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NEW Maaneet FF~ LOVE-KNOT~ UPDTPart20page 97 09/24 (Page 4)

Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 3:27am | IP Logged
LOL Honu....I found it laughable...that's why I told you what she said!
You and me and competition...doesn't go in the same sentence lolz!
Yeah lemme write JOBA part 21 and another Maneet req I have first, then I'll start on the other plans! *wink*

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Sofna IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 4:36am | IP Logged
Plz add me to pm list!! Clap

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Dew-drop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 June 2010 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Awesum start ..
Do add me in ur PM list ..

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 June 2010 at 12:08am | IP Logged

You walked lightly into my life
Now my heart knows who you are
And with every breath
And every step
I take down lonely roads,
Your hand is my staff
Your voice is my guide
Your strength my shelter
You're passion my awakening

Tracey Newson

Geet goes about her day trying to familiarize herself with the office and breathes a sigh of relief when Pinky comes to tell her that it is time to go home. She gathers up her stuff when suddenly she feels a little faint. Pinky rushes to her side and holds her. Geet takes a deep breath and steadies herself. This was the first time she had felt faint. She thought back to through the day. She hadn't forgotten to eat….actually she was very cautious these days , especially for the health of her child.

"Geet….you Ok?" Pinky looks at her concerned.

"Yeah…of course….I must have stood up abruptly…..don't worry Pinky…lets go" she replies and starts to head out of the door.

As both the girls are exiting Geet's cabin, they see Maan standing outside her cabin. He looks at them ready to leave and looks at his watch. Geet notices his gesture.

"If you need me" she starts but he shakes his head.

"No….go" he says softly, taking in her tired face and frail form. She was such a delicate thing but her energy was unnerving. She moved like a whirlwind.

"Are you sure sir?" she asks.

"Yeah….and rest ok" he instructs and Geet's mouth falls open in surprise. Rest…..Maan Singh Khurana was worried about her? She must be dreaming as it was humanly not possible for him to be concerned.

Looking at both the girls staring at him, as if they had seen a miracle, irritates Maan.

"Stop staring…..I don't like my staff to look tired….that is why I said what I did….now go…..or do you plan to spend the night staring at me?" he asks coldly and both the girls who had been frozen with surprise, find their feet and rush out.

"Geet…Dhak dhak was being nice" Pinky muses aloud, munching her chips and Geet too nods. Sge was wondering what had just happened? She had seen the human side of her boss. Her mind stuck to that thought. Actually it wasn't the first time she had seen this side she remembered.

She had screamed his name when she had been running from Brij  but he hadn't heard her or she had thought. When she had lost all hope and closed her eyes to surrender herself to death, she hadn't felt the cold blade of the sword go through her. When she had regained consciousness, she had seeked the safety of his arms and he had, for the first time, given it to her.

Geet closed her eyes to the memories. She needed to move on and understand the fact once and for all that she was alone now. Her mission was to build an independent life for herself and her child and find the man who had dared to ruin her life. Maan and any other man was not needed in her life.

"Geet….Geet…you Ok? You look white as a sheet" Pinky shakes her and Geet comes out of her reverie.

"Yeah…Yeah I am fine…..I am just a little tired Pinky" Geet explains.

"Oh Ok….we are about to reach home" she smiles and continues to speak and Geet realizes that her friend had been speaking the whole time she had been reminiscing and she had been speaking about Maan.

"Pinky….he is our boss…..I don't want to talk about him outside office….please" Geet tries to give her friend a hint and she nods, switching to another topic, which Geet finds easy to ignore.

They reach home and are welcomes lovingly by Pinky's father which brings tears to Geet's eyes. They have dinner and finally Geet crashes for the day.

The next week flies by with Geet learning new stuff. She finds out that Maan had flown to London for their project meeting and heaves a sigh of relief. She begins to settle a bit in work with Adi acting as her friend, philosopher and guide and doing her best to avoid Sasha.

A week later Maan comes into his office in such a mood that everyone avoids him. Geet, who had been feeling terribly sick and was in the restroom doesn't know that the boss was fuming mad. She reaches her table to find work piled on it and sits with her head in her hands.

The nausea was killing her and now the work.

"This is how you have been sitting since a week?" she hears Maan's angry voice and looks up to meet his eyes.

His eyes narrow when he sees her face. She looked even more drawn and pale than before he had left.

"You Ok?" he asks and she nods.

"Yes….am sorry …..but this" she points to the files lying before her.

"Yeah these….I need all of them taken care of….have the instructions inside….just do it today" he snaps.

"Ok" she says and starts going through the files. Maan stands there looking at her. He was a little worried. Was he overworking her? Was it too much for her to cope? He blinks out of his thoughts and curses himself for thinking so much about an employee.

Geet tries to get everything done and by the time she finishes its near 9 pm. She gathers her stuff and starts to head out when she sees the light in Maan's office. She decides to walk off but she walks unwillingly to his door to tell him she was leaving.

She knocks and goes in and sees him absorbed in a file. She clears her throat and he looks up questioningly.

"Goodnight" she says but he doesn't reply. He looks at her as if he was trying to figure her out.

"Geet…..why did you come to Delhi?" he asks and Geet is startled at his question.

"What? Why do you ask?" she asks, refusing to answer his question, which irritates him. He rises abruptly and goes and stands near her. His closeness makes Geet take a step back but he takes a step forward. She takes another step back and he another step forward, till he corners her, with her back to her wall.

"Answer me Geet" his brown eyes look seriously at her. As she tries to make her escape, he traps her between his arms. Geet closes her eyes but feels his eyes on her.

"Please…..let me go" she breathes softly but he refuses to listen to her.

"Not till you answer me" he repeats but there is a slight tremor on his voice, which if Geet's heart wasn't beating like a superfast train, she would have heard.

She opens her eyes and Maan sees irritation in them. He knew that she got irritated by his incessant questioning but he needed the answer.

"Sir….this is none of your business" comes her tart reply and she pushes him away. Surprised, Maan takes a step back. He had never thought that the timid girl he had met in Hoshiarpur would ever do that. She starts to walk away but he catches her wrist and pulls her back. At his sudden action, Geet's feet slip and she is about to fall.

Instinctively, her hand shoots out to clutch at him, to break her fall and he catches her and looks at her worriedly. He makes her sit on the chair and hands her some water to drink. Unknown to him, his eyes reflect concern. Geet takes the water and sips it slowly. This pregnancy was taking toll on her. She was tired and fainting a lot. She takes a deep breath and when her eyes meet that of her boss, she sees undisguised concern in them.

"I am fine" she snaps. Why did he have to be there for all her weak moments? Babaji wouldn't let her live those alone.

"Are you sure? Let me drop you home" he offers but Geet gets up slowly shaking her head.

"No thank you….and to answer your question…I came to Delhi to be independent ….so people wouldn't taunt me" she throws at him and starts to walk out but she finds her wrist in his soft but sure grip.

"Independent doesn't mean stupid Geet…its late … should listen to me" he says authoritatively.

"Why?" she turns and asks, trying to snatch her hand away but his grip simply tightens.

"As I am talking sense whereas you are speaking in anger" he answers sensibly and Geet's mouth forma a straight line in irritation and she gives up.

"Fine" she says and he lets go of her wrist. This man was stubborn but he was making sense. Also she knew she wasn't feeling well enough to be going home alone. She follows him and he takes her to his car. She quietly seats herself, looking outside and avoiding him completely. He too silently sits next to her.

The shy girl who he had met in Hoshiarpur had other facets too. He was sure now that she was running away from her family. He wondered if her boyfriend was going to follow her too. He closes his eyes to that thought. He was thinking too much about her…..he needed to stop. He is jerked out of these thoughts when the car comes to a halt.

Geet gets out and thanks him and he nods and looks away. She walks away slowly.

Why did she effect him so much was beyond his comprehension but he needed answers. Answers he knew the new Geet wasn't going to give him. So, he decides to find them on his own.

He calls his head of security and gives him some information and tells him the about the answers he wanted.

"In two days" he orders and cuts the phone.

Two more days and maybe he could sleep in peace, sure that this girl was safe in this city. Sleep in peace when she stopped coming in his dreams.


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Sofna IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 June 2010 at 1:19am | IP Logged
OOhhhh! Thnx 4 updtin quickly. Lukin 4ward 2 nxt part

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Sweet_Ashum IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 June 2010 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Maan cornered her so soon?
That's unbelieveable
N he wants info about her?
In 2 days?
Thats pretty fast too but nice
Add me to your PM list
N update soon Big smile
Take care

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Dew-drop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 June 2010 at 4:43am | IP Logged
Just luved it ..
Update soon ...!

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shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 June 2010 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Honey.. nice update.. i'm sure DD is going to learn the truth abt Geet Wink or as always, u have a twist in this too???

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