and what went so wrong between them. "Oh God, why me! Why I fell a victim of that innocent face? Why couldn't I see beyond her smile. She not just deceived me but has broken my trust. From today I won't even interact with girls more than necessary let alone believe them....." As he said the last words, his eyes flared up with anger and hatered. "Why Geet? Why did you come in my life? Why did you ever trapped me in your love? I would never forgive you for this."



He went outside in the rain, felt the cold shivers in his body and then stood in the middle in rain, to let his spirit and feelings grow cold and freeze him to death. Standing there, he at once transported himself in the past.



The weather was dark and Munshiji had warned him against driving back today. But Maan was adament.


"Geet, I'm coming. Now, you have the right to be happy Geet. I would give you all the hapiness that you deserve. I'm coming to make you mine." he smiled as he thought all this and looked at the taveez that joined them (or mingled them with each other).


For the first time in his life he had experienced such a strong emotion that binded him with someone else, compelling him to think about her every moment. And now that he knows everything about her he made a promise to himself,"I will never leave you alone, Geet".


Being busy althrough this week he was not able to contact Geet or ask about her well being. He wondered if Geet was also missing him as much as he is missing her. Tonight when he was finally going to meet her after 5 days, he decided he's not going to tell her now. He would surprise her and love to see the happiness on her lovely face. That's why he decided to move in this hard weather, he couldn't wait to tell Geet, how much he had missed her and how much he loves her. She was her lifeline now.


But, destiny had planned otherwise. When he reached to Khurana Const. , he went straight to Geet's Cabin. To his surprise, she wasn't there, he asked people about Geet and Adi said that she had left.


Maan was bewildered at the answer. But to avoid raising eyebrows he briskly walked to his Cabin. He was still bemused at the answer of Adi. Oh! Now where on earth is Geet. He tried to call, Geet's mobile was unreachable.


Suddenly the phone on his desk had buzzed.


He immediately grabbed the phone and wished that it's Geet. But the person on other side of phone was the person he had least expected at this moment.


Mr. Chopra warmly said, "So, you are back. We must say that we are not pleased by your ways of work but we've got the designs now, thanks to Ms. Geet. We have given her the cheque, so I guess we don't have any dues."


Maan was completely lost in Geet's fuss to realise what Mr. Chopra was saying and said,"Thanks Mr. Chopra," and hung up the phone.


Suddenly he realised what Mr. Chopra had said, he had given cheque to Geet but reality was he had no idea about the cheque and he wondered if she had gone away with the cheque and he felt a surge of anger arise in him. "What am I thinking, she could never do something like that and then tried to think why she had left, he never understood why she was adament to resign. He had thought,"Maybe, it's due to her pregnancy,and whatever happened to her." But she should've informed him, if this was the reason. And why was she ashamed if she hadn't done anything wrong...


Thoughts were getting more confusing and had blocked his mind. His head throbbed really hard and his eyes were red. He was sleep deprived for many days.


Whenever he closed his eyes, Geet came to him, and after discovering the shocking past of her, his mind will not let him sleep because of regret on accusing Geet having affair and everything else(even when he never said this to her).


The mobile phone rang and it was Dadi ma, he wanted to talk to her later but then decided to pick her call.

"Maan, I want to talk to you now."

Maan:Yes Dadi. I'm listening.

Dadi:Not over the phone.

Maan:Dadi, what's the matter now?


He demanded in harsh voice.

Dadi sensed it's better to ask him on phone.

Dadi:Maan, I want every detail of Geet  eversince she has started working with you.


Maan was a bit shocked on hearing Geet's name, how did she knew about Geet and amazed on what his Dadi was saying.


He asked "Why". "What has happened over here, while I was away"


Little did he know that whatever was happening since morning was nothing as shockful as what he was going to hear now.


"Do you know Geet has lodged an FIR against Dev for the cases of forfeit and has gone to court to fight against him."

"What. But why will Geet do that."

"Just for the sake of money. She is pregnant with God knows whose child and has accused Dev of being the father. She says that Dev married her in Hoshiarpur and had left her a day after marriage."


Dadima said all this in one breath, her words full of anger and hate.

He said, "I will myself look into this matter."


This relieved Dadi and aggrevated the tension of Maan. Everything was getting complex.


First Geet's absence, then missing cheque and then this case. Maan couldn't make anything of it.

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Great update! A new twist.......loving it! Maan and Dadi are doubting Geet's intention......they are gonna feel damn bad when they will know the continue soon!
crazy4lyf Senior Member

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Chapter 8 continued....


So, this was Geet. She broke my trust, she accused my brother of not just sleeping with her, but also alleged that she married him, she came to my office knowingly, to win over my heart and get my money. When you understood this would take longer, you fled away with the cheque of Chopra's Project and then cooked up a false story to get compensation.


"Geet after today's events, I'm not going to spare you." Maan murmered to himself.


He took out the Taveez and the anger in him flared up even more, he threw it in his Office Dustbin. He wanted to talk to his Dadi now to dig deeper into the Dev-Geet fuss, but then came up with a better idea.


Within half-an-hour, city's top lawyer Mr. S. K. Kapur was in his cabin. Dadi was discussing the matter with him deeply. After the matter was discussed thoroughly, She got up from her chair and declared in a frail yet firm voice, "Do whatever can be done within your limits, but I want my grand son to be freed from all the allegations of Geet."


Maan added," You will have double your fees, but I don't want any further trouble to surround Dev."


With these words the lawyer went away and Dadi tried to know what was going on Maan's mind, already aware of the fact that anything about Geet affected him deeply, but this was not just about Geet, but his own brother Dev also. But no luck their, she could see that the betrayal of Geet had shocked him to stillness.


Maan kept looking at the empty wall in front of his office. After a long while Maan came to the conclusion that he was used by Geet for nothing but money. Even if he believed the story of Gurvinder for once, what about the cheque given by Mr. Chopra and her sudden demand to resign. And her false allegation on his brother. Why would he ever do that.

Undoubtedly Geet was lying, and  he won't forget her deception nor forgive her for the trouble she was causing him and his family.


With this thought, he felt severe pain in his chest but he couldn't locate where, and suddenly realised the pain was in the left side of chest, somewhere near the heart. Was it his thinking or his heart was really suffering from betrayal or the heart break? He wondered.


He went to home to spend a sleepless night moaning over his broken heart and cursing God for his evil fate, suffering the pain of losing someone yet hating the same person, wanting to let her go out of his life, but not able to give up her thoughts.  


Maan got up (actually he hadn't slept last night) and went to Mr. Kapur's office to see what can be done to save Dev and get hold of the traitor Geet.


As his thoughts were racing hard against his mind he was a bit shaken by a harsh lightening sound that struck the tree in front of him. He came to the ground soon.

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awesome updte dear

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