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16/06: Ar/Sh, Sid-Ridh: You, me and a vase...

nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 16 June 2010 at 11:28am | IP Logged

Ok seems to me that SA aka "Miss Bracelet" aka "Dr. Shilpa" aka "Dhanno" (??) is a female version of the "old" Dr. Armaan back from 2007...for those whom have been ardent fans of DMG since its very beginning and whom followed the KaSh Armaan-Riddhima, there was many a time during their lows where in an argument Armaan would tell Riddhima how much he has changed himself for her.. for example, from a player to a one-woman-man. This Dr. Shilpa in the same way shares many qualities as that Armaan, note the one-liners "samajti nahi, hoon" etc. Indeed a "role reversal" takes shape before our eyes...
Then again she also shares many Riddhima-isms, i.e. taking every opportunity to challenging men to ridiculous bets. This is where we get back to the episode....
"Open this showcase without breaking the glass" says she. She is a clever one I must say or she just watches "the real hustle". Cutting a long story short, she wins the bet by using her hair accessory and Armaan is left feeling highly embarrassed and defensive, male ego ka saval hai! "You won because you had a hair pin...I'm a guy, I wouldn't have one". Haha, if I was a feminist I would love Shilpa who asserts that Armaan is just crying cause he lost the bet. You go girl.

One thing Armaan hates is people criticising him so for him it's either "get ahead or get even". Another bet, whatsay?
I love the old music btw, I know that there was a time where AR music was used on SR but this seems to be justified as the music has previously been used on Kash et voila today too!
Two new names hit the bag, I have to say I prefer "Mr. Supercool" but courtesy of Shilpa we now have:

"Loser" vs. "Miss Bracelet"

But before the battle can begin, the hotel manager finds out about their antics and calls security causing the two to run away to a "safer" place...

i.e. the 54th floor.
And the next bet. 10-pin bowling, i.e. glass bottles as pins and an empty vase as the bowling ball. Wow. But what about liabilty for property damage? Shilpa states clearly that they shouldn't care about all that because the property does not belong to either of them..why care if it gets damaged? Defeating the point slightly but point noted, can this girl get any more reckless?

Armaan for one reason or another decides to heed her words, takes the "ball" aka vase and fires....leading to a shattered vase failing to reach the bottles. He panics, Shilpa tells him to "chill"..why? "Because you have another chance". Definitely, words to describe the character as they automatically spring to my mind are...irresponsible, obnoxious, care-free, independent and if it were possible, a tom-boy in a dress. The next Lara Croft anyone? To...jo role Jenny chahti thi for Shilpa ko mil gaya...or a very mild version anyway.

Armaan is successful in dropping all the "pins" yet party's over when they get busted by the manager and the POLICE?! That was quick....

Oh dear....now when Armaan met Shilpa, one and all must thought that love at first sight is not possible, given the fact that she hit him with a baseball bat on their first meeting, albeit inadvertently. Having said that though, we didn't expect her to hold a grudge against Armaan for no reason at all when she met him...the fact that Shilpa practically lands Armaan in it and holds him solely responsible for the mess when the police asks questions is something which thus surprises me.

The Police Officer is smart enough to arrest both of them...


Sid climbing a ladder.
Bless him, he's one of those "bathroom singers", can anyone remind me if we have ever seen him do an Atul before? At this moment in time we see him happily singing "jab pyar kiya to darna kya", perfect song choice. Riddhima is angry. Yes. Sid loves her. Yes. Should he be scared. No! It's now that I realise...maybe its the height he is afraid of not Riddhima ...tee hee.
 A great way to boost some self confidence and reassurance Dr. Modi...way to go! Note: Loved the way the tune seemed to have changed by the time he got to the end of the line LOLWink...

I think the highlight for me of these episodes is the "little talks" Sid has with himself. He's quite a humorous guy....his acknowledgement of love and Shaadi and the indirect comparison to when he was a bachelor is very enlightening! Well all I can say is that where Riddhima is concerned, everyone needs to be in check, especially her husband!Tongue

You would think that sneaking into a house required preparation, how fortunate Sid is; a ladder in place and an open window, aur wo khul-e-aam ghumraha hai! Wah.
Additionally, if I were Sid I would also be concerned and quite jealous....Riddhima gets changed with the door open eventhough she shares the house with JP and Jiggy? But our romeo isn't at the liberty to even consider such things when he sees Riddhima....a light breeze in the room and everything goes into slow motion for Sid as he stares at her, mesmerized, a cute smile on his face. His little daydream rids him of self control and he falls against the door, which bangs into the table, and the vase lying on top falls to the floor and smashes into pieces.
Nope, never simple when it comes to Sid.

The disturbance startles Riddhima whilst Sid looks around contemplating a hiding place...yet not finding one in time so Riddhima sees him. What follows are paniced "tum yahans" from Riddhima and alot of sheepish, hesistant excuses from Sid. And Riddhima loses it and starts hurling oranments and accessories from her dressing table to a very apologetic Sid...what he did to deserve this? Only Riddhima knows...but it is amusing to watch, Sid jumping, ducking, side stepping the objects, whilst Riddhima's aim gets closer and closer... and all Sid can say in his defence? "Riddhima, main tumhara pati hoon". LOL

Ok so after a vase (god what is with the vases today?) which is prefectly caught by our Mr. Mean-or-not Modi and a jug of water later, which may I add Riddhima goes out of her way to retrieve and literally use against Sid, we can tell it's the last straw. The whole throwing substances en-face was never something Riddhima did previously and is something she only allows herself to do with Sid...reeewind and we remember in chronological order, the "kala" rang, the cake, the atta and now the water.

A soaked Sid stares angrily at Riddhima, whilst she seems quite unaware of his predatory advancement towardsher, one step at a time....Riddhima doesn't seem angry at the situation...it's not the usual "Sid-Riddhima" conflict anyway. She seems to be stating everything in a matter of fact-ly way. Sid also senses this and takes advantage of the situation, holding her abruptly from the waist, throwing her off leading to the good old eye contact, Riddhima almost challenging him to do the unexpected....and he never fails to disappoint, giving her a hugeee boochi/pappi/kissy on the cheek!

Has to be said, had I not watched yesterday's precap, this would have come as a shocker...but its cute, the SR background music softens the ambience a little more with great facial expressions from both characters. Riddhima's shocked, "open-mouthed fish" response and Sid's raised eyebrows almost daring her to speak again....he smiles at her....and she blinks breaking the little connection, automatically moving away.

Haha, oh Siddy Widdy...at first, we presumed Sid became helpless at the sight of Riddhima, but it seems he cannot vouch for his physical actions either, the horror that comes across his face and his hand covering his mouth illustrates he had no intention for the gesture! Aww...lol!

I find myself laughing, but the whole atmosphere has changed in Riddhima's bedroom, as Riddhima takes deep breaths, closing her eyes, bracing herself, looking around....looking at anything but Siddhant.
If anyone could get an award for the ability to speak at lightning speed, hands down Siddhant would win, his apology consists of a thousand different sentence structures yet is over in about 20 seconds.
Then he correctly realises, he hasn't actually made a mistake, it is legally blonde..oops sorry, legally acceptable, to kiss his wife. In all the blubbering he manages to blurt out he wants Riddhima to come back and live with him. Riddhima, in turn, dismisses him.

KW has the most amazing eyes, gateways to the soul. When Sid tells Riddhima the kiss felt "wonderful" and that he doesn't think he made a mistake( Aww) , I want to give him a big hug, I'm a sucker for cute guys who say cute things and he ticks all the boxes. Is it just me, or is the confident Sidster back with a bang?!
Sid goes and turns back to look at Riddhima who stands stiff, angry and annoyed. He sighs to himself as if to say "Dammit, I've made it all go wrong...if not worse". But just as he leaves, only the viewers are witness to the slow smile which creeps across Riddhima's face as she touches the spot on her cheek where the kiss lingers on....
And we can only shout! Why, Why did Sid have to leave without seeing that! Aisa khoobsurat drishya!

SWWWWITCH: The police station.

Shilpa having a friendly conversation with a professional convict...if one can call one that. And Armaan gets frustrated at her ignorance, shouldn't we be figuring out how to get out of this situation? Breaaaking news: Jails are places not fit for a doctor-fact. They will not help his reputation-double fact. Armaan has had previous experiences of being arrested and both which did not put him inthe best light with his patients and peers.
Note: Armaan refers to Shilpa as his "life's biggest problem". She has made her mark in his life already it seems Wink

Ahh Andaaz apna apna with the "passport photo on the wanted board" ploy. Another movie to add to the "DMG inspired by Bollywood" list. Shilpa pleads her innocence and again deliberately tells the PO that Armaan forced her to participate in the hotel shannanigans....bechara. And yes, as predicted, the CVs execute the whole Andaaz Apna Apna scene in the episode thus when Armaan shows them the wanted board upon which he himself had put Shilpa's photo it is changed...he looks to find his own picture there. A jail inaguration also courtesy of AAA and I find myself disappointed. CVs should learn that they are called CVs for a reason....creativity? Or rather absence of it as depicted by the last few scenes of this particular episode.

Hmmm precap- well first thing to note that there is no Sid-Riddhima/ Armaan-Riddhima. Rather Shilpa has arrived at Sanjeevani and has already met JP/Jiggy and Dr. Sid. Not surprised with JP/Jiggy's reaction to the new face but interesting to note the what Sid makes of her....will he realise that the person who is "suspending" him from Sanjeevani is also the same person who organised the charity event at Kangaroos??


Applause? :  Well the lighter storyline is always welcome, Nok Jhok of  ArSh and Sid's confession/SR Chemistry

Rotten tomatoes! :  A pathetic reconstruction of the Andaaz Apna Apna scene which just failed in my eyes, Riddhima and Sid departing on a "bad note" trigger unspoken words....

Bonus! : Well, if you're a KSG/KW/JW/SA fan then the incentive is there right?! Eeesh.

Over and out! No bashing please, comments welcome always!

Love luck and blessings! Xx

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Loved your post
everyone of shilpa's comebacks are like "woah"; haha never i thought anybody cud leave armaan so baffled..and leting someone go who called him a LOOSER:P

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I loved your analysis...

Its DMG so bound to have things that are totally random and if they aint they are bound to be copied........and today they dedicated the episode to Vase Day.....

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U rock babes....loved ur post....Take a Bow!

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good analysis dear

siddhima and ArShi are rocking

yes sid is so cute, the way he kept saying mein tumara pati hoon. hahaha

rids smile after sid leaving shows ka she is upar upar seh angry, but andar seh she is was so happy with sid's kiss and his words.


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nm21 Goldie

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Posted: 16 June 2010 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by [email protected][email protected]~

Loved your post
everyone of shilpa's comebacks are like "woah"; haha never i thought anybody cud leave armaan so baffled..and leting someone go who called him a LOOSER:P

Hello, thank you for the comment, glad you liked the post!

I know, I have to agree the character is unique in it's own way! She's come as a whirlwind in his life, he hasn't had the time to think of Riddhima. Its good he deserves to move on :) no more tears! Yay! Well...not for Riddhima anyway, hope Shilpa doesn't reduce him to tears with her antics! haha


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