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Mystic Musings: In the Beginning (Page 4)

-Nayab- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anhdara13

Originally posted by -Nayab-

Yaay! Bhav you're back! Dancing... This should be interesting LOL... Hey Radz! *Waves* Big smile...

I love that Bhav got a dance and all I got was  a wave. *sniffles*
Awww!  I'll do a dance for you too LOL...
Dancing DancingDancing

I wasn't confused LOL...

We'll have to work harder than (right B?) XD

Ok, let's see if you manage to confuse me Wink Tongue
What's a bit of crazy between friends? Wink... Normal's boring LOL...

can I like, quote you on this? no one ever agrees with me! LOL
Sure Tongue... Go ahead LOL...

Totally agree here Tongue...
But then I think the director/writer wanted to establish from the off that this isn't gonna be a typical 'teen vampire love story' type of show but a darker version of a popular genre... Basically not for the faint-hearted...
Am I makin' sense? LOL
Makes sense. I think one thing they were really trying to do was set a niche completely different from Twilight, and Buffy and Angel and True Blood, and all the other shows made before. They all have a lot of focus on the 'love' aspect of the show, but this had a lot of focus on the brothers' relationship, and Elena and Jeremy's healing process after losing their parents. It wasn't jumping head first into - 'ohmygod there's the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with' - which was refreshing. yes, Elena was attracted to Stefan, but so was Caroline! and even Bonnie, if her stunned look when he walks out of the office is any indication.
Completely agree Tongue

 When I first started waching the show (from the Pilot) I thought it would be basically a high school based vamp love story but boy was I wrong...

See, normally I'm the kinda person who doesn't watch horror movies etc because I really get freaked Tongue... But for some reason I LOVE this show LOL...  

I was seriously hoping they wouldn't go down that 'typical' route, and I was quite happy with the way they made the first episode. It was dark, and creepy, but not too creepy, and had enough of a story and the friendships and background was set up very nicely. [My horror genre used to begin and end with SPN, now TVD has been added to the list!

oohh, and B - you said something about yet to find a horror genre light-hearted show right? Being Human is supposed to be good, it's a dramedy on BBC.]

I tried watching Being Human LOL... But I got bored after the first few minutes ROFL...
To be honest I really wasn't payin' attention LOL...
@Bhav... Do watch it... Would love to hear what you think of it Tongue...

Totally LOL... 

I'm so glad it's not remotely Buffy-esque (even though I love Buffy LOL)... This seems more realistic...
Love how their eyes go all veiny before their fangs come out Tongue... I find it damn sexy on Stefan Wink LOL...

okay, same here!
I'm so glad you agree LOL... I thought I was the only one who thought that Tongue...
 I love, love, LOVE the makup. It's not inyerface like in BtVS (though that's better than some other shows)
Completely agree LOL...
and yet it's still so effective. And it's creepy, 'cos it's so subtle.
Totally! Less is more as they say and in this case it really is Tongue
Paul really suits the makeup - he makes such a hot vampire.I would so not mind him biting me! Not him, or Ian,
Tell me about it Wink LOL...
Your comment kinda reminded me of something Ian said in one of his interviews LOL...
Found it:
We hear fans have asked you to bite them.What do you think about that?
"It's pretty funny! I mean, it's cute and endearing, but it's also illegal."
or even the dude who played Logan?
Not my type of guy LOL... But whatever floats your boat Wink Tongue...
Or Sean. *fans self* This show has way too many hot vampires.
Sean... The guy who was after Bonnie? The one that she went to school with and he worked in the grill?
Now, him... I totally agree with you about! Day Dreaming SillyLOL...
They have a nephew?! Shocked... Don't you mean their uncle? LOL...
I know... I'm confused with the whole Elena/Katherine thing to it just doesn't add up... I thought Vampires couldn't have kids... So if Katherine's been a Vamp since 1864 how could she (presumably) have had a daughter/son... Who then carried on their line?
It's not possible...
I guess we'll find out as the Seasons progress Tongue...

I actually have some sort of theory for this. Want to hear it?

Okay, for the nephew thing - Zach is descended from the third Salvatore brother. I read somewhere that their father had an illegitimate son that took everything after he died 'cos Stefan and Damon were 'dead' too. So Zach comes from there, I think.
Ohhh right LOL... Oooh what if the 3rd Salvatore comes to Mystic Falls for some reason... That would be interesting Tongue...

As for Katherine and Elena - my theory is that she had a kid before she was turned. That kid had a kid and so on and forth until we get Isobel, and Elena. And Katherine may have kept an eye on her lineage through the ages.
Makes sense Tongue... My brain just got jumbled trying to explain it LOL... I think that's what I meant too ROFL...

Me too LOL...

It shows that the whole of the show isn't gonna be dark... There will be some 'normal' moments too Tongue...

that's one more thing I really enjoyed. There's this nice balance between dark and scary, and fun and normal.

When I first saw Jenna I thought she was their sister or something LOL...
She looked to young to be their aunt...
I love Jenna's character and the way she is with Elena/Jeremy... Like you said... It's cute Tongue...

really? My mom and her eldest sister have a huge age gap - and me and my youngest sister have a really big age gap too, so it's quite easy for me to see Jenna as an aunt. LOL

 See, I'm the opposite so that's why it's kinda... Different... For me LOL...
I think because she's nearer in age to Elena and Jeremy, she acts more like a big sister than a parent - which gives the show more interesting dynamics.
Completely agree... Come to think of it... I'd hate if Jenna was too "grown up"/restricting to Elena & Jeremy LOL...

Loved Bonnie from the first epi... Even though she looks vulnerable/naive in the start you could tell that there was something about her... A kinda inner-strength to her...
yup, she's awesome. I love how her character grows and evolves. She's got nerve, but she's also a loyal friend, and warm and loving. She's very realistic (if you minus the whole witch thing).
Totally! Tongue

That's exactly what i was thinking when we were shown the photo Tongue...  Although the is Elena Katherine one never crossed my mind LOL... 

it never actually crossed my mind either, but that's cos I read the books. Some people may have thought it? Who knows. haha.

Maybe LOL...

Ok, I'm too tired to continue this right now LOL...
I totally love your Mystic musings girls Tongue...
Will continue my comments later on Big smile...
Can't wait for the next analysis LOL...

haha, thanks so much Nay! I'm glad you enjoyed the first one, hopefully you'll enjoy the rest. XD

If this is how the rest are gonna be (which knowing the both of you, they probably are Wink)... I'm sure I will LOL...

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Originally posted by sourpuss

The music they've picked for the show is just so awesome. I can just hear a song there and after a moment realise that I've just missed out on the dialogue...LOL
I know exactly what you mean!
A crow landed on my window once when I was having breakfast. I giggled. *hides* LOL
Haha I would do the same thing, I think.. LMAO.
I thought the texting thing was a little...Ermm...but I guess considering they're 17 and BFFs, it's understandable...
Really you found it weird? Hmmm... maybe because here we do that a lot. It was relatable and I laughed.
Oooh Stefan/Caroline! That's really interesting...Although I don't think we've really seen much interaction between those two, right?
We haven't seen much interactions at all. A few here and there, the major ones were in the pilot and that double date epi. It's funny cuz I make fun of Anju for liking them, but in the pilot I liked to because I wanted to rebel a Twilight love story... LOL.
For the quotes, I loved all the Caro/Damon ones. And Caro was my fave character at the time. IDK why I always end up liking the biatchy looking ones first in all the shows in the start.
I don't think there were any Damon/Care quotes in the first epi...If I'm not wrong, their interaction was just the eyeflirt at the Grill....TongueLOL 
Bahaha! I didn't mean as a couple, LOL sorry. I meant I loved all the Damon lines and all the Caro lines. Silly me put a slash in between, d'oh. Sorry, lol. Yeah eye-flirt was the only thing. Even from the get go, I didn't like D/C together.

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-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 June 2010 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anhdara13

 I was a bit disappointed that they got rid of the fog/crow during the second half.. *see my reply to Bee* you didn't get scared? high-five! it's probably 'cos of all the hot guys. even the bad guys are hot. WinkLOL except crows constantly like, shit in my house. I'm serious. so crows and I don't get along. when I see them flying around outside though, then I'll get all happy. especially if they're all creepy. haha. I want the crow back, and I really want the fog back!
I know! I want my Damon-crow back! I don't care if the fog is there or not, I want the crow! *pouts* You're reply to Bee: I read it, what part were you talking about though? BTW I agree there too! Nahhh I wasn't scared, I would jump a bit in the epis, but overall wasn't scared. I'm sure it the hot guys, ROFL!
veiny!Paul is megahot. veiny!everyone is super cool - love how it's subtle and creepy, not inyerface!scary.
AGREED to the T. But Paul is mine *growls* and same for Logan. You can have Sean and Ian though :)

about E/K - I don't remember where I read it [the theory I posted to Nay]
See I was actually think that too, but I wasn;t sure if it made sense... but seeing you think the same I'm glad it makes sense to others as well.
I looked out for Bonnie, I'll admit. She was (still is!) my fave in the books so I had to look for her. She is adorbs! Such a good friend, and so unaware of her potential. She's so innocent, for the lack of a better word, in the pilot.
I'm sure that if I had read the books before the show came out, I would have done the same thing. I loved that they played innocent, carefree(?)...very Bonnie McCullough. She was so adroable and lively, I don't think they'll make Bonnie that...'innocent' becasue now I am lacking the word now... again. Not after she's been through so much, and will since Kat is back. Though I hope we do see the McCullough Bonnie sometimes too. Maybe a spell goes haywire and we see the 'little' Bonnie from the books for a short while. And, maybe... see the Damon we see in the book treating Bonnie like he does.
What I loved the most in that epi was what Caroline said about her and Stefan's June wedding. I was ready to rebel cannon (because at the time I thought a Twilight-remake) and ship S/C.

haha. ooh, that quote is one of my faves from the episode! I can't believe I forgot it in my analysis! plus, I've got to make a siggy on it, with S/C - you can use it if you want D. we'll write a short S/C shot to fulfil your desire. LOL
o0o0o0o0o girl I think Anju will be more happy then me. I shipped them in the pilot, but I guess I wouldn't mind them together either... just too hardcore SE fan that makes me iffy now. But I'll use and I'll read!
 Caro is so sweet, a little ditzy, but I love that they've got her heart in the right place. I really hope they keep her like this throughout. Someone else (besides the trio) can go all psycho.
I am hoping this with you girl, I love this Caro too much to see her go besirk. I hope they make make Caro/Ty make work together too though, not for some evil plans but just together as a team like Damon/Alaric are.
Initially, I didn't like Vicki. I think it's cos of the way she treated Jeremy. She grew on me though. Really just a messedup kid. Her scenes with Damon showed Kayla's acting so well.
Vicki... I wasn't a huge fan either, but I didn't mind her. I like her with Damon so I had to like her. But I hated her all by herself or with Ty or Jer. I did like her and Matt scenes.

you should so do something like this too D! I'm sure when season 2 starts, everyone would have an opinion. And Desh had like, three people doing their separate analysis at one point. I remember E had her 'big things, little things', Vibha had her analysis and Jaz had this sort of comic relief analysis thing. You should so do this, I would read and comment. XD
Really, I will then! Awee okay! Thanks! (:

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@ Yaz - your replies are awesome. I love how boycrazy you are. :P we should make a club. haha.

@ Dhruvi - I'm way too lazy to go indepth (cos I'm working on episode 2 analysis) but I agree with most of your points! Especially the Bonnie bits - spell haywire so we get innocent/scared Bonnie and Damon taking care of her? yes, please. XD

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