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Written and Video Update: June 14th

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Written and Video Update: June 14th


Hello to all my fellow Tere Liye members! Nitya is unable to update today, because she had to go to work. So here I am- in case you don't know me yet, I'm Zahra.


Finally our much awaited show 'Tere Liye' has begun and I am so excited to be doing the first ever update. So let's see what Ekta and her team has in store for us today, in the first episode (I haven't broken it up into parts yet):


~: Video Update :~

(Credit: -Nipun97-)

~: Detailed Update :~


The episode begins with worshipping of the Gods, seen as an auspicious start to the show. A car is then shown driving through a religious procession. The radio is turned on (Some stuff in Bengali is said, which I didn't understand, about Ekta, and Kolkata, and the time Embarrassed). The car stops outside a gate and a lady dressed in a sari steps out of the car. It is dark, wet and windy, so she gets drenched with the rain (Should have remembered to bring your umbrella, love LOL). She reads the big board on top of the gate- Havra Mental Asylum (I think that's what it was Tongue). She walks quickly into the building, the sound of the crashing rain, thunder, and chirping crickets in the background (Typical Ekta thunder noises LOL) She squeezes the water out of her sari pallu, and the camera focuses on her sindoor, which is dripping off due to the rain. She wipes her forehead and it comes off completely (A sign, maybe? And here we are introduced to ANUPRIYA KAPOOR aka Taani Clap) A security guard comes over and asks her who she is and what she is doing there at such a time. Taani replies that she wants to meet patient number 305. The guard responds that no one has ever come to meet that patient, and Taani says that she wants to meet him though. The guard tells her that no one can meet patients so late in the night. Taani is stubborn and requests again in Bengali, saying that she has got permission from one of the doctors to meet the patient. The guard agrees to let her in (Finally!) Taani enters the asylum and encounters a worker who recognises her to be Taani Basu- the famous singer. The worker babbles on a bit before taking Taani to see patient 305 (We already know it's Anurag Tongue)


Mental patients shout, laugh crazily and extend their arms towards Taani as she walks past their rooms, which ends up frightening her. The worker indicates towards patient 305's room, and Taani looks in through the bars and she cries (Lines from the title song begin playing in the background. It's a beautiful song Embarrassed). The arm of a man is shown writing 'I love you Mishti' on the walls of his room (*sigh* even his arm is beautiful Day Dreaming) and then a glimpse of his face is shown. A female voice calling 'Anu' is sounded in the background, probably one of Taani's memories. A tear falls from Taani's eye as she watches him. The worker begins talking, saying how he has been here for three years and still writes the same thing on the wall- that he is crazy over someone called Mishti, but she has no idea who this Mishti is. Taani replies that she is Mishti, to which the worker lady is surprised and says that she is the famous singer Taani. Taani replies: 'I am Taani for the world, but for Anu, I am just Mishti'. The lady asks what relationship Taani has to him, and Taani replies that he is her husband (Shocked OMG! That was so unexpected. I can't believe they're already married! Shocked) The lady asks why she has never seen Taani in the asylum before, and Taani says that it is because she only found out today (Okay, so jigsaw puzzles are already starting to fit in my head now).


The worker lady lets Taani enter Anurag's room and comes inside with her (There's such a thing as 'privacy' lady! LOL) Taani walks up to Anurag, not hesitating one bit and gazes at him sadly whilst he continues to write on the wall. She places her hand over his. (Oooh, purple nail polish!) He stops writing and stares at the hand (OMG, HC has a big grown beard! And he has so much Kaajal on his eyes. Is he going for the Johnny Depp look from Pirates of the Caribbean? LOL) Anurag and Taani have a staring moment, with the title song playing in the background. Taani blinks and another tear falls from her eyes (That was intense, and I loved it! Clap) Anurag moves his hand away from Taani's and goes back to concentrating on the wall. Taani brings her hand back down and the worker lady in the background begins speaking, saying that he is just like this always, he never speaks to anyone, nor does he recognise anyone. Taani does not look away from Anurag's face and says that he will certainly recognise her, because Mishti is never teekhi, Misthi is sweet. Anurag stops writing and a female voice in his head repeats the same thing that Taani just said to him, then another male voice in his head says 'Mishti is the best, Mishti is the best, Mishti is the best'. He rubs his beard for a second and looks at Taani. Taani gets happy and takes out a box of sweets for him. The voices repeat in Anurag's mind and he extends his hand out to take a sweet, then he takes the whole box (Ummm, no wonder he was 99 kilos when he was a child, I guess some habits die hard, hehe LOL). Taani touches Anurag's hair and he hesitates, pushing her hand away gently. But she again places her hand on his cheek, but he pushes that away too, and she does it again, and he grabs her hand. (Heart stopping moment Embarrassed). They stare at each other, and a tear falls from Anurag's eye. He moves away and sits alone in the corner of the room. The worker lady asks why he got like this. Taani replies that he was always crazy, his every act, his friendship, his love, his relationship to her- it was all crazy. 


Flashback to when Anurag and Taani were 14 years old- A race is happening, the good looking, slim and smart boy wins, whereas Anurag is the fattest boy of the class, and he comes last. Taani wins the bet in which she bet that Anurag, the fat boy, would come last. Meanwhile Anurag has still not completed the race (So funny LOL), and the other boys call him names. Anurag and Taani are playfully talking about the bet, in which Anurag promises he will come first one day, and Taani then jokes that even if he was the only participant in the race he would come last. Anurag gets angry and walks away, only to stop and become mesmerised by his teacher, imagining that the teacher is giving him the trophy. Taani brings him back to reality, saying that he will get a trophy when he reaches 100 kilos of weight (Awww, they have such a cute relationship Day Dreaming)


They run home together, Anurag walks into a small, average sized home, whereas Taani runs into a big, wealthy looking house. Taani runs up the stairs to Anurag's mother's room, in which his mother is playing the sitar and singing. Scene switches to Taani's house, in which Taani's mother is scolding one of the servants. Anurag and Taani's mother have a cute moment, in which Anurag complains that the mithai/sweets have got all ruined, so what is he supposed to eat? Both Anurag and Taani complain to their mothers about each other, Anurag to Taani's mom, and Taani to Anurag's mom. Taani's mother gets angry that Taani called Anurag fat, and Anurag's mother gets annoyed that if Anurag weighs so much what else is he going to be called? Taani's mom feeds Anurag rasgullah and calls out loudly for Taani, who runs to her own home (So, basically they were trying to confuse us by making us think Taani's mom is Anurag's mom and Anurag's mom is Taani's mom Tongue). Anurag comes home and straightaway reaches for the fridge. His mother scolds him and tells him to lose weight. Anurag moans and says that no one ever takes his side. He avoids his father (We find out that Anurag has a sister and that Robindo is Anurag's brother Embarrassed). Anurag's parents talk about some marriage and that the auspicious day is today, otherwise it will be too late. Anurag calls Taani and says that he got his pocket money and so they go to get some photo taken of her- they argue playfully all the way there. Scene switches to discussion about the wedding, and Anurag's sister getting worried. Anurag and Taani get their photos taken in mughal style, royal clothing (Anurag's belly sticking out is hilarious! Pillow stuffed in LOL)


Anurag's father is shown yelling at a man and two other men discuss this (Anurag's father is so not how I expected him to be- just can't imagine him playing HC's dad Ermm)  The man invites Anu's father inside. These two are shown to be best friends. Anurag's father informs his friend of the wedding tonight, and tells him to keep this information between the two of them. Taani overhears this conversation of theirs.

Back to the future- Taani is telling how every feeling of hers is linked to that night, she did not now what was going to happen with Anurag at his house. That night changed her whole life, that night is where her story started. It wasn't a love story, no one was sacrificed in their story, they just loved each other with all their heart, and every emotion they possessed. It is just their story- Anurag and Taani's story. Taani walks to Anurag, who looks away, with a moody expression. Taani's sindoor is again dripping off completely because of the rain (Why it is raining inside the asylum, I do not know ConfusedLOL)


RATING: 10/10. Wow, it was a mind-blowing episode, encompassing sadness as well as light heartedness and comedy. It was beautiful. Acting by Anupriya was amazing, I was actually very surprised and am really looking forward to her character's development now. Harshad was amazing as always, no flaws- absolutely no flaws!! His expressions just kill me, honestly! The kids were really cute, perfect, want to pull young Anurag's cheeks, hehe. I loved it! Music in the background was stunning. Some points I chose to overlook, because overall it was amazing, and is totally going to stay in my mind for a long time- the first episode had a big impact.

Love Zahra x


(Sorry it was a bit late, living in the UK, I have to wait for the videos to upload before I can update, and it took a bit longer today!)

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Thank u soooo much zahra
sorry my net was also not working today hope it was fine with u
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^ No, don't worry, Fatima, I was actually so excited with the opportunity of doing the first ever update. I was free, so it was no problem.Hope your net got sorted! x

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thanks for updating and congrats on being the first one LOL
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Posted: 14 June 2010 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
thank you for a beautiful update. off to a great start.
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thanks zahra fr it
so good to see update in tht style whch ws intact fr Deshians only and now tere liyansSmile
congrass on being the 1st

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nice update ! thanks

guys i like to tell u the boy who won the race ... is Meghan Jadhav who played as young Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna of colors.
n the girl in red shirt (one shown with young tani.tani's friend) is Kritika Sharma who also in the same show as Radha.

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