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Written and Video Update: June 23rd

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Written and Video Update: June 23rd


Hey everyone- I hope you are all doing fine and are enjoying the summer. I love that the relationship between Anurag and Taani is no longer sour, and they are best of friends again. I can't wait to see how love blossoms. Loved the little scene we got of grown up Anurag and Taani yesturday. Short but satisfying LOL. Let's see what the Balaji creative team has in store for us today:


~:* Video Update *:~


(Credit: -Nipun97-)



~:* Detailed Written Update *:~


The episode starts off with Anurag's mother folding clothes and telling Anurag that she will buy him everything he needs for the play, from clothes to ornaments as long as he performs well in the play (He is just stuffing his face with food LOL). Anurag says something in Bengali, presumably that he will do an amazing job, and suddenly his father walks in asking what amazing thing is he about to do. Anurag sits up at his father's entry and Anu's mother tells Anu's father about the play that Anurag is taking part in. She mentions that he is going to be playing the role of Raavan, and Anu's father abruptly starts barking at her, asking where Anurag got this sudden fondness for drama. Anurag sits and listens quietly, with his head lowered. (I am so happy Anurag hasn't inherited and won't be inheriting anything but wealth from his father LOL- I'm still shocked how this man could be the father of our hot and handsome Anurag Blushing). Anu's father tells Anu that it is all a waste of time and that he should concentrate on his studies as he has to help with the business in the future (Hitler kahin ka! Angry). Anu's mother asks Anu's father whether he will be coming to the play, and he replies with a rude 'Bilqul nahin!' He then gets a call and leaves the room to attend to it. It turns out to be Ananya's loverboy calling him. Anurag's father tells him that he needs to talk about something important with him and tells him to come to his house in the evening. Anu's dad shuts the phone, and Ananya's boyfriend (What was his name again? ROFL) wonders if her father has found out everything about the two of them.


Scene switches to Taani's father running off somewhere suspiciously, and Taani's mother following him slyly. He arrives at a small house and knocks on the door, looking around to make sure no one he knows is around. A woman opens the door, plain in appearance, and Taani's father hands her the bundle of money (This better not be some secret wife- typical Ekta storylines Dead). The woman enters back into her home and Taani's father leaves, wiping sweat off his face. Taani's mother looks on, completely shocked. Scene changes to Anurag and his mother, who are at a clothing shop, where Anurag is choosing different ornaments and accessories to match with his Raavan outfit. He goes off to look at the jewellery, and Anurag's mother begins looking at different Sita costumes (Awww, how sweet, she's getting clothes for Taani as well, or should I say, for her bahu Embarrassed). She gets a suit and jewellery packed and looks at Anurag with a smile, thinking that she won't tell him that she bought a dress for Taani, so that she can surprise her.


Taani is taking clothes off the washing line and is deep in thought about her Sita costume. She debates whether she should buy such an expensive dress, which she will only wear for ten minutes- as the rest of the play will be showing Sita's exile. Taani's father walks into the house and his wife's voice from the kitchen tells him to stop. She comes to him and Taani's father asks what is wrong. Taani's mother points the finger at him and tells him that she has never seen a bigger liar than him in her whole life. He is shocked at what she is saying and Taani overhears this conversation. Taani's father steps away and asks what she is saying and what has happened to her now. He sits down and grabs the newspaper, but Taani's mother snatches it from him and throws it on the table, asking whether he understands what she is saying, or if he just does not want to understand. She complains about him not giving her money to buy Taani's dress, yet he was able to give a lot of money to some woman. Taani's father is shocked and stands up. She tells him not to lie to her, as she saw everything from her own eyes. Taani's father looks at Taani nervously, who has a full view of their argument. Taani's mother demands what relationship he has with that woman and who she is. Taani's father tells her to lower her volume as Taani is at home, but Taani's mother asks why all of a sudden he is remembering Taani. She shouts that the only reason she is quiet is because of Taani, otherwise she doesn't know what she would have done. Taani's father tells her that she is thinking the wrong thing, that it was only a buyer and seller of their shop. Yet she demands what kind of buyer and seller it is, that even she doesn't know about them. He pleads to her to trust him but she moves his hand away and continues arguing, asking what the woman gives him in return for his money (Oh gosh, this is getting a little out of hand Shocked)


Taani's father shouts and tells her to be quiet. He confesses that he has mortgaged the shop, to which both Taani and her mother are shocked. He tells her that he was gone to make a repayment, that the woman's name is Mrs Chatterjee, and that he has taken a loan from her husband. Taani's mother falls to the ground and cries, asking why he mortgaged the shop, and how will they manage their expenses now. Taani's father sits down in front of her, trying to calm her down, telling her not to worry as he will fix things really soon. Taani's mother continues crying and tells him that he won't be able to do anything, again asking why he mortgaged the shop in the first place. She cries, asking him why he didn't seek her opinion in the matter, that managing their household expenses will become extremely difficult now. She demands where they would get money for Taani's wedding, Taani's clothes and Taani's jewellery. Taani's father shouts 'BAS!' shouting at her to stop talking, and saying that nothing like this will happen to them. Taani's mother again starts shouting at him, but Taani runs to her and tells her to calm down and stop it. Taani's mother tells Taani to not interfere and let her speak to him, as he played with their future and wasted all their happiness for his own enjoyment. Taani's father tells her that she has gone crazy, and Taani's mother replies that she has, that he has made her that way, he has made her crazy. She compares him to Shekhar (Anurag's father) saying that he made a huge successful business, whilst Taani's father could not even handle a small shop. Taani shouts 'MAA!' to keep her mother from talking, and runs away crying (Poor thing having to watch her parents fight. That's always a horrible thing to witness Cry). Taani's mother cries and says that at least he did one good thing, which was getting Taani married to Anurag, otherwise she would not know what would become of her daughter.  She tells him that he is not even capable of taking care of them.


Anurag's and Taani's father are having a conversation regarding the argument that took place earlier. Anurag's father tells him that Taani's mother would not be able to bear hearing the truth. He gives Taani's father money, telling him that he is just like Taani's father, so there should be no awkwardness taking money from him. Taani's father tells Shekhar that once Taani's Bidaai, farewell, takes place, then Shekhar can get his bahu whatever he chooses, but until she is at her father's house, she is his responsibility, and he will fulfil all his responsibilities. Taani is at Anurag's home and is sitting on a bench in the terrace. Anurag is also there, pacing the terrace and rehearsing his lines for the play. He glances at her and says his lines loudly to get her attention and she tells him to stop already. He tells her to say her line but she looks away sadly. Whilst munching on an apple, Anurag asks her what has happened to her and she tells him that she cannot play the role of Sita. He asks whether she realises what she is saying as the play is in two days. He tells her not to joke and urges her to say her line, telling her about the wonderful things his mother bought him for the play. Taani stands up and steps away, telling him that she is being serious. Anurag walks to her and places his hand on her arm, making her look at him. He sees tears in her eyes and asks what the matter is (Very cute scene Embarrassed). She tells him about the fight she witnessed between her parents over money, hence she won't play the role of Sita. Anurag tells her that it is such a small matter to get upset about, and says that his mother will buy a costume for her. Taani refuses and reminds him of what he said about her poor state, and goes on to talk about her father's respect, and how friends should never give or take money from each other. She then talks about their friendship and says she never wants their friendship to end (How adorable Day Dreaming)


Ananya's boyfriend walks into Shekhar's home, and Ananya spots him, rushing down to see him. He starts to get nervous and asks whether her father is home, to which Ananya replies that she does not know and takes his hand and leads him to the hidden corner of the room. He asks her what she is doing and she asks how he came here so suddenly. He tells her about her father calling him here, and they start worrying over what could be the reason. Ananya tells Ritesh about her life's troubles, and that her parents are behind her getting married (RITESH! Tongue That's his name LOL. I know now, because Ananya just said it LOL). She tells him to talk to her father about their marriage before it becomes too late. Anurag's mother's voice calls from behind them, asking them what is going on (Ritesh looks like he's just seen a ghost LOL). Anurag's mother walks up to them and asks what they need to talk about, and Ritesh replies that he was just called here by Sir, and that Sir possibly wanted to talk to him. He tells Ananya's mother that he will wait outside for him and is leaving when Ananya stops him, walking to him and telling him that she does not think he will be able to do this task (Meaning, he won't be able to man up and confess his love for Ananya to her father Tongue Ritesh looks like he's in pain LOL). Her mother asks what won't he be able to do, and Ananya grabs Ritesh's hand and leads him to her mother. She tells her mother a little about him, how he works in Shekhar's office, how he is educated and earns well. Her mother asks why Ananya is telling her this, as she already knows all of this. Ananya tells her that there is one thing that they do not know, that she loves Ritesh and wants to marry him. Her mother is surprised at this confession.


Ananya's mother tells Ritesh that she wishes to speak with her daughter alone, and Ritesh obeys and leaves. Ananya's mother asks whether Ananya has gone mad, and whether she has the slightest concern for her father's self-respect. Ananya questions what is so wrong with Ritesh, that he is a good guy, and earns respectably. She says that this is her life, and she wishes to live it her own way (Ummm, spoilt brat, much? Ermm). She says that she doesn't want to have a stamp put on her and be taken around the market to sell, and asks her mother whether her thinking is wrong. Her mother tells her no, that they are the ones who are wrong, the parents, who dream for their children and look for a good guy and good house for their daughters. She questions why is it that when parents do things for their children it is their duty, yet when children do things for their parents it is a favour? (Beautiful statement and so true nowadays Clap). She tells Ananya that they do not need any favour from her, and that she can do whatever she pleases. Shekhar arrives and calls Ritesh inside, telling his wife that he needed to talk about something personal with Ritesh. He tells Ritesh that he wanted to talk to him about Ananya's marriage. Anurag's mother questions him, confused. He tells his wife about some family coming to see Ananya tomorrow, and both Ritesh and Ananya are shocked. He tells her that he needed to talk to Ritesh in regards to the preparations for tomorrow. Shekhar walks off with Ritesh following behind (This Ritesh is such a coward, honestly, but can't really blame him, Anu's dad is one scary man! LOL). Ananya vows that no matter what happens, she won't go ahead with this marriage and then rushes away. Episode ends on Anurag's mother's face, looking helpless and defeated.


RATING: 8/10

Not a bad episode, I just want things to move at a faster pace, like it did with the first three episodes. And after yesterday's glimpse of HC and AK, I really wanted to see them again. But yeah, the kids were superb as usual. The Ananya and Ritesh stuff kind of bores me- that is why I cut marks. Hoping we get to see the play soon, at least, as I want something interesting to happen!

Love Zahra Embarrassed x

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Thanks Zahra. What an episode.. loved Onu and Mishti Embarrassed They have such a good bond between the two. Great acting by Taani's mum. Clap Will get the update stickied. Tongue

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Thank you sooo much for update.
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thank u so much for the fantastic updateClap

come on CVs get the kid grow up already and don't drag their track too much plwaseUnhappy

I want grown up TaAnu by the end of this week
Day Dreaming
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Thank you so much for the lovely update.
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Thank you for the update, lovely episode ..both Anu and Taani well acted, well acted by Taani's mom too..all in all nice epi..
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Thank you so much for u hard work :)
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Thanks for update, same here I would love to see it move a bit faster too!

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