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17/6: Dr. Shilpa- Kehte hain mujhko hawa hawaii..

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Ah and what better way to start an episode with some Sid-Riddhima interaction, over le phone....aww, Miss Ickyface gets all dreamy eyed when she sees that the person who calls is none other than Sidster! Cute. The moments she remembers are the basic reminder of how their relationship is progressing, specifically the kitchen sequence, the kiss on neck sequence and the boochi from yesterday..so obviously you'd think she would pick up the phone, only she hangs up.

Not good for Sid's self confidence-fact. The inhibitions that were creeping in his mind consequent to his "little act" from yesterday are reinforced by Riddhima's gesture. And the sweetest part, is that he's genuinely hurt that he seems be the root cause for Riddhima's passiveness. He begs, "come on God yaar, kuch to raasta dikhao"...

Cue- Dr. Shilpa's entry. And what an entry into Sanjeevani, where most use their hands to open the door, she uses her backside. A little emphasis on the cutsie- polka dot black dress and her beautiful face with the intense eyes. Not surprised she seems to be turning heads......From the implication, Dr. Shilpa seems to be the messiah to help Sid be reunited with Riddhima, only we know that technically they don't need anyone but maybe she's a catalyst to speed up the process abit....how it can move faster than the current position well....who knows?

Back to Sid-Riddhima. Ok so, Riddhima seems to have taken a very public "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" and Sid is....keen. Running around his wife, the words "Joru ka ghulam" spring to mind. Oof a stern look from wifey and bolti band, "Don't create a scene Sid, we're in the hospital". Wow. Sid has never been able to keep schtum, and no one has ever been able to have that effect on him either where told expressly or not, whether the person has been Dr. Shashank or his own mother, yet a mere look from Riddhima does the trick. Period. He looks so lost, you almost feel sympathetic!

A tap on the shoulder and Shilpa's first encounter with a member of Sanjeevani. Sid recognises her instantly, "ring-chor, mere paas ring nahi hai" LOL.Classic Sid. Shilpa responds frankly, "why are you shouting, this is a hospital...". Before Sid can explain, she interrogates him, and our simply Siddy answers her questions, naam? Doctor ho? Kitne time se? etc. She seems a pro when it comes to love, shall we call her guru? She recognises Sid's ailment immediately, you're lovesick. Ha! I can't help but laugh at her nerve when she tells Sid she won't charge him a fine for shouting but next time he better check his wallet before opening his mouth! Leh! Sid is clever ...but slow...past history of his relationships is enough evidence...she loves me she loves me not ka kissa! Sid is right in asking her identity.....jaldi pata chaljayega...and she sends him on his way. Bechara.

I don't thik we've ever had a character communicate directly with the audience? but yes, correct me if you remember, Shilpa happily gloats over her new found time pass and even has time to add that she is relieved she won't ever meet the "loser" again....don't speak so soon honey, you're in DMG.

And the perfect time to swwwwitch to the police station. Armaan, in jail. Boo!! Obviously, he's not happy, the whole night has passed and he's held for no justified reason, while the real culprit roams the streets....sorry roams the corridors (of Sanjeevani). Urgh, disgusting! If it couldn't get any worse, Armaan is sharing with a farty fella! My feminine sensibilities are highly offended...the guy is an actual tramp! Armaan also feels the same, he shouts out in desperation to the officers to let him out.....the smell I can only imagine to be unbearableDead lol.... 

Switccch, Shilpa encounter number two...JP and Jiggy, they refer to her as a chicken...murgi...a girl referred to a chick I understood, but whatever, these guys seem to make and break their own rules Wink
Hmmm....the scene is nothing out of the ordinary, the guys flirt in attempt to befriend the newbie, they want to check her blood pressure, even faking themselves as the "best doctors", she notes Jiggy's nurse outfit. They fight over her and Shilpa plays along, she starts crying, stating that they have reminded her of her two fiancees from home....this is probably the closest relationship to a gf the two will ever have bless them, and that is a comparison to a fiancee. And what triggered the resemblance? "Ek motu, aur ek chashmish" LOL
JP inquires further, you've been married twice before? No no, responds Shilpa, they died before we got there! Leaving the two simpletons...quite speechless.

Switchhh- Ah Riddhima smiling to herself, but personally, I'm getting frustrated that she's deliberately making Sid feel bad when he actually did nothing wrong...its harsh! Even Sid seems to think so, "kabse tumhara peecha kar raha hoon, maan jao na" he says to himself wearily. Shilpa intervenes, just apologise, problem solved. Sid frustrated asks her, "tum ho kaun"? Repeat of the precap from yesterday, she "suspends" Sid, calling herself a medical disciplinary officer. Sid is clearly hassled by her loud statement, apologetic, he tries to make ammends. Seems as if he's only been made to apologise to women....note Riddhima is happy yet he's running after her and now this apparent "inspection officer" Uff!
Shilpa loves her shoes, the viewers know she's playing a prank, I can only smile when she says "silence ke bare mein to meri sandal bhi jaanti hai isiliye wo awaaz nahi karti" Personifying her shoes, and giving them a gender...how original. Creatives ki creativity akhir saamne aa hi gayi! Clap
I feel sorry for Sid, the world comes crashing down him when she asserts, "you're suspended, that's final" ShockedOuch

Back to Armaan, another "victim" of a Shilpa prank, maybe she hates guys? Or maybe she believes they can be easily fooled...either way, Armaan is still stuck behind bars, he shouts to the officers to release him, he's a doctor can't they see. The fact that he is a doctor is something which should definitely fall in his favour, I am a medical professional, I help people, and rescue them from harm, just like you, I'm a good guy releaseee me! But his plea falls on deaf ears....no one comes to save him from the gassy monster in his lair.

In Sanjeevani, Shilpa queries at reception for a letter addressed in her name from Dr. Shanky. The nurse goes on to find it and the phone rings. No one at the desk...and of course the phone can't be left unanswered, Shilpa is inclined to react. I am being sarcastic. We can only guess whose on the other end....oh Armaan! Neverrr.
I feel terrible, considering this is Armaan's last chance of trying to get out of jail, he should have called Sid on his mobile or something, Shilpa's indifference and blunt answers leave him helpless, "please kisi sensible aadmi ko phone dee jiye". And what do you know I was right, Little Miss Feminist Shilpa states, "Shockedaadmi sensible hote hain, aaurat nahi". Her treatment of Armaan, Sid, JP and Jiggy starts to make a little more sense now....she hangs up leaving Armaan to face the consequences, he gets told by the supervising officer, the longer your phone conversation the longer you have to stay here...oh joy. And to conclude the fartinator lets rip once again!

A small clip of Riddhima remembering her Sid-ilicious moments. I remember a song from yeh pyar diwana hota hai, the lyrics were something like, "teri aankhein bolti hain, tu bhi to kuch bol (Riddhima) bol...moo ko zara sa khol, hoton ko kar gol, yaad kisi ladke ko karke, love you love you bol!" Tongue

A sick, aged, patient clerly in some pain and Shilpa's real talent is presented before us. She confidently tells the nurse to give him an injection before he goes into cardiac arrest, the nurse is bewildered, who is this woman, we need a doctor? Shilpa replies there is no time and seeing the deteriorating condition of the patient she states, we need to operate fast. Another word to describe her, practical and responsible when required. A quality of pretty much all the interns in Sanjeevani, she's going to fit in perfectlyy :)
The nurse, purplexed, rushes out the room, colliding with JP, Jiggy and Sid informing them of Shilpa's orders. They all approach Shilpa, JP mocks her, a patient now becoming the doctor? Sid's reaction is alot more angry, he puts a value on the nurse's job which could have been lost or the patient's life. Dr. Kirti intervenes, "I'm sure aisa khabie nahi hota"..She introduces Dr. Shilpa Malhotra to the trio who look on in disbelief, as the new intern of Sanjeevani. A replacement of Dr. Yuvi and Dr. Suvarna SmileConfusedCry
Sid looks annoyed, with good reason, whilst Shilpa can only smile back angelicly. Such a charmer.

Locker room and Shilpa tries to find an unallocated locker, koi bhi lelo, the staff seems to be diminishing in number there must be plenty free! On JP's admission/suggestion she takes Yuvi's old one...Sid rushes in to talk to the guy's only to see them surrounding Shilpa. Taking them to a corner he urges them to find a solution to the Riddhima "problem". JP suffests leaving her be to give her time to cool down, yet pragmatic Shilpa disagrees, you should talk to her. Personally, i couldn't agree more. Sid isn't willing to heed her advice and avoids Shilpa at all costs, when JP and Jiggy urge him to act he declines and walks out.  Hmmm not wanting to forget any time soon...and it seems he's not the only one Shilpa has offended.

Oooh I like the precap, very dramatic. Riddhima is seen telling Shilpa off, the whole "don't mix your personal and professional life", this is a hospital we solve our patient's problems, not our own. Riddhima has finally been given a taste of her own bitter medicine, not fun and games anymore eh? Armaan and Sid would probably love to see this...or they would see Shilpa's sad face and actually feel sorry for her. She is a very nosy person, but the habit of making other's business her own doesn't seem wrong...especially when her intentions are right.

And we're back, Shilpa paces back and forth, promising to solve Sid's "problem".

Switch to the doctors of Sanjeevani, specifically Riddhima, Sid, Kirti, JP and Nurse Jiggy treating patients. The working atmosphere is disturbed by the tannoy. "Hello everyone, mera naam Shilpa hai". She goes on to state that she isn't saying this to introduce herself but for Sid, Dr. Sid who is struggling to disclose his heart's desire to the woman he loves the most.....Riddhima. The staff look on in awe.

 A repeated precap verifies the consequences. 

Another close up on Sid and Riddhima's shocked, identical expressions and episodo finito.

The precap:  Grrr! Is anyone else annoyed? So when there was no problem and Little Miss Icky was smiling at any given opportunity in the day, she made Sid feel as if he had committed a crime. And when he was trying to rectify that problem, only because she made him think there was a problem, it gets overhead by Little Miss Hawa Hawaii who tries to help him by broadcasting his love for her to the whole of Sanjeevani. Confused? I am.
Bottom line is that now there is a problem, Sid states none of it was his idea but Icky is back and she's not believing a word he says. Aww, Shilpa intervenes (surprised but I really shouldn't be, she is by far one of my favourite characters. Why? SR are prone to misunderstandings, but she is the one person who has actually bothered to speak up and solve them before they got any worse. Thank god! Practicality rules! Of course, taking the brunt means to feel the wrath and boy does she feel Riddhima's wrath.

Chalo atleast SR ki problem solved hogi..or will it? Bring on tomorrow's episode.

Applause? Shilpa reaping havoc within Sanjeevani, amusing to watch. Loved her initiative during the sick patient. SA owned the episode hands down, loved her interaction with the other cast.

Rotten tomatoes! : Well there was potential for alot of SR chemistry, but after yesterday's episode don't think the CVs wanted to give us another dose so just alot of repeated scenes smothered in the ooo hoo hoo hooo, SR backing track. Not impressed. Armaan stuck in jail.

Bonus?! : A light storyline? ....

THanks for readding guys and girls! Please leave comments and/or criticisms! Thank yaa!

Love luck and blessings mmmwa! Xx

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KaranShilpa:) IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 8:18pm | IP Logged

thanks for letting know.. hadnt been able to catch the episodes all week! :-) *a big hug*

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patakhaguddi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Love your analysis darling. Read them whenever i can!

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mysterieux IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 8:33pm | IP Logged

I loved reading it....hilarious......

I thought todays episode was all Sidhanth and Shilpa......Ridhima and Armaan seem to be after thoughts today...
CVs what are they ever thinking.....
we had vase day yesterday....today was prank day...and tommorrow will be Dhulai day

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faiza_elahi202 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
Clapim lovein it shilpa is doin an awsome job

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 12:10am | IP Logged
loved ur analysis man
shilpa and sid were too cute

but i felt bad for armaan
kaha phas gaya

Edited by deepthis - 18 June 2010 at 12:11am

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 12:16am | IP Logged
loved ur analysis
can't wait for today's episode.
Sometimes i wish ridhima could take her own advice, it would come more handy to her than anyone else.

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Posted: 18 June 2010 at 12:57am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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