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monday 21-6-10

continues wid fri scene...tilaga's hubby is advicin her to come back coz of vel's condition she refuses cuts ph..he and another man are standing outside vel's room
the doctor calls him in says pulse is very low his condition is getting very serious...enna ippidi solarenga pls save him...we are trying our best unless his brain coordinates wid his body he wont survive..if u can bring someone whom he adores ask dem to speak to him he may become better...pls bring someone ..tilaga is his sister i will bring her..the doctor cuts in..i heard he liked the gal whom he was supposed to marry ask her to come and talk coz her incident will be the last thing in his mind so it ll definately make his condtion better but der r problems i cant bring her..pls try says doctor..
he is worried that tilaga may create problems and thulsi may later refuse so he tries her number..tilaga gets irriated cuts ph den switches it off...tilaga hubby next tries jeyaraj number ..tilaga asks all of dem to switch off phone..indha manushan is supporting thulsi family too much she polambifies to jeyaraj don switch on ur ph until work is sees tilaga hubby worried...y u standin here if uu cant reach  their line go in person call her fast...the other man accompanies him he suggests to him ..ill go in ma bike coz ll be faster ll go stop tilaga madam u come in car..both leave...
thulsi ,deepa in temple..i was expecting TA to propose instead when he spoke about anand loving me i was so upset thats y i cried and told him everything but now i feel being a gal i should have waited ...deepa giggles..u should have seen ur aal face when u told he was not expecting it...i saw a new thulsi over der comments deepa ..thulsi blushes,..but he nevva answered me he kept quiet...hey come on its obvious he loved you illa na y would he ask u to marry him long back...thusli smiles...hmm now oly i see that old thulsi says deeepa tey laugh...she once again asks deepa if TA loves her...deepa tells her...y u asking me so many times .. i know u want to keep hearing it and feel hapy laLOL ..thulsi giggles..she tells deepa all good things are happening ma dad accepted me,i got admission and and Embarrassed...wat wat asks deepa...ur dream of me getting married me has come true she says...adi pavi vitta u ll say am the reason u love him as though i forced u Wink..thulsi laughs says yes..appo if i say don meet him will u..thulsi stops her pls don eva say  that even for joke he 's ma life...i oly joked don worry d lets lev says deepa ...anand standing outside temple...deepa gets her scooty thulsi sits ..anand begs thulsi to spare a minute .she just leaves he glares...


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          22.6.2010       TUESDAY                                                      

Deepa's  house.  Deepa's mom busy with her important agenda...oru house wifeku beginning of the monthla grocery list ezhudaradai vida vera enna agenda irukka poradhu ?. Sad part is she unknowingly uses Deepa's Nursing course application form for it.[ sutham ponnu padippu vishayathil ivalavuthan interest]. Turrrrrnu kizhichu starts writing upp, [milagu thippili].Deepa's sister who spots this , labo dibonu points it  out to mummy. Deepa's mom realizes her folly , in an attempt to cover her mistake blames it on Deepa's carelessness of  keeping the important document on the table. Nalla amma...Deepavoda nursing ambitionum Govindha.[ Madam Deepakuthan idha vida imp. work irukke...white pigeon job..doodhu pogum thozhi ]. Indha ammavoda FM radio switches on when her husband comes home. Luckily Deepa's dad gets a call & leaves immediately.

MM house....future ganja trader [Mohan] attahasama arrives in his bike. Ammavum Pillayum hush hush talking in their room...gist of the conversation is Padma wants to know why Mohan deposited the money in the bank in his name & not hers  though the suggestion was given by her. She hears MM's voice outside asking for Tulasi, hurriedly ends her conversation with son , & goes out .Tulasi is not at home...chance for Padma  to open her gutter mouth & speak ill of Tulasi...earlier when control was in her hand Padma had put Tulasi in proper place , but now with new found chellam from dad  she has started Oor meying. Padmaaaaaaaaaa shouts MM ...this far , no further , don't cross your limits , don't open your mouth unnecessarily when I have not asked you & kiLarufy my anger. Mohan comes out , tells mom why talk to dad  " yaar ekkedu kettu  pona namkku enna" & goes out.

Mohan about to kick start the bike , Tilaka & the gang arrive.   Tilaka flag aatuvadhu pol house pathram aati aati dancing dham dhoom. Order henchmen to clear out the house.All items in the house come to the street...srima eagerly waiting to see bank pass book also coming out. Hmm no luckWink. MM kenjing....give us few more days ....En Thalayai adamanam vechavadhu I will repay the money [adhu sari ivar thalaya admanama vaanga  yaar ready?LOL].Tilaka's husband arrives, takes Tilaka aside & explains the situation. Apologises to MM on Tilaka's behalf , informs him of Vel's deteriorating condition....says it is not the right time to debate whether Vel is a good man or bad man...his life is joola aading in the hospital...doctors believe That only Tulasi can save that oonjaladum uyir.  Mams plead with MM to send Tulasi. MM agrees. Padma who wanted to use this opportunity to bargain with them, is upset with Tulasi's absence  at this right juncture.Curses Tulasi for having mud aLLi potting even in this. MM gives her a ' nee ellam oru ponna ' look.

Tulasi & Deepa returning from the temple. As expected Vel's sycophant spots & stops them. Updates  them of Vel's critical condition & with folded hands requests Tulasi to save his life. Tulasi agrees , Deepa is not amused , takes her aside & tries to point out the implications of her action.Tulasi makes a valid observation here...saving vel's life is essential to save   TA from murder charges. Deepa fears that if vel is saved  Tulasi's life will be lost, but Tulasi is confident that TA will always be there to protect her . Hence decides to go to the hospital. Deepa  decides to inform TA about it.[who knows after recovery Vel might turn out to be a good man...idhu eppidi ....night [not day] dreaming ????Wink].


Wednesday 23rd June 2010
Hi Guys I am going to be late today posting the detailed update as am held up at work. so have posted a small summary now, will post the detailed update once I reach home.
Small summary for today:
-deepa informs TA, he rushes to hospital. charu's parents and uncle come and feel bad seeing TA run like that. sudha makes a face and angers them more. TA mom comes and greets them, somehow she olarifies that album got burnt. charu's father and relatives feel very bad hearing this and leave.
- thulsi reaches hospital and talks to vel, his condition improves and doc says he is on his way to recovery. thilaga thanks thulsi and apologizes for her bad behavior.
-TA reaches there. thilaga is angry seeing him and thulsi tells the truth that she hit Vel.
Detailed update:

So the episode starts with TA getting up in the morning, still thinking of the tulsi incident Day Dreaming and how anand saw that. he gets a call and I guess its deepa and he rushes out. Mom asks where are u going? he says something urgent in office, mom does not believe it, says its something fishy as TA looks all disturbed, he rushes out. he is about to start the bike and sees his to-be in laws gang enter. Father in law (FIL) introduces his bro and mani, but TA appears not interested in knowing thhem.OuchOuch FIL says they have come to meet you, but TA says I have some urgent work will come and meet mom is inside and leaves.OuchOuch FIL sis says whats this? we have come to see him and he is running away like this.AngryAngry bro says we came suddenly, maybe he has something urgent. They go inside the house and see sudha who acts as if she didnt see them and walks off. sis in law who is this? they say she is eldest daughter in law. sis in law gets AngryAngry whats this, she is ignoring us on purpose. TA mom comes there and welcomes them. she asks them to sit and sudha comes back, mom says my DIL has tooth ache cannot talk. LOLLOL charo dad introduces everyone. he says they could not make to the wedding. he says that engagement album. mom says oh you want to see the album. actually we didnt have power and we lit a candle and that album got burnt. the in laws gang is ShockedShocked how can album burn? sis in law says this is a big apshakunam. sudha feels that they should humiliate mom more.AngryAngry father says I wanted to only tell that I have another copy of the album, I didnt know about this. TA mom is OuchOuch charu dad is very AngryAngry and sudha is Big smileBig smile

TA mom is all ashamed. charu dad says what u ordered the other album so that we dont know about ur burnt album? u spoilt my mood , I came to give such a good news. his bro says forget it, its a mistake, they didnt mean it to happen. bro tells TA mom we have seen a house for charu and TA and wanted you to see it. lets go. Charu dad says no we will go some other day. he says I am very sad on hearing that album got burnt, I want to go home. TA mom says even we are very sad, but the whole album didnt get burnt, only some part. charu dad asks so what if it burnt full or 3/4.LOLLOL there was no need to tell us this, you have hurt us by telling this. TA mom is so angry and shouts at sudha for not calling them in and burning the album. sudha says ur always finding faults with what I do. she says ur very confused these days, they came to tell something else and u told the truth, dont blame me for it.

In the hospital doctor is checking on Vel and asks nurse to inform when the girl comes. Nurses talk among themselves that the girl wont come.another doc says she should come since Vel is in his deathbed. The nurse says he is not a good man a very bad person, when I listen to his cruelty I dont feel like treating him. how that gal will come? Thulsi enters with deepa, she sees Vel in bed. she remembers all the humiliation at the wedding, Vel taking her to the room. The doctor comes in and asks for thools and thanks her and says talk to the patient in the way I am telling . you may be angry with the patient but now please keep that aside and talk to him and tell him nothing is wrong with him. If you talk with him with affection it will get results. Thools is thinking, doc says please save his life. Thools thinks god to save vel. she calls to vel and says I am thools and I have come, get up, open ur eyes and see, there is nothing wrong with you. see me sir. there is nothing wrong. suddenly there is movement in Vel's eyes, hands , legs. Thilaga is all Big smileBig smile doc asks thools to continue talking. she keeps asking vel to open his eyes and his eyellids are moving and they show vel remembering all the past events. doctor thanks thoos and says he is out of danger and he will be alright very soon. thools asks doc to make him back to his usual self. thilaga is ShockedShocked doc tells her see thilaga its not medicine that is going to help vel but even thools . thilaga comes out and thanks thools and repents on doing bad for thools . she feels sorry for humiliating everyone, but now she is humiliated. she says I may be bigger than u in wealth but you are bigger than me. even what my money cannot  do you have done. she falls at her and say u r really great, if you wanted you could have taken revenge. thools says nothing like that, I have nonot done anything great.

TA comes there and thilaga sees him and gets very angry, she thinks he has hit vel and shouts. thools says dont shout him. TA says dont say anything. but she says that she hit vel when he tried to mibehave with her and TA was just protecting her from the blame. thilaga is Shocked


Friday's episode dated- 25.06.2010
The episode starts with Joseph explaining Anandh that Thamizh has not cheated him.Joseph says if the arrangement for Thulasi&Anandh's marriage has not happened Thulasi and Thamizh would have not come closer.He explains that Thamizh wanted to go away from Thulasi after getting her college seat, but Anandh brought them together again by bringing her to the park.He continues Thamizh did not say anything but Thulasi expressed her love for Thamizh.All what i said is true....don't look like that at me...believe me.Anandh says...i am not angry with Thamizh, i am angry with myself, because i behaved so cheap.He begins to praise Thamizh. I know all of our friends including you (Joseph) like Thamizh a lot. He deserves to be loved by everyone for his good character.When it comes to friendship Thamizh is the best example.I made Thamizh sad...for that i don' t like me.He says sorry for whatever happened and asks forgiveness. He says he is afraid that his friends could begin to ignore him.He continues...let us be good friends like in former times...and accept me as your friend is not important for me..friendship is more important.Joseph assures that they still see him as a their old friend Anandh. Anandh asks what is the next step of Thamizh after Thulasi expressed her love. Joseph says.. i pity Thamizh..he is in  critical situation as he is engaged.Anandh says no way....Thamizh& Thulasi have to marry...everything will be fine.Joseph says Thamizh is not able to forget Thulasi and that he still loves her.He continues that Thamizh is worried that you Anandh could mistake him.But Anandh interrupts Joseph and assures i would do all the help to bring Thulasi&Thamizh together. Joseph is very happy hearing this from Anandh and he leaves. Anandh now gives some evil look and says noone is ready to support me and i will show them who i am.
At the shopping mall...Lavanya and Charu are looking for some clothes.Charu buys for everyone in TA's house dresses. Lavanya seems to admire Charu's character. They leave the mall.
At Charus's house Gayathri (Charu's mother) is very upset about the burnt album. She is not happy with TA's behaviour at the engagement and today. Charu's father says that he arranged this marriage for Charu's happiness and not for hers. Charu's uncle suggests a josiyar who would say if everything would be fine with this marriage proposal. There enter Charu and Nitheesh. They try to hide this album issue from Charu.Her father says see how happy she is.
Thilaka brings Thulasi home. Padma and Mohan are shocked to see them there with Thulasi. Muthumanickam arrives there too. Thilaka praises Thulasi for her good character and says that Thulasi saved her brother.MM, Patti and Pavithra are happy.Padma and Mohan areAngry.

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Waiting for Monday's Episode !!!!!!
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can't wait to see what is going to happen on today's episode. So excited.
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Quick question about Friday. What happened when Thilaga got the house documents. I was watching something else so i missed it.
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If only Thulasi had said something to Anand before leaving the park, it would have at least cleared the misunderstanding in his mind.  Now, he will continue to think it is TA who is influencing Thulasi. 

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as eljay said even i felt thulasi should have told him what had happened actually and she was never in love with him.......
but one point is.....of thulasi had spoke with anand he would have deftly told the engagement matter of TA and Charu......
so lets see what anand is upto????

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thursday reserved
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friday reserved

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