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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 2:09am | IP Logged


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-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 September 2008
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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 2:10am | IP Logged

The Indian Television's Choclate Boy Harshad Chopra is back to steal the thunder in television with Star Plus' and Balaji's Tere Liye. He is all set to make his come back on Television as Lover Boy " Anurag " . The show launched on June 14, Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm on STAR Plus..He is back with his lover-boy image on the show and has no qualms about it. After Getting appreciated by the viewers for his Romantic and Power packed Role Prem Juneja in Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil, He is back on Television after a gap of 4 months with Ekta's New Show " Tere Liye " Airing on Star Plus.

The show set against the backdrop of Kolkata has Harshad Chopra essaying the character of Anurag and Anupriya Kapoor as his lady-love Taani. The duo falls in love right from the childhood which keeps growing by the time. This is an intense love saga of Taani and Anurag. Harshad shares he is glad to be getting back to work again. . And He expresses his confidence that his Fans will surely Love Anurag more than Prem Juneja. Here is an Insight into some articles and Videos where Harshad spoke about his New Role " Anurag " in Tere Liye.

From Articles

'I'm too small to define love' - Harshad Chopra

"Anurag is a very simple person. In short he is not God, he is not Devil. He is human and has all the tendencies of human nature. He has equal amount of good qualities and bad qualities. He is loving and caring. His journey comprises of the knowing of love and the understanding of love. The story would portray his transition from childhood to adulthood maybe even span up to portray his death."

Harshad Chopra Is Back

Tell us about your character Anuraag in Tere Liye?

"Anuraag is a normal human being. He is neither God nor devil. He like any other guy is both good and bad but definitely not negative. He can be over possessive at times and is also loving, caring and respecting. He will be seen growing up on the show which is about his journey of knowing love to understanding love and then about forgetting everything else in the world for love. This is a transition from childhood till death. Child actor Devash Thakkar is playing young Anuraag."

How is Anurag different from Prem of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil?
"Anurag is very different from Prem. The latter understood love and knew what it is. But Anurag doesn't know what love is? It's his journey to know and understand love. Once he understands love, it becomes the most important thing in his life. It's immaterial whether or not his love is physically present in his life. He feels content just with the feeling of being in love."

Aditi and I are not that Attached to be Together always - Harshad Chopra

Tell us about your role in the show?

" In the show I am essaying Anurag who is a very kind-hearted boy,values his family and obeys them as well. He is very possessive and loves with all his heart and soul. He expects the same kind of integrity and honesty from this partner too. He does not believe in God or devil, good or bad. He just travels onwards and discovers love at every age. "

So who do you find was more difficult to essay, Prem or Anurag?
" Well, both Anurag and Prem are two different people and their story line is totally different from each other, so I really cannot differentiate between them. But yes Anurag is a bit difficult because his character is not as simple as Prem's was. Anurag has to travel through life and his character keeps on changing with time as the love grows. Anurag's character has different shades to essay and not monotonous at all "


Ekta Kapoor's New Promise

Ekta says, "I am coming back to my audience with Star Plus and Balaji yet again. The show is all about the intense journey as well as the discovery of love. This particular love story is unlike any that the viewers have seen on Indian Television ever. My audience will really learn how to love and will definitely relate to the story. And that a promise! The story is not a love story in the true sense, rather, it is a story of love and the way love changes with time."

Character Sketch of Anurag and Taani

Anurag - 
The first thing that strikes about our Anurag as a kid is his obesity. He is 99 kilos and happily growing to be even fatter. He shares a very especial bond with his mother, but is scared of his father. He loves his parents and respects them. He is not actually shy but a little reserved. Though eating is his weakness he maintains a thoughtful mind and always thinks before he speaks. Anurag is very possessive about the people he loves. He loves the person with his heart and soul and expects the same kind of integrity and honesty from his partner and this possessiveness creates problems in the relationship he will fall into later into the story. When he grows up and comes back from abroad he looks and appears a different person altogether. He looks handsome and is well dressed and well behaved. He appears to be the typical English bred young man who speaks softly and believes firmly in the values of life. When he falls for Taani he sacrifices his life and soul for her love.

From Videos

Source :

Press Conferance of Star Plus serial Tere Liye

Harshad Quotes :

Tell Us Something about Anurag's Role ?

" He is a Typical Guy, he is not a typical Bengali guy but he is Typical guy..Loving hain , caring hain, Romantic hain , possessive hain . Pyaar kho may be Samajtha nahi hain lekin samajne ke baad Pyaar ke alava aur kuch samaj mein nahi aatha hain.. Pyaar ke saamne kuch diktha nahi hain ..sab kuch bhool jatha hain...Anurag is little different from Prem and Very Different from Prem"

What do you like to say your fans in india-forums ?

" Mein kya bolo..I think after Prem bahut saare log udaas ho gaye honge, sad honge, but life never stops.i'm coming back , coming back this time as anuraag. , this time with tere liye....and i hope jitna prem ko chaaha hai...usse kahi zyaada aap log anuraag ko chahenge , zyaada pasand karenge anuraag ko! "

Source :

Face of The Day - Harshad Chopra in KSKSSN 3rd June 2010

Harshad Quotes :

" New Show name is Tere Liye .Kaise Kahu Iske baare mein ...It is a Love Story. Yeh Aise Love Story hain jisme itne saare aise moments hain jinhe dekhkar Everbody will be able to connect jaise we have experenced.in past..As a Kids when we are 12yrs young jab hum pehle baar kisi ko dekha hain , we wanted to talk but we could not talk. woh saare cheeeze iske andar hain. Aur everytime when u see some scene like you will skip a beat , like you will be like yaar.. you have this smile just like it is meri kahani , matlab judi hain meri kahani .That is like a Different feel "

Source :

Harshad & Anupriya on SBB - 2nd June 2010

Harshad Quotes :

" Pehle pyaar kho samajtha nahi hain...Jab pyaar kho samajtha hain ..uske baad sirf pyaar kho hi samajtha hain ..Uske baad kuch aur samaj mein nahi aatha hain usse duniya log koi maine nahi raktha ..aapne aap bhool jatha hain ..Koi kuch maine nahi rakhtha sirf pyaar woh sath mein rahe ya na rahe Doesn't matter but love exists for him "


Expectations on Tere Liye

i expect him to do the unexpected and i got a sample of that seeing him fall from the cliff in the promo because ohh god seeing Anuraag in such a stunning scene in all white was not imaginary and this unpredicted was kinda heartbreking as well as heart throbbing
i want anuraag to be a full proof bengali boy like dancing with fire on poojo , enjoying his life as much as he can , and finally understanding his love and when he cant find a way to get his love then
...." iss duniya mein jaan gawah ke ss duniya mein haasil karlu"
i want him to be a role model of bengali bachelor { so tht my parents set him in mind an d find someone like him or approve of him hihi}

want him to be at his best and lead making the audience speechless and remember him for a long time

aishwarya gayen

We will be eagerly looking forward Tere Liye in the show " Tere Liye " I wish , Hope and pray that Harsh's role in Tere Liye is as Stronger as Prem Juenja Role which he played in his last show Kis Desh . After seeing a powerful and action packed performance of Harshad as Prem Juenja each and every fan will obviously wish to see him again with More powerful Role than Prem or equal to Prem Juenja.. The past roles itself are the best examples take it like Karan, he played a Negative Shade role in Mamta as Karan then that was covered by Cute and Innocent boy Ali Baig from Kanpur in Left Right Left and next was Akshat the lover Boy, Cute and Caring Freind in the show Amber Dhara. Finally it was Prem Juneja in Kis Desh who was just perfect as son, brother, lover, husband, father and so on.

I can Still Remember these words of Harshad Chopda when he reacted to the News of Kis Desh taking a Leap "I will be part of the show as far as my character is given justice and it's not manipulated.". I trust Harshad as he himself will quit the show or express his disappointment when he feel that his Role has no more importance in the show as he dared and expressed his sadness in the form of an article " Harshad missed old N Golden days of Kis Desh " in Telly Buzz. Lets hope for the best. All the Very Best Harshad for your New Project " Tere Liye " . We are waiting Tere Liye to see you in the show " Tere Liye " . Hope This New Role also get attached to our hearts. Go after what you want in life, with all the blessings of all the people who care about you. And find out what making your wishes come true really feels like.Once Again All The Best Harshad. Always Keep smiling and Rocking with New Avatars.




Expectations, expectations and expectations ' I often wonder if we would still be human if we stopped having expectations. We all know its not good to have expectations and most of us must have heard "The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations", still we all can't help but expect.

KDMHMD was the first soap I ever watched, I can't say I regret having watched it because if I hadn't watched I would not have known Prem and would not have come across an actor like Harshad. But the frustration it gave me after its first year was something I could surely do without, so I was never keen on watching another Balaji show, first they make you fall in love with the show and then take it all away just as brutally.

So when I came to know Harshad is coming in a new Balaji show, I did not know how to react. Of course I was ecstatic to know he is coming back after all that is what we all had been waiting for but the thought that it will be another show which will start beautifully and after sometime will meet the same fate as any other balaji show, was not very pleasing.

Also the storyline that came out first in the press was not something I was happy about and I was left wondering why did Harshad sign such a how? Yes expectations came into play again, we all expect Harshad to choose nothing but the best don't we? But since media is not always right I decided to wait and see how it unfolds and I kept telling myself that if nothing else the show will have Harshad and his wonderful acting, yup expectations, expectations and expectations indeed.   

But what else do you expect? I am a human being and after having watched nothing but sheer brilliance from him as Prem, is it really my fault that my expectations have gone up so high?

Then came the press meet and the promos, if his work as Prem had given rise to the expectations, then promos made me go mad. When everyone was going gaga over Anuraag in white jumping from a cliff, Anuraag pulling the rikshaw and the expressions in the boat shot, I could not help but rub my hands in glee at the last shot in the promo, where Anuraag wakes up all scared calling for Taani. I won't be wrong in saying I am eagerly waiting to see Anuraag in that avatar because I have faith that Harshad in these scenes will give an all new meaning to acting. (Yup expectations again!) He has set such high standard of acting for himself that we can't help and anticipate nothing but the best from him always, anything less for us is just not Harshad!

So here is wishing him all the best, may this show bring lots of success for him and take him to a new level as an actor. We know he has it in him, we know he is up for it, we know he will work hard, we have faith in our Harshad that no matter what he will give it his all! This is my expectation from Anuraag, nothing more, nothing less!

I know these expectations put a lot of responsibility on his young shoulders, he even hinted that in one of his recent interviews (if that was reported correctly) but not to worry young man because as they say "High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation" So go rock on!!! God bless you!

to tell the truth...a lot is at stake right now......so the level of expectations not only from harshad as anuraag...but for tere liye as whole package has risen drastically....its not another show of harshad any more...but a show where he'll be proving many other things apart from his acting(acting pe koi doubt nahi hai...the way u r crying out for taani in the promos.....show the sheer brilliance of wat an actor par excellence u are.
so..i'll just wish you all the best....and let u be assured that we all will always be here for you.

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Official page of Tere Liye on FB by Star Plus
"Anurag is a very simple person. In short he is not God, he is not Devil. He is human and has all the tendencies of human nature. He has equal amount of good qualities and bad qualities. He is loving and caring. His journey comprises of the knowing of love and the understanding of love. The story would portray his transition from childhood to adulthood maybe even span up to portray his death." 
Harshad Chopra is back
'I'm too small to define love' - Harshad Chopra
Ekta Kapoor's New Promise!
There's A Piece Of Ekta in Tere Liye
Tere Liye inspired from Tere Naam
On the right side! 
Tere Liye Launch Pics
Press Meet 
Title Song By Kailash Kher 

SBS and SBB Vidoes

 TaAnu Scenes

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DOB:17th May,1983

He is from a little known Gondia district of Maharashtra.  He finished his schooling from Rabindranath Tagore Memorial School. His family moved to Pune after he completed his class 12 exams.  His parents never approved of his celluloid dreams so they enrolled him into an engineering college.  On their insistence he finished his computer engineering from Modern College of Engineering.  But his celluloid dreams kept tugging his heart which motivated him to participate in Citadel Mr. Pune and later on in Grasim Mr. India. Post his studies,  he headed to Bombay,  successfully auditioned for Zee's Mamta and there began the journey of actor Harshad Chopra.  He bagged his first prominent role in his second serial Left Right Left  where he essayed the character Cadet Ali Baigh.  He joined the cast of Amber Dhara after quitting Left Right Left.  Soon he was seen Essaying the powerful role of Prem Juneja and he bounced back strongly with the Balaji show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil.  Harshad isn't one who sets ambitious goals but goes about his task very astutely.  Says he, "I'm not one to make tall claims but I'd believe I'm very much on the right track to achieve my goals."


Current Celebrity Ranking on IF :  5

Last Week's Ranking : 5

SBS Appearance : none

What is Celebrity Ranking and How can we fans contribute?
 as we can see that TB articles matter a lot in keeping the ranking intact....so the moment we get a TB article on him....start commenting....just rem...you can comment on articles every 1/2 hr.......so keep commenting...and incase IF doesn't accept ur comment.....make sure its a diff comment...or ur comment was last...so just request any other member to comment so that u can proceed...i'm sure people will do it whole heartedly.......


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This autograph was signed by Harshad for all his fans when a fan (who doesnt wish her name to be divulged for personal reasons) visited him.

The Message Dated :- 27.09.2008

This message goes out to all the FC members who are disheartened with the news of their Prem going away
''Please give my message to all my fans'
Say them that everything happens for a reason..
There might be something nice hidden in this too..You never know'
And You guys are my strength and support'
I can't see u guys crying like this and I can't see you shattered'
This is a phase and it will go away'
I can't thank you guys enough for all the love and support that you guys have showered on me since the past few days'
Its overwhelming'
Had it not been for you guys'I would not have been here'.
You are the ones who help me to carry on, and please do not be disheartened as you are the ones who have to stand by me''
And together we will come out of it''

The Message Dated:- 18.08.08
Hello friends...Harshad has send this message for all of us as a token of love and appreciation and has said that each and every message here means a lot to him..
He was too overwhelmed and thus wants to thank everyone...

I am what I am, but the person you guys like is not who

 I actually am.

I am a simple guy like any other guy walking down the

road or like any one you see around.

There is nothing special , different or extraordinary

about me.
What makes me special, what makes me different ,what
makes me what I am, is your thinking.

You think I am cute I become cute , you think I am hot I

become hot ,irrespective of whether I am or not.

So its not what I actually am which makes me , its what

you guys think I am which makes me.

If today I am somebody that is because I have people

like you behind me , who think the way you think , who
believe in me the way you guys believe..

Thank you for the belief..Thank you for making me what

I am
I know I can't thank enough but still trying..

All of you have always been very kind and sweet to me,

hope I am always this lucky.

Thanking all of you for giving me reasons to smile,

Take good care,

God bless,



The message Dated:-1st June 2008
"I still remember the days  i used to feel i have no fans and now the 17th FC has started..
I went through ups and downs and was off air also
They say out of sight is out of mind..
But u guys kept me alive and didn't let me die..
I don't know what exactly to say or what the connection is,but u guys have always been kind to me..
just want to say..thank you very much"

This shows how much he loves and cares about his fans...he is a great person and we all are proud and priviledged to be his fans..
Just wanna let him know that we'll be there for him always..
In good times and bad times..(hoping he doesn't have bad times ever in his life)
We'll always love you and support you wenever u need us..or even if u don't need usLOL


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Please Press The Link Below For All Articles On Harshad Till March 2010



Name Of  FC



Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC



Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC



Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC



Akki-We Miss You



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Prem's New Avtar:Papa-1



Prem's New Avtar:Papa-2



Winter Wonderland






A New Beginning



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Rock On



Celebrations Galore



Missed You Harshad




  • This FC is like our second home and is dedicated to Harshad, so please treat it with love and care. 
  •  Do not make requests for personal info of the star like email id's and contact numbers. Also, Their personal life is none of our concern and it shouldn't matter to us what they do or who they are with off screen. 
  • Please don't spam the FC...I hope we dont get to see posts which are frivolous and contribute to spamm. No One Liners and Hi Byes'  
  • No abusive language  
  • Respect other members Point of View. If you don't agree with someone then agree to disagree, it's better than fighting . still if you want to fight...use PM service for that. 
  • Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated  
  • We encourage open dialogue here. So, more the thoughts flowing, more the ideas evolving and more we learn from each other.  
  • New Members, please introduce yourself giving us your names and telling us what is it about harshad and the show that you like the best. How did you learn about FC? 

Last but not the least. It's a Harshad FC..so if you are not a fan then don't bother joining just to make fun or bash.As a true Harshadian u must be aware that past is past and it will never come back....but nonetheless the future will be better and more promising....so look forward to it with open minds and arms too!

Members are requested to plzz check 5-6 previous pages of the FC before posting any new info....so that the same info is not repeated again and again which makes the FC look messy.

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50 FC's ago, a group of four fans got together and created a platform whereby they could appreciate their favourite actor and his performances. Since the first FC, about 3 years back, we have now come a long way to mark the golden jubilee of the FC of the one and only - Harshad Chopda!
In the history of Indian Television, we can safely say that no actor has been able to achieve this feat!
Here is a brief summary of all the FC's so far !! 

FC 1 & 2 : Ali aka Harshad Chopda FC
The Fan Club, the first ever fan club of Harshad Chopda - marked his entry in the lives of fans, through his work he connected viewers and through this fan club his fans connected him to them. Though his first Fan club was not about the eternal character he projected which made him the heartthrob of the tele world but was about the evergreen character which started his series of success with his character in Left Right Left as Cadet Ali. His entry in the show impressed viewers at first, he held a charm, a spark that made girls  go ga ga over him.
His cuteness, his smile, his eyes, his adorable face, his physique made him stand apart from others but that was just his physical attributes, he is the man who was there not to just play his part but was there to rule over the kingdom and he indeed proved with his acting, the character that was difficult to portray and see around was a thing that Harshad did it with such an ease which I think would have been impossible for any other.His fan clubs only led to discussion about the character who they adored and love and highlighting the low and high points of his performance and some even shared their agony for not giving him much space because if he had he would have given much better performance matching his potential.
They used to have a daily analytical study of his performance starting from the write ups of his segments ending with the rating and which further lead to fans giving their feedbacks.It was the first time he visited IF his Fan club so that fan club was actually blessed as he did see the efforts his fans did for him. Rest Fan club was continued with the emotional atmosphere as he was leaving LRL and he did confirmed to his fans when they met him but there was joy too as fans wishes were finally getting fulfilled as he made his entry in much wanted role that was the chocolate boy Akshat in Amber Dhara, his fans wanted to see him in that frame from very long so with a bad news it was like heeling balm for his fans but it was double bonanza as he had not left LRL till then and was in AD also so his fans got to see two different persona brilliantly portrayed by Harshad at the same time.

FC No 3: Ali aka Harshad Chopda FC 

Harshad Chopda, the name which was on every girl's lips was only increasing its popularity with every single day and due to which soon Harshadians were back with their new home, another place to Admire their idol Harshad Chopda.And as always this place also gave more details on Harshad, it gives clearer picture of the person behind the camera as for the first time it was revealed that this Stud of television was also First Runner up in Citadel Mr. Pune and his fitness; his physique got its appreciation as he was titled with Best Physique title and not only this, his smile, reflection of his pure heart was also recognized and loved by the people as he again got a title for Best Smile in Grasim Mr. India.But his glory has not stopped to that only and was not bounded to India only, he covered more milestones as he was counted in Top 100 Sexiest Men of Asia and was in the list with other top and known faces of the industries.So basically drooling and discovering the actor behind all the characters was the theme.Fans increased but growth was slow compared to last two FCs as only few names added in the Fan list.
And this time the discussions went to his past work as his first show Mamta was getting repeated, so all Harshadians just to see a glimpse of their heartthrob endured all the crap to see their lover boy, as stated by fans there. So they rediscovered Harshad again as an actor as that was the first time he faced camera and that too in a Grey shade.He has surely grown as an actor was their affirmation after witnessing three completely opposite characters brilliantly portrayed by Harshad.The self centered, double standard karan to the sincere and sensitive Ali to the flirty, vivid Akshat, he always grew from strength to strength.

                                               FC No 4 : Akki, We Miss You.

         The next Fan Club was created in the honor of Akshat- another depiction by Harshad Chopda who pumped life inside the character. His that role was completely different from what he had done till then, it was his fans wish to see their idol in something romantic and he fulfilled their wish through Akshat, it was a  frame in which fans wanted to see him sketching a new life.
Akshat entered in Amber Dhara with his enchanting smile and colourful persona, he was vivid, lively, humble, flirty, a friend who would always be there to hold you, a person who every girl dream of in short & sweet words he was a gem of a person and for such a character indeed a very right choice was made that was Harshad Chopda.And like all his past work, he was appreciated for his this role also and his performance received applauds from every one. He did the role to its fullest and that's why character was been able to leave an imprint but it was not for very long as due to some issues he quit the show. So this Fan club was to bid farewell to Akshat and showing their gratitude towards Harshad for giving them another remarkable character.
During this Fan Club, Ali too exited from the show so this Fan club initially was filled with all the talks of Ali finally getting limelight as others exited but then the Fan Club witnessed flood of emotions as he too was exited in a beautiful way to achieve his dreams of being a loyal soldier and serving his country leaving fans to get desperate to get even a single glimpse of their Charmer.


                                             FC No 5 : The News Letter

So another glorious Fan Club was created on the very auspicious day, Christmas, during winter break, right time for all the fans to share their common views on only one person who stole their heart ever since his entry in television. That Fan club was dedicated to Harshad as a person and tremendous performances by him. With new Fan club we get too see the other side of his fans, their perfect sense of humor to maintain the frisky atmosphere of their Home.The new Fan Club had something different, like always they had new beautiful creations and more details but one thing in specific which made Fan Club even more special was the News Letter 2007, it was an attempt to sketch down the journey of past Fan clubs and it was done beautifully accentuating all the rough and blissful Phases of the home.
It was then get cleared that first Fan Club was created in July 06 but fans lost its tracks and then again in April 07 a new Fan Club was actualized and then it led to the list Fan Clubs where they enjoyed to the fullest. They made new friends, enjoyed Harshad's segments, came to know about different views, and shared a healthy atmosphere of both criticism and praise for his work.And then we all came to know that finally his fans hard work paid off as Harshad went through each and every post of the second Fan Club and was overwhelmed with the kind of reactions and joyous on receiving such an appreciation which he was worth off.

FC No 6: Caption Contest Result
Well the new Fan Club was designed with a new and unique theme that was the caption contest, Harshadians were always known to be great humorous and with this unique concept they proved it right, they used to do this captions in every Fan Club to alleviate the mood of the members and to have some joyous moments but with that contest there was flood of responses and finally when the results were out, we were like laughing like crazy, grinning like loons seeing the mind of Harshadians.
Rest the Fan Club growth was steady as not many people were joining there and reason being his absence from the screen. The initial posts were only filled with loads & loads of compliments for his enchanting smile and regret of Ali's being a serious character was a barrier between them and his smile.Fun, enjoyment, conviviality was the theme of the Fan Club which was seen through discussions as chose to discuss the most hilarious parts of LRL Ali-Yudi chemistry. They used to laugh like anything seeing the duo of reserved and mature Ali in front of immature and crazy Yudi. Some or the other member daily used to post a scene of them and then they all used to discuss it giving their feedback on what way it was unique and light hearted or could be done in a much better way.
That was the fastest Fan Club till then as it got over in just 12 days, laughing, drooling, dreaming ,adoring and discussing Harshad.

FC No 7 : A New Beginning

Well The Name said it all...This FC was again a special one as it indicates us about The New Beginning !! Which we all know comes when something had its end. As this was the time when Harshad was seeking for some new roles, So his fans thought of giving him some suggestions for his upcoming roles. Fans have given few awesome ideas to Harshad....some of them were way too Hilarious so some were to think about . Again like previous Fanclubs, this one too had caption contest and newsletter. Which indulged new members to join this Fanclub !!

Rest the fan club growth was steady, due to Harshad's absence from the screen. The Initial posts were filled with Harshad's appreciation as Ali and through some posts in was visible how tensed Fans were to see what was going on with Harshad. Like he was made to quit AmberDhara and then we lost Ali too. So over all Fan made this Fanclub to tell harshad that this is not the end, it is a beginning of new life....there is still some hope left that now he might get some roles which will play a major part in his achievement.Though Harshad was facing a bad time but still his Fans were there to support him. Which became the main cause of this FC.This was the fastest FC as it just got over in 11 days with Fan's support, drooling, adoring, laughing, enjoying and discussing only about Harshad. So this was the End of 7th Fan club which means here we go with the 8th one =D

FC No 8: Harsh is Back

So another Marvelous Fanclub was made. Its beginning was a bit low, as officially The Character Ali, unfortunately, witnessed its end.Fans were so much disheartened that they stopped watching tv. It was such a sad beginning to this FC that current members were worried that now what they will do. So they started to discuss beginning to end of Ali.But as it said, Some sad ending mights become beginning to happiness." Same was happened with us. Finally we got this news that Harshad is signed for Ekta's new show.

No one knew that this New role will become the turning point of Harshad. He was offered to play a role of simple, down-to-earth-type-of-guy, a guy who is a dream of every girl, a guy who could not be explained in words and whenever it comes to describe such character there are shortest of words. Yeah you guys got it right. The turning point of Harshad's career was Prem. Through this role he was known to the entire world as Prem Juneja.This was the longest FC ever which lasted for about 54 days. But still when Prem hit the screen it was impossible to control Harshad's fans and they all went crazy to see Harshad's new spiky look, which was really killing for them!!!

FC No 9 : Jab We Met
This 9th FC was dedicated to the completion of one year of Fans interaction with Harshad. And to rejoice all the old memories and also to recount all our lucky members who got chance to meet Harshad !!! Wow Lucky people man !!! So this FC was dedicated to all ardent fans who git wayyy to lucky !!! members in full swing were sharing their experiences with their meeting !! And what were their reactions when they Met harshad.

This Fc was continued with the discusion of Harshad as Prem. Harshad was doing full justice to this Prem role that few fans did started to wish that such guys did existed in real. Along with prem's character in Harshad's life brought so man members in his life who were ever ready to anything for harshad. This was also the fastest one as this Fc was ended in just 15 days. Wow they were really fast !!!

FC No 10: Rock On
It had to be the one of the most special and the memorable FC of all time. As in this 10th FC fans celebrated this Fc as the success of Mr. Prem Juneja. Prem had touched so many hearts. And all credit goes to Harshad's acting skills. In just a span of Time Prem became the King of so many hearts and was ruling Our TV screens. Once again like past three Fcs this one to added lots of name in the Fan's list.
The discussion which was in full swing in this Fc was about a new love story which was blossoming between Prem and Heer. Fans were appreciating Harshad was his hard work and dedication. This was not enough that Harshad's few most creative Fan did posted their masterpieces. Hats off to those beautiful creations. and this FC was the fastest of all as it just lasted for 10 days !!! Fans with their drooling sessions were impossible to stop

FC No 11 : Journey Continues

As Harshad started to grow bigger and better....Fans thought of Telling world about this little star's Journey that through what circumstances now he finally got o touch the Sky. In the beginning of this story, we saw this Star studying Engineering at Pune and then he changed his Mind and Participated in Citadel Mr. Pune Contest and become runner up there. As this was just a beginning which opened few doors for Harshad. He got his first ever role as Bad guy, Karan.....and then due to his Amazing acting skills and Hard Work, roles Like Ali, Akshat and blue-eyed-boy Prem came in his Life.
When this FC came in being, Prem was the only name which could be heard in each and every house. Discussions, as usual were going around Premeer, current story of Kis desh Mein Hai Mera dil and obviously....about Harshad. Just like above FCs, Fans in this one too were just going crazy on Prem.Their craziness was its peak that they finished this FC in just 8 days. Wow that was fast.

FC No 12: Is Pal Ko Jee Le
Harshad as Prem came and conquered many hearts. To live with this moment and cherish HC's success, Fans thought of making a FC in which they can live for that moment. This FC brought loads and loads Fans and success in Harshad's life. This FC was a different one as mostly its discussions were based on Prem's bonding with his rest of Family. Gradually gradually there was a change in numbers of HCs Fans.
As Prem became the King of Hearts, this FC just lasted for 6 days and with this Fans broke their own record. Everywhere it was clearly seen that badshah of small screen was making his place in that sky. And this happened just in span of time.

FC No 13: The Only Prem in our Life

Our 13th Fc was dedicated to the only love of our Life "Prem". Prem, a man of strong convection and a giver by nature. Till this time Prem Had become a role model for others. Hcs fans used to look up at Prems character when they were facing problems in their life. Prem became a solution to every problem. Prem being a single thread, was binding whole family, similarly, HC was the only thread which was binding his fans with such a breakable bind that removed all kinds of differences among them.
This FC was sort of a tribute to that Love, Prem....who had become a dream for everyone. Mothers wished to have son like him, sisters wished to have a brother like him and what to say about teenage girls....this brought them to dream again about their Prince Charming, riding a white horse, and is coming to take them, in the form of Prem. This was not enough to drool for fans, few articles were published to praise Harshad's work. which was just like a cherry on the Cake. This FC become a big HIT and was finished in 17 days.

FC No 14 : Come join the B'day Caravan

Birthday the most important day of a year for every being but only few people's birthday became important for everyone that more than the person himself they anxiously wait for his birthday and one such person is Harshad Chopda. The charm that he had spread everywhere made him the most integral part of his fan life and all the things related with him. One such most important day of his life is 17th May, his birthday.And 17th May 08 was the luckiest for him not that he was at the peak of his career in this year but also he entered into an important phase, his 25th birthday, yes he turned 25 that day but that was all for him as 17th May 08 holds something special for him as he was blessed with two awards for his Hard work on the same day, his first ever awards in SPA 08, one for Favourite Naya Sadasya and other for Favourite Yogya Jodi that he shared with Additi.

So that new FC was dedicated to his birthday and that was theme, that was a lucky day for Harshadians too as Harshad celebrated his birthday with his fans for the time thanks to Additi and SBS which fulfilled his fans request and we got to see Harshad with his birthday cake getting interviewed by Additi.This time also the FC had a new thing, messages,birthday wishes for HC and that were beautifully done in the FC. There were all the more a a wave of new creations especially made for his birthday.
  The whole FC went on the discussion of Prem and then waiting for his performance in SPA with Additi.The month of may was his month as he delivered his flawless performances making everybody to gape their mouth wide open at the potential this person holds and someone used to put up the videos and caps of his performace making Harshadians to miss a beat. They indeed made his birthday special as they even sent few gifts through courier.So in this was his birthday was celebrated by his fans making it memorable for HC and for themselves also.

FC No 15: Proud of you ...Cheers to Harsh

With this 15th FC, celebrations were going on in full swing as members were busy in celebrating OUR Rockstar's Happy To You. It was beginning of May, and on 17th Of May, Harshad was turning 25.....so the Fans on India-Forums, all around the world, Posted their wishes and Birthday messages for Harshad. And once again lots of New members were still making their appearances in HCland !!!

When we take a quick look to this Fc all we see is that How beautifully and in an energetic way, Fans were celebrating their Idol's Birthday. Well this was not all, best thing about his 25th Birthday was that he got 2 awards on this day. It was a best gift for him. These awards proved that how keen and excellent Actor he is. And this Good news added a new flavor of happiness in HCland. Once again fans were moving with the speed of jet and finished this FC in just 10 days.

FC No 16: Rise to Stardom

Like you all now, Previous FC was a treat for everyone, including Harshad. Fans not only celebrated his Birthday but also his Victory and in that case one FC was not enough so in 16th FC they thought to continue this celebrations. Opening pages are full of Harshad's appreciations by Fans. This was the time when world got to know about small-town-blue-eyed-boy who with a span of time become boy-next-door and now lives in every girl's heart. But then again as FC got its speed back....Prem's fever was in full swing.

This was the time when in kis desh mein hai mera dil...Prem was trying to stop Heer's marriage with Manmeet.....so in Fan's discussion we can see how much they all were involved in it like its happening for real. everyone was going crazy to watch Prem in Anger....It was the first time when they witnessed Harshad playing so intense role...and according to them which Harshad did full justice to it. Drooling, Swooning,dreaming, celebrating and appreciating was agenda of This FC and as Fans were in a marathon Race so they finished this Fc in just 5 days. I told You, Sometimes these Fans can get wayyyyyyy to crazyyyy :p

FC No 17: Master of our Hearts

Well the admirable Theme of this wonderful FC is " Master of our Hearts"..Obviously Yes Harsh is Master of our hearts and gained a Special and Unforgettable place in Hearts of his fans. This FC is dedicated to the growth and rise of Harshad as not only an actor but also as a Star and a Human being. From being an Unknown Small town boy from Gondia to being the very popular 'Harshad Chopda aka Prem' who now stays in every gurl's hearts. This lovely Fan Club contains separate posts like extra ordinary siggies on Harshad/Prem by members. The sizzling Siggies of Harsh added more beauty to the Fan club . FC contains fans Messages to the rocking person on his Birthday .This Fan club brings an insight on the Man himself ie what does his sun sign Tauras Means and also his biography which was wonderfully described.
Two New Members joined the Harshad Fan Club and rocked the FC with other Members. This FC led to some Nice and Drool worthy discussions like FC awards and lovely discussions on the man . The New Feature of this Fan Club is the members have introduced " Member Award for Harshad FC" of nearly 26 categories of awards like sweetest Member, funniest, confused and so on. Fan Club moved with rocking discussions on KIs Desh episodes and Harshad marvelous portrayal of Prem Juneja . They had a great time drooling over Harshad siggies made by the members and also about the SPA rehearsals of Harshad and Additi. Too hilarious and funny discussions on Lalit Juneja and his shocking surprises which almost gives Heart attack to poor Prem ..Finally FC completed in Jet speed on never tired droolings on Harsh/Prem.

FC No 18: Summer Treat - White

The Hot Summer Theme of Hottest Harsh FC is " Summer Treat-White" ie Harshad in droolicious white This Fan Club comprises of Harshad pictures.siggies in white theme and a special treat ie Rocking Harshad's Shirtless pictures and siggies also.This lovely Fan Club contains separate posts like extra ordinary and dashing siggies of Harshad/Prem by members and especially Shirtless Siggies of Prem from the show. The sizzling Siggies of Harsh added more beauty to the Fan club .The Fan Club contains Results of Member Awards for Harshad FC and also Reply from Harshad for the Birthday Messages which fans have sent to him on the occasion of his Birthday.This Fan club also brings an insight on the Man himself ie what his biography which was wonderfully described by the Members.

The FC led to so Many amzing discussions on On going episodes of Kis Desh and lots of appraisals on Harshad acting skills as Prem Juenja. The fans let out their frustration on Heer feeling bad for Prem that Heer is not at all understanding and trusting Prem as she is trusting the physco Manmeet. They faced Mixed Feelings when they heard that Harsh Bagged Arjun Role in Ekta's Mahabharat feeling happy for him but they felt sad that Harsh cant give his time to two shows so might be Prem may die in the show. Even the members played some "Or" game to keep the FC moving and mind cool from the dragging episodes. There were so many events about Harshiti to discuss in this Fan Club ie SPA Promos , SBS segments , Super Star dance of Both the actors etc..Finally FC moved with lovely and drooling discussions on SPA events

FC No 19: Monsoon Hungama
Presenting the Monsoon Special Theme With Harshad Chopda ie Lovely Theme " Monsoon Hungama" ie Harshad's masti in Monsoon season ie Harshad loves Monsoon and rains, so this Fan club is dedicated for Monsoon Hungama of Harshad. This Fan Club again comprises of Harshad pictures.siggies in Monsoon theme ie SBS segment Siggies and a special treat ie Drizzling Rain Avi's of Harshad Chopda and also siggies.This lovely Fan Club contains separate posts like extra ordinary and dashing siggies of Harshad/Prem by members The Fan Club contains Results of Member Awards for Harshad FC and also Reply from Harshad for the Birthday Messages which fans have sent to him on the occasion of his Birthday.This Fan club also adds some New Rules ie how to be in FC and what discussions must go on in this Fan club.
The FC led to so Many amzing discussions on On going episodes of Kis Desh and lots of appraisals on Harshad acting skills as Prem Juneja. 4 New Members joined the Harshad Fan club The fans felt very bad for Prem for bearing this pain and crying a lot for his Love , they could not see Prem in crying avatar. They have eagerly waited to chat with Harsh in Indya site but they felt so disappointed that chat with Harsh has been cancelled due to some reasons. This Fan Club has conducted a Siggy contest related to only Harsh's pictures. The Fan Club Members felt so happy and excited to hear the news that Harshad and Additi bagged the best on screen couple award in New Talent awards. The members were so happy thinking Harsh got the prestigious 3rd award for his talent at the same time they wished for Harshad bagiing the Best actor award as Harsh deserved that award. This Fan club shared the Very happy moment of Harsh bagging the Third award and whole FC was in very happy Mood after this News..

FC No 20: A Walk Down Memory Lane
The Theme "A Walk Down Memory Lane " is selected forvarious reasons.Firstly the Members have successfully finished 19 FC's in a year and Next is they have planned to go down memory lane and dedicate this FC to some of our previous old FC's. Here , the founder, Daisy shares her affection towards some old FC's. Coming to the First Favorite FC was 9th FC ie this was dedicated to all fans who met Harshad completed 1 year of knowing him..and celebrating his victory for bagging the coveted role of Prem. Next Favorite FC was 9th FC started by Yojana ie this FC covers all the Autobiography of Harshad from the Very Beginning of his career. Next FC was 8th FC started by Daisy ie this FC supports Harshad as he quit LRL at that time so the Members tried to cheer him up. Next FC was 5th FC started by Yojana ie this FC has a theme based on Christmas and finally the jouney of Harshad continues as Dashing Prem Juneja who stole every girl's heart with his cuteness and innocence.
Fans increased but growth was slow compared to last two FCs as only few names added in the Fan list ie 2 members Joined the FC. And this time the discussions went on about Persent role of Harshad ie Prem Juenja and his show Kis Desh was getting to the track again with Prem and Heer leaving the Juneja House though they felt bad for Prem getting slaps by his father with so many people around in sangeet ceremony and also DJ scolding Prem and his family badly. The whole Fan Club drooled over Harshad's Best performance ie 18th June wala scene , and scenes in Chawl ie Private scenes with his Heer. They felt so happy for Prem that finally he was able to save his heer from the cluctches of Dirty Chachi and also he got his Love Life back . This FC completed too fast that too in 6 days and the Members moved to Next FC ie 21st FC of Harshad.

FC No 21: Rains and Awards Season
The marvelous Theme of the Fan Club is " Rains And Awards Season " ..Well the Name said it all as Year 2008 is meant for Celebrating the Rainy aka Monsoon season...But Its also been 'Raining' Awards for Harshad in the Year 2008. This Monsoon Season marked Harshad's success spree and we hope we have many such seasons and many such awards for Harshad. The Year 2008 bought the Rain of Awards to Harshad's amazing acting skills as he bagged 3 prestigious awards . Naya Sadasya Award for his talent , Yogya Jodi award with Additi as Prem and Heer in Star Parivaar Awards 2008 and last but not the least the Best on screen couple with Additi in New Talent Awards. The Fan Club is dedicated to Harshad's Sucess and Talent related with the Lovely Monsoon Season. The FC contains some wonderful siggies of Harshad Chopda
Though the Increase in Members is less but the FC went on and the fans never get tired discussing Harsh's acting talent and cute Looks . The Fan Club moved on with the confusions on the on going track in the show Kis Desh . They wondered how Ash was pregnant and they also thought is she trying to trap Prem and Preet as it may be Daljeet's plan. The members drooled over Harsh's spledid performance in the episodes of the show and they also celebrated Birthday of Mehendi a member in FC. They were so happy to listen that Harsh has visited this FC. The Members played some quiz in the FC about the questions asked by one Member about Prem or the show then others must answer it. The members were happy thinking about Lalit's face and his reaction when Prem grabs the award of Best Business Man. Finally the FC moved on with some decent and Funny discussions about the Lalit Juenja and also drooling sessions over Harsh/Prem

FC No 22: Live it Up

Well The FC name said it all..Live it Up we have nothing to do with the past and also nothing with the Future all we have to do is " Live Now" ie " Live it Up " .. Nothing is worth more than this day. The living moment is everything.The FC Name itself indicates that the makers are hinting Harsh not to think about the Future neither the past all you do is to Live Now and enjoy the success which bought you from your talent and amazing acting skills. This FC also contains some sizzling and Breathe taking siggies by the Members and also special Messages from Harshad Chopda to his fans. The Members also wrote some Messages to the man prasing about his talent and so on. Though No New Members joined the FC but the FC moved on with the discussions by the existing Members.

The FC led to some cute and lovely discussions on Harshad and his Role Prem Juneja. They worried and scared about the Preview they saw of the show Kis Desh and worried whether Heer will leave Prem. They wondered that Heer is asusual as BT herione and that too Mahaan so they wished thet Heer wont leave Prem for his family sake. The fans let out their frustration on the creatives for their bad editing and stinky story line as all the way they are hell bent in making Prem cry buckets and get humiliated. They wanted a Nice Premeer scene badly but the creatives are not at all concentrating on the Premeer scenes and hel bent in ruining the storyline more and more day by day.  They really wondered why was Prem regretting so much about the decision he has taken and they also expressed their disappointment that Harsh is working 24 hrs for this show and not even a Proper storyline . Finally the discussions by the Member made the FC complete in Jet speed and led to 23rd FC

FC No 23: Expressions
Well the Name said it all " Expressions" Eyes convey a lot of message especially in the case of Harshad. Harshad has completely stolen the show with his expressions and thats what makes him so special and different from the rest. Our new FC is dedicated to all the various expressions of Prem.
His eyes speak volumes, and he has time and again proved that he can perform any kind of scenes and sometimes he just doesn't need to speak. So Many expressions of Harshad like Cute, Happiness, Grief, Jealousy, Intense, Naughty, Love, Sadness, suffering, Caring, Respect, Cheerful, Joy, Disappointment, Confused, Aggressiveness, Hatred, Anger, Pride and so on a never ending list which makes us fall for him again and again. Feelings are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf. The FC is really so lovely with each siggy dedicated to one of his expression take it from cute to Pride.
Its really amazing that a total of 7 Members joined this FC and actively participated in the Discussions related to Harshad Chopda. The members praised the maker Daisy for the Mesmerizing Theme. The members drooled over different kind of siggies posted on the First page and thanked the makers for the amazing Siggies. The Fans lost interest in watching the show as they are only watching the show for Prem and his Splendid performance in the show as Prem. The discussions of Prem and Ali-as fans just can't stop discussing this one role- are in a Full swing and the Members managed to complete the FC in a Jet speed.

FC No 24: In Appreciation
This Fan club was Dedicated in appreciation to the Rocking Man himself. Harshad Started his Career with Karan in Mamta but he became popular as Ali in LRL. The enigma and charm that started long ago but came into recognition and substance from the portrayal of "Ali" in LRL. A Character which was soo unique, Soo subdued and yet soo irresistibly charming. Later he quit that show as he felt that his role was sidelined. And then came what you would call the Big Break."Kis Desh Me Hai Mera Dil" which got this deserving actor.Accolades., Awards, Recognition  Star Plus one of the most popular channels on the Indian Television Circuit and this show holding the prime time slot The onus of garnering the T.R.P's for this show rested on the strong shoulders of Harshad, Which he living upto only very well and beyond all expectations !! Humble, Down-to-earth,Shy, Charming are words which do justice to this Graceful Dancer ! Who woos millions of fans through his mind blowing performance day after day !! All we will say to you is that We Trust you, Respect you,Adore you,and Love you loads Harshad.
Though the Members growth is slow in this Fan Club ie 2 Members but the FC managed to move with the same pace as the other FC's Moved. This Fan Club led to some Nice and Lovely discussions about on going episodes of the Show Kis Desh. They are fed up the Hype going in the show about Additi leaving the show and too many reasons for her leaving. Though Additi everytime says where she will go and also Harsh supports her saying that she is the main pillar in the show and denies saying that Additi is not at all Leaving the show. The Viewers are confused thinking if AG aka Heer leaves the show then what about their eternal Love Story. They made fun of Lalit and his day Dreaming about Premeer jumping from cliff which almost skipped heartbeats of every fan of the show. They let out their frustration about Hype on Additi leaving the show as the cheap publicty stunt used to promote the show more for Higher Trps. But this Stunt worked and served the Channel with higher Trps. They discussed about Heer faking Memory Loss to leave Prem with his family and she can go away out of his Life but the sufferer was Prem too thinkiing that she lost her memory and not able to remember him , Her Prem. The FC completed in a Jet speed discussing the Hype created and also Prem's reaction and HC's acting skills.

FC No 25: Silver Jubilee Bash
Silver Jubilee is a time to celebrate, a time to reflect on the achievements, a time to look back the 25th FC, started on 2nd August 2008, was a reflection on Harshad as well as this FC's journey. It included a message from Harshad about the FC which read "I visited the 25th Fan Club and I think that its superb...Just too good .... I also feel that this is one of my best Fan Club...I loved it"
It also included messages from Delo and Yojana about the journey of the FC. It was intriguing to read from Delo and Yojano that how the FC was started, how it faced difficult times, having very few members, how they never gave up and how the fan base finally started to grow. It also included small write-ups about different characters played by Harshad, contests he participated in and his achievements and journey.  The FC also included messages from the fans about Harshad and what made them his fan.  Decorated with beautiful siggies and comprising insightful write-ups on the journey of the FC, it made up for a wonderful reading.

FC No 26: Smiles Galore - 1
The Adorable Theme called " Smiles Galore" was just dedicated to Harshad's everlasting Smile which has stolen the hearts of one and all. Harshad's smile is so much more than just an expression of pleasure and he can use that one smile of his to evoke countless uniquely different emotions. Harshad is the one Wonderful person whose smiles reach his eyes. The whole FC is dedicated on Harshad's adorable smiles with related siggies of Harshad's Smile . The FC looks so cute fiiled with all smile poems and Harshad's Smiling faces.
The most important and shocking thing is this FC was completed within 4 days by all the active members This FC have some lovely discussions related to Harshad's smile and dance on Prem's Engagement day with Heer , about a adorable siggy on Harsh by some member, about his Maria maria Dance in Independence Special Episode " Rang De India" aired on Star Plus, scolding the creatives for not showing a perfect engagement scene of Prem and Heer and about Harshad and Additi Glimpses in Superstar show . This FC completed within 4 days with lots of discussions and hardly 2 members joined the FC but the FC rocked with 189 pages. The longest FC till date. Finally FC completed sharing with some light and funny moments between the Members
FC No 27: Smiles Galore - 2
The Fantastic Theme called " Smiles Galore 2" was the second phase of 26th FC which was completed within 4 days . There was a Message from Daisy saying that Harshad gone through the 26th and 27th FC , loved it and thanked to each and every fan from bottom of his heart. The same theme and messages were just repeated as the 26th FC moved so fast within 4 days so the Makers repeated the theme and made a second Version of the theme Smiles Galore . The whole FC was just dedicated to his wonderful and ever lasting smiles .

This FC contains lovely messages from his fans wishing him all happiness and that smile which stole everyone's hearts doesn't fade . This fan club led to discussion about the character Prem Juneja who they love and Focussing on the track moving in his Show Kis Desh and some have also shared their agony for not showing a Perfect track in the show and giving him less space . They used to have a daily study of his performance in the show with the rating and which further lead to fans giving their feedbacks. This FC really got a good number of New Members upto 5 and it went on increasing in the coming FC's . Finally FC completed sharing with some Nice and funny moments between the Members
FC No 28: Simplicity and Humility
The Marvelous Theme of this FC is " Humility And Simplicity" . Humility And Simplicity Just makes the man so special and different from others. He is a smiple man with no starry airs, chooses to live in simple manner, Completely down to Earth Person and Makes others happy spreading Cheer and Joy around .This FC had a special post called Harshad's Message to his fans yes it contains a Special message from the man himself saying what kind of person he is and a Thanks his fans for being on his side. This FC also covered some overwheming messages from the fans to Harshad about his everlasting smile on his face and also contains Silver Jubliee Messages of FC's completion.

No New Member joined the FC and discussions went on Jet speed related to Harshad's Message for his fans. They also praised a Girl as she had drew a sketch of Harshad's Picture. They shared their agony among themselves and took out frustration on the creatives for not giving a good track and Nice performance to Prem ie Harshad Chopda. They let out their pain in watching the show that too boring Rishab track . This FC had also some light and funny , hilarious discussions on Meher and Harman jodi. They also took out their frustration on the present and crappy story line of Veera and RR romance and about the SBS segments of Premeer.This FC is mixture of all emotions like pain, agony and happiness. Even this FC has longest pages of discussions upto 188 . The members just rocked the FC with their cute discussions.
FC No 29: Hands to die for:
The Mesmersing Theme of this Fantastic FC is " Hands to Die For " . This FC is completely dedicated to Rocking Person's Hands. They are perhaps the most extraordinarily perfect hands . Daisy selected this Lovely theme as she is mesmerised by Harshad's perfect hands. Daisy just used perfect words in describing Harshad's hands .Noone can describe The MAN's Hands as the way Daisy did. The siggies are wonderful made focusing only on his hands . ''The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams - each according to his or her own talent.'' . This is the famous quote dedicated to this theme.
There was no increase in the number of fans but the FC moved on with some decent discussions. This Fan Club led to some discussions about SBS segment on Harshad Chopda ie 8th sept 2008 SBS about questionnare asked to both Harshad and Additi about their favorites by SBS people . The Fans also got to know about Harshad favorites through this SBS .They are confused about the script thinking why the Creatives are not interested in marriage of Premeer and showing them as wife and Husband already. They have analyzed all episodes ie after Premeer entered Juneja House and especially Harshad's expressions perfectly in this FC with Keen observations. They let out their frustration on shaping up of Veera's Role and also about her nasty and foolish attitude even with Prem, who loves and cares her a lot. The FC took a Jet speed based on scene of Ande ka Funda given by Prem Juenja to Heer . The fans were just amazed to see this naughty side of Reserved and Shy Prem. Finally they have completed this FC with some funny and drool worthy Discussions

FC No 30: It's In Your Eyes.
The Admirable Theme of this 30th FC is " Its In Your Eyes " . Yes its all in your eyes Harshad , the pain, anger, passion, Happiness is just visible in his eyes .Those true eyes too pure and too honest in aught to disguise the sweet soul shining through them. Your eyes are an ocean in which your dreams are reflected. A Nice Line by Payal about his eyes " His eyes, as we always said, speak volumes...He can carry on a complete conversation with them, and not miss a beat.I'm still in awe at his ability to cry the way he does...I still refuse to believe its glycerin..." Harshad Eyes Deliver speechless messages , he don't need any words to express his pain or happiness, we can just understand seeing in those bluest eyes . Its just amazing and Fantastic FC as the whole FC is dedicated on the Extra Ordinary person's eyes. Harshad can emote any kind of expression through his eyes , his eyes can speak a thousand of things. The siggies are foccoused only on his eyes and Hats off to those siggy makers for their beautiful creations . This FC also touches up past 2 FC's theme and also links of all the old FCs order wise and also HC's lovely messages to his fans.
There was no increase in the number of fans but the FC moved on with some wonderful discussions.This Fan Club led to some Discussions about Harshad playing Arjun is Ekta's Mahabharat and they expressed their feelings say it happiness or sadness of Harshad not doing that show . The fans loved his role as Prem so they expressed their happiness that Harshad is not doing Mahabharat anymore. They also had a healthy Discussion over Harshad Shirtless scenes and wished hope they get some more shirtless scenes of Harshad. They also expressed their sadness for Mrunal from Jai Shri Krishna who is playing a major role in Mahabharat as his talent is getting wasted by doing that role in MB. The Fans let out their frustration on the foolish track which is more concentrating on other side roles apart from the main leads which caused to drastic decrease in TRPs of the show. The FC moved on discussing about Sanjana , the new entry in the show as she is related to Prem in his past and also about the related episodes of Kis Desh.

FC No 31: Cuteness Personified

This FC dates back to late September of '08, when the fans had just gotten news of Prem's death in Kis Desh Undoubtedly one of the toughest times the FC, it was also the same time that HC's name was unceremoniously being splashed all over the media. A most memorable FC because of the kind of camaraderie that was seen then. Each and every single one of HC's fans found comfort in one another and the FC then...and even HC sent his own words of encouragement. An FC that will never be forgotten. One that was like a dark tunnel, but in the end, the fans emerged stronger than ever before. This FC also contains Fans Messages to Harshad Chopda to say that they will support him in every instance. There was also a Caption contest in theis lovely FC
The Fan Club led to some discussions like Prem's Past ie Sanjana story, the Fans felt so happy and elated to see Harshad in New Look ie College Attire. They are even not ready to believe that Prem is dying and Harshad is leaving the show , they have just decided to boycott the show if that happens and they have decided that they will bring back Harshad in the show at any cost. There was a poll in INdya about Best body finally the fans made Harshad win that award in that site. They adored over the First promo of Premeer marriage and loved seeing Harshad in that lovely attire. The fans got angry seeing the aricle heading that " Harshad dies in Kis Desh " . Its Prem's role which dies in the show not Harshad so they bombarded mails to that article Site to change the heading of that article. Finally the FC moved on with some decent discussions and also Heart touching Prem's last scenes.

FC No 32: You are a Winner

The Theme itself said it all " You are a Winner " Yes Harshad is a Real winner. Challenge and opportunity are motivating friends of a consistent winner. The FC is dedicated to the real winner Harshad Chopda and describes him through a Beautiful poem. The Fan Club is created by Members on Harshad's Leaving the show and this is the attempt in making Harshad feel Better. The Fan Club contains Best of Luck wishes from Fans to their Favorite actor Harshad as Harshad leaving the show ie Prem role died in the show.  This FC contains a questionnare asked a Member Raksha to Maker Daisy around 15 questions. Then the FC also focuses on some old and Golden Themes of Harshad FC like Cuteness Personified, Hands to die for, Its in your eyes, Smiles galore, Simplicity and Humility. Hardly two members joined the FC but there was a Huge Fan Following for Harshad Chopda of nearly 120 Members.
Congrats to The Rock Star Harshad Chopda for this achievement. The Fans never accepted the Truth that HC is leaving the show and Prem dying in the show. They felt so sad that they will no More see their lovable Role Prem in the show anymore. They also discussed and make sure that Harshad won the poll which was on the site Indya.com about the Best Body. The Members drooled over Prem's wedding attire and Harsh looked adorable in that attire in the Wedding promo of Heer and Prem. They let out their frustration and anger on the article stated that Harshad has been throwing away from the show as he dont have the Best physique. The discussions are on full swing about Prem's death and predictions of Future coming tear jerker episodes as the fans wished Harsh will come back and make the track move in the Right place. Finally They completed the FC with some sad and depressing discussions on Prem dying and the way the creatives showed his dying in the Fire that hurted every fan and almost cried watching Prem in that situation.

FC No 33 : Journey Of Prem 1

The Rocking Theme of this Beautiful FC is " Journey of Prem 1 " as the name itself hints that this FC covers the rocking scenes of Prem Juneja ie Harshad's splendid acting skills as Prem Juneja. This Sizzling Fan Club is dedicated to the most loved and the most adored character ever on Indian Television Prem Juneja. This FC was made at the time of Prem died in the Bomb Blast in delhi so in the fond Memory of Prem the makers decided to dedicate to the man who perfectly potrayed the role of Prem. This FC covers amazing scenes of Prem from the beginning ie from Prem's entry in the show ie 12th March 2008 to Prem confession to Heer ie 30th April scene. Each and every scene is Very Well described with Prem's dialogs at that particular episode. The makers related " Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan" song to our beloved Prem Juneja on his exit from the show.
This Fan club also comprises of Fans Messages to Harshad Chopda on his exit from the show. Harshad felt so upset to recieve messages from all over the world on his exot from the show so he had sent a Message to FC members who are disheartened to the News of Prem's Death in the show. The Fan Club became so dull with the News of Prem death and Harshad exit from the show. Tha fans want to show the creatives their fan power and started sending contious Mails and petitions to bring back Prem in the show. The members from the forum and FC never tired signing petitions and sending mails to give their Prem back as he is the main reason of show success. They also discussed some tear jearker episodes of Kis Desh after Prem's death. The Members were busy discussing and drooling over those Memorable episodes of Prem Time. Finally the FC completed discussing about bringing back Prem at any cost and Prem's golden scenes.

FC No 34 : An Ode to Prem's Love Journey

Well in the 33rd FC we have covered the starting scenes of Prem Juneja ie march to April but this FC is dedicated to the Love Journey of Prem and splendid performances in May. During May Fans got to see a completely different side of Prem. An intense and a passionate lover, who could do anything for the Girl he loved. May also showcased the best and the finest perfomances of Harshad Chopda, which won him accolades, rewards and awards. A landmark month for him professionally, and the best when it came to Prem. Well This Rocking FC covers Lover Prem scenes from the beginning of May ie from Heer's engagement announced with other Guy that shatters Prem completely ie 1st May 2008 to Prem confronts Heer about what kind of lover he is ie 28th May scene. Each and every scene is Very Well described with Prem's dialogs at that particular episode. This FC again contains the messages of Harsh to his disheartened fans and also fans messages on the exit of lovable role Prem Juneja.
The fans who were disappointed to the exit of Prem Juneja have boycotted the show to drip its TRPS in the part of bringing back their adorable Character Prem Juneja. The fans worldwide kept sending mails and signing petitions ie endless effort in bringling Prem back to the show. They felt so bad for Preet as his father beat him badly and held him responisible for Prem's death this was one of the most horrible scene where Lalit beats Preet very badly just after Prem's death and results in all fhe family Members crying hugging Preet. The fans also were Very amazed to Aditi's amazing acting skills as Heer who did not even accept that her Prem left her. They enjoyed seeing Harshad and Aditi together in Diwali Rishton ki Show in Star Plus and felt so amazed to see Harshad onscreen. Finally the FC Completed drooling over Harsh dance in DRK show and putting effort in bringing back Prem Juneja.

FC No 36 : Thanking You

Thank you' such a small word but hold such a big meaning but why sometime this big meaning word also seems to loose its power for someone whose gesture is par beyond what a Thank you can express. And that was the Theme, 36th Fan Club was a dream for everybody when they started the Fan Club nobody had ever wondered that this would go so far but it did so to show their obligation to all the people behind the success and the person because of whom this could have been possible, Harshad Chopda and all the his fans-members of the Fan club. Many people joined Fan Club very late but on behalf of all I would like to congratulate on the creator and members of Fc for taking it too long and providing a place for everybody which became so close to them.
 Harshad touched his fans life to its depth not only with his act but with his Hard Work, devotedness and passion for achieving something taught his fans the real value of work, he put an example that if a person wants something from his soul and heart than nobody can stop him from achieving it. He was ruling the telly industry but yet was rooted to his earth, loved his fans from day one when he entered in a side role and his love only increased as with his success, unlike many others he was always there to support his fans and always used to go through the love they present in form of his Fan Clubs and their posts there.
Those were the few words through which his fans conveyed their thanks giving to their star, their idol Harshad Chopda.
And then the brains behind all this success the members who made this FC one of the best Fan Clubs, there were many moments of pride where members were proud to belong to the Harshad's Fan Club. The Fan Club won two contest in a series which gave a new standard to the FC then every FC had new thing from the previous which included Member of the Week, Caption Contest, News Letter and most important and integral among all Messages for Harshad on the every occasion, FC gave members a way to express their feelings individually for him. The FC was the most friendly and cooperative place due to the support of its precious member, they always followed the rule and never let anybody to complain about the FC, made new people so comfortable and befriend with almost everybody around, always came together for Harshad to fight for him against any nonsense. Always there for everybody around to hold them in their thick and thins.

37th and 35th FC: Prem, the Journey Continues

The 35th & 37th Fan Club, yes girls you heard it right a 35th & 37th Fan Club of Harshad Chopda was surely a dream for his fans which come true; the journey which was started on April 07 went through may rough phases as the complete absence of Harshad from screen made his fans completely hopeless and gloomy and their desperation was on its peak to see their star back on screen to set it on fire, to entertain them, to made them laugh with his humor or cry with his torrent of emotions and tears and finally when Harshad was back with his new character "Prem Juneja" he pumped back the happiness in life of his fans, gave them a reason to again get glued in front of the screen and their merriness seemed to have no boundary when he officially entered in Desh on 12th March 08 and what an entry!! those were the words that all viewers panted, his very much presence in the show gave the show a new meaning, a different essence. Desh was a thing that was new to people and instantly glued people to the T.V sets and his entry gave people a new motive for not leaving their T.V set even for a fraction of second.
So that was the theme of both Fan Clubs, to laurel this magnificent character and to show their gratitude for the ultimate person behind it, Harshad Chopda, He was a versatile actor that was never a question for anybody but his character Prem led him to new heights of Perfection, his Hard work, dedication and passion paid off in the end,this was the character which gave him the recognition he was worth of, his fame spread like a fire in forest and this show made him one of the most demanded actor and brought his name to top actors of television.
For the unstoppable love that his fan was showering he didn't forget to turned up as he expressed his gratitude through his messages to his fans for the love they have bestowed him with and all those messages were beautifully carved in the FCs.SO these Fan Clubs just made an attempt to relive all the moments that they had got from Prem which were in their mind from the moment they hit the screen.
FC No 38 : Tara Zameen Par:
The 38th  FC, the first FC of year 2008 was a recap of year 2008, the good and bad memories of the year were all collected together to make yet another memorable FC of Harshad Chopda. It started with a write-up on Harshad's journey through different shows and then focused on year 2008, the year that gave us a star in Prem. In the words of Harshad himself , "If Ali and Akshat were the beginning of it, Prem is the twinkling star."
2008 saw many ups and down, the year began with him out of work and ended with him having made Prem the heart throb of many. It was a year of missed emotions from beginning till the end, a year in which he got his first real strong character, a year in which he yet again proved what he is made up of, a year that also made his fans sad, when his character was killed in the show but a year that ended on a happy note for everyone with Harshad's return in KDMHMD. The 38th FC highlighted all these ups and downs beautifully.

It also included write-ups on the Prem scenes that touched our hearts in the year 2008. his off-screen appearances in SBS, nach baliye, different award functions and his performances. Like all other FCs this one too was completed with fan messages for Harshad, some of which were in form of beautiful poems, reflecting dedication of fans towards their rock-star.
FC No 39 : Telly Screen's Badshah
In words of Misty, if the 38th Fan Club highlighted the fact as to how Harshad is a star but rooted deeply to the ground. The 39th  FC took you on a joyride, highlighting the making of a star. 
It included write-ups on different roles essayed by Harshad, from Karan in Mamta to Prem in KDMHMD. The FC focused on how he made all these roles special and memorable, how using his acting skills to perfection and getting better and better day by day, he made each rol he played memorable. Be it his short stint with Amber Dhara as Akshat or bad guy Karan, be it him playing a cadet or a lover in KDMHMD, he left an ever lasting impact on those who saw him. This FC was an insight into his journey as an actor. 
The FC also highlighted on what we fans think is one of his most amazing qualities as an actor, portrayal of different emotions to perfection and with so much ease. The FC included write-ups on how he played different emotions in KDMHMD, be it a brother, a lover, a son, angry young man or winning you over with his cheeky antiques. Whether he played them as Prem or as deceived the viewers as Gaurav, the FC talked about how he was flawless at both.  Last but not least this FC to included messages from the fans on the theme because no FC can ever be complete without those.
FC No 40 : Curtain Raiser

The Theme " Curtain Raiser " was created to throw light on the man behind Prem Juneja. This FC was a feature on his SBS appearances (March and April 2009) in which we all got to see the Real Him . Prem Juneja is only a figment of someone's imagination, fiction but its Harshad who mattered at the end of the day.The way he lights up the sets and the kind of masti he indulges in in the process, is something which is to be seen to be believed. So this FC was dedicated to the Man Behind Prem ie Harshad Chopda Himself. The FC covered all SBS segments that are aired in March and April 2009 ie to bring out the real man. The SBS segments were from 4th March to 30th April. All the SBS segments which aired in between those dates were described fully with links and conos between Harshad and Aditi and also Off screen catches and masti of Harshad Chopda on sets with related siggys of that segments.
Nearly 5 New Members joined the FC and actively participated in the discussions related to this Fan Club. The FC led to some decent discussions related to Harshad's Show Kis Desh and on Going track . They drooled and admired on Harshad's expressions in each and every scene that was given to him . The fans , felt happy to see their Bossy Prem again who was instructing Meher ie indirectly Heer asking not to step out alone . Even the fans are really upset on the creatives for giving the senseless track so that all are bashing Prem. They have tried hard to explain Prem's POV at that time of throwing Heer out of the house finally they got succeded in that. Though the fans tried to complete the FC within 10 days and gift the Next FC to Harshad Bday but they failed as the track was boring and no one interested in discussing about the boring track. They felt elated seeing Harshad Celebrating his Bday with his family, for the first ever time we , fans got to see Harshad's family. The FC quickly moved on Discussing Star Parivaar Awards 2009 and Harshiti trip to Chandigarh to promote SPA. Finally Nominees are out and fans wished and prayed for their Adorable Harshad and also Lovely jodi Harshiti to win the trophy.

FC No 41 : Fan Interactive Special

The FC " Fan Interactive Special " itself started with wonderful and awesome News of Harshiti winning the Prestigious " Best Jodi" Award in SPA 2009. Another award in our Harshad's Kitty. This Fan Club stands central to two major things: a Rendezvous and an Ode to Harshad's Fan following along with congratulatory messages. The FC first part is Fan Interactive Special with the Oldest and Biggest Members like Daisy, Raksha, Yojana, Vandana(Vandu) and Payal . The maker Sidra has interacted and asked a several questions to these members related to the man since his LRL days. The 5 girls answered several questions and also there were two Rapid Fire Rounds among the Girls. Then coming to the Next part of FC ie Ode to the man , this FC contains a post on all aspects in Prem's life and also Harshad's from SPA 2008 to SPA 2009 award winning. perfectly written by Raksha. Next this FC contains Congratulation Messages for Harshad for bagging the Best Jodi Award in SPA 2009 with his Co-actor Additi Gupta.

The Discussions in this Fan Club led to admirations of Harshad acting Skills and his splendid expressions in the show Kis Desh. They felt happy for the New Title track of Kis Desh played in the show with perfect and lovely meaning hinting the future track. The fans let out their frustration on the Biased SPA ceremony that Prem was not even nominated for Best Beta and Bhai as he deserves those awards the most and happy that finally he managed to bag the best Jodi award with Aditi. This FC also let out some arguments with Other FC members regarding the biasing in SPA 2009. But all the FC members stood together and cleared the matter once and for all. Next the Fans scolded the creatives for bringing the total of 6 years leap thing and hell bent on making Prem to enact a Father role , that was not at all expected and recieved by the fans to see Harshad father of 6 years old Girl. Finally there was a leap in the show wit New Bubbly Girl Chahat as Premeer daughter. The fans have accepted the man Harshad in his rocking New Look and his chemistry with Muskaan(Chahat) is wonderful so Chahat has also been accepted. They were also angry on Star PLus Channel for shifting the show to afternoon slot though the show is giving better TRPs than other Stap Plus Shows.

FC No 42 : True Colors

The Wonderful Theme of this FC is " True Colors" . The Theme itself indicates that this FCis covered with each and every Happeining of Harsh's ie from the Dark Karan to Sweetest Prem papa. HC has embraced a wide array of shades throughout his years, a range of hues, that come together to make him a special, unique color all his own...one, that can not be duplicated. And so, in this FC, we pay tribute to all the colors in HC's box that make him the unique, unparalleled person he is. Through the characters he's assayed, HC has displayed a wide range of color, from a dark Karan to the pure, angelic Ali, while Prem and Gaurav have exuded all the colors in between. This FC covers his each and every Role description. Next comes to his Dance performances from Ali's Patashala Performance to SPA 2009 Perfo of Harshiti including his Nach Baliye Dances also. Then FC also covered his Best SBS segments of Monsoon Special, SPA 2009 Fan No 1 , Playing with Kites, Rajasthan special and Prem-Chahat first intro in SBS. Radio Interviews of Ali and Prem are also covered in this FC. The FC maker Payal also covered up some most memorable FC's and her friendship with Fans of Harshad ie Members of HCFC.

This FC has led out so many discussions on the show Kis Desh and the current track goin on in the show. Two New Members joined the FC. The fans discussed and never ever get tired of discussing and drooling over Harshad's acting skills and his expressions in each and every scene. Some members in this FC also started discussing over Harshad as Ali and enjoyed his cute action as Ali in LRL. There was an article that Star Plus unfair to Kis Desh ie Star Plus' move to shift Kish Desh to the afternoon band has angered its fans, so the fans raised their voices against the Channel in the form of an article. They also enjoyed the off screen masti of Harshad and Additi in the form of SBS segments and felt very happy. There was an another article on Harsh that he goes by his script , the fans felt very proud being a Harshad fan looking his dedication to his work and his role. Next we got the best News that Harsahd and Additi will be seen on Khelo Jiyo Jeetho airing on Star Plus . They enjoyed and drooled over Harshad naughtiness and adorable smiles in that show. This FC moved fast with some Good news of his off screen and also discussing about the boring track.

FC No 43 & 44 : Prem's New Avatar Papa

We have seen HC doing all kinds of roles - Karan : a negative role, Ali : a reserved, usool-wadi cadet, akshat - a cool college kid type, Gaurav: an over-the-top take life as it comes kind of character, and, Prem: both as an intense lover, and as a typical husband - harboring the good and the bad. Now HC is back with another avatar, Harshad is all set to enact the role of Prem as a father. This FC aims to highlight HC in this new avatar, Prem in his new role, as a Papa. This FC is totally dedicated to Papa-Beti scenes of Prem and Chahat from their interaction to the on Going track ie August 11th ie Chahat takes a Fall but she does not wishes to take his help and get up by her own leaving Prem thinks that he is most Unfortunate Father. Harshad and Muskaan share a Very Good Off screen chemistry also . This FC also brings out a Brief Description of Harshad and Muskaan's Off screen chemisrty in SBB and SBS. I am combining both the 43 and 44th FCs as both contains the same theme and write-ups.
All in all 3 Members joined the FC and participated in the discussions of FC. The two FC's Discussions led to the on going tracks of Prem and Chahat scenes and also they wished and prayed for Premeer to unite soon so that Prem will be happy with his wife and also his daughter. They have also discussed about the SBS segments and admired Harshad's Laughing in that segment. We, fans are really frustrated with IF as it allows us to comment the post only after 3 hours so we are worried how can we keep Harshad's Ranking up in Celebrity ranking. They have also discussed about how to make Harshad win the ITA trophy. The Next 44th FC has also led to so many discussions about present track of Kis Desh and droolings related to Harshad. They wondered whether Kis Desh is turning into a suspense thriller after watching Some mystery person following Prem though creatives forgot to reveal who is the person as usual. We, the fans felt so happy that Finally Premeer are happily married for the second Time , But Ashlesha entered the picture again that made the fans go mad on creatives. They also let off their frustration when they continuously saw Body doubles used for Harshad. Finally Both the FCs completed with rocking and some cool discussions related to Harshad and also his show

FC No 45 : Winter Wonderland

The Theme " Winter Wonderland " is all about the Man himself. This FC focus on the man ie Harshad Chopda Himself as past FCs have covered so much of Prem Juenja. In this FC, the makers have attempted to get everyone into the mood of winter and focus on the more beautiful aspects of the wonderful season. The maker Payal's main idea was to share some winter poems on the FC.ie a poem about winter...analyzed, and related back to HC. Payal described the poem in very well and wonderful manner and analysed and she related it back to Harshad Himself. She had covered whole Harsh's autobiography from the starting and marvelously related that back to the poem . This FC also comprises of brief ongoing updates on HC at the beginning of each FC from here on out. Also there will just be a few bullet-points of updates on the latest on HC news from telebuzz, updates about Prem/KDM, things .
Though there was no increase in Members but the FC moved with so many lovely and decent discussions on Prem/Harshad and his related show Kis Desh. The fans discussed about the on going track ie Ash entry in the show again with her fake daughter claiming that she is Prem's daoughter. They felt happy atleast for sometime that Prem understood the intensions of Ash and also his lovely dialogues with her about his and Heer's relationship. The fans let out their frustration on shaping of the Ash's role who is pushing her on Prem . They also discussed about the SBS segment of Karan and Harshad and for the first time they got to know that they both are friends. They also felt bad for Heer that creatives are not even bothering to show some logic in Heer's words. The fans were frustrated on the creatives seeing the article named " will Prem be killed in the show? " ..They could not tolerate the fact that creatives are again planning to kill Prem in the show but instead of Prem, Preet will be died in the show that left viewers in huge shock. Finally FC moved on discussing the happenings in the show and also SBS segments and articles on Harshad.
FC No 46 : Perspective

The Theme " Perspective" is all about fan dedications, with a few personal experiences and some suggestions. This FC hopes to convey to HC just how much his fans adore him, and give him insight into just how big of an impact he has had on all our lives. The fans from HC FC and also from the Kis Desh Forum are asked a series of 6 questions .The responses were wonderful for they allow insight into the unique qualities and personalities of the fans. This FC covered a series of 6 questions on HC and our dedications to him like a song dedication, a quote Dedication, a Moment of our life that the fans would dedicate to the man, In what way Harshad made an impact in our life , Recommanding a Book for Harshad, Any Memorable Moment as Harshad FC . All these 6 questions are given to the Harsh fans to answer in their own way . The response was really superb that nearly 20 Members answered these questionnaire honestly. This FC also comprises of Diwali Messages by his fans to Harshad wishing him Happy Diwali and this diwali may bring loads of happiness in his life.This FC moved on with really cute and Nice discussions as ITA 2009 is on the way . Two New members joined the FC and actively participated in the discussions of this Fan club. This FC started with the rocking Reharsals of Harshad and Aditi for ITA 2009 ie Prem ki Nayya and Teri Ore songs. The fans drooled over the man in both Black and white shown in SBB and also SBS segments.

Then they had to hear about the bad news that Harsh did not win the award in ITA 2009 due to biasness and also money minded & worthless ITA awards. They gave to support to him saying that he dont need any awards to prove himself as the Best actor. They supported him saying that he is the bestest actor they have ever seen. FC moved on discussing the boring track of New Family entering into the lives of Juneja. We also got one more bad news that Harshad is down with dengue so he cant continue shooting. The show without Harshad is just boring . At the end of this FC we got another bad news ie Kis desh ending and no more Prem onscreen . Finally FC moved on with some drool worthy and also some bad news but the fans rocked the FC with their lovely discussions.
FC No 47 : A New Beginning

The Rocking Theme of this Lovely FC is " A New Beginning " . Yes it is gonna a New Beginning for Harshad Chopda as his show " Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil " ended and also Dashing Prem Juneja will be no more seen on screen. The theme itself indicates a New Beginning for the Rocking Person and many more offers to come on his way . Spring is a season of happines , Joy and mixture of shades ..Now the show came to an end so Now Harshad will be having a Fresh Start with a New Beginning with Some Nice projects on his way. This FC also comprises of Farewell Messages to Prem Juneja by his beloved Fans who say that Prem was indeed a Perfect and Unforgettable Role played by Harshad Chopda.
There's again a post called " Harshad Chronicles " in this FC which covered all the happenings of the Harshad in the week like his Celebrity ranking, Articles on him and SBS segments related to him.. 3 New Members have joined this FC. The FC moved on with Various Discussions like Kis Desh ending scenes which includes all the fans feeling towards end of the show . The fans are too much frustrated by the end of the show with no proper premeer scene as the story itself revolve around two beautiful and lovable characters Prem and Heer. They let out their agony scolding the creatives from the illogical ending. There was an article about Harshad's Cookery classes, Plans by Fans to keep the FC active even after the Harshad's show ends and also they have drooled over the SBS segments on Harshad and Additi.
FC No 48 : Sweet Memories

The wonderful Theme of this Rocking FC is " Sweet Memories " . Those memories of Harshad's roles like Ali, Akshat and Prem which can never be forgotten This FC covered all Shades ie Highs and Lows in Harshad's Previous roles by matching the significance of Rainbow colors VIBGYOR with his acting dimensions starting from Karan to Prem Juneja. This FC also covered each and every High and Lows of Harshad's role illustrating with Scenes of Harshad Chopda. FC comprises of Best of Luck Messages to Dashing person Harshad Chopda for his Future projects.It also covered a Seperate post called " Harshad Chronicles" based on Celebrity Ranking in IF.
The FC led to some decent and nice discussions limited to Harshad Chopda . They also discused about some of his evergreen scenes as Prem Juneja like the starting scenes of Prem and Heer . There were some new articles on Harshad Chopda like Fitness Fundas told by the man himself about his diet and burning calories. The whole Fan club was very happy to listen to the news of Harshad's Trip to Australia and also about his to be taken Show " Chand Chupa Badal Mein" . Though there was no official confirmation from anybody about the show but the fans wanted to see him on screen again and his magic again on screen. This FC moved so cool with these lovely discussions

FC No 49 : Rock On

The Rocking Theme of this Lovely FC is " Rock On " . This FC is dedicated on the Dance performances of the man Himself. As this FC is 49th one ie one less than to 50th FC ie to rock on with Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Harshad Chopda Fan Clubs. This FC is indeed so crucial to his fans as they wished to gift and dedicate the Next FC ie 50th FC to the him on his Birthday . The theme " Rock On" itself indicates Harshad's rocking Dance performances which blessed us to see him in different avatars other than Prem Juenja. This FC covered a lot of things like his dance performances , questionnaire asked to the fans to highlight his best dance performance till date that too in the form of Lovely Video Mix made by Vandy di, Most Viewed and lovable SBS segments of Harshad Chopda, Fantastic Write-ups about Harshad by some fans from the FC, all in all a wonderful and superb FC which covered everything about the man.

As the FC number goes on increasing the Fans number also got increased ..FC comprises of total 156 Members till date. 2 New Members joined this FC and actively participated with us in completion of this FC by time that too within 20 days. As Harshad New Show " Tere Liye " is on the way more members are expected to join the FC and rock the discussions once his Role gets popular. This FC led to so many cute and lovely discussions on Harshad's Australia Trip segment shown in SBS recently which almost speed up the FC ie 75 pages within 4 days..They also discussed about his New Coming Show " Tere Liye " and confused about the plot thinking about the Love Triangle introduced in this New Show . They are just worried about him thinking that if there is a Love Triangle then Harshad wont get much space in this New Show. His every fan is eagerly waiting to see him on screen and lokking forward to his show and also His Birthday segment on SBS ie on 17th May. We , the fans hope SBS show us a long Segment of Harshad on his Birthday and also interview him asking about his new show and his role in that show.

FC NO. 50: Celebration Galore:

50 FC's ago, a group of four fans got together and created a platform whereby they could appreciate their favourite actor and his performances. Since the first FC, about 3 years back, we have now come a long way to mark the golden jubilee of the FC of the one and only - Harshad Chopda!In the history of Indian Television, we can safely say that no actor has been able to achieve this feat!
Fans were not only celebrating Golden jubliee but also Harshad's 27th Birthday. Celebrations were going on in full swing !!!!! Beginning of this Fan Club brought sooo many happiness in Fan's life...not only beginning by the end of this FC fan's saw first ever Promo of Harshad's New Show "Tere Liye."  Which made Fans to get on jets speed and finished this FC in just 15 days.....Now over to 51st Fan Club !!!

And then, The Journey Goes On.....


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