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An UNarranged Marriage (AR) ff Part 6 pg 120

Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
hey guys. it's me saniya. ya that My Mr A... ff waaliLOL. i was jus standing on my window and taking pleasure of cold air and suddenly an idea struck me. bas fir kya, thought of sharing it wid u guys. hope u like it. this ff will end in life 2/3 parts, so it won't affect my other ff. finally it's an AR ff, my all time fav jodiEmbarrassed. this story is related to a dream i had to please people who already know my dream, don't kill meLOL
         An UNarranged Marriage.  by meLOL
"please dad try to understand, i can't marry him. I mean i don't hate him but i don't love him either. why do you want me to marry him out of all the guys?" riddhima asked her dad with watery eyes. her voice choked and her body shuddered with fear. Fear of loosing him. Fear of getting married to someone else.
"WAT RUBBISH? Why would he marry someone else when i have a daughter? No riddhima, Vivek is marrying you and thats final. NO MORE ARGUMENTS. did i make myself clear?" shashank's voice boomed in the silent room as he ordered her. The welled up eyes finally gave up and riddhima broke down while bursting into tears. she slided down the wall as her dad walked out of the room. she hugged her knee and cried her heart out. But unfortunately no one cared and the only person cared was not with her. Not near her but rather he was far, very far.
riddhima slowly stood up and walked to her bed. she accidently banged with table and her eyes fell on something. Her life saver, her messiah, her MOBILE. she quickly jabbed a number and impatiently banged the phone against her ears and walked to the window.
"Hello" the husky voice made riddhima close her eyes as if feeling him.
"riddhima kuch bologi nahi?" Riddhima's eyes shot open.
"Armaan..." she said while breathing out his name. Armaan's scrunched up his brows listening to riddhima's choky voice. He on an instant guessed that riddhima had been crying.
"Are you crying riddhima? what happened? tell me NOW." armaan asked worriedly with a tinge of impatience ness.
"armaan tum mujse itna dur kyo ho? Mein yaha india mein and tum waha saat samundar par UK mein. why this distance armaan? tum mere paas kyo nahi ho?" riddhima questioned him like a helpless child.
"kaisi baat kar rahi ho riddhima? tum to india holiday par gayi ho na. sweetheart i am getting really freaked out please muje batao, kya hua hai?"
Then riddhima heard some footsteps coming so she quickly kept the phone down.
"mein tumse baad mein baat karti hu armaan. Love you more than my life. bye and never leave me", with that she slipped he mobile in her jeans pocket as her bedroom door flung opened and her step mum entered her room with an evil smirk.
"oh my little step daughter! Whats with this dry tears huh? oh you must have been crying right? hmm you deserved it sweety. who told you snitch you daddy about me stealing money from his locker huh? you l'il bi**ch. Next time think twice before messing with me. aur waise bhi kya hua? your dad never believed you and to worsen our pain i even persuaded your dad to get you marry to my nephew vivek. hahaha" Trisha's evil laugh echoed in riddhima's ears. she shut her eyes as a few tears seeped out from her closed blinders. She wanted to slap Trisha right there and then but resisted as she didn't wanted to make a scene and also it's not like her dad will support her. Her was so blind in her step mother's so called "love" that his daughter's pain is invisible to him.
riddhima took out her diary and started pouring her heart out on the blank piece of paper
Kyo bhagwaan? mein hi kyo? pehle aapne mujse meri maa chin li phir meri life mein trisha ko bhej diya. that greedy pig who just married my widowed father because of his wealth. My dad was always horrible to me as i was his mistake. Muje to paida bhi nahi hona chahiye tha unke hisaab se kyoki because my mum got pregnant with me, he had to marry her. My dad is such a jerk. Pata hai he would have never married my mum after he got to know that she is pregnant with his child but my grandad was very influencial and rich. He offered my dad a lot of money and my greedy dad happily accepted it. meri maa ko kya pata tha ki jis insaan se vo pyaar karti hai wohi unki zindagi ujaar dega. he made my mum's life hell after marriage but my innocent mum beared it all. then i came in her life and i think that was the best thing that has happened to her. when i was 15, she met with a fatal accident and DIED.... my whole world stopped that moment. she was my only true family as my grandad died a few months after my mum's marriage. mein to abhi tak sadme se bahar bhi nahi aayi thi, ki mere dad hamare ghar ki chokhat par meri nayi "maa" le aaye. he didn't even once asked me if i was fine or if i need his shoulder to cry on. Rather he got married and got busy in his life. 
i wanted to die, aur jeeti to bhi kiske liye jeeti? that time i was in college. i was 18... how can i forget that. (riddhima smiled) my upside down life came back on track. the smile which was missing since 3 years came back. Armaan came in my life. well our meeting wasn't a memorable one. i was sitting in the empty classroom with the blade in my hand, all ready to cut my wrist and take my life out of misery. My step mum made my life a living hell, to us waqt marna bhi kam laga. i was missing my mum, so i decided to go to her. i wanted to die... 
i closed my eyes as my mum's smiling face appeared in front of my eyes. i was about to slash that blade through my wrist when suddenly someone held my hand tight which had a blade. i shot my eyes open and saw the most handsome guy i have ever seen. his eyes had tears in them. i didn't knew why but still i couldn't help but adore that face. my chain of thoughts was broken with a tight slap on my face. Yes armaan slapped me. i felt my cheek as tears ran through my eyes. i cried......not because i got slapped by a really handsome guy i met 30 secs ago but because i realised what i was about to do. i was about to take my life away and that too cuz of that trisha and my so called dad. but still that doesn't mean armaan will slap me, so abruptly stood up and shot him glare but before i could say anything, he started shouting,
"HAVE YOU LOST IT? GIRL I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE SO COWARD LIKE YOU. you know i just over heard your friends talking about you and when i got to know the full story about you, my welled up. i came to share your pain and give you some strenght to fight but gosh what i saw pulled the earth from underneath my feet. YOU WERE TRYING TO SUICIDE!!! how could you?" he finally stopped. i heaved a sigh of relief.
"What the hell?" thats the only thing that came in my mind that time. i mean this dude just barged in the empty class room and started shouting at me. Gosh not only that but HE EVEN SLAPPED ME for my foolish act.
armaan just hugged me tight and i felt my shoulder wet then realised then armaan was silently crying. i felt bad...... i don't know why, but i wanted him to smile.
"why are you crying?" i asked meekly
"agar aaj tumhe kuch ho jata to mein kya karta riddhima?" riddhima felt even more wierd thinking why the hell does he care?
hahaha diary you won't believe what he said after that. 
"I love you"  he said still clinging on to me. i pulled him back and spat a big "WAT?"
he smiled for the first time. i felt butterflies in my tummy seeing that charming dimples. 
then he conffesed that he is a senior in the college and the first time, he saw me, he hopelessly fell for me. today when he heard about my life, his heart shattered into pieces.
pata hai diary, us waqt muje armaan se pyaar ho gaya. i mean jo meri takleef sunkar ro pare, jo muje sahi raasta dikhya, jo mujse itna pyaar kare, usse mein kaise pyaar na karti. hayee mera paagal. nahi sacchi bilkul paagal hai. mere chehre par ek smile laane ke liye pata nahi kaisi kaisi harkate karta rehta hai.
*sigh* now at the age of 23 when everything in my life was going so perfect, my step mum had to ruin it. diary mein armaan ke bina nahi reh sakti. please god meri pukar sunlo and mere knight in shining armour ko bhej do mere paas. please.
With that riddhima closed her diary and was about to sleep when her mobile rang. she smiled seeing armaan's number on the phone
"hello" riddhima this time said in a much better state.
"Hi sweetheart. acha yeh batane ke liye phone kiya tha ki i am on heathrow airport right now and will be coming to india tommorow. sweet dreams my princess. byeeeee" armaan hung up the phone
"HELLOOO helloo armaan. look why are you comin... hello? armaan? ARGH this ashiq of mines" riddhima couldn't help but smile thinking how much armaan loved her that he is coming to india just because he heard her cry.
"Man i love him" said riddhima dreamily while hitting her bed.
"ab mein saari duniya se lar sakti hu"
riddhima woke up because someone was furiously banging her door.
"wat? whose there? can't like sleep in peace as well now?" said riddhima grogily.
"SHUT UP YOU L'IL SLUT and open the bloody door before i break it" shouted riddhima's step mum trisha from outside her room.
"kya hai trisha? kyo mera jeena haram kar rakha hai subah subah?"
"koi armaan naam ka ladka bahar tera intezaar kar raha hai" trisha said making a disgusting face.
kk so guys actually i was thinking to make it a one shot but it was long and my shoulder started hurting badly, so had to stop. but will continue soon. COMMENTS GUYS WARNA MEIN TUMHARA KHUN CHOOS JAUNGILOL and i mean itLOL don't forget to press like button if you like part 1.
don't be kanjoos in giving comments pleaseeeee.
part 1- upar dekho anparsLOL
part 2- pg 44LOL
part 3- pg 65
part 4- pg 81
part 5- pg 93
part 6- pg 120
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res :D

OMG sani .. Now i know its definitely your FF ... m lyk speechless after reading it n i already read it twice......LOL

simply amazing..  wat a fab concept.. !! seriously armaan is a knight in shining Armour for ridz .. such a sweetheart ..!!
n man! trisha is such a sweet name and she completely opp ..such an evil mom.. she's lyk trying to act a butcher for ridz........AngryAngry
Ufff dis Vivek! ll he ever leave AR alone...... Angry ..m sick of this name now......LOL
N wow! their first meet was lyk soo unique and lovely .. cant believe ridz wanted to suicide....Cry.. i guess this is gonna be one such story which ll be in my heart forever as .. ..

oye please cnt this one soon .. m already so hooked up to it..  thanx 4 d pm ..

Vini Heart

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Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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12 views and 1 comment and that too reserved. thanksCry
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Originally posted by Sani_Rani

12 views and 1 comment and that too reserved. thanksCry
oye impatient soul ... subah subah rona shuru kar diya... water tank refill karvaya h kya?......ROFL
waise gud morning.. WinkLOLLOL

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hey seems update soon and dont forget to pm me...thank.

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Awsome part...looking forward to rad more...continue super soon =)

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Sani_Rani IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by coolvini4u

Originally posted by Sani_Rani

12 views and 1 comment and that too reserved. thanksCry
oye impatient soul ... subah subah rona shuru kar diya... water tank refill karvaya h kya?......ROFL
waise gud morning.. WinkLOLLOL
chup kar khotiAngryLOL mera water tank fill ho raha hai, tujhe kya?LOLLOLLOL comment soon after reading it.
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heyy sanz meri kamini dost.Wink
sorry for the late comment again but u kno na i have exams let me finish em and see i'll probably first to comment.Embarrassed
now the part
it waz jus an awesome part i luvd it alot.Heart
i already read it three times. plz plz plz update soon
m jus really into the concept and i wanna see wats happens next quick.Star
i hope ridz jus runs away right now with him and then gets married.Star
chalo now update soon.
luv (u betterTongue)
NikkiBig smile

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