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Unfortunate: AK FF: Epilogue: Page 36 (Page 2)

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Posted: 19 June 2010 at 5:59am | IP Logged
wow nice kripa is finally here and aalia is friendly..............wonder how the others will be...................cont soon and thanks for the pm.......................

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hey gr8 start
cont soon n thnx 4 pm.....
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great start
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wow goodstart

sounds interesting

include me in your pm list please


continue soon

love prachiee


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heyyy really great start! looking forward to ur story! omg damon's pic is stunningg!! and ofcourse AK are the best haha! u did a great job...plz add me to ur PM list! thanks! and continue soon!
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The Best Room-Mate
I walked into the Main Room. It was big and spacious with a stage at the front. There were benches for the students. Behind the stage instead of curtains, there was a huge banner with the school's logo. TRADITION, HONOUR, EXCELLENCE: Only at EASTON ACADEMY. Aalia came running to me when she found me. "Kripa! Come i'll introduce you to my friends." Aalia said grabbing my arm and leading me between the crowd of kids. We stopped at one of the middle benches. In front of me stood three girls. One had auburn blonde hair and blue eyes with a big nose. And one had long silky black hair with beautiful intese hazel eyes. The last one was also pixie looking like Aalia but the girl's black hair was spiky and short. Her green eyes stood out from her pale face. They seemed nice. "This is Milessa aka Missy Constance." Aalia said pointing toward the big nose girl and thank god i named her that because she did not belong in the nice category. "You must be Kripa Sharma." Missy said sniffing and looking at me as if i were a deadly disease. Aalia leaned in to whisper to me. "Don't mind her. Missy's always wanted to be in Billings like everyone else of course. But you took the last spot soo...." Aalia trailed off. Uh-oh. It seemed like i was going to have lots of enemies. "This is Ridhima Gupta." Aalia said looking at the beautiful tall one. "Hi. It's nice to meet you." Ridhima said quietly. Her voice was soft and smooth as velvet. I smiled at her. "It's nice to meet you too Ridhima." Before Aalia could introduce the last one, the short pixie-like girl moved forward and introduced herself. "Hi! I'm Alice Cullen. It's great to finally meet you. Everyones been talking about you." Alice said in a bubbly voice. Woah. Aalia and her were really alike. I smiled at her amused. "Nice to meet you too Alice." She grinned at me and before we could talk any further, Headmaster Cromwell took the stage and cleared his throat. We all took our seats and faced him. He was a stern principal and very strict when it came to rules. "Tradition, Honour Excellence." The headmaster said. The students repeated after him. Whoops. Got to remember that for next time. "Nice to see you all once again after winter break!" Headmaster Cromwell's voice was booming and stern as well. "As you all know you all have today and the following next two days free so you can study and get back on track. So please do so and from the 22nd classes will start once again. Oh and before you all leave, i would like to welcome Kripa Sharma to our academy. Will she please stand up?" Headmaster's voice peirced my ears. Stand up? I took a deep breath and stood up my legs shaking a little. Everyone turned and i felt 400 eyes on me. I felt my cheeks turn bright red. Some guys even whistled but only loud enough for the middle row to hear. There were a few quiet chuckles and silence when Headmaster Cromwell spoke again. "Well. Have a good day!" Everyone started filing out of the room. I followed after Aalia and her friends. I stopped outside the hallway realizing i will need a map. The office was right in front of me at the moment so this was my best chance. "I'll see you guys later." I muttered to my new friends and took off to the office. After getting my map from the secretory, i turned and walked out the office. I turned to go to my dorm without looking up and bumped into someone. I looked up surprised and found myself staring into dark grey eyes. My heart beat eratically. The figure smiled at me and my heart stopped beating for a moment. He was gorgeous. "Hi. You're the new girl right?" He asked in his sexy voice as he flicked his bangs out of his eyes. I nodded shyly. He chuckled. "I'm Angad Khanna." He said holding out his hand. I took it slowly. He bent down and picked up my map that i hadn't even realized i'd dropped. "Khanna! You coming or not?" A figure dressed in all black called out annoyed. Angad half turned and glared at the guy. "Coming Damon! Chill out!" He yelled back irriated. He turned to face me again and smiled warmly. "It was nice to meet you. Hope we meet again." He said before running off to join his friend. I was left standing there awestruck and completely speechless. I sighed and walked off toward my dorm.
When i entered Billings once again, no one was there again. I took a deep breath and walked to my room. In my room, stood a girl near the desk with her back to me. I closed the door and the girl turned around. She had dark brown hair. Her bangs fell in her eyes but i could tell that she had brown eyes. She wore a black cardigan over a GUESS shirt with expensive jeans. Although she was dressed casually, it made me feel self-conscious. She was beautiful. "I'm Elena Gilbert. Your room-mate. We found out you were moving in like 2 days ago so we didn't have much time to get the house-cleaner to clean up." Elena said blowing away her bangs and moving her hair to one shoulder. I looked at my shoes. "Oh. No it's nice. It's clean." I managed to mumble. Elena rolled her eyes and then finally smiled at me. "It's alright. Chill out. I'm not going to bite you or something." She said her eyes twinkling with mischief. I laughed-or more like coughed. God, i was acting like such a moron! "Well you're from?" Elena asked but i had a feeling she already knew. "um, Croton." I muttered turning bright red. She nodded keeping a straight face. "Welcome to Easton Academy Kripa. I hope you have GREAT year." She said in a mysterious tone. She walked past me swiftly and was out the door. I took a deep breath. Shes a great room-mate i thought sarcastically. A few minutes later, i got sick of crying thinking of my "home" and decided to go out to the living room of my dorm. This time, the room was full of girls. They all stopped talking and turned to look at me. There seemed to be about 11. A girl with long blonde hair stood up and walked toward me. Filthy rich screamed from her clearly. I gulped looking at the beautiful girl. She was so intimidating. Elena and another girl with long black hair stood beside her smiling at me mysteriously. "Well well. Kripa Sharma from Croton. It's great to finally see you. Our Housemother broke this news to us a few days ago. You may have been accepted and chosen to be here by the Cromwell but for centuries, there has been a tradition at Billings. The residents of Billings have always been the ones to decide who lives here and who doesn't. Kripa, Billings isn't just a dorm. We all are like sisters. We are like family and we take of each other no matter what. And we need you to prove that you're Billings material or you can back to your little town. I'm Noelle Lange by the way. The president of Billings." Noelle said flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder. She turned around and grabbed a champgname flute. She sipped slowly and looked at me. "Need something smalltowner?" Noelle asked smirking. I shook my head and walked away ignoring the girls snickering. I closed the door of my room and took a deep breath. My horrible depressed loneliness. NO! I can't go back! I won't! With renewed confidence i opened the door again and stepped in front of the girls. Noelle raised one perfect eyebrow. "What do i need to do?" I demanded my arms crossed across my chest. "For what?" The long black haired girl asked me smirking. "To prove that i am Billings material." I said supressing the urge to roll my eyes. I knew that would turn everything upside down. Noelle smirked and stood up again. She put her flute down on the white marble table. I gulped knowing i wouldn't like what was going to happen next. "Well...Nuper.." Noelle said looking at the long black haired girl who smiled as she stood up. "has a history test on the 22nd." Noelle said. I looked at her confused. So? i thought. "I totally forgot to study and lost my history textbook so you have to go get the answers of the test for me from the Mr.Lock's classroom." Nuper said looking at me innocently. "You want me to steal key answers from a classroom??" I asked shocked. Noelle rolled her eyes. "Well isn't that what i just said? Oh and you have 15 minutes starting now." Noelle said. I started hyperventilating and before i could protest, she spoke again. "14 minutes." Noelle warned. I ran to my room and grabbed the map and went out to the lobby. As i waited for the elevator, i could hear Noelle's voice counting. I felt sweat pour down on my forehead and i raced for the stairs. 2 minutes later, i stood in a dark hallway in front of a classroom with the number 234 written on it in gold. I stared at in disbelief. How was i going to get in?? It was locked! I looked at the security camera and gulped. Uh-oh. A window...from the outside....
I ran out the building and went to the back. There was a tiny window and it was unlocked! I climbed some water poles and slowly opened the window. My fingers throbbed as i pressed against the sand stone wall of the building. My heart beat at abnormal fast pace. I steadied myself and jumped inside careful not to make much noise. I creeped around the dark classroom. I opened Mr.Lock's drawers and found nothing. I groaned. I looked at his computer that had the school screen saver floating on the screen. I moved the mouse and thankfully Mr. Lock was still logged in! I clicked the "history test" file and bam! There it was. I quickly clicked print. My hands shook and my heart beat fast out of fear as the printer slowly printed one page after the other. I grabbed the pages and ran out the door closing it quietly. I ran up the stairs and when i reached the door to Billings, i was breathless. I flung open the door and stepped inside out of breath and my head throbbing. I handed Nuper the pages. "Here." I said panting. Noelle smiled. "Not bad. 2 minutes to spare smalltowner. Smart." Noelle said. I smiled at her. "But it wasn't needed." She said. My heart stopped beating for a moment and i couldn't think. "Wha-what?" I gasped. "Yeah. Nuper had already studied and she was sure she'd ace it." Noelle said and Nuper smirked. Everything spun around and i stared at everyone's smirking faces horrified. "Come on girls, i'v got gifts for everyone in my room!" Noelle annouced and everyone left the room leaving me alone. Nuper threw the pages on the floor and followed Noelle. I fell to my knees as tears poured down my cheeks. I clutched my head trying to stop the dizziness. I picked up the pages and saw them blur in front of me because of my tears. I ripped them up in anger and walked into my room. I slipped into bed and put the blanket over my head crying myself to sleep.
"WAKE UP SMALLTOWNER!" Noelle's voice yelled in my ear. I groaned. Crap! I was having dreams of her too now! "WAKE UP!" She yelled again. I opened my eyes a bit and Noelle's face was in front of me. I gasped and sat up. My head throbbed but i ignored it and just looked at an annoyed Noelle and the rest of the 10 Billings girls behind her smirking at me. "Get up! The house isn't going to clean itself!" Noelle demanded hands on hips. I stared at her confused. "But we have the clean up crew, don't we?" I asked puzzled. Noelle rolled her eyes. "Well yeah but they're on break for 2 weeks so we need someone to clean the house today and you'll be doing it for a week! It's 6:00 (am.) You better get started now or else you'll get late for breakfast. You have do all our beds and clean everyones rooms. You can start with Elena's. You can do yours after your done ours." Noelle said smirking. She turned to leave and stopped. "If you don't start now, you'll be cleaning the toilets with your toothbrush." Noelle threatened. I got up instantly ignoring the headrush. "I'm up!" I declared my voice thick with sleep. Noelle smiled and walked out slamming the door and i winced as my head throbbed more. The girls smirked and followed after Noelle. I sighed and got started. An hour later, i was done everyone's rooms and finally made my bed. I looked at the clock that read 7:15. Breakfast would start in 30 minutes. I groaned and grabbed a t-shirt with jeans and entered the washroom to take a quick shower.
By the time i reached the cafateria, there were 2 minutes left. The Billings Girls looked up from their table and smirked at me. I sighed. Aalia waved her hand at me frantically. I smiled and started to make my way toward Aalia and the rest of my friends when Noelle stood up and blocked my way. "Where do you think you're going?" Noelle demanded. "Uh, to my friends." I said looking at my runners. "Kripa Sharma, you are a Billings Girl which means you sit with the Billings Girls." Noelle said rudely. "So just shut-up and sit down." Noelle said before walking off and sitting down again. I shot Aalia an apoligetic look even though i knew she understood. I sat down at the table and felt 20 eyes on me. 11 of the Billings Girls and 9 of the Ketlar Boys. The door beside Billings was where the filthy rich boys lived. The normal dorm for the boys was Stanley Jones. My eyes landed on Angad Khanna who sat there looking at me with a warm smile on his face. "Smalltowner don't just sit there now! Aren't you going to ask us if we need anything?" Noelle said crossing her arms across her chest. I gulped and nodded. "What do you need?" I asked my voice shaking. "Just get me a bran muffin and coffee." Noelle said flicking her perfect blonde hair over her shoulder. "I want an apple and orange juice." Stefan Salvatore Noelle's boyfriend demanded. "I don't want anything." Damon said distracted. Noelle shot him a look. "ANYTHING at all Damon?" Noelle asked glaring at him. She obviously wanted to make me get something for everyone. Damon glared right back at her. "Lange just shut-up." Damon said. Noelle rolled her eyes. "I want 3 brownies." Elena said pushing her salad away from her. "Get us some croissants." Nuper said looping her arm through her boyfriend Mayank's arm. "I dont want anything. Thank You Kripa." Angad said earning a glare from Noelle as well but instead of glaring back at her or saying something rude like Damon, he ignored her completly. I got up to get everything, most of them demanded. I groaned standing in line. The people in front of me were taking hours. I somehow managed to take the tray to the table. Noelle glared at me her eyes flashing. What did i do now? "You took 5 whole minutes!" Noelle hissed. I sighed. She got up causing the girls and her boyfriend and many other boys getting up as well and they all left fuming. Angad and Damon were the only ones who stayed. Damon shot me a sympthetic look. He grabbed a brownie and smiled at me polietly. "Noelle is just like that." Damon reassured me biting into the brownie. I smiled at him weakly. Angad sighed and grabbed an apple that Stefan had wanted. "Thanks for all this anyways." Angad said biting into the apple. I sighed and groaned. Damon chuckled quietly. "I hate her too." He muttered fixing his leather jacket. I grinned. "I dont hate her." I protested. For some reason, no matter what Noelle did it was impossible to hate her. Angad and Damon exchanged glances and smirked. The two boys stood up. "Well we gotta go. See you around." Damon said following Angad who had already left. I watched the two guys leave. They were probably the only friends i was going to have in the rich group. I grabbed the tray of food and threw it away. After eating some cereal, i walked back to my dorm. All the girls looked up again when i entered. Noelle chose to ignore me. Elena got up and put an arm around my shoulders. " are you liking it here so far?" Elena asked me. The girls started talking among themselves again and it became noisy. "It's fine." I told Elena. She rolled her eyes at a bunch of girls laughing together. I looked at her curious. "Thats Taylor Bell." She pointed toward an athletic girl who had her hair in a high ponytail. "Thats Reed Brennan." I looked at the girl who was wearing a plain t-shirt with skinny jeans. "That is Ariana Osgood and the last one, the tall one is Kiran Hayes." Elena said as if it sickend her to even look at them. Ariana Osgood had glasses. She had long dirty blonde hair. She was too busy reading a book to notice what was happening. Kiran Hayes was tall and beautiful. She was a junior model, thats what Aalia had told me. "Noelle and i used to be friends with them and we were like really close but then, they're just bitches. We took Nuper in and turned our backs on them." Elena said. After that she turned and walked off joining the girls. Laughing and talking with them as if she hadn't said a word about them. Everyone here at Billings was so two faced i thought bitterly.
Preview: A night-out. Friends with the "bitches?" A kiss....
Please read and comment afterwards. Thanks to all that have commented.
I will try to update reguarlarly. All suggestions or ideas are welcome for the story. Smile

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so finally you did it ....great i love it you included ak thats awesome
our fav shows in one ff KYPH and TVD THATS SOOO COOL
I DIDN't like the fact that damon is already elena's bf ..and stefan like her lol this story is the opposit of TVD
waiting for damon's entry...and for angad's entry also
good start girl keep it up and please post regularly
cont soon

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heyyy dear,
awesome one
continue soon


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