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Unfortunate: AK FF: Epilogue: Page 36

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I'm Harjot guys and this is NOT my original account just in case you ever have to PM me.LOL My origjnal account is Angel-Jot.. Now my new FF is going to be called UNFORTUNATE.

"So you mean that they just chose her out of nowhere?" Nuper Pandey asked disgusted as she moved her hair off her shoulders. "I know. How ridiculous." Elena Gilbert replied applying lipgloss. "Where exactly was she from you said?" Nuper asked turning around to look at Elena who was lying on the bed her bangs covering her eyes. Elena smirked as she blew away her bangs. "She's from Croton, Pensilvanniya."
"I guess the council does not remember what happened to the other small town girl." Noelle Lange said coming out of the bathroom grinning. "Yeah. What was her name again? Isabella Swan or something? From Forks?" Elena said sitting up. "Girls, don't worry, the headmaster does NOT decide everything. Kripa Sharma's fate will be deicded by us. We will decide if she gets to stay here or not." Noelle said putting her hands on her hips. "So we get to get her expelled, like we got that Isabella if this Kripa isn't good enough?" Nuper asked excited. Elena and Noelle laughed. The three girls looked at each other and smirked.
Please do comment and tell me what you thought!! The Character Sketch should be up soon! And Chapter One after the CS. Embarrassed
Chapter One: Page 1
Chapter Two: Page 2
Chapter Three: Page 5
Chapter Four: Page 7
Chapter Five: Page 9
Chapter Six: Page 10
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Chapter Eight: Page 13
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Chapter Twenty Five: Page 36
Chapter Twenty Six: Page 36
Chapter Twenty Seven [Epilogue]: Page 36
Credits: SSABA...for the two sigges.
Disclaimer: This goes for every chapter until the end...they aren't my people
Private Series
Noelle Lange
Josh Hollis
Reed Brenan
Ariana Osgood
Portia Anot
Kiran Hayes
Taylor Bell
Natasha Crenshaw
Dash Mcaffetry
Gage Coolidge
Trey Prescott
Miley Jab Hum Tum
Nuper Pandey
Mayank Sharma
The Vampire Diaries
Stefan Salvatore
Damon Salvatore
Katherine Pierce/Gilbert
Elena Gilbert
Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai
Angad Khanna
Kripa Sharma/Bose/Khanna
Aalia Kapoor/Khanna
"The Legend"-Name and concept taken from the Private series.
Dialouge/Incidents-different and original
"Easton Academy"-School name taken from the Private series.
"Billings" and "Keltar"-Dorm names taken from the Private Series.

"Driscoll Dinner"- Name taken from the Private Series.

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Character Sketch
 (Samantha Cope)
Noelle Lange: Rich, 18 year old. Goes to Easton Academy and is a sophomore.
 (Rati Pandey)
Nuper Pandey: Rich 18 year old. Goes to Easton Academy and is a sophomore.
(Nina Dobrev)
Elena Gilbert: Rich 18 year old. Goes to Easton Academy is a sophomore.
 (Ian Somerhalder)
Damon Salvatore: Rich 18 year old. Goes to Easton Academy-sophomore Elena Gilbert's boyfriend.
 (Paul Wesley)
Stefan Salvatore: Rich 18 year old. Brother of Damon. Goes to Easton Academy-sopohmore. Noelle Lange's boyfriend but secretly fancies Elena.
 (Iqbal Khan)
Angad Khanna: Rich 18 year old. Goes to Easton Academy-sopohmore. A mysterious being-very secretive. Bad relationships with older brother and parents.
(Arjun Bijlani)
Mayank Sharma: Rich 18 year old. Goes to Easton Academy-sophomore. Boyfriend of Nuper.
 (Manasi Verma)
Aalia Kapoor: Middle-class family belonging 17 year old-freshmen. First friend of Kripa's at Easton Academy.
  (Neha Bamb)
Kripa Sharma: Middle-class family belonging 17 year old-freshmen. New at Easton Academy. Problems with her mother and distant from her father emotionally.  Older brother at college.
Other characters will introduced later on as the story proceeds! Thanks for reading the CS!

**Continued on Page 18**

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Easton Academy 
I stared out the window of my father's car from the passenger seat. My mouth fell open in shock. In front of me stood a big building. It was ancient but very royal and elegant looking. There was a garden around the building and a huge field. "Wow. This is something." My father, Suryaban Sharma muttered. I sighed and turned to face him. I had to this do. I couldn't go back to Croton, to home if thats what you could call it. I couldn't go, never! I couldn't look at my mother ever again. The mother that didn't even deserve to be called a "mother." All she ever did was take pain killers 24/7 and fall asleep and always try to find something wrong in my brother and me. I couldn't bare to see my father clinging to my mother all concerned or being depressed about her, not ever thinking about us. No. I would not go back to that hell no matter what. "Dad, i should go now. Goodbye." I said opening the door and stepping out gulping the frog in my throat. I opened the trunk and grabbed my suitcase. I trudged into the main doors of Easton Academy not looking at my father once.
When i opened the door, i found myself in an elegant hall. I gasped with shock. It was beautiful. There were paintings from the centuries ago and from famous painters. There were two hallways in front of me, i had no idea where each led. I chose to go right and ended up in gathering room. There were comfy white leather sofas lined against each other and 2 Plasma TV's at each side. I was awestruck and also very lost. I stared at the beautiful cream coloured walls hopelessly. "Hi! Are you new here?" A bubbly loud voice asked me. I turned and found myself looking into pair of greenish blue eyes. She had a pixie like face with black curly hair. She smiled at me, her big eyes twinkling. "Yes." I said smiling. "I'm Aalia Kapoor!" The girl introduced herself. "You must be Kripa Sharma?" Aalia asked. I was surprised. How did she know? "Uh yeah. How do you know?" I asked. She laughed. "Everybody knows about you." She said as if i'd just asked her what 2+2 was. I nodded uncomfortably. "Whats wrong?" She asked. "Oh um. I need to go to the office." I said confused looking around. She laughed again and motioned for me to follow her. A few minutes later i found myself in front of a glass door with a gold plate that said OFFICE. I pushed open the door with Aalia behind me. My eyes widened. The office was also amazing. It had a beautiful oak desk. There were comfy red chairs and a black coffee table with magazines. A big fish tank stood at the corner with various types of fish swimming in it. I looked at the young secretary who was busy typing on her computer. I cleared my throat and walked forward. The secretory, Miss.Philips as her tag said so, smiled at me as she looked up. "How may i help you?" She asked sweetly. I took a deep breath. "I'm Kripa Sharma. I came here on a scholarship." I said weakly. Recognition swept over her face. "Oh yes. Your room is in Billings. I'll go get the keys." She said getting up to leave. Aalia walked over to me her big eyes wide. "Billings? You're going to be staying there? OMG! Congratulations!" Aalia said grabbing my arm. "Whats so special about Billings?" I asked confused. "Uh almost everything! They have everythign there. It's the most prestigious dorm and only the privileged can stay there." Aalia said seriously. Miss.Philips returned with the keys and handed them to me. I smiled and thanked her as i turned to leave. "I'll show you were Billings is." Aalia said excited. She lead me into an elevator-AN ELEVATOR! Can you believe it? She clicked 5th floor and we waited for the door to open. As soon as it opened, i stepped out and looked at the elegant, expensive looking lobby. Aalia pointed toward a wooden door that labelled ALICE JAMIESON. "Thats my dorm. Alice Jamieson." She said. She pulled my arm and turned left. In front of me was a big white shiny door. On it in purple was labelled BILLINGS. Aalia stared at the door dreamily. I rolled my eyes. "If you ever need something, you know where my dorm is." She said walking away to go to her dorm. I smiled. "Thanks!" She smiled back and i watched her disappear. I stared at the white door for a long time. At the left of the door was a black shiny door that was labelled KETLAR in white. I took a deep breath and opened the white door that led to Billings. When i opened it, i was shocked. The walls were a royal red. There was living room with black leather sofas and a tv. The fireplace was on. I looked at my key that had the number 14 imprinted on it. I found my room and entered it. There were two beds with pink canopys on top. Beside the beds were desks. I took the empty side and wondered who my roomate was. Whoever it was, was very organized and clean. I unpacked and checked my Iphone for any messages. After unpacking i decided to check out the in-room bathroom. It was blue and beautiful. The sink counter was covered with lipsticks. eyeshadows, blush, and all types of creams. I shook my head and sighed. "All students report to the Main Room for the morning ceremony immediatly." The intercom turned off after the short annoucement. I heard laughter and chatter erupt outside my room. I opened the door and saw a bunch of girls chatting among themselves. I quietly followed them to the Main Room.
Please comment and tell me what you thought!! Thanks!!

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angad kripa fic...................very good...................include me in ur pm list.................

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Originally posted by spvd

angad kripa fic...................very good...................include me in ur pm list.................
Thank You!! Sure!
-Nayab- IF-Sizzlerz

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First of all OMG! This has Damon & Stefan in it... Yaay! Dancing Tongue... I actually screamed when I saw their pics LOL...
And now I'm going to read it LOL... Will edit and comment after I have Tongue... Just couldn't help myself from commenting before after Seeing Ian & Paul's pics LOL...
One word.
How do you do it? Tongue... I could totally visualise the whole scene as I read Clap...
I love Kripa's dorm room and ok, I know she'll end up with Angad but I so want her to be with Stefan for some reason LOL...
Kripa's a bit of a mystery right now... Waiting for all to be revealed Tongue...
I wonder what the 3 witches are gonna do? LOL...
I can't wait for Damon to enter the story! Tongue...
Btw... Did I mention... That pic of Paul you posted in the character sketch is absolutely gorgeous! Day Dreaming Wink...
Ok, rant over LOL...

Please do PM me when you continue Tongue...

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seems interesting
cant wait to read more
i wont tell you to update soon cause im leaving tomorrow and i dont want to miss out on anything

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Veryy nicee start :)

and interesting concept. count me in :) pm me as well :)
and hmm kripa's character is soo sad in here, but im loving the whole concept :) continue soon!

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