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18/6: Shilpa et al -Jo bola wohi sikaandar...

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 11:35am | IP Logged

A bright morning in Sanjeevani, and our bright eyed, bushy tailed Shilpa sits happily, addressing the staff with her news update for that morning. "Riddhima hi wo ladki hai Sid jisse chahte hain". There is a difference between good intentions and good intution. Shilpa speaks with good intentions of course, she has made it her business to sort out the apparent differences between her colleague and fellow intern Sid and "Dr. Riddhima", but she knows neither of them well enough to take matters into her own hands and ensure the result will be successful. We can't blame her if the intuition is completely off the radar. She doesn't know Riddhima, she doesn't know how she thinks, she doesn't know how she perceives situations and so if she thinks Riddhima will be over the moon about Shilpu "helping out".... Boy, to say she is wrong would be an understatement.

Don't get me wrong though, Shilpa makes complete sense, if there are problems you have to talk to each other to get them solved. From what I see, Sid does love you alot, so you must love him too! Riddhima and Sid wallow in their mixed emotions of astonishment cum amazement, embarassment cum mortification, puzzled cum bewilderment. Yet they both know what she says is true. She arranges a dinner date over the tannoy, "aaj shaam 6 baaje, viewing gallery". This is where I would have been different, if I had acted at all. Personal experience, don't broadcast meeting arrangements in public, cause everyone assumes they're invited Wink. Riddhima covers her eyes, "oh my gosh, what is happening, if the ground could just open up and swallow me, that would be GRREAT thanks." Bechari.

Shilpa is amazing, she's actually hoping to aspire "shub chintaks" i.e. the staff of Sanjeevani to help unite the SR jodi. Aww, Sanjeevani converting into a love academy, who would have thought?LOL
Not Dr. Kirti that's for sure, scrunching her face up as if she has sucked on a bitter lemon, she walks off to find the culprit. Bhag Shilpa bhag!
Lol aww slow Siddy, having said everything and anything she could have potentially spoken, he goes off to find her and stop her "isse phele ke wo aur kuch kahe!.
Riddhima's reaction is....uncalled for, I mean she blames Sid, naturally, yet she then says "poore Sanjeevani ko humare bare mein pata chal jayega". Honey, you're married, it doesn't make a difference since it's "legally blonde" for them to know about you. Confused
Embarrassed Parda nahi jab koi khuda se, judge se, yaan papa se....parda nahi jab koi khuda se, bandon se parda karna kya....jab shaadi kiya to darna kya??

Riddhima rushes out her office to speak to Sid, meeting alot of curious onlookers on the way there...kuch aur kaam nahi hai kya, iiiidiots! I would give them a cheesy smile. Big smileShe asks a nurse as to Sid's whereabouts who tells him "Cafe Maam, aur Dr. Riddhima? 6 bhaaje unhe viewing gallery mein milna mat bhoolna" Wah wah, nurses ke bhi kya tevaar hain...it continues on like this, making the situation more "embarassing" for Riddhima and the consequences worse for Sid.

Sid falls out the lift and straight into Riddhima, oh gosh, if looks could kill. Sid stumbles and fumbles with his words, trying to explain how it wasn't his idea etc etc and Riddhima is angry. Need I say more? She won't listen to him and is completely unreasonable. But if you ask me, if Riddhima wasn't so self conscious, if she didn't give two hoots about what people thought, in turn people would stop caring either. Especially with this situation, we have had worse scenarios where Riddhima and her "image" were attacked, the numerous basketball matches, well all that ended in bets anyway, the "photo fiasco", the "panchgani incident" etc etc. Riddhima actually got off quite lightly this time!Ouch

And perfect timing, Shilpu speaks up- "Sid ki koi ghalti nahi hai" and she doesn't look smug as was shown in the precap yesterday. Having overhead Riddhima and what she actually made of Shilpu's stunt, the realisation dawns upon her that wait a minute, yeh Ickyface to khush hi nahi hui...she's pretty disappointed. Ouch

Riddhima, arms folded stares hard at Shilpa. I would probably do the same. A woman stands before me telling me that she has just interfered in my marriage, albeit to help my husband confess his love, yet the idea was her own independent idea. I think to myself, "firstly darling, tell me,  who the hell are you!?Confused". haha! Riddhima in fact, asks her the same, and when poor Shilpu tries to apologise, Riddhima if far from impressed. JP and Jiggy note that Shilpu's really jumped into the lion's den when she confessed to the apparent "crime". Bhalai ka to zamana hi nahi raha...not in Riddhima's world anyway. Sid takes pity on Shilpa and tries to interject, a gesture from Riddhima and he is put in his place, awkwardly looking away. This is Senior Dr. Riddhima talking, not your wife.


Watching the scene between Shilpa and Jenny is mesmerising no matter what. If you look at it from the character's point of view, or if you look at it from the actor's point of view. With regards to the character, the CVs have done a fab job in portraying two sides of the coin, complete opposites of one another whether it is attire, appearance or even personality. It should be noted thought that Senior Dr. Riddhima was not always Senior Dr. Riddhima, she was once a care free intern, yet responsible when the need came about, just as Shilpa illustrated in yesterday's episode. However, whether the distinction arisen is infact due to experience, age, qualifications or ...maybe time, well I'll let the viewers be the judge for that.Embarrassed


The original Hitler…sorry, Dr. Kirti is heard on the tannoy instructing all the doctors and interns to report to the nurse station immediately. Her finals words "especially Dr. Shilpa" have the expected effect. Riddhima looks as if to say "Well, you asked for it" whilst Shilpa looks genuinely defeated. Shilpa leaves saying "Mujhe jaana hoga"…and Sid takes the opportunity to talk to Riddhima, but what do you know, Riddhima halts him just with a swish of her hand and saunters off.


Reassembling at the "nurse station", JP whispers over to Shilpu that she had the guts to speak up infront of the whole of Sanjeevani yet she was powerless to open her mouth when Riddhima confronted her. Why? Shilpa glances at Riddhima and says "Kyunki main unhe…" new twist? Complete the sentence please?


Dr Kirti interrupts, sarcastically she asserts how the interns concentrate on their work. Then she clarifies the smile wiping off her face, their own personal work, not their patients. Again, though, she wrongly holds Sid responsible for Shilpu's shenanigans. Before Shilpa, Sid was the main troublemaker in Sanjeevani, he has the reputation, but everyone seems to forget how drastically he changed after marriage, the word "mischief" probably doesn't even exist in his dictionary anymore. Bechara. Shilpa realises that she really has messed up the whole situation, probably more than what it originally was….she goes to speak again yet is cut off by Kirti who states she misused the property of Sanjeevani. And oh my gosh, this girl has got guts, I love her! Shilpa confidently, yet innocently responds, "ismein ghalat kya hai maam". Sid looks amazed, secretly loving the new addition to the gang, whilst everyone else is quite literally and figuratively speechless, imagine their jaws hitting the ground. Kirti reminds her that Sanjeevani's image is priority number one, rather than admitting to her mistake, she has the audacity to answer back! JP tries to save Shilpu by highlighting that what Shilpa did was with good intentions…again falling on deaf ears. Kirti instead lays down the  punishment, duty for the next 48 hours without a break for them all. Ouchhh, harsh. Riddhima, good old top intern Riddhima looks at her guruji, "lekin Maam, maine kuch nahi kiya". Kirti doesn't change her mind, no Riddhima you too, since everything that happened was for your sake. Wah kya justice hai, inhe to court main hona chahiye…she leaves. Riddhima gives Sid a saracastic "thank you" and walks away. Personally, I don't see what Riddhima's problem is now, atleast her and Sid will be punished together..and its not as if without Sid she has anything better to do anyway…Tongue


Backkk at the Police station, bechara Armaan. I was wondering when we would get to see him! Finding Shilpa's bracelet in his back pocket he remembers her…rather her flaws, how she hit him when they first met with the basball bat, how she stole Sid's ring when they met again, and then when he went to save her how he had to fight off thugs, and then how he broke hotel property on her admission and he had to suffer the consequences. "Abla naari my foot….Bloody bracelet". Note: Armaan is thinking of Shilpa and revenge, she has proved a very successful distraction.Wink


Cominggg up- J Riddhima walks through the Sanjeevani ward, and left right and centre all the patients question her duty as a wife, "aisi kaunsi patni hai jo apne pati se aise baat karti hai". Upon looking closer, their statements are being encouraged by JP and Jiggy. Of course, another effort to get Riddhima to see sense…whist Sid can only await her actual reaction.

Part II- Shilpa dancingggg on "raat ke dhai baaje…" She looks gorgeeeous, I love the dress and we all know, she's a grrreat dancer. Cannot wait.


OK back to Sid walking through the corridors, and back at square one. Sid speaking to himself, how is it I can annoy Riddhima yet I always fail to impress….he ponders over a new strategy and just then a cheery voice greets him!

Good guess, itttt's Shilpa! "Yo, Jeejaji" with camera in hand she orders happily, "Smile!"Big smile

Okay first point, ye Sid tumhara jeeja kabse hogaya, henji? Not that I'm complaining, Shilpa would make a fab saali and whose better jija material then our sweet Sidster. Even Sid turns around confused…they look great together, it's fun to watch them in the same frame. He asks her why she takes so many photos and she replies she loves to, it's all for the memories! She calls him jeejaji again and Sid gets frustrated, it doesn't go with the image….better idea-"friends" he asks putting his hand forth, Shilpa contemplates and finally accepts, "okay". EmbarrassedBig smile

Lagta hai Shilpa is against the guys, yet can relate to them the most too, Sid thanks her for defending him infront of Riddhima. "Tum sharati ho, lekin achi ho".  Old Armaan and Old Sid come to mind….i.e. before they both fell in love with Riddhima :P All past differences forgotten, she takes another photo, "kyunki aaj meri zindagi ka sabse important din hai, aur main uska ek bhi moment miss nahi karna chahti." Sid reminds her that it may be important for her, yet she made it difficult for everyone else and now everyone has been punished. Shilpa deliberates, "sabko to main handle karloongi, par tumhe mujhe thank you kehna chahiye". Like I said Shilpa, bhalai ka to zamana hi nahi raha…and Shilpa states the obvious:

Punishment + Sid + Riddhima = time together!

Sid smiles, "yeah you're right" and looks up to see Riddhima and cue backing track…Shilpa notices, "bauhaut pyar karte ho na usse". Sid corrects her, how the feeling is a lot more than love, seeing Riddhima alone can rid him of his tensions and problems…cho chweet. If only he'd tell her that! Shilpa assures him, "Friend, tumhari misunderstanding door karne ke liye…main hoon na". Sid isn't keen…but she sends him away, " jao apni biwi ko manao".


Precappp- Stunning Shilpa dancing, she pulls off the hair accessory too, yeh doctor hai yaan fashion diva?



After the break- Riddhima angrily turns the pages in her file…Sid stands beside her trying to plead his innocence. Riddhima spits at him, how can I not be angry, I've just been made a fool infront of all my peers because of that ladki and on top of that I'm suffering a punishment….count your stars Riddhima, it could have been worse, *cough cough*, Armaan in jail *cough cough*. She continues to argue with Sid.


Shilpa, JP and Jiggy look on secretly, and before we know it Shilpa shouts "idea!"

Walking into the ward, we see the precap taking place…the trio go over to the patients and whisper instructions into their ears whilst Sid and Riddhima treat patients on the opposite side of the room. Riddhima reminds Sid of his duty and walks away only to be met with the patients view of her, and her wifely-ness….Sid stares in shock. Riddhima turns to look in the direction of the patient to see none other than Shilpa by her side.

Episodo Finito.


Precap- Raat ke dhai baaje. I have decided I want to buy that dress.


Applause? Dr. Shilpa Malhotra for having the guts to stand up to Hitler, Shilpa and Sid's new found friendship, Shilpa Shilpa Shilpa.


Rotten tomatoes! : Riddhima ka gussa, Hitler ka gussa, Armaan ka ek scene hona!


Bonus: a fab episode, nothing is perfect, apart from the rotten tomatoes though, an episode worth watching definitely!


Thanks for reading guys and girls, comments and criticisms appreciated.


STRICTLY no bashing!


Love luck blessings! Xx

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flashy Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 11:45am | IP Logged
I loved your effort to sum it all up............Thank you so much. ClapBut the episode YUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry...........

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-Mayu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 11:53am | IP Logged
hey amazing post.......you always write such awesome posts....cant miss them dear:):):)

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princess1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Hey Dear Wonderful Written :)

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solembaum Senior Member

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Hi Nish, after a fairly long break from dmg i came back to check out Kash ... but somehow I am not so wowed by Shilpa's character!! I think she crossed her limits with Armaan and also with SR... I did not see the entry episode ( the rain one) and I did not see the special episode either... so I am just saying from the episode where Armaan becomes a dumbo by dancing to her tunes! I find the character to be too loud and somehow unnecessarily interfering!!! In the old dmg when A plays his first prank on R, atleast there was a history to them and he was getting even with her!! But here it is almost like she enjoys making a fool of others for no reason other than that she enjoys doing it!! I somehow couldn't digest the fact that on the first day in a new place u systematically go about fooling all and sundry for no reason other than having fun!! Not only Sid, JP etc, but the receptionist also!! and what does she know abt the hospital or the people ther that she confidently and carelessly answers the phone and doesn't let the other person speak!! what if it ws something important!! and no thought at all that she has put a person in jail for no fault of his!! I think in dmg going to jail is considered business as usual!!

Coming to Sid - Ridz - I do think that Ridz should listen to Sid and stop the nakhre... but whatever I am doing with my husband, I would defly hate it if another person interfered and made a spectacle of a private problem in the hospital!! Sid himself doing something would have been a totally different thing!! but Shilpa announcing to all and sundry abt SR and their problem and enlisting their help.. I defly would have been hopping mad had I been in R's place!! But then had I been in her place may be I would have been more sensible with Sid!! No sympathies with Shilpa at the moment !!

This does not mean that I think she is bad or whatever... but I am not liking whatever I saw till now... I am sure there will be changes in the character.. but till then I am not enamored by Dr. Shilpa Malhotra!

P.S : I am not a Shilpa Anand hater. I am just talking abt my impressions of the character so far! No complaints on the actor!

Edited by solembaum - 18 June 2010 at 12:08pm

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RhealitySux Senior Member

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
thank you for the update Smile but missing KSG very badly   Unhappy

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norzar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

aonther wonderful post i read today, totally loved it

to me the episode belonged to Sid Shilpa, they were superb

one can already feel that  they will become best of friends one day

it was ncie to to see Shilpa Rids in one frame.

rids ghussa was justifed to some extent but felt bad for Shilpa and sid when they got blasted by kerrti and Rids.

looking foward to next weeks episodes


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shamil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
wonderful post dearClap

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