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NEW Maaneet FF~ LOVE-KNOT~ UPDTPart20page 97 09/24

hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2010 at 5:00pm | IP Logged

Hey Everyone,

I am Honey...a few of you know me in this forum and to those who don't a big warm HELLO!!

I have gotten addicted to this serial recently and wonders of wonders have fallen hopelessly in love with the character of Maan Singh Khurana.

I thought of starting and FF on the awesome twosome ...Geet & Maan...a story written as the way i would like to see the serial go...I know it is to the Cv's I thought of sharing my little story with you all.

Hope you enjoy what I write...would love to hear all your views .



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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2010 at 5:01pm | IP Logged

Part 1


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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Maan Khurana
: Geet's boss and same as in the show.

Geet Handa: The protagonist and same as in the show.

Dev Khurana: Maan's younger brother , Geet's husband and the man she is looking for to take her revenge.

Naintara: Dev's wife. Maan hates her with a passion for a reason which is unknown to anyone.

: Geet's friend.

Adi: Maan's right hand man and Geet's new friend and guide.

Sasha : Maan's office manager and trusted employee. Hates Geet and is secretly in love with Maan.

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 June 2009
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Posted: 14 June 2010 at 5:03pm | IP Logged

I don't think you could ever know
just how truly special you are
that even on the darkest nights
you are my brightest star.


Maan couldn't believe the words coming out of Geet's mouth. He almost gasped in surprise but caught himself in time.

"Excuse Me" he asked, his eyes narrowing and taking a step closer to her, "what did you just say….who are you?" he asks, his voice rising by the second.

"Don't shout at me in my office" Geet stresses the last two words, trying to fight back in her sift voice. She had had enough of this overbearing man. He had just walked in to the office and banged into her and then rudely asked her what she was doing here.

Maan looked at her without blinking his chocolate eyes. How in heaven's name had she landed in his office and the best bit was she was asking him, standing in his office, what he was doing here.

"Your office?" he asked, his hands moving to his waist, his tone becoming agitated and his eyes glittering with irritation.

"Yes" she mumbled, taking a step back. His nearness sent shivers down her spine and made strangely made speech impossible for her.

"Sasha….Adi" he growled and both of them came scurrying to his office, along with other spectators, who were curious to find what was going on.

Sasha and Adi stopped dead at the door, looking at Geet.

"I knew he would hate her…..good" Sasha mumbles and strides confidently inside his office, throwing her hair back and looking triumphantly at Adi, who was sweating at the thunderous expression on his boss's face.

"Yes MK" Sasha coos and Adi stands next to her, waiting for him to explode.

He looked at his two trusted employees and asked, "Who hired her?" pointing to Geet, looking at the two.

"Adi" Sasha points towards Adi, who is trying to smile, but what comes on his face is an expression of fear.

"You" is Adi's reply.

"What?" Maan's eyes narrow and zero in on Adi.

"Me?" he asks and Adi nods, while Sasha looks at Adi stunned. He was answering MK back, the gall of the man.

Geet gulps, her face a little confused. Adi and Sasha obviously knew Maan too and they were standing in attention before him. What was going on, she wondered, looking at Adi, who was looking at Maan.

"Yes sir" he said, wiping the sweat off his face and getting the words out with difficulty.

"He hired me?" Geet gasps and looks at him stunned, "Are you?" she asks, her eyes open wide.

"I obviously didn't know it was you….else I wouldn't have done such a big mistake" he bit out, turning towards her, his tone snappy, "and yeah…you figured right….this is my office" he smirks and Geet looks at him stunned.

She couldn't believe this. In the whole of Delhi, she had to land at his office. The arrogant man, who thought nothing of her and insulted her right, left and centre. Not only this, she was his secretary and that meant working with him every day, every hour and every second. She closed her eyes at the thought and her whole body felt his closeness when he took a step forward. She quickly opened her eyes and tried to hide the tears of frustration.

"I…." she started, she had to do some damage control, her hands wringing her dupatta and conveying her nervousness.

His sharp gaze didn't miss a thing. He took in her action and understood that she was nervous.

"So Miss Secretary, I don't think you are qualified for the job" he said, his tone ringing finality and Geet looked at him surprised. Sasha smiled and Geet and Adi panicked.

He was firing her? Just because she had banged into him? She couldn't believe it. Honestly, she wanted to quit the job there and then too but the fact that she was alone and she needed this job, stopped her from quitting.

"But Sir" she bit out, extending her hand and touching his arm unconsciously. His gaze shifted pointedly to where she was touching him and he wrung his hand out of her grasp and she looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"You think your antics will work with me?" he asks bitterly and Geet shakes her head, her tears slipping out. He had to read everything the wrong way.

"Please…I didn't mean" she starts but he raises a hand to quite her. Adi looks at Geet's stricken face and his heart goes out to her. He knew he was overstepping his bounds here but he couldn't help it.

"Sir….you said ….said…t…t..that…w…w.we will..give…h …her a …c..chance" he stammers in nervousness and when Maan's eyes turns in his direction, he lowers his eyes meekly.

"Chance? You think she deserves a chance? She asks her boss to get out….you think she deserves a chance?" he asks Adi who nods.

"I agree with you MK….I did tell you she won't be suitable…did I not?" Sasha speaks up before Adi can utter a word and Geet's heart skips a beat. He was definitely going to listen to that red lipsticked and red lacquered devil and she was going to be unceremoniously thrown out of the company.

"S…she ha..hasn't ..b …b ..been int..introduced to uou…sh…she did….didn't know you….must have thought….y….yo…you were tres…trespassing" Adi provides and excuse and maan exhales in irritation.

"Well…..ok…fine" he says and dismisses Adi and Sasha and when geet is about to follow them, he orders her to stop.

"I am giving you a chance……don't take this lightly….I don't suffer fools gladly" he snaps and she nods her head, her tears spilling out.

"How much do you cry Geet?" he asks irritated.

She wipes her tears, "Sorry" she mumbles, not looking at him.

"Look….you better perform and don't shed tears in front of me….got it" he snaps and she nods.

"Now call the meeting for all HOD's and hold my calls till I am done with the meeting…..after that get me my coffee and come in for dictation" he orders and turns away.

Geet walks slowly into her cabin and plops herself into her chair. She stops trembling and holds her stomach gently. She had promised herself she would do anything to give birth to her baby but she had never thought that it would be so difficult. There was hate all around her. Since the day she had married Dev, life as she knew it had changed.

She closed her eyes and remembered Darji and the whole family forcing her to abort.Then Brij almost coming to kill her. They were hell bent upon punishing her for their misdeeds. How was that fair? Her eyes snapped open.

She had work to do….she couldn't afford to day dream. "We will be fine baby…..we will be fine" she looks down and talks to the child growing in her womb and proceeds to do as ordered.

Sasha looks at Geet working diligently and that irritates her. She didn't want her in this office. She had wanted to hire a man to do MK's secretarial work as she didn't want competition. Well not that this bhenji was but she sure irked her no end. She gets up and follows Geet who is trying hard to figure out where the kitchen was, as she had been ordered to make coffee.

She goes to Adi's cabin and knocks nervously. She didn't know if her stupid question would be laughed upon but she needed his help.

Adi looks up at Geet's beautiful face and smiles. "Come in" he waves her in and she steps in gingerly.

"S…Sorry…I….needed some help" she says and Adi smiles kindly at her.

"Sure" he asks and she proceeds to tell him that she had been ordered to make coffee and she had no idea where. He gets up and leads her in to their break room and shows her where everything is kept. She stares at the complicated coffee machine and her heart sinks. She had no idea how this thing worked and she was expected to make coffee.

"Why does he need coffee? Why can't he drink tea like other normal people" she huffs under her breath, trying to understand how the complicated contraption worked. Sasha enters the room and smiles to herself.

"Need help" she says sweetly and Geet nods. She tells her how the machine worked and sat down to watch. Geet, who had never had coffee in her life, was confused about how much to put. She looks at Sasha, who tells her to use at least 4-5 teaspoons of coffee as MK liked it like this and Geet follows the instructions.

Geet takes the coffee as ordered to Maan's cabin and places it in front of him and steps aside to wait for him to start dictating. He instructs her to take a seat and stands up and starts dictating, walking in his office. He pauses to think and takes a sip of his coffee and balks and spits it back into the cup. Geet gets up and hurries to his side.

"Is it too hot?" she asks worried that he must have burnt his tongue.

"Hot? What is this….are you trying to kill me?" he shouts at her and she looks at him confused.

"B…But….y… like it like this" she mutters, Sasha's words coming back to her.

"Who told you that I like being poisoned?" he snaps, turning his hot angry gaze on her and she gulps. She couldn't take Sasha's name but she understood what had happened.

"S…sorry" she apologized and moved to take the cup from him.

"Don't bother" he snaps but she moves her hand forward and he tries to take the cup out of her reach when the hot liquid splashes on his arm.

"Shoot" he says, placing the cup on the table and wrings his hand. Geet instinctively reaches for her dupatta and takes his arm in her hand and gently wipes the liquid away, blowing on the area where it had fallen.

A shocked Maan looks at her, forgetting to grab his arm back. Her cool fingers gently touch the skin which had been scalded. "I will get something" she says and hurries out, leaving her boss gaping at her. She comes back with an ointment from her bag, having no idea where she would find that in this office.

"Show me your hand" she instructs and he looks at her angrily.

"Look Miss. Secretary….there is no need to play nurse" he snaps.

"But ….you are hurt….t….this will help" she says gently.

"I won't die" he bites out. Irritated, Geet pulls at his hand and starts putting the cool ointment, refusing to look at him, knowing full well that if she did, he would start on her again. She puts the ointment gently on his arm and looks up to see him staring at her. She didn't see the anger but saw softness in those eyes and her eyes widen in disbelief. Looking at the change in her expression, Maan snaps out of his reverie and pulls her arm away.

"If you are done playing doctor can we get back to work?" he asks sarcastically and Geet's lips tighten in anger but she simply nods her head.

This man would keep shouting at her, she concluded, no matter how hard she tried to do the right thing. Why that irked her and made her sad at the same time, she didn't understand.

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starchase IF-Sizzlerz

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looking foward to it :)

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miss_precious IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 June 2010 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
cant wait........... if u intend to have a pm list......... can u please add me to it!!!

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Maaneet Senior Member

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Posted: 14 June 2010 at 5:49pm | IP Logged
heyy, i was waiting for a ff for maaneet! can u add me to the pm list too if theres any? thanks!

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hapinezz13 IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks salma, Miss precious & Maaneet.

If anyone wants to be PMed please leave a message on the thread.

Hope you all like my story...wud love to hear from u all.

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