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~Time Of Our Lives~A Love Story-Updated Pg 87!!!!! (Page 84)

-Sakina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2011 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
Thanks so much everyone!!!Love the comments!!!!

xXdEejAyXx IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
beautifully done part!
luved it

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ffkhan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Wow this update also came out freaking awesome.Clap

So today it was the entry of Karan's boss, Mr. Dan. He is a nice guy. I was shocked at first when I read that Mr. Arnav Malhotra also looks like same as karan.ShockedConfused So he is Karan's dad!LOL Seems he is a succesful man in his proffesional life, but not in personal life.

So the father-son relationship is not so strong. I eagerly want to know what's the reason of the distace between them, I want to know what is the incident. OMG Karan has a half-bro also! Alex. The name "Alex", "Silenna" are is western, that means Arnav married western woman.Ermm And what's her age, 26!ROFL Iss umar mein Arnav ko ho kya gaya hain.ROFL

I agree with Karan's reaction. In this situation anyone in the place of Karan could do the same.

Why Karan's mom doesn't like him?Confused He is so sweet!

I hate thi Ryan! He is giving offer to Vidya to reharse intimate scene with him personally![*(] This guy surely wants "something" from her.Angry

I hope Vidya moves on from this guy soon. Finger crossed!

hahaha, now she is praising about him to Karan.LOL It's really good to Karan to hear compliments from Vidya. Really, a talented person like him shouldn't be angry.Embarrassed

Sorry I know this time also I am late. Sorry also for the typing mistakes.Embarrassed

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-Sakina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Btw..its not Mr.Dan...its actually the Dean of Oxford University...like..headmaster...

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ffkhan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2011 at 4:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sakina-

Btw..its not Mr.Dan...its actually the Dean of Oxford University...like..headmaster...
Oh! That was maybe typing mistake.Ermm No probs at all. this update also rocked!Star

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-Sakina- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 October 2008
Posts: 10487

Posted: 06 January 2011 at 2:21am | IP Logged
Part 19 coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by -Sakina- - 06 January 2011 at 2:31am
-Sakina- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 October 2008
Posts: 10487

Posted: 06 January 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged

Vidya stood there trying to decipher what Karan meant,when Anne swooshed past them,running at tremendous speed,screaming.."Professor Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"What's up with Anne?"sai d Karan,surprised.

"Well..they had to write a long,at least 10 page answer,and Anne feels a sentence is wrong in hers,"said Vidya.

"That so Anne-like,isn't it?!!"said Karan,and both burst out laughing.

Just then,Anne came,panting.

"So?What was wrong?"said Karan.

"Well..nothing relaed to my answer.Prof Wilson said its perfect,"panted Anne.

"So then..what's up?"said Vidya.

"Have anyone of you read the paper???I just saw.."said,shoving the paper into Karan's hands;Vidya moved towards him to read it.

And there it was,written in huge,bold letters over the front page.


"Shit,"said Karan.

"Has Arjun read the paper?"asked Anne.

"He reads the paper before anyone else,"said Karan,tensed."Shit."

Without saying anything else,Karan ran to the boys' dorm.

The door of their rom was open,meaning Arjun was inside.Karan went in and locked the door shut.

Arjun was standing by the window,taking long puffs.

"You?you read ?..the..paper..?"said Karan tremulously.

"I did,"said Arjun curtly,looking out of the window,taking a puff.

"Arjun?I.."said Karan.

"Fame?power..credit after credit is coming to my mother's murderer,and I can't do anything about it.NOTHING!!"gnarled Arjun.

"Calm down..listen..."said Karan.What could he say?Arjun's anger was justified..he knew that.

"That's what I'm doing,ain't i???Listening.Sitting down and listening,and doing nothing,"said Arjun.

Karan didn't know what to do,or say,so he went to Arjun and hugged him.Arjun returned the hug airily.


Quite unusual for him,thought Karan..but he didn't brood on it too much.

"WHOOOAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!."said Karan,amazed.Arjun,Karan,Annaliese and Vidya stood outside Arjun's new room,perfectly renovated.

"Good job they they,eh?I say brilliant.."said Anne?going inside.All of them followed suit.

The room was beautifully painted,with proper shelved for Arjun's books,There was a huge wardrobe,an attached bathroom,a plasma television and an air-conditioner.

"Its something to be the son of the richest and most influential man in the world,no?"exclaimed Vidya.

Arjun stopped in his tracks,but  Karan patted him on the back.

"Yeah well..its nice.."said Arjun shortly.

"I say..PARTY tonight!!!!"exclaimed Karan cheerily.

"Party??Just for a room?"said arjun,disinterested.

"Its AWESOME man!!!!!All us boys could party together!!!"said Karan.

"Leave it,Karan.."said Anne."Boring people like him don't have fun or party.All they do is study,smoke and brood."

She took Vidya's hand and both left.

Karan turned to wave goodbye and when he turned  back,Arjun was seething with rage.

"Boring...study...smoke and brood....thats what I do?.i'm boring..is it?"he kept muttering.

"Shit,"said Karan.

"KARAN!!!"said Arjun.

'YESSS!!!"exclaimed Karan.


Karan and the rest of the boys had gone insane in the nightclub,dancing like mad with any girl they could.

"Mad.."muttered Arjun,laughing.

"Hey Arjun!!You're still not drunk???!!!"exclaimed one of the boys.

"Well...ONE of us has to remain sober,right?"laughed Arjun.

Everyone laughed too.

Almost every guy's dates  were gazing at Arjun,and he smiled disarmingly back at them.

"Ok OK!!!Lets raise a toast to our generous,Richie rich,angry young man Arjun Yash Kapoor!!!!!!!!In honour of his new room!!!"shouted Karan.

"YEAHHHHH!!!!!!"roared all the boys.

"May he utilize this room the fullest,in every way possible!!"exclaimed another guy.Everyone cheered.

Arjun shook his head,laughing.Karan came and stood beside him.

"Gloria's been eyeing you for a long time now,"Karan whispered.

"Gloria who??"said Arjun.

"The bartender of course..who just gave you your beer.."said Karan.

"You know her by name?"said Arjun.

"I know everyone by name,"said Karan.

Arjun looked at Gloria from the corner of his eye.She was gazing at him,completely interested.

"So..?"said Arjun.

"SOOO?Go ahead and DO something!!"said Karan.

"I'm not interested,Bro,"said Arjun airily.

"COME ON,ARJUN!!!"said Karan."Its been more than a year,and you haven't had any fun!!!As much as everyone in the Uni worships you and as much as girls everywhere drool  over you,you're turning into a super recluse."

Arjun turned to look at him.

"Yes.You are,'said Karan."All you do since waking up is studying,going for a morning walk,coming back,attending classes,studying again and having a smoke.What else do you do???You're a rich,handsome 21 year old..its not like you've never done fun stuff before..you've done it ALL..its just since that day that this has happened to you.Its completely justified.But..come on man!!!you can't ruin your life and give up on all fun stuff because  of it!!!"

"Is that how I've become??"said  Arjun.."I never realized I've tuned into such a ..i dunno.."

"Oh yes sir..that's what you've become..as Anne said.."said Karan.

As soon as he mention Anne's name..her words came back to Arjun. "Boring people like him don't have fun or party.All they do is study,smoke and brood."


He flared up immediately.

"Right..boring am i?"said Arjun.

"Gloria's still looking at you,"said Karan.

"Right,"said Arjun and turned towards Gloria,getting a close look at her.Boy,she was indeed very appealing.

"Hey..another beer please,"said Arjun.

"Sure,"she smiled seductively,getting him one.

'Thanks."said Arjun,taking a sip."By the way,when does your shift end?"

"At 11 in the night,but I could talk to my boss and come right now.."said Gloria.

Wow..she's fast!!thought Arjun.

"That'd be good,"he said,giving her his famous,devil-may-care smile.

Gloria smiled and prepared to leave,when she asked,"You want me to reserve a room?"

"I thought that went without saying,"said Arjun,winking.

She smiled and walked off.

"There,"he sighed,turning to Karan.

"Still haven't lost the touch have you?"smiled Karan.

They clanked their glasses together,saying,"Cheers!!"

"So you won't be returning tonight,"giggled Karan.

Later that night....
"You come to this nightclub with your friends often..how come you never approached me earlier?"said Gloria.

"I never noticed you,"said Arjun,having a chocolate.

"And today you did..?"smiled Gloria.

"Not exactly...it was my friend you pointed out that you were looking at me,"said Arjun,holding out the chocolate to her to have.

"You can a little romantic,can't you..?"said Gloria.

"Why?I don't love you or anything.."said Arjun."And anyways..its not that I even like you or  something..i'm just doing this to get the old touch back..the shine,you know."

"Aaah..you lost it or something?"laughed Gloria.

"Some say so..."he said,Anne's image flashing before him."That I'm boring."

"Aaah..who could ever call a Greek God like you boring????"said Gloria.

There was not much scope for talking after that.

Next morning....

Arjun,having returned at five in the morning,was fast asleep.It being Sunday..he had decided to sleep in late.Just then,his cellphone rang.

Irritated and groggy,he picked it up.

"Yes??"he said.

"Arjun..where are you??"said Chris' voice.  "I just met Prof Harrison..he told me to inform you...your father's coming to see you in two days...wants to meet you before receiving the felicitation from the PM..you know?as his good luck charm..thats what he said.."


 Hope you like it!!!!Do comment!!!!!


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meggs Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged
first of all let me start of by saying sorry for not commenting for so long.....
its been months and i feel very bad for disappearing without a word.... really sorry dear...
i got a vacation by the end of december and then i just cudnt pick up ur ff in b/w... i had to read the whole thing again and it got all to much...i think i missed a couple of chaoters in b/w so am a bit confused too..
so i decided to just begin reading from this part. and i'll comment from here only..
i hope thts ok...

i'll comment as i read ok?

now i dont know wht exactly happened b/w karan and vidiya.. but as long as as i have not found them fighting.. i'll figure it out and...OMG
wow... arjun is realllyyyy angry ... and his out burst of siting nd listening siting and listening.... i have a feeling he might try omethign too radical... i just hope all his frnds are there to support him and keep him from hurting himself...

the hug b/w the guys was really sweet and special

oooooh anne shudnt have.... o tease arjun whn he is already in the mercurial mood... so boys night out.... plsss dont make arjun do something stupid to create a fight b/w him and anne....
and specially after all tht library flirting how can she call arjun boring? and broody can be sexy...lol

so the parts on... and karan knows everybody by name...heehee

now broody+devil may care smile=deadly gorgeous combination.. as far as i know..lol

oh and karan an evn bigger devil... pushing him off with gloria...
well since i missed a few chap in b/w i dont know if arjun ever lost his charm... but if he did.. then well... he is back with full vengence and anne better watch out

and now for the wireworks when the son and dad will meet again...
hey i have mentioned it b4 right .. i hate arjun's dad... well i hope u udpate soon as i am properly hooked again lol

and thank for all the pms even though i disappeared like tht...
plus lovely part  and great writing.. u captured arjun's frustration and anger beautifully

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