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Nadhaswaram june 21st Monday update

Episode 43

Pirai sudan with a smiling beauty face(LOLLOL) come and stand infront of Maha..Maha studying...Nollaikannu pirai asks maha..Studying??LOLLOLHe asks for a passport size photogaph,degree certificate and ration cad xerox from maha..Maha confused..asks why appu....Pirai says he want all those to take a new passport for maha..and to give it to mappillai veetar....Maha and pushpa shocked...Pushpa visariching pirai..Pirai says mappu is from canada(Aishu...beware..Pirai is going to become canada sambandhi)....Pushpa says no canda and no kathrikka...(whats the relation b/w canada and kathirikka??Confused).....Pirai shouts at pushpa..says he knows her plan to send maha to her annan's house..Nothing doing..Maha's mapu my selection....U take of our 2nd daughter...(thogudhi pangeeduLOLpirai kevalama talking abt pushpa's annans....Pushpa says vasadhi is not important,only nimmadhi and sandosham is important and that maha will get only in annan's house..Pirai lifts his hand to slap pushpa...Mr.Manmadan Sammandam stops him mom and dad...says that pee pee makkal are coming ..(Mayil and chokku coming)..stop ur fight now.....Pushpa and maha happy....Pushpa and sam welcomes mayil and chokku...mayil asks sam ..What r u doing..Sam replies...Watching dry rice and dry mango ..maama..Chooo..chooooo....(no misundestanding makka...Toilet pogala avaru...crow viratararu).....Mayil and chokku comes in and pirai silently watches them....Mayil inga vandhum avar song aa vidama singing..DOnt send girl child to college..not safe....Chokku stops him....Pirai says see..we r discussing our family matter...Mayil says what ur family?say namma family....we r 1 family na...Pirai asks them enna visahayam?...CHokku says he wants everyone to be present for the ponnu parkum padalam for maheshwari....says mappu cocunut-fruit shop owner....Pirai nakkal aduchufies chokku's selction....pushpa shouts a pirai and cokku stops her saying that pirai maapu is joking....Pirai says he will not come there...he will send pushpa and sam for the fn....And he gives s.500 to chokku forkalyana selavu..Chokku and mayil shocked...pushpa crying at her husband's loosuthanam....chokku says no need..we have money..And thanks for sending pushpa and sammandam....

Pirai stops them and says ur range kku only cocunut-fruit shop owner mappilai..but my range kku i've selected canada mappillai for my daughter...Chokku and mayil shocked...Pirai goes on perumai pesing abt his canada mappillai....

chokku and mayil looks each other...Pirai ..aiyo thangalai...rombha kevalapaduthing chokku ..he says ur mappilai's monthly income will be 3000..But my mappu is earning 3 laks per u ppl know how much zero's for a lakh?...sam performing loosu stunts standing behin his father.LOLLOL..Chokku and mayil porumaiya standing and listening...Pirai tells them behave as per pazhamozhi.."viralukketha veekam"..if u have some aasai like asking maha to ur sons seruppa veliya kazhataa maadhiri aasaiyum veliya kazhattittu vandhurunga....Chokku and mayil sogama comes out...Pushpa follows her brother and cries ..asks sorry..Chokku says no problem...Dont forget to come on friday....Pushpa tells her daughter maha not to woory abt her rishta with gpoi..she will take care of that..wait and watch....
Pushpa and sam comes to chokku's house for the fn....Girls waiting outside..Pushpa warns sam not to misbehave with anyone..Girls welcome them and pushpa goes in to meet her annans..Sam vazhinjing towardsthe girls..pushpa calls him to come with her..Sam say..U go front mummy..I come Back....ROFLROFLPushpa says..onnum thevaillai..come along with me..sam and pushpa goes in....Pushpa asks sorry to chokku..Chokku says its ok..ur husband's nature is likethat..avamana paduthinadhan maappilai nnu he is thinking...u leave that...Pushpa akss where is mayil and deivanai...Meenatchi says "why should i call her..avalukkudhan kovam varuma?enakku varadha?"....Pushpa says this is ur veettu fn....U should call her...anyways u have to invite them fo maha and gopi's marraige na...innaikku koopidama how will u invite them tomorrow?...Pushpa tells meenatchi to come with her and she will talk to deivanai...meenatchi summa ninnapodhum....Meenatchi agrees and they both goes to deivanai's house....sam stays back...Chokku leaves the place..
Sam enter maheswari's room...He ularufies..."i love u so much mahes..u r marrying a thenga-pazha vyabari..iam a thennam thoppu ownerROFL..."mahes ignores him...loosu goes on ularing.LOL...says i'll teach u how to behave with ur husband after marraige....mahes says ok....he takes her somewhere..He enters a room and calls mahes..Mahes locks the door from outside..Thee stands kaamu with  kudam...Kudatha vachu adi pichu erijutanga kaamu....Girls laughing from outside...Sam escapes and comes outside..Girls teasing him...Sam runs away from the place...
Pushpa and meenatchi walking towards deivanai's house..Pushpa tells meenatchi to stay silent...whatever deivanai says u pls be silent..just invite her to our house..becoz its ur house's fn..Deivanai watches them opening the gate..Deivanai welcomes pushpa...Pushpa says i'll not come inside..she didnt call me...Pushpa comes in and tells deivanai to call meenatchi...Deivanai says no...Pushpa goes back and bring meenatchi in....Cat and mouse in same room....Pushpa tells meenatchi to invite her....menatchi says first tell her to talk to me...Pushpa like a tennis ball ingayum angayum odittu irukanga....And atlast she says deivanai anni..maapu veetar will come ..come fast..Deivanai and and meenatchi war of words started...Pushpa again tells deivanai to come with them..Deivanai says will only come if meena invites..meena says "why naan koopitadhaan varuviya..or else u will not come aa"?...2 peru kathing....Deivanai says iam already ready..i'll come there for that girls....nnu sollittu mupperum deviyar meenatchi,pushpa and deivanai fn kku varanga....

Habbada..Mudinjupochu....Mudiyalada saamy....meenatchi and deivanai scenes ellam update panradhu rombha kashtamCryCry

Update by MP_Radha

Tuesday June 22 2010 - Episode Update

Credits to
Shokku and Mayil family are expecting the maapillai family.  They hear the sound of an auto.. so all assume that it is the maapillai family, but it turns out to be Thailamma.. the foursome's mother.  She walks in and taunts... as usual, for forgetting her.  She also taunts Meena for not giving special welcome.  They all walk in.  Soon after the maapillai family arrive. 
The maapillai arrives with his sandai kaara sister, maamaa, their daughter, and maamaa's father.  The auto driver requests 70 Rs. for the ride, but the sandai kaaraa sister sandai onnu pottu, vaikku vantha padi pesi, she merrting him [oh my kadavuleh.. this is def a scary family.. esp this aldy Confused].  Mapillai and her husband try to calm her down and request her to behave.. but she doesn't stop.  She continues to fight with the auto driver.. finally giving the 50 Rs, she was filling to give the driver, and gets insulted.  Thankfully Shokku n co don't see it. 
The tharahar then introduces all of them.  They walk in.... Sandai kara sister starts korai pidiching that the house is too dark, why they never painted it and then there is a big ootai [oh neenga from raaja parambaraiyo? Confused].  She simply says this may be too tough.  Soon Kaamu comes outside with water for the maapillai.  Sandai kara sis wonders if this is the girl, but they correct that the girl is yet to come nnu.  Deivanai, who veembhu picidhing earlier, is there, all snobby. 
The sandai kaara sister wants to suthi paaking the house.. so Meena takes her inside.  On their way, Deivanai just says a big vanakkam, while Thailamma just follows the maapillai's sister.  Midway through, the maapu's sis hands over the jasmine flower to Meena to hand over to Magesh, while she suthi paaking.  That Thailamma takes the chance to vathi vaiking... about Deviaanai and Meena's fight.. to get their daughter's married first... and warns that she be careful [Angryithellam oru family member aa? Confused].  Maapu's sister requests Thailamma to stay by her side, so she can guide along, not knowing who she really was.
Maapu's sis soon walks into Mahesh's room to put the malligai poovu maalai on her head... they then take Mahesh out.  Mapiilai mogathilah 1000 watt bulb velicham.. upon seeing Mahesh.  Sokku n Mayil say that the maapu likes the ponnu (as per his word's from the temple) and how they too like him.  So they request to go ahead with the sambarathaayam.  Thailamma interupts and requests the Maapu's sis to talk about other stuff, i.e. dowry kiwry.  Mappu's sis and mama want to talk about it later on, but Thailamma insists... So maapu's sis says they can give whatever they want to, but this Thalaimma starts "well, Mahesh is dark... maapillai is of a fair complex... so nagai kigai.."  Upon hearing this maapu's sis wants 15 pown... Mayil, Shokku, Gopi n co are shocked, but Maapillai's mama says they can wait and talk about it all when they meet in thier house nnu.  Soon after they eat, they take off, very much happy with the proposal.  They also get to learn that Thailamma is none other than Shokku n Mayil's mom.... but a strange lady indeed, who wants to be independent. 
Soon after, Deivaanai takes her kids and leaves.  Pushpa also wants to leave soon.. as her kannadi moraatu purushan would be grrr if they were late.  She then reminds Mayil and Shoku to come talk to that man tomorrow itself, before that man finalizes that foreign maapillai for Maha.  Pushpa wants to get Maha married to Gopi soon.. but Gopi says first his sisters have to get married... but then again he is silenced by Shokku and Mayil, considering the problems brewing in Pushpa household.  Gopi leaves it upto them and walks inside.  Mayil and Shokku agree to come speak with kannadi thaasan. 
In Deivaanai's house... the girl's are talking good things about Mahesh's maapilllai.. and how he would be a pondaati thaasan soon nu.  Ithukku pandi payal says they now know what kind of a guy to look for Paramu.  Deivana taunts for speaking about marriage for others when the first girl is yet to be married off.  Just then Mayil walks in.  Already argument... but Pandi for once stops there fight.  Mayil then informs about the kannadi thaasan's attagaasam.... about finding a maapillai for Maha, and how they are going tomorrow itself to fix Maha for Gopi.  Deivanai agrees with this and tells him to go sort it out soon, but reminds that the marriage not be hold before Kanchu's.  Pandi payal becomes veracha mandaiyan... he is shocked.. Maha vukku Gopiyaa? 
He calls his father loudly and asks him to come out, to have a private talk.  Outside, Pandi payal tries to suthi valachu pesing... He asks Mayil, if they are dead sure that Mayil isn't in love with anyoen else.  Mayil says they know nothing like that exists... Pandi kadupu aagi.. tries to come up with stuff... but finally gets emotional and asks if his dad will get what he wants... Mayil is confused and tells him to ask away.... suddenly Pandi asks.. "I want MAHA.. I want her!!!!" 
Mayil is shocked..

Update by Rojapoooo

Wednesday 23/6/10

Pandy , the spoiled brat acts as if his father owes him the world.
And that stupid father acts as if sonny boy is worth his weight in gold. Pandy says that he will go mad with out Maha (aama da, Maha enna kadai le irukkira cummercut aa , nee kettathum vaangi kudukka??) and that "going mad" threat gives the jitters to Peacock. While this is the status in Karaikudi, Peravoorani has Maha in jitters - dad says that the "girl seeing ceremony" is fixed for the next day. Maha objects but dad shuts her up. Pushpa comes back from Karaikudi and consoles Maha - "my brothers are coming tomorrow for formally seeking your hand for Gopi". Peacock has a bad dream - Pandy jumps off to death - Peacock gets up with a fright, the girls and Deivaanai console.

Peacock talks to Gopi - suthi valaichu mookkai thodaraar - "unakkum
Maha kkum thaan kalyanam nnu ...annan kitte nalaikki pOlaam nnu..
Unakku Maha mele abipprayam....." blah blah..Gopi learns that Pandy loves Maha and says that he agreed for the marriage only because the elders want it -  " Maha wants to marry me... but my only worry is how are we going to inform appa???" Peacock is relieved to hear that Gopi is not a contender and tells him that Pandy's threat about going mad gives him the jitters "enga thalai muraiyOda pOgattum, let Rasappa be the last.." Gopi promises to help out.



Update by MP_Radha

Thursday June 24, 2010 - Episode Update

Credtis to
Shokku approaches a 'mood out' Mayil.  He asks Mayil if he had noticed something at the temple, while they were Pee Pee vasichufies.  Mayil was aloof throughout, so he says now.  Shokku advices that they should also know what is happening around them.  Then he suggests that they go to Pushpa's house soon to talk with that thabaal potti kaaran, before he does something drastic.  Just then Gopi arrives and says why a rush now; they can wait till kaamu's wedding is over.  Mayil too says why hurry now.. Shokku looks at Mayil confusing, for the sudden change, and reminds them about the agony Pushpa and Maha are going through.. with that dubakoor thabal potti officer. So decision made, Shokku n mayil are going to go see that TPO.   Mayil wants to take Gopi along with him, but Shokku says why need to take the maapillai and avapaana paduthy him, b/c that TPO loves to insult them.  Once Sokku leaves, Gopi and Mayil thiru thiru mulichufies....  Gopi tires to console a nervous Mayil...and tells him not to worry, since at the end of the day, it is him who has to tie the knots, so he'll deal with it if it goes that far nnu. 
Pee Pee brothers are heading towards TPO's house.  Mayil hesitantly asks Shokku if he could talk this time around... (aah haa.... so he can say my veetu son Wink).  Shokku says it is ok, but Mayil says he can't stand when TPO insults his bro.  Though Shokku says he would face the same today, he lets Mayil talk. 
At Pushpa's house, Canada mapillai's parents are over.  TPO, like a servant, falling falling duty performing.  Canada maapu's appa reminds him that he is not a servant nnu LOL.  Then TPO enquires about Maapillai's vaazhkai in Canada.  The parents say how he lives in a big house, and they've got two cars.... one given by the company and one sports car they bought for him.  TPO kanavulagathila floating (ok.. ithu rombha comedy aa irukku.. no offence, ROFLROFLROFL... correction, here companies rarely assign a car to their employees.... the people have to get it themselves, and it is common to have upto four cars per house but yappa, but TPO reaction parthu ennaku sippu sippaa varthu LOLLOL)... Inside Pushpa continues her tearless oppari!  Maha says she is the ponnu, if it comes to that stage, she'll refuse to marry nnu (aah, ithey thaan Gopi sonnanga Wink).  Just as the maapillai veetar are about to leave, the pee pee brothers arrive.  TPO doesn't fail to insult them by saying they are his wife's brothers and are pee pee vathiyargal... and they have a huge fan following, but for Maha's wedding, they should bring better ones from Madras nnu.  As soon as the maapillai veetars leave TOP continues to insult.  Mayil tells him not to rush with Maha's wedding, and says his sons are there too.  But TPO says that will never happen.. if they try to get Maha married to one of Pee Pee brothers' sons, then Pushpa's thaali will come down, that is he will die nnu.  P P brothers shocked.. while Pushpa starts her wordless oppari.  P P brothers console and leave to see their mother. 
But Thailamma is no where to be seen, so Mayil goes to get her.  In the meantime, Maha rushes to Shokku and says she wants to go along with them, as she is fed up of this drama.  But Shokku advices her that if she comes with them, then there is no difference b/w her and her father.  As her father always lets out words that can stab like a dagger.. and she will also be at fault if she does something silly like that.  Maha agrees and leaves. 
Mayil returns back with Thailamma... Shokku happily invites her to go with them to Mahesh Maapu's house, but Thailamma refuses saying she doesn't like that family (ada pavi.. ithu rombha too too much... she pottukuduthufies the pee pee brothers family to maapu's family... now she is speaking like this Confused.. such a mystery woman she is).  Mayil says they are happy she isn't coming as that means it is less problem for them LOLLOL
Back in Shokku's house, Shokku shows his frustration at TPO's words. Shokku is about to give up, but Mayil says he will get his son married (hmm.. they don't read the meaning in b/w these lines eh Wink).  After a lot of pouring heart out, Shokku says he will def. get Gopi married to Maha.    Mayil, Gopi and Pandi thiru thiru muzhichufies.    

Update by Anjkhoney

Friday (25/06/2010)

Sokku assures to get Pandy married to Maha.. Gopi silenta leaves the place (avarku nu ennakkume oru opinion irundhathu illaye)Gopi slowly moves towards the gate and Pandi polambyfies again about his love for Maha and his life which is meaningless without her..Ayyaku romba kavalaya irukkam that too for the first time...Enakku Maha venum Anne nu ore azhuga thaan.He doesnt care about the assurance from his periyappa or anyone, all he cares Gopi's decision regarding this matter.. Mayil hears this from behind and comes to them and consoles Pandy..

Mayil sees Malar waiting on the road,that too near to their shop.. Mayil talks to her and enquires about her purpose of waiting.Malar tells she came for an inspection in that area and mentions about waiting for the line man who had gone to check the lines..Mayil romba thaan scene, Malare koottittu poyi Gopi kitta pesa vaikkanum nu ore pidivadham..

Andha ponnukku Mayile paathale bayandhu odhungaraanga.. Gopi is also shocked to see his chithappa in this way.. She leaves the place and he comes to Mayil and asks him to trust him and stop doing such things.. Mayil gets sad and leaves the place..

All are ready to go to Karasev Aunty's house.. Mayil counts the number of members ..9 peru and he tells odd number to be good.... Avanga amma stands in front of the Van and finally gets into it..

Mayil tells his anna about the even number 10 members which is not that good.. Vazhile Vandi puncture...

Amma apasagunam pathi pesa, Sokku adhu melayellam nambikka illa nu sollaru...

Someone comes to them.. Avanga sishyans it seems.. Ore bundha thaan.. Guru bakthi ellam irukku. Roadliye Ponnadaya pothi mariyadha therivikka,avangalkku eppidiyellam bundha panni kaasa adikkarthu nu kathukudukkaru (Idhe thaan Mayiloda wifum sollaranga.. )

They learned to play Nadaswaram frm them and now its their turn to learn how to earn money from the shishyans..).

Americale avanga kooptaaha,London le ivanga Koopttaaha,Japan le ellarum kooptaha nu solli thaan demand ethnumaam(aama idheye ithana per thaan pannuveenga)..

Selvarangam,adhan namma Karasev auntyoda thambi kitte oru akka vandhu nalla nakkal panneettu poranga.. Avaroda mama varaaru and he speaks to Selva.

He gets a call from the Kada mothlaali from Dubai.He asks Selva to give the shop back to him in the next two months as he was planning to come back to India it seems.. Selva talks about this to his Mama(Ks Aunty's Purushan)..He gives the idea of fixing the marriage quickly and use his would be wife's Nagai to start a new business...

Karasev auntyoda kodachal aarambham.. Cha vitta pesikitte porangaAngry.. Varavanga innum varale, late aaguthu nu ellam solli irukkaravanga nalla thitti meyyarangaAngryAngry.. Appa here they come..Vandhathum illama, yen late nu ellam solli kelvi mela kelvi. Mayil opens his mouth about the puncture but Sokku interuppts it and talks about the roads which made them late..

Namma SokkuMayiloda amma summa illama kindalum geliyuma Karasev auntye irritate pannaranga, avangalum summa illame ettikku pottiya pesaaanga.. She shows around her house(edho guide mathiri explain ellam panni suthi kaamikkaraangaLOLLOL)

Mayil asks Selva's Mama about the Kanakku Vazhakku and he tells that its all handled by just one person..Sokku also mentions thats the Sambhandi Amma (Adhaan namma Karasev Aunty)
Ks Aunty goes inside the house and edho yosichukitte thirumbaranga (someone is sitting in the room, Yaaradhu?Confused)


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Thanks for the kalakkal update yekkoi... ClapClap
enna kodumai Aishu ithu CryCry... Pirai tarJETing Canada? D'oh... I hope no where near my side.... only in East  LOLLOL.. oh only 3 lakhs sambalam aah?  Shocked... but Priai vaaapuuu, ennaku therincha varayilla, ithu normal salary thaan inge LOLLOLLOL..... tax kicks katiyee makka nonthu noodles aayiduvaanga LOLLOL...ithukku poyi peri peethukareengalah Confused...
Oh my kadavuleh.. intha Pirai kku oru limit illeh.... to insult Dead??  Wait wait, vattiyum mothalumah serthu you will get it Pirai Vaapu!!! Angry.. appo naanga kai kotti sirikarom ClapClapEvil Smile..
ada kadavule... Meenatchi and Deivanai fighting fighting? D'oh  I hope that finds ends with Monday update.. b/c tuesday neenu thanago CryLOL... Shree the great senior mindu thaangum... aana en mind thaangumo.. abhiraami abhiraami Ouch
raaspach IF-Rockerz

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Pirai is toooo much....Canada maappilaikku aasaipattu ellarayum sagattu menikku avamana paduthararu...Maha kku Pandi dhaan...appo Pirai nilavu ponra face endha pakkam thiruppi vachukuvarunnu parkanum....
This fighting,kevalapaduthing,sentiment ellam so boring...
Pls bring Gopi and Malar track....
smlaksh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 June 2010 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
Thanks Suma .. Pirai kku nakkal konjam jaasthi thaan .. Post master velaiya yetho central minister range kku pesaraaru .. hmm .. Pushpa , Maha looks bold , neenga thaan aah na ooh na naa azhareenga ..
smlaksh IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Aish .. OMG , Thailammaa , enna oru manushi ??? Real life la ippadi ellam iruppangala enna ??? Maha is so adamant in getting married to Gopi ..

Saw in a promo .. Malar talks abt her feelings to Gopi .. They both make a good pair ..

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Caryn IF-Rockerz

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I wonder who will Mayil choose?  Son or brother?
Thank you everybody
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 June 2010 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Caryn

I wonder who will Mayil choose?  Son or brother?
Thank you everybody
I think he wants to fulfill his son Pandi's aasai daa, Caryn.  I guess that is why he approached Gopi and told him the matter.  So now, Gopi will help Mayil and Pandi.
Thank you for the update Roja akka Clap

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Thanks Rojakka & Aish .. Mayil too is self centered , like Deivanai .. athuvum antha uruppadatha Pandi kkaga .. Pirai dreams la seekiram mannu vizhanum kadavule Embarrassed ..

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