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*Forbidden Sinful Love* - ArSh ~ Mini

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Forbidden Sinful Love


"We're getting married!"

Yep, that's exactly what he said to her. Of course she knew it was coming along, though never made a sound of it. What was she say to her father? Ya dad don't get married? Doubt that would have been the case, however why this sudden news all of a sudden.

She folded her arms around one another, as she sat herself on the roof. Yep you heard right, roof? It was natural, more like real, no one knew about it, no one cared about it. She slowly wiped away the tear slipping down from her eye, and made sure no one was around. She wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling them closer to her chest, as she rested her cheek on her ruffled jeans.

"Hun, come downstairs please" she heard the loud voice from her maid calling from downstairs. "It's going to rain soon, please come inside" she look to the side and saw her maid calling her in from the window.

"I'll be there before it rains-" she closed her eyes as another tear slipped off. "-it's already rained on me" she whispered softly as she pulled her hair to one side.

Slowly the rain started to dribble down, though the fact didn't stop. The rain poured like no other, she just stared up into the sky her eyes filled with sorrow but a centre filled with guilt like no other. She racked her fingers through her hair, she pulled them back, slowly leaving her face open for the reckless rain to hit her face. She washed away her pain as the low raucous wind sprawled the area, though she made no sudden movement to move. She watched in panic as the trees roared to life, screaming from one side to another, running, trying to get away from the rain, but the trees lay unmoved, shaking from one side to another.

"You deserve to be happy" she murmured. "I deserve to be happy" she punched her words hard into her. "I DESERVE to be happy" her words screeched out of her mouth, spitting the words out.

Within a few seconds the wind started to slow down, the breeze started to drift away to another direction, while she sat still, her face pressed against her jeans, nor did she try to move nor did she want to. Wiping away the small tears from her eyes she moved up, standing she noticed the havoc caused by the wind, her swing was rumpled along, also the fact that the trees now were nearly falling off from it's original place.

"At least you're happy" murmuring she started to walk off the roof, her hand holding onto the pipe, as she started to slip downwards. Landing softly onto her bedroom window sill, she popped herself off the pipe and opened her bedroom window, as she jumped in.

            Her eyes trembled softly within one another, as she quirked away the blinding tears, carefully turning around she moved to close the window, shutting away the loud gushing wind away from her surrounding. Casually she sat on her bed, pulling the covers over her bare legs; she waited for the coldness to whip away. The low cut shorts didn't do anything to help the coldness, but made it even worse during the winter storm, not she felt content. She laid her head back, leaving it pressed against the back of her bed; caressingly she moved to face her pillow, as she gently lay frozen on her bed.

"Coca?" she heard someone call from outside but tried to shun away. "Coco, open the door baby"

She closed her eyes shut, waiting for sleep to take over but nothing came. "We need to talk Coco"

"I'm not 7 daddy" she screamed at the door. "Just go away!" she exclaimed shouting it out load. "Go away! Go away to your little-"

"COCO!" her father cut in, spiting away the words, she could sense the anger. "Open the door now, before I decide to let you away"

She closed her eyes, as the lone tears slipped off again, she waited for another cry to sob across but nothing came. She took the cricket ball that laid on the side of her bed, she took the ball between her fingers and threw it straight across the room, hitting on the door handle.

"It's open" her frustrated tone wasn't much calm either. "I said-"

"It's open, yes I know" she heard the gentle voice scorching through the room, she turned around to face her father, who looked panicked and more worried then before.

"What do you want to talk about?" she muttered as she sat up, her hands folded across her chest, her eyes giving out the worst glare she could build up.

Her father, Mr Suhil, waited in agonized for the response. "It's about the wedding-" she opened her mouth for a comment but was cut in. "- Not now Coca, I want to have this conversation with no shouting. Please"

She nodded in agreement. "Parle"

 "Qui" Suhil said back in French. "Do you not like her?" he asked, while she thought about it for a while.

"I love her" she murmured. "But not in a way to make her my mother" she added at the response.

Suhil shook his head. "Give her a chance Coco" he threaded his fingers with hers. "You may like her even more then you expected to"

She shook her head, trying to disagree with the fact. "Just because mother left us, doesn't mean I should replace her" anger appeared across her face.

"Coco" her father's voice stern. "I'm not asking you to replace your mother, I could never do that" he said. "But I want you to give Jasmine a chance"

"But daddy-"

"No buts" Suhil butted in. "I just want you to like her the same way I do" he said casually. "That's why she'll be staying with us until the marriage"

"Wait- What?" her nostrils flared. "How could you do that? You haven't even married this woman, and you're already asking her to shift in?"

He shook his head at his daughter's anger. "I want you to get to know her, the same way I do. And the only way that's possible is if she stays with us"

She shook her head, adamant for no discussion. "It's going to change everything daddy, please understand" she pleaded.

"Nothing's going to chance Coco ' I'll always love you, and you'll always be my first priority" Suhil said, as he threaded his fingers through her hair, pulling her head down to his lap. "Your 20 Coco, in university, you should be good with changes" she laughed softly, as her father joined in.

"Do you remember how scared you were last year to go to university?" she nodded in his lap. "But look now, you're doing such an amazing job at it, my little girl's all grown up"

She laughed carefree. "Exactly, and you shouldn't be calling me Coco, even after I've turned 20!" her voice filled with playfulness.

"But you like it"

"Ok, I like it" she laughed along side her father, as he caressed her hair and she let the small tears slip off finally away from the sorrow in her heart. Sometimes changes are good, better then the others.

            "Shilpa, be there for lunch okay?"

Shilpa Mehta that was that same little girl who had officially turned 20. Shilpa was a different girl, and still in. When people asked for a girl in a family, no one would ask it to be Shilpa; the girl couldn't carry a traditional wear for life. Her beautiful green eyes left people astonished, her small smirk that lay on her lips every now and then left people dazing. Her clothes were exactly appropriate for an Indian family, she was out going and totally western, her deep eyes were all boys needed to get them in her hands. Shilpa Mehta was unlike any other girl; she lived with her father and 4 maids, who came now and then to clean her room or just the house. Though people should know that the room was a no entry zone, well not without her permission, and that was all the time. She had long beautiful hair that flew around like she was a mermaid, or a goddess creature herself, but within the goddess out going lady, lived a soft and gentle baby girl hidden inside her.  

"She's very nice Shilpa" one of her maids muttered to her. "Even you know that" her favourite maid Maria spoke out loud.

Shilpa closed her eyes. "What if she's like that evil step-mother?"

"This isn't Cinderella Shilpa" Maria rolled her eyes at the annoyed girl, who sat on the kitchen counter munching on a carrot. "Cause you aren't beautiful enough to be Cinderella"

"OMG, you did not just say that!" Shilpa laughed softly, while Maria joined in, their humourless laughter echoed the room. "And anyway, i'm far more beautiful then Cinderella" she laughed again, while holding onto the carrot.

"How are my two favourites ladies?" Shilpa turned around to face her father walking in with a smile on his face. He slowly bent down and kissed Shilpa on the cheek. "Missed you all"

"You left the house for an hour" Shilpa exclaimed rolling her eyes. "How much can you miss us?" shaking her head she muttered, while Maria giggled beside her.

Maria slowly leaned closer to Shilpa's ear. "I think his having a lovey dovey moment Shilpa"

"Should i be happy or utterly creeped out?"

Shilpa looked up to see her father looking at her weirdly, she gave a huge smile, which just didn't help the situation, and then looked down to Maria, her eyes wide open in worry, she nudged her head, hoping it was pointing towards her father's direction.

"Oh" Maria mouthed to Shilpa. She turned to Suhil. "Mr Mehra would like to have Dinner now?"

Shilpa smiled and looked at her daddy as Maria spoke. "Yes, I think we should" he looked down at his watch, reading the 7 o'clock sign. "And I think Jasmine's getting hungry too"

"Wait, what?" Shilpa asked annoyed with confusion written all over her. "She's already here?" her words spat through her teeth.

Suhil turned around and gave her one look. "Be good"

"I'll try"

            Dinner had past by in a blur; the worst had finally gone past. Shilpa sat through the whole dinner, just smiling and nodding at the things her father and Jasmine were talking about. The most annoying thing was talking about university to Jasmine, of course she should know all this things, she was of course Shilpa's English tutor, and look what that came out to be. Her own English teacher was on the way to be her step-mother, wasn't that refreshing.

"Shilpa, can we talk please?" actually the worst wasn't over yet.

Shilpa nodded awkwardly from the dinner table, as the plates were taken in by their maids. She stood up and followed Jasmine out into the backyard, leaving her father hoping from the back.

"Have a seat" Jasmine mumbled sweetly, her long black hair reaching just above her hip. "I think you know why I've brought you here?"

"I think I do" Shilpa mumbled feeling a little scared. "Yours and daddy's marriage?"

Jasmine nodded in agreement. "Not only that, but also the whole shifting and staying with you and Suhil"

Anger slowly appeared back on her face in minutes. "I know you don't want to Shilpa-" Jasmine started out. "But your dad thinks that this would be the step forward, and also we both know a bit about each other. We can bond and what not" a giggle escaped Shilpa's lips while Jasmine smirked beside her.

"I know this isn't ideal" she said sitting on the chair beside her. "But love happens all of a sudden, and I really like Suhil, and we think this would be the best step to take"

Shilpa nodded, her fingers knotting around one another. "When's the wedding?" she asked feeling a little frightened.

"In a month" Shilpa's eyes opened in shock, she slowly mumbled the word 'month' in her mind and through her lips. "But before that there's something else that I need to tell you"

Shilpa looked attentive at the moment, though her face filled with worry, and there was only one thought running through her brains, but prayed it wasn't the right one.

"No I am not pregnant" Shilpa heaved in relief, as she noticed the smile on Jasmine's face "It's a little more complicated then that"

"What's wrong?" she asked worried for her father, worried for the lady in front of her and worried for herself.

Jasmine leaned over and took Shilpa's hands into her own, they felt feeble between the course ones. "My brother and his wife are on a very hard patch in their life, right now thinking about moving to divorce"

Shilpa nodded, waiting for the worst to come. "They have a son, the same age as you I think-" Jasmine thought for a minute and gave Shilpa a wise look. "His my nephew, and well your soon to be cousin"

"My soon to be cousin" Shilpa whispered, feeling a little confused about where this conversation was heading. "Hmm Jasmine- what does this have to do with us?"

Jasmine looked at her, sighing she continued. "Because of the divorce his mother and father have moved away from one another to different houses, and the only person my nephew's comfortable is with me"

Shilpa thought for a while, still feeling a little sorry for Jasmine's nephew and well her soon to be cousin. "I still don't get it"

Jasmine heaved. "His house won't be his anymore; apparently his parents didn't think it through correctly, that when they divorce then they decided to give the house away"

 She paused for a minute and gave another look at Shilpa. "He turned 21 last week; he came home from his university because he lost his job"

"Oh, poor him" Shilpa said concerned.

Jasmine nodded. "Unfortunately his parents didn't think that he was going to stay in that house after he came home from university, but they found out yesterday and now-"

"-He doesn't have anywhere else to stay?" Shilpa continued it, her eyes bulging out of her head. "And you want-" anger swapped through.

Jasmine gripped Shilpa's hands. "He has nowhere else to stay right now, I was thinking for him to stay at my house, but then realised that I sold my house last week"

"You sold it?" Shilpa asked confused. "Where are you staying right now?"

Jasmine shook her head. "No, I'm still at my house, only for another 3 days, then the other owners would be back-" she mumbled. "That's why your dad told you about me moving in"

Shilpa closed her eyes, shaking her head in fury. "So it's you AND your nephew moving in?" she looked up to see Jasmine nodding at her. "Well that's impossible"

Shilpa spitted fire out, as she stood up, angrily. Moving away from the seat and stomping away inside the house. "Why didn't daddy tell me this?!" she demanded angrily, as she looked back to Jasmine.

"He didn't want to put too much pressure all at once on you" Shilpa chuckled humourlessly. "Please try to understand Shilpa, the guy's going to buy a house in another month's time, he already got a job here and enrolled in the university too"

"So was this already planned?" Shilpa asked in dismay. "You all knew exactly what you wanted and still you ask for my opinion?" her face just taken aback with the thoughts processed.

Jasmine stood up and started walking towards her. "We want to know how you feel, and this was a good way to start"

"Oh I'm sure it was" she said sarcastically. "Why don't you guys just move and forget about me completely, I'm not needed anyway"

Shilpa screamed and moved towards the door leading them into the room, she slowly closed her eyes and opened them. There her father stood but hurt written all over his face, she had pained him; his had disobeyed him and his love. Shilpa turned to see Jasmine in small tears, her heart and mind telling her to do two different things. She closed her eyes once again and took her mothers name and then breathed in.

"What's his name?" Shilpa demanded at the confused figures. "What's my soon to be cousin and your nephew's name?"

Shilpa watched as a smile appeared on Jasmine's face, she watched as she slowly wiped away the tears in her eyes. Then turned around to see her father looking at her in pride, she smiled at him, feeling a little better herself.

"Thank you" Jasmine murmured. "Armaan"

"Huh?" Shilpa asked confused once again.

Jasmine pulled Shilpa into a hug and whispered into her ear. "Your soon to be cousin's name is Armaan Malik"

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updates coming sooon.  


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Congo on d new ff swancy...wil read n comment soon
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hey Swancy,,,
i looooved da Intro....
da story is amazing...but....
i din like da fact abt Shilpa being replaced by Riddhima....
i mean i'v always read ur FF's abt AR ...m it kinda makes me sad wen i dun see AR 2gethr in dis 1.....
but i cant change ur opinons can i????
newys its a humble request 2all u guyz who loved AR but now r ARSH fanz....
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz DO NOT stop writting AR FF's....
u guyz r awesum writers ....n i'v alwys found peace while reading ur FF's on AR ....plz DONT let go AR jus like dat....em die hard AR fan....but dat doesnt mean i wont read ARSH FF's ....but AR were really sumfin much more than anyfin 2 me.....
n plzzzzzzz cont ur FF BEDROOM....
waiting 4 it.....n do PM me...
lots n lots of love

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Awesome start
can't believe they are going to be cousins
con soon

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man swansy an awesome start. i jus can't wait for the update. plzzzzzzz pm me when u update. i somewhere feels really sorry sorry for shilpa as i can feel her pain but i hope jasmine's nice. can't wait for armaan to come. continue super soon.
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i luved the inrto! but an very confues how Ammy is goin to be Shilpas cuzion! lol cont soon nthxn! plz do Pm me!
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heyyy dear,
nice start
continue soon


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