23rd June Written Update:VeeYa in Delhi..

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Friends I saw something sensational in another serial today(See my siggy to know which serial)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..so I m not really in a mood to update today's boring episodeSleepyLOL..So in case I miss something in my update..my apology in advance as Jyoti is right now reporting from DreamlandDay DreamingEmbarrassed

Oh yes coming to this show..one good thing is that Masoom is not really Masoom but an evil girlBig smile..in short Tappu and Nani's Big boss u can sayWinkLOLLOL..Another good thing is that CVs did cost-cutting again..Veeya goes to Delhi and not USLOLOuch
Heres the Update..
Don't tell me Vansh will doubt a Paanwala nowConfusedROFL
Today's episode begins with Vansh secretly checking Ichha's mobile to see if there is any SMS of VeerOuch;When he is not able to find any SMS, Vansh guesses that mayb Ichha deleted them allD'oh;Vansh then calls up on the last received  number to check who called up Ichha but it turns out to b a PCO number and a Paanwala picks up the phoneLOL;So then Vansh disconnects it but his doubt on Ichha continues as usualSleepy(Ok now the question is who called up Ichha from a PCOConfused..because in last episode she was talking in such a happy tone with that person na..and it can't b Ammo because Ammo will not call her from a PCO naConfused..It can't b Sid also or else Ichha will not smile while speaking to himLOL..so maximum it can b her village friends..but now don't tell me Vansh will doubt that Paanwala picking up the phoneROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL)..
Veeya reaches Delhi and not US...wowwLOLLOL
Veer and Tappu r shown entering one hotel room when Tappu keeps on asking Veer that why they came to Delhi when they were suppose to fly off to USLOLon which Veer tells Tappu that they will go to US but after one week because he has some pending business work in DelhiWink(In short CVs r doing cost-cutting..US na sahee..toh Delhi saheeLOL..but I guess its the smae film city of Mumbai onlyLOL..they just showed the Delhi-Gate pics and then expects the viewers to assume that its Delhi..nonsenseLOL..One more thing Veeya left for US yesterday night and reaches Delhi today morning..I mean how long it takes a flight to reach Delhi from Mumbai..maximum 2 hours naConfusedConfused..So where were Veeya whole night ??..in the airport kyaErmm..Ok Viewers r suppose to assume many things hereWinkLOL);So then Tappu asks Veer that if he had to finish his business work in Delhi,then what was the need to bring her there with him as she could hv stayed in her parent's house only(First time Tappu makes senseWinkLOL);Hearing this Veer tells Tappu that he can't afford to leave her there as she herself saw how things got out of control at his house and so it was a safe option that they both leave the house togetherConfused;Hearing this Tappu in anger tells Veer that why always she will hv to suffer because of his mad brotherAngry(Oh really ..so then Madam Tappu..what about those people who r suffering because of youAngry);Now Veer gets mad at Tappu after she calls his brother madClap(Aww Veer really loves his brotherCry..I wish Vansh can see thisAngryCry);Veer shouts at Tappu and tells her that he had to do this for bhaiyya and Ichha's happinessCry;Hearing this Tappu gets mad now and tells Veer that "Everytime he does everything for Ichha only..he always thought about his family..about his brother..about Ichha but he never thought about his wife..How long will our relationship continue to b the supporting factor for VanCha's relationship..how long u will use me just to make your brother and Ichha happy..how long Veer..how long ?"Ouch;After this Tappu gets emotional and goes from there while Veer stands there like a robot without much emotionsConfused(So now Sid can come to Delhi and start stalking Tappu..he has one week's timeBig smile..but the question is who will tell that duffer about Tappu's whereaboutsAngry)
Divya gives shelter to Masoom..Jogi is helplessOuch
At Jogi's House ,its breakfast time as usualLOL(I wonder whether they do lunch or dinner at allLOLLOL);All r wondering where is Divya when Divya enters the house holding Masoom's hands and seeing this all r shockedShockedOuch;Nani walks towards Divya and asks her why she brought this girl inside the house and even Jogi was going to ask the same thing when Divya tells Jogi that "I know u will say that u don't know this girl but then she gave me these photos of yours and Roshni as the proof..tell me from where will she get these photos ??'Ouch;Jogi is speechless now and Nani asks for a more solid proof when that Masoom comes forward and tells Jogi that "My mother always used to tell me that your father is a good looking guy..and she also told me that your father used to sing songs for me..and my mother also told me that your father was always interested in making statues and sculptures"Ouch(Oh ho so Jogi used to b a casanova kya singing songs and advertising his good looks to college girlsShockedLOL..because Massom's mother's description about Jogi gives us this impression onlyConfusedLOL);Hearing all this Nani quickly points out that everyone knew during Jogi-Divya's marriage that Jogi used to love making statues..so this cannot b a solid proofOuch;Hearing this Masoom further tells Jogi that "My mother also told me that a friend of yours had polio because of which u were really very upset as your friend wanted to b a Athelete"Confused;So then Jogi and Divya r really shocked seeing that Masoom knows so many secrets about JogiShocked;Divya then tells everyone that she remembers how Jogi got really upset when they once forgot to give one polio-drop to Tappu on time and thats because he was very much close to that friend who had polio...so this means Masoom is telling the truthShockedOuch(Hmm now I know why Tappu got such a polluted mind..its because her polio-drop was not given on timeWinkROFL..So CVs indirectly justified Tappu's acts todayWinkLOLLOL);Jogi is standing in confused manner and still sticks to his words that she is not his daughterApprove;Divya looks very much upset and is in tearsCry;She tells Jogi that its been 25years we r together but still u never told me this truth of your lifeOuch;Poor Jogi is clueless when Divya declares that from today onwards Masoom will stay in this house only which shocks both Nani and JogiOuch;Divya then orders Nani to give breakfast to Masoom as she is the daughter of this house but still she was getting drenched outside in the rain last night despite having a fatherOuch;Divya tells all this with a very heavy heart while Jogi walks out from the hall and goes upstairs;Nani looks clueless and confused nowLOL..
Nani tries to get some secrets out of Jogi..but no useLOL
Jogi alone is sitting in his room in thinking mode when Nani comes there;Nani tells Jogi that "I know u hv never taken my advice but at the same time I also know that u hv always shown respect to me and allowed me to stay in this house..and so today I just want to ask you something..I know that the girl is a fraud and Divya should not hv allowed that girl to stay in this house..I also know that u hv always fulfilled your responsibilities as a husband as well as a father..but hving said that the fact right now is that the girl is claiming to b your daughter with a solid proof...So right now your silence can go against you..if that girl's words hv any truth then please tell me..we can always find out a solution"Wink(For the first time Nani made some senseLOL);Hearing Nani's blabberings,Jogi in his reply tells Nani that he is not that girl's father and this is also a factClap;Jogi then goes from there and Nani's blabberings also goes in wasteLOL
Hmm so Masoom is not so Masoom..but is hving some real Evil IntentionsEvil Smile
Divya shows Masoom her room and tells her that from now onwards she will b staying in that roomBig smile;So then Masoom tells Divya that "You r just as sweet as my mother"Wink;Divya doesn't give any reply and goes from thereOuch;Masoom then closes her room and finally reveals her real evil face by giving that evil smileEvil Smile(Thank god she is not Ichha part 2 but someone who can teach a nice lesson to Tappu-Nani jodiBig smile..Sinse Tappu is in Delhi only.,.she can very well come back to deal with her carbon copy sisterWinkLOLTongue);Masoom then takes out her mother's photo from her bag..gives another evil smile and keeps it on a tableConfused(I wonder if its her mother's photo or she is just using that Roshni's photo to trap JogiConfused);Then Masoom takes out her mobile and starts speaking to someone on phoneConfused;She tells someone on phone that everything is going according to plan hereShockedConfused;Just then she hears someone knocking at the door..when she opens it..its none other than Jogi passing by..Episode endsBig smile..
Precap:Jogi tells Divya that he knew Roshni and that letter was also written by him only..but how can it resurface all of a sudden after so many yearsOuch..Jogi looks highly confused and tries to convince Divya that Masoom is not his daughter..Cry

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Thanks for doing the update, OH MAN MANEET IS HOT HOT HOT!   I cant wait for tomorrow's dance either!

Did I not say Veer and Taps will miss their flight, they won't fly to US, she'll come back, but this time she's got competition from Masoom!  woo Woo fight, fight! LOL

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the funny thing is none of the parents have bothered to call and check if the 2 cartoons have reached their destination safely.. even if some one flies from mumbai to delhi normally poeple will ask.. but they are supposed to go to the other side of the world and the parents are least bothered.. wat a family LOL

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nani told tapu to control her anger but...kya yar...

and how the hell is veer soo rich? lol...look at that place it was grand!LOL

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these fools of uttaran donno when to open their mouth....now it is jogi's turn....he could have explained it clearly to that not so masoom 'masoom' what he was discussing to takurayin in tomorrows episode....he also ...like ammu, ichcha , veer kept quiet....these ppl are so dumb Angry

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areyyy tapu ek baar gussa ho jati hai naa...to ram hi raakhe

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thanx for the update jyoti....
it was a boring episode.....but i was so happy because at last we see a little ray of hope in form of masoom...she is the big boss of TapNi and she is one daring one too......
for sometime tapwater might run behind masoom rather than her fav ichcha...but she has to pay a costly price for this because masoom is no ichcha part 2....can't wait to see how masoom giving nightmares to TapNi....its about time already for paying a big price for ruining ichcha's married life....
now for the episode
vansh no comments....he was looking hot today....god knows when his brains will come back normal function now...its highly irritating....why can't he trust his wife whom loves him so much
VeeYa...i know they never go to US...i might as well want them to go to hell.....these two are irritating me big time....and why tapwater always have the same dialogues in her mouth.....and veer his robotic best....this couple is a weird one.....and please can someone ask the looser veer to stop giving sulking faces as it was his decision of living with the devil.....no point regreting or showing sulking faces now....you have damage everything....
no ichcha...a good relieve from her crying.....
jogi-divya....dumb...dumber...dumbest....no comments on them....
masoom stole the whole show....just love her character i don't know what motive she came into the house but all i can say she is going to give a best nightmare to TapNi...and also maybe she is saviour to VanCha...i hope she snatches veer from tapwater
Note: Jyoti your siggies of MaNeet is hot....i don't watch the show but i heard alot about this couple and how Maan belongs to the category of agressive hotties like Krishna...Vansh...Dutta Bhau...if Maan has such hot attitute sure the couple as well as Maan himself will rock big time

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this girl can ruin whatever sh want but stay awway from veeya!

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