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23/06: New beginnings...

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2010 at 11:57am | IP Logged
I love the new Shilpa avatar. Even though she's remembered as the 'first' Riddhima, the personality and appearance is so exaggerated and melodramatic (in comparison to the other character she played) that she's been given the liberty to play the character in whatever way she thinks best. Her loud expressions are awesome and entertaining to watch. 

Shilpa scans the record room files for something and this is witnessed by very confused JP and Jiggy. She realises she's being watched, taking her desired file along with her, she makes a speedy getaway...however, she is unable to distract them and they confront her in the cafeteria. Yet we all know that Shilpa is way too cunning to allow this to supress her and she gets away...again.

Swwwitch to Siddy Widdy and Ridzyy, in the fire escape. Heart
Riddhima and Sid look gorgeous, they do make a very stunning couple. Riddhima is looking away from Sid, she always stops herself from getting too close to Sid, naturally he always has to make the first move. She is shy, nervous, yet he assures her by gently directing her face to look at him. There is barely any space between them and she's akward due to the proximity. She tries to manoeuvre herself around him yet he orders her, "Rukh jao Riddhima". Again, he makes her look at him, moving her hair from out of her face, making sure she can experience the integrity and sincerity with which he speaks.
Appealing to her with his deepest confession yet, "main tumhe tumse mangna chahta hoon". It's strange to hear a married man speak to his wife like this, but Sid-Riddhima have never shared the usual husband and wife relationship, it is obvious Sid wants to remove these complications forever. He acknowledges the importance she has in his life and finally tells her, with no question of a doubt, what HE wants, "Tum meri patni ho and I want my wife back". He tells her that he wants her to live with him in their home. Definitely, a big step in their relationship. Riddhima left the house with uncertainty about her relationship, uncertainty about her existence in Sid's life, uncertainty about what she meant to Sid. They may have lived together once, yet their actions were those of mere strangers. You couldn't have even guessed they were a couple in matrimony, nor cohabiting friends. Nothing. Just the name of a relationship and no emotions, no aspiration to fulfil it.
With Riddhima's decision to return, they were giving their relationship another opportunity to survive, to blossom into something much greater than it's legal/social name.   
Sid finishes with a wholehearted, "I love you". Smile
It's amazing to see this, for so long SR/DMG fans have waited for those words, and when he spoke he really didn't disappoint. Clap

Anddd back to Shilpa. Having successfully evaded JP and Jiggy, she reads the file which contains information on Dr. Armaan. She acknowledges his basketball skills in winning him numerous tournaments alongside biking and boxing he also possesses the ability to play the drums, in her own words, "kafi creative aur multi-talented lagte hain". Why of course it's DR. Armaan!
On the other hand, they show a tired Armaan finally getting bailed out of jail. Bechara.
New information surprises Shilpa, the fact that Armaan was a partial amnesia patient for 6 months and that he only recently re-joined Sanjeevani 3 months ago. She worries that he may chuck her out. Well, honey, if he does, I wouldn't be surprised....but breaaking news, firstly, this is DMG-it is unpredictable. Fact. And secondly, Shilpa is too clever to get kicked out of Sanjeevani so early on in the 'game'.
As if Shilpa's worries have triggered something in Armaan's mind, he recalls the ArSh journey so far, the basketball match, the encouter at Kangaroos and ultimately his incarceration. Not happy. He promises that if he ever meets her again, he'll make sure he doesn't lose to her ever. Switching back to Shilpa, a more sentimental bg score plays whilst she says the words, "nahi main sanjeevani chod kar kahin nahi ja sakti hoon". The interns having some sort of purpose of joining Sanjeevani is expected especially when it concerns the Guptas. We had Yuvi wanting to destroy Shashank and now Shilpa wanting to make amends with Riddhima. Yeh chakkar kya hai, so many controversy and mysteries surrounding the Gupta family right?

Walking through Sanjeevani, Shilpa notices it's 4 o clock, she has an hour to come up with another plan. Unfortunately for her, Armaan's already walking the corridors and unbeknowst to her, she's walking straight towards him. Uff, but just at that time, Armaan's shoelace conveniently comes undone, he bends to tie it and Shilpa walks smoothly past him. Neither of them realise the other is in the vicinity. Whilst walking past, JP is heard shouting "Armaan bhaiya aap", Shilpa freezes but then calms herself, it's just her imagination, she's been thinking about him so much that her mind has started playing tricks on her. But it isn't, her apprehensions are reinforced when she hears JP and Jiggy again and she turns to see them speaking to none other than Armaan. Hiding behind a wall, she overhears Armaan complaining about her and his terrible ordeal at the police station. To make matters worse, he tells them about the "stoopid stoopid ladki" who answered the Sanjeevani phone and subsequently hung up on him. Haha, a series of unfortunate events.
Haha, oh dear, if it couldn't get anyyy worse, JP and Jiggy present the apparent opposite of "dhanno" before Armaan. The new intern of course! Now we realise why JP and Jiggy weren't invited to Kangaroos. They mistakenly tell Armaan how she beautiful and talented she is etc etc, but Armaan isn't buying it, Shilpa correctly states, "Oh no margaayi main". Chalo, jo Dr. Kirti aur Riddhima nahi kar paaye wo Armaan ne bina kuch kiya kar dikhaya. Shipa is actually terrified! LOL

Fasttt forward Sid's house.
The door's open and the Modi couple are seen standing with Riddhima's luggage. Aww the gorgeous sari is back, i.e. "pagfere ki rasam" and Riddhima looks beautiful wearing it. The sari's represent Riddhima's wifey-ness. For a practical doctor/angry Ickyface she wears suits. Yet the wife wears the saris. Riddhima is about to take her first step into the house yet she is abruptly stopped by Sid! He tells her to wait at the door and proceeds into the house, going in search of something. His disappearance gives Riddhima a moment to herself and she remembers his fe confession, smiling to herself at the memories. She calls him again, and he re appears holding a thaali. He explains to her that this time, he wants her to enter only after completing all the rituals. Again, note the fact that Sid is taking the relationship dead seriously. Sid has been imature and kiddish, yet the serious Sid that emerged after his marriage is back again, the anger and hurt that he showered on Riddhima didn't allow him to treat her properly at the time, and now that is long gone. The cute doctor, the cute husband is back.

Haha, aww, supporting the prior statement, Sid gets out a piece of paper containing the instructions and reads them aloud to  Riddhima as to what she needs to do, Riddhima takes the slip from his hands and he explains that he had to else he would have forgotten. I'm smiling, not only because of his innocence but due to the clear effort he has put into making everything "proper". LOL Sid has put raajmah in the kalaash instead of chawal! He has a secret fetish for them it seems, phele breakfast ab ye! He tells her that he knows but there was no rice left in the house, "rajmaah se kam chalalo". Riddhima happily agrees. They complete the aarti, with a silly moment from Sid when he tries to light with the wrong end of the matchstick, yet when Riddhima makes an attempt to enter again, Sid stops her, only this time, lifting her and taking her into the house. Cutebut unnecessary. The moment is brought to an end when Sid turns to bring in Riddhima's luggage yet bashes her head into the door in the process. He quickly apologises, telling her that she can punish him in whatever way, yet if she falls out with him again he won't know how to pacify her! Bless!  Riddhima calmly hushes him with a smile, "it's ok Sid" and walks into the house.

Coming up-ArSh come face to face. No oye hoye from Armaan, instead he calls her "Oye suno" Big smile Shilpa turns and runs for her life and Armaan follows in pursuit! Cannot wait, the exchange of words will be exciting when he finally catches her. He's the senior doctor, she's the intern he will have the upperhand and how he uses this to his advantage will be interesting to watch!

After the break, Shilpa realises she has no plan, the only thing to do now is to avoid at all costs, once he's relaxed she'll make sure she apologises to him. She continues walking down the corridor yet turns to look behind her where JP and Jiggy are still singing praises of the new intern and how beautiful she is, Armaan is not interested. "I'll see you later", he looks up to see Shilpa who is staring straight at him.

Another precap, Arsh sharing water from the same dispenser, having quenched their thirst they turn around and shocked to see each other! Ok so to get lost in a big hospital like Sanjeevani, yet people are oblivious even when they are standing next to each other! Wow. Nonetheless, their expressions are fab, and the scene will be comical. I love the pairing can't wait to watch them together, even if they're going to be fighting. Also, the cat and mouse chase is new to Armaan which makes it worthwhile to watch!

Ok so, after the break, Armaan realises "yeh to wohi Dhanno hai". Episode finito.

Precap: Armaan has caught up with Shilpa, he asks her "tum mujhse bach sakti ho?" with an evil laugh, mwahahaha!
Plus, Armaan is scene carrying Shilpa into the ward and Dr. Kirti is witness to this, she doesn't look to happy. Shilpa feigning her unconsciousness opens an eye to see Dr. Kirti staring and looks worried! Worried is an understatement. But she really is a whirlwind. My own personal comment on the scene- we know from an sbs segment shilpa will plead that she is a patient, but she is wearing a labcoat. How she ends up fooling Armaan,  we can only wait to see,


Applause? Clap: Sid's confession, excellent dialogue delivery by Wahi-kins, and excellent expression by Winget. Armaan is finally back in Sanjeevani! I missed him very much.

Rotten tomatoes! Ouch:  Hmm, Sid's apparent incapability of lighting a matchstick, he's not stupid. It was unnecessary.

BonusStar: Armaan is back in Sanjeevani people! Enough said.  SR fans will love this episode, writer's full recommendation of the episode if this applies to you Smile

Thank you for readdding! Over and out comrades!

Lovee, luck and blessings to one and all!

Standard procedure applies. i.e. no bashing.

mmmWA! xXx


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coolmimz Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2010 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
amazing post...love it

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FarzuIrani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2010 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Beautiful Post
i loved all the ArSh scene
Tom and Jerry Back in form

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 June 2010 at 12:09pm | IP Logged

enjoyed reading your analaysis of today's episode

Siddhima  were terrific, my msot fav line today when sid said to rids you are my wife and i want my wife back, So ahppy Rids back in the house and the ghar parvesh scene was lovely, loved sid's inocoince and Rids smiling all the way,

its nice that Armaan is back form jai, Shilpa Anand is doing an execelent job in her new role, loved her  epxression throughout, The precap was interesting, will eb fun to see how Shilpa and Armaan handle each other


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ekthatiger Goldie

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Posted: 23 June 2010 at 12:32pm | IP Logged

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FiiLza Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2010 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Amazing Post...Embarrassed Loveed all the details about Arsh and Sidma....cant wait till Arsh's nok jhok and Shilpa foolin Armaan....especiallly how Armaan picks Shilpa upBlushing...cant wait till tomorrow...Cry

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RhealitySux Senior Member

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Posted: 23 June 2010 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
coolio !! awesome post. thank u soo very much Big smile

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2010 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Awesome and awesome......
weird..I keep thinking ...that somewhere the ridhima will pop out of shilpas character...but thank god the Cvs didnt do that.....her role is loud....and she is doing great in that role....Ridhima was always shy....this girl knows what she wants....and is very open ...and shilpa is doing justice to shilpaLOLLOL
SR....well they were magic ........the C H E M I S T R Y in chemistry...Wink
KW and JW were fabulous....
Simple beautiful...and perfect...
Now I want to see what how shilpa makes ARmaan dance to her tunes...
I loved the episode.....agree with all your high points....
matchstick..well he was blundering...coz he was nervous.Tongue.....hopfully no more of thatStern Smile  ....
aaj ke episode ke liya sab maafLOLLOLLOL

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