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Sr One Shot ..:: Your Mine ::..

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Hey guys. I really wanted to write this OS for a long time. Its actually one of the many 'Romantic' scenes i want Between JeRan, this one is really close to my heart and i adore it. Hope you guys like it. Please be honest.

This is MY imaginary DATE for Sidhima!


Contains 'Intense' Romance (Detailed).

Ridz P.O.V

..:: Your Mine ::..

Watching the Red roses in my hands bought a unexpected smile to my lips. My eyes shifted from the beautiful rose to the handsome man, dressed in a black Tux, wearing my favorite colon and had the perfect grin on his face. "Thank you." My voice came out so softly, I doubted he even heard it until his grin got wider.

"Chalein?" Nodding i slid my arm threw his and held him close as possible. Leading Sid opened the door for his car as i stepped in, he walked around the car into the driver's seat.

The drive was silent and peaceful, but then keeping quite also killed me. "Hum kahan jaa rahay hain?" Expect for a sweet glance and a heart warming smile he gave me nothing. Smiling i shook my head and staring out the window as the trees flew by.

We finally stopped in a no-one-lives here place. Sid got out first and walked to my side opening the door, offering his hand. Ahh Always the gentle man. I slipped my hand in his meeting his piercing eyes with a warm smile. He placed a hand on my back and led me threw the dark to God knows where.

All i could hear was the soft noise of the wind circulating around us, his light breathing and my heart beat. "Sid Hum kahaan jaa rahay hain?" Finally stopping i turned to look at his face.

"Bus yahaan." He bought his left hand away from my hand and clicked his index finger with his thumb.

Suddenly lights flickered on making me gasp.

Candles, roses, lamp posts, and a dinner table were set around the whole football field. The dinner table decorated with flowers and candles, everything surrounding the table was breathtaking. Candles in all sizes covering each inch of the field, Roses hanging from the lamp post and lam posts decorated with green leafs, catching my breath i turned to Sid.

"Yeh Sab.." He held up his hand and stopped me from taking. "Acha laga?"  Was he joking, this beyond liking. Stretching on my toes i pressed my lips to his cheek. "Bohat." I whispered lightly in his ear and stepped back. The smile my answer bought to his face was as breathtaking as everything else tonight.

Dinner was very elegant, Sid had planned everything in the perfect manner and kept it to all my liking. Nothing was too much too little, everything was Perfect! We cracked jokes about Work, our past and random talks. I couldn't help but watch his lips form into a smile every now and then and each time i would gasp a little seeing his perfect lips curl up to the corners wearing the perfect angelic smile.

Sid was off to get something, Getting up from my seat i turned away from the table and stared at the candles spread around. Suddenly a set of arms came up behind me, and wrapped around my stomach. "Juice or Coke?" he whispered, almost seductively, and my eyes went wide, my breathing suddenly quickening.

"Co-Coke Please." I stammered, turning around in his embrace gently backing away from him as he let me go.The truth was… I didn't want him to let go. "I thought doctors cared about their health." he spoke innocently, stepping a little closer to me again, his hands coming to rest on my waist.

"I'll have whatever you're having." I gave a soft smile. "Excellent."

He darted away from me for a short moment, allowing me to catch my breath, before he returned with two glasses of wine. Out of the corner of my eye, I could still see his smirk, staring at me indirectly.

Was it wrong of me to feel like i was flying?

"Finest Coke for Miss Ridhima Gupta," Sid drawled, bowing mockingly as he passed me a flute of Coke. "Thank you Mr. Modi," I rolled my eyes, smirking as he grinned mischievously back at me.

"Dance?" Sid asked softly.  "I'm not a great dancer," I tried, but he shook his head, smiling. "Just one dance, please." His eyes twinkled with amusement, and Sid rested a hand gently against my back, forcing me to look at him. "Please," his voice was so quiet that I couldn't be sure that I'd heard it, but as I turned my gaze up to meet his finally, he was staring back at me with wide, pleading eyes. His expression was so breathtakingly devastating…

Oh shit.

"If you end up in hospital with broken ankel this evening, blame your self ... your choice," I muttered, taking his hand that was outstretched towards me, as I placed my untouched glass down on a table.

 Not surprised when the music started, it was one of my favorite songs 'Tera Honey Laga Hoon'.

 He spun me so that we were facing, and rested a hand against my waist, whilst he entwined his other hand with mine.

"Just relax," he whispered, and surprisingly, I did. A comfortable silence formed between us, and his gaze never left mine… we were just staring, just looking… just…
A beautiful, heart breaking smile plastered across his perfect face. In that one single moment, all I wanted to do kiss him.

My hands clamped tightly around the edges of shoulder, he stiffened a little.
"Tum Aaj bohat achi lag rahi hoo." He lips rested on my left ears as a shiver went threw me. "Thank you."

His eyes twinkled as he finally met my gaze, "You're welcome." Suddenly, I just reached out and kissed him.

He moaned softly into my mouth and pushed me backwards so that my back was against the table and his body was pressing against mine, pinning me there. His left hand was firmly planted on my hip and his right hand had the back of my neck. Both my arms were round his neck pulling him as close as he would get. His lips moulded themselves against mine, moving feverishly together. The electricity stung almost painfully but it wasn't unfamiliar this time. Neither was the way it felt so right to be kissing him.

The one thing that was different was that this could be described as a kiss.  I stopped thinking and let my body disconnect from my mind, letting myself be taken over by his heady scent, his soft lips and my thudding heart. His tongue swept across my bottom lip. I melted against him, my longing overtaking everything else.

As we tore away from each other, gasping for breath, his lips never left mine, and he continued to kiss down my neck, and then along my bare shoulder.

My breath caught in my throat as i felt his lips on my neck.

"As much as I don't want to leave," he whispered against my cheek, "We have to get back home and drop you..." I interrupted.

 "I am staying at your place tonight. If that's okay?" I could feel a smile against my cheek as he softly nodded.

"Miss Ridhima," he bowed mockingly as he opened the door of his car for me.

"Thankyou sir," I murmured, taking his hand as I stepped into the passenger seat. He rolled his eyes, his lips pressed tightly together to stop himself from laughing.

"You have radio control." He said before putting his belt on.  "And you have control of the driving. Don't let us crash."

"Don't put on Girls screaming," he retorted, flicking to the next radio station by pressing some fancy button on his steering wheel.

I crossed my arms over my chest, sulking back into my seat as he continued to fiddle with the controls on the steering wheel – something that was meant to be used for driving, only.

The journey back was quiet, with the silence only broken when he would hum along to a tune he recognized on the radio. I would smile like a moron watching him.

 As we reached his house. I was already clambering out of his car, as he did the same.
He moved quickly to my side, and before I could even speak, or even acknowledge how close I was to him, he wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me into a passionate kiss.

My breathing was ragged against his, and he lifted me into his arms, stumbling towards the door. As he put me down, his lips met mine again, his hands slipping to my hips.

"Is anyone home?…"
I panted, clinging to his shirt.

He chuckled against my neck, his hands darting under the mat as he grabbed the key. "If there was you wouldn't be here."

I didn't even have time to retaliate.

He pulled me inside, the room so pitch black that we could barely even see where we were going. His lips crashed into mine as the door slammed behind us.
Sid pushed me towards his room still having a tight grip around me.

Suddenly i felt the soft quilt underneath me. In a wild gasp, he brought my face back round to his, crushing his lips against mine as he pressed me deeper into the Bed.
"I love you," I breathed into his neck, and his lips became more desperate, more eager against mine.

"You really mean that?" he asked quietly, leaving butterfly kisses down my neck. I nodded seriously, allowing a smile to flicker across my face.
His smile beat mine by miles.

"I love you too," he whispered, cupping my cheek gently with his right hand, and running his left through my hair.
Our lips met once again.
No longer angry… or forceful.

But loving.

The End...

Hope you guys liked it. Really looking forward to comments.

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Awesome and Great OS Harsha ..Very Romantic and Hot!!...Really Love It....

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gr8 OS Harsha...rlly romantic n sexy!!! wish something lyk dis wud happen in dmg!!!
Do write more OS on SR
Luv Zarqa

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very nice yaarClapClapClap...............m reading it agn n agnWink
plz yaar PM me next time u right anything

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desi chic
desi chic

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BlushingBlushing Harshu yaar... next time can you provide some water as well please? Main aati hoon zara... todhe hosh ghum se gaye hain.


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OMG! this was totally hot!..can't stop blushing!!Embarrassed..it's wonderfully written and very romanticClap..i juts LOVED it!..i am floating in Siddhima land!!...please write moreDay Dreaming Clap

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WOW !!!!!!!! This is for youClapClapClapClap

Would love to seee SR       ...in this..............SmileSmile

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Harsha dis was HOT !!!!!! I am blushing EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dis is one of d best OS i hav ever read.... just tooo good............

Beautifully written wid great emotions.......

I really hope something like dis happens in DMG... Plzzzzzzzzzzz continue writing such beautiful OS's on SR........

Loved it !!!!!

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