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Monday 14th june 2010 Episode 39 update

Starts with Mr and Mrs mayil fighting abt ponnu parkum matter...mayil tells his "sound party" wife to postpone this ponnu pakum padalam to some otherday...Deivanai  shouts go and tell ur annan to postpone...Fight worsens..Mayil gets angry and leaves the place without eating...Deivanai polambing to her daughters abt Mayil...kamu too says amma pls stop this ....Deivanai not ready to listen...again singing the same song...ur appa kku his brother's family is important...iam the only one who thinks abt u two...atleast u listen to me....crying crying going...Kaamu and paramu baa nnu muzhuchukittu standing....Pandi edhayumae kandukama eating....(ada paavi son naeShockedLOL)....
Chokku's house...Girls getting ready for "maappu seeing party"...rombha sandoshama they r getting ready...Mr and Mrs. chokku konjam konjing and talking abt their marraige...ellarum inga ready aayitanga...main party maheswari not yet ready..She tells them that she dont want to see the mappillai...chokku,mayil and gopi partha podhum..Choku says ur opinion is important..come on..this is not pazhaya kaalam..this is 21st century and nowdays girls should be bold enough to take their own decision..gopi comes there and supports his dad... Chokku says that he will go to temple first and once kaamu and paramu comes of the kootam can come to the temple...
Meenatchi sitting and crying..She is crying thinking abt her kanamal pona elder son...Gopi says he will go and call mayil family...he comes out and a white veshti man comes and gopi tells him to join them for mappu seeing party..That man says that he dont beleive in such sambradayams..becoz thru this we come to know abt maappu's looks ,but..what abt his character?....Gopi confused...
Mayil comes home and tells his daughters to get ready..they will go to choku's house...Deivanai shouting..mayil shouting...mayil asks deivanai..naan illama inga eppadi ponnu parkum vaibavam nadakkum?if they come and ask for me..what will u say?...deivanai says..i'll say that this girl's appa had gone for edupudi velai in his annan's house..Me,the mom is everything for her...LOLLOLMayil now turn toward his daughters and tell them to come with him...Mayil explains his daughters and abt choku's love towads kaamu and paramu....says if u have manasatchi come with me...if we dont go there now ,it will be like avamana paduthing our chokku...sollittu mayil laves the place...kaamu and paamu follows him...Deivanai helpless...crying....Mayil tells his daughters gopi and co kku edhuvumae theriyakoodathu...kaamu and paramu  says ok and goes with gopi...
Gopi tells pandi to bring auto for his veetu kootam...maheshwari rombha azhaga getting ready..sisters kindal pannufying..Meenatchi welcomes kaamu and paramu and sandhu saakula thitting deivanai....Gopi sees his sister maheswari and stunned...He says she looks so very beautiful...Dhishti pottu vaikirar annan sir....All sisters aajar..parapatcham parkama ellarkkum drishti pottu vaikirar annan...meenatchi comes...Andha ammavukku vaikala..that means she is not beautiful...ConfusedLOLLOL2 Autola kuppathu makkal  kovilukku poranga...Andha josiyar watches this and says "ppavam..kudumbathoda vamba vaanga poranga..."...LOL
Deivanai's house..ponni comes with mappillai veetars..Deivanai lying crying...Shocked seeing them..ponni too shoked..asks deivanai..what happened?where is kaamu?...Deivanai tells her the story so far...maappilai veetu makkal kevalama talking abt deivanai and her daughters...says...mummy so irresponsible...then the daughter will also be like her...ponni kkum semma dose....Thittittu they leave the place..ponni too scolds deivanai and leaves the place...Deivanai angry....Locks the door and gives the key to a neighbour,meena and tells her.."avanga elam vandha sandoshama irukka sollu..."sollittu azhudhukitte poranga....

Update by MP_Radha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - Episode 40

Credits to
Selvarangam (the maapillai for Mahesh) walks along the stree trying to get a lift from an auto.  He stops one and asks the driver to take him to the Sivan temple.  The auto driver asks 50 Rs, but Selvarangam refuses and wants the driver to reduce the price.  The auto driver doesn't bother and takes off.  So Selvarangam stops another auto.. ulle irukarathu Gopi and kudumbam. Gopi and the girls get down (yen paa, girls rangaraanga?)  Gopi scolds the man for stopping a 'house full' auto.  Pathillukku Selvarangam scods him back (So mapillai yaarinnu Gopi familly kku theriyaathu!!!!  Arambame, kozhi sandayil thodanguthu).  Kovam vanthu Pandy raises his hand to hit.. but Gopi stops him and they have a sillarai sandai.. vai vaakuvaatham!  Just before leaving Pandi calls Selvarangam "Avicha muttai - boiled egg", while Gopi calls him "white pig" (ada paavingalah.. LOLLOLLOL.. irukkudi aapu when you get to know who he is LOL), and tells him to walk all the way.  The auto takes off.
At the temple, the auto gang arrive.  Shokku and Mayil (and the rest) greet them.  Gopi asks where Devaanai sithi is, for which Mayil samalichufies that she'll arive soon, and asks why they were late.  Pandi says they were about to have a kozhi sandai but Gopi stopped him nnu.  Then Shokku says if they like the boy, then he wants to get pattu thuni for Gods/ Goddess at the temple.  He sends Gopi and Pandi to get those things and come.  Shokku then asks his jing jaa vaathiyar to stay back and inform them as soon as the maapillai arrives, since he was the only one who got to see the maapillai last time at the temple. 
Inside Shokku is preparing everyone for their hide and seek game.  He tells Mayil that he (Mayil) is the only one who has seen the maapillai in their family.  So he instructs Mayil to inform as soon as he spots the maapillai, rather secretly.  Mayil says he'll def. tell them as soon as he spots the maapillai...  The jing jaa anne sees the mappillai arriving outside and runs into inform.  Shokku and Mayil family disperse into small groups to guide behind the pillar. 
As soon as Selvarangam enters the temple... Mayil (oru super expression kuduthukittu ROFL) informs each group (the girls, then the neighbor ladies, and finally shokku and wife) that the person in ootha color kattampota chattai avar thaa nnu LOL.  Mahesh vekkapattu appadiye nikara, while the girls obsever and are somewhat shocked.  Kaamu taps Mahehs's shoulder asking her to look up.  Mahesh finally does... and is shocked as well... but moments later she smiles
The neighbor ladies and Shokku/ Meenu are also happy.  As soon as Selvarangam goes to the other side of the temple, Mehesh reveals that this was the guy Gopi fought with.  Kaamu Kaamu tells her not to worry about it and asks her for her opinion on the maapillai.  Finally Mahesh reveals that this was the same guy she had fought with the day he came to consult the josiyar LOL.  The girls tease her and asks her if she likes him or not.  Mahesh says if they like him .. then she too does.  AThukku girls comedy panning as if they are the ones to marry him or what nnu LOL
Over to Shokku/ Rasaiya/ Mayil and Meenu... all are happy and want Mahesh to marry him.  The neighbour girls are also adoring the jodi porutham.  Soon all of them come out and are spotted by the broker Shocked, who wonders if they are kallathanama seeing the mapillai nnu LOL.  Shokku mallupufies.. finally the broker calls the maapillai over and introduces him to them.  But ponnu thaan goes to hide LOLLOL, vekathileh.  Finally they bring her out... Selvarangam looks at her and is somewhat shocked.. (yes yes.. antha vaayadi ponnu ivangaleh thaan LOLLOL).  Mahesh looks down all that while.. before taking a sneak a peak.  Selvarangam thinks about their first meeting and slowly smiles.. so maapillaikku ponai pidichiduchu!  He assures that he'll come and ponnu paakufies with his sister and BIL the coming friday!  As Selvarangam is about to leave... Gopi and Pandy arrive (pochu daa saami LOLLOL.. earlier ivanga rendu perum rombha nalla mariyaathai koduthaanga illeh LOL).  Maapillaiyai kandathum rendu pasanga shocked.  Gopi mallupufies by making Pandi apologize for callihg him an avicha muttai LOL.  Selvarangam asks about the White Pandi matter LOLLOL.  Gopi also apologizes.. but then the maapillai says he likes Mahesh and that he will soon be coming to ponnu paakufy!  All happy.. now Pandy and Gopi are sent to go and get Devaanai.
At Mayil's house.. Pandi and Gopi are surprised to see the door locked... they check both the front and back yards.. no sign of Deivaanai.  They ask the neighbour lady who gives the keys and Devaanai's message "Family oda nalla irunga"!  Gopi and Pandiy are confused.. they wonder what could have happened.  The neighbour informs about seeing a bunch of people coming in a car and leaving angrily.. hence Devaanai could have been angry, which may have led to this nnu.  Ore kolapathileh, Pandi and Gopi go to see Ponni.  There they get to learn about the ponnu paaking incident for Kaamu in the absence of Mayil and Kaamu, and how insulted see and the maapillai family felt.  The two of them decide to go check the bus stand.. no sign of her! 
At Shokku's house.. orey oppari by kaamu and paramu.  Shokku scolds Mayil for hiding Kaamu's ponnu paaking visayam, and how insulted Devaanai would have been nnu [so Mayil lied to everyone about this Confused].  He doesn't fail to scold Kaamu for coming with their father to just go see Selvarangam.  Shokku sends the boys to go search more... The girls are pacified by Meenu.  Shokku goes to Mayil, who is standing alone.  There Mayil pours his heart out.. that ever since their marriage, they've rarely been happy.  They are always thitting and all.  Shokku says anger is expressed lots when there is too much paasom.  Mayil continues to give his mini oppari.... and expresses his sadness at the disappearance of his wife. 

Update by Rojapoooo

Wednesday 16/6/10

Peacock is sad about his missing bitter-half. Chokku consoles and proves that he is Gopi's dad - advice mazhai - Peacock wedding time le solli irukka vendiyathu ellam ippO Kaamu kalyaana time le solraar !!! "Both of you love each other but you do not know how to say /show it !!! You should not have lied to us like this .." blah blah. The whole jing bang is upset about the missing Deivanai. Gopi and Pandy have gone jalan-jalan - Net spread search is on. The heroine of this
drama is walking aimlessly - viruttu viruttu nnu engiyO pOraanga . Rasappa, the third brother is going in the lorry and sees anni.
Gets down from the lorry and cajoles anni - "thaniya enge pOringa??? any problem at home??"  Deivanai is waiting to bark - LoOL LoOL happens and that poor Rasappa does not know what hit him !!! He has the presence of mind to call Sokku and inform about Deivaanai " Na kOil tank kitte anni yai madakki vaichurukken, seekiram vaanga ( ennamO jalli kattu maattai katti pOtta mathiri !!) All the 5 daughters want to go , Peacock chickens out.. Sokku insists that PC should come " apram avalukku un mele innum kovam varum !!" PC says that Deivaanai will be more mad if she sees him "neengale pOi kootti kittu vaanga anne//" Sokku says that Deivaanai will be livid once again. However takes kaamu and Paramu. Gopi and Pandy follow.

Malar's office. The cycle thief is at work again. Only this time he is caught and dharma adis are doled out. Malar comes out, learns the scenario and asks the people to stop the dharma adis. Pries out the info about Gopi's cycle . asks the people to continue the dharma adis and then calls the police.

Round Tank meeting at Ayyanar Kovil tank. Kaamu and Paramu run to their mother and cry their hearts out. Pandy calls mommy "irresponsible " (apdi pOdu aruvaalai !!) for walking out on them. Sokku placates and Gopi finds a chance to lOda loda - "chithi, unga gnayam enakku puriyuthu.." - Deivanai says "thanks for the understanding but stop right there. I am not listening to any of the crap.." Sokku wants to know the problem " nee sonna thaane we
can set  right??" Deivanai sees that Peacock is not a part of that entourage. Starts chiding hubby...who slowly comes out from a corner...PC appeals to deivaanai's good sense " we have fought, I have even slapped you but never once did I think of walking out on you !! Will you ever understand?? You wanted me to fret??? If that
is so, then I fretted much more than your expectation..." Truce talk time - Deivanai has conditions -"if this , this and this is met with I might consider coming back.." Conditions are : " my daughters should stay with me and listen only to me. No more periappa's
house visits. Kaamu should get married soon. I want my daughters
to promise me.." All conditions are agreed. Sokku promises to get Kaamu married " Maheswari kalyaanam mudinja 3 aavathu
maasam, Kaamu wedding, ok??" The jing bang returns home.

Malar manages to identify Gopi's cycle from "Malar Cycle shop" - well, the cycle thief has sold the bike to a cycle rental shop. Other than Gopi's cycle all the others are confiscated and taken to the police station. The owner begs Malar for help and she promptly refuses. The cycle carries the logo "Malar " with some number.
Malar smiles. The green seat cover is missing. Malar replaces that, goes to Gopi's shop where the pOdisu talks too much and finally says "no Gopi.." Sokku's house - Meena makes fun of Deivaanai's running away and her daughters stop her. Malar lands there and
no one is in a mood to invite her. In fact Meena says "Iva enge di inge??? Irukkira kozhappam pOraatha?" Malar smilingly invites herself and says " wonder why am I here? All because of your brother..." Camera kku shocked faces round duty....



Thursday June 17, 2010

Woohoo No Episode Aired today
Due to Singam Movie Special Program!!!

Update by Anjkhoney

Friday (18/06/2010)

Anda officer ponnu Gopiye thedi veettuku varaanga and all the ladies there specially Gopi's amma is nervouse and tensed about her visitConfused..

Avangalum unga annane paakka thaan vandhain, avar kitta santhosamana vishayam sollanum nu ore build up thaan.

All the ladies ask about the good news but she keeps on talking about everything except that news.. At last Gopi amma sonna appram thaan suspence pottu odakka ellareyum velile koopadraanga.. Gopi amma ku vayithile puliye karacha mathrii irukkam.. Now the news is out...She has come to show that she found his lost cycle...Gopiyoda cycle thirumba kadaichachu.. Haiya JollyDancing...

She tries to leave but Gopi's amma who was waiting her to leave the place now invites her to have coffee.. Ippo avanga vayathile paala vaatha mathiri irukkam (Ada Krishna, inniaya naal varaikum inda vayathile puliya karakkara,Paala vaakkara concept enakku puriyave illeConfused..)She asks the officer to wait and watch Gopi's expressions live and then go.. Appa she agrees to it immediately as if she was wishing to hear something like that from Gopi's amma.

Aiyo namma Kara Sev aunty akka and her husband in the temple.. She talks about Kara Sev business and her hubby doesnt give her positive response as she wished.. Odana polamba aarmbichittanga.. Appram thambikku pondatti vandha ella velayum avangala seyya vekkanum nu thittam podaranga.. Adhukulla Thambi arrives (appa 100 years)

She mentions about a gal for her thambi so that she can put all the works on that gal's head and retire from her works (Adadada enna oru nalla ennamAngry)..Thambi mentions about the gal's family who he met in the temple.Kara Sev Akka kaarama reacts to this telling that they had come to spy the boy secretly and that was not at all fair.. Ore thittal about the gal's family and also her thambi.. Paavam Thambi mooji surungi pochu..

She talks about ponnu pakkara vishyam and learns that her thambi had already spoken about that.. Podhume, aarambichittanga polambal.. Ponnu kitta ore naal le kavundhutaan adhu idhu nu.. Pesa aarambicha podhume pesikitte iruppanga pola.. Kara sev business panni avanga paarva pechu ellathileyum evalo kaaram..

The officer (Malar thaane?Embarrassed) the gals talk about the days after Gopi lost the cycle.. Gopi vandhathu they make the offer hide and they play with their annan...

Gopi cycle pathi pesa pesa the thangachis ore kalaikkal thaan. Adhuvum andha chinna ponna nakkal thaangala.. Avar cycle pakkam thirumbaraaru and walks quickly.. Paavam gals cycle paathu thaan porraru nu nenacha avar telephone reciever sariya vaika poraaru..

Idhule kannu,paarvaya pathi lecture varai.. Idhu ketta odane anda chuthi ponnu summa illama oru comment 'Ada Nee Sollariya' LOLLOL
(Adhaane, avalo periya cycle le thaadi thaan telephone pakkam vaararuShocked but avarku ammam periya cycle theriyave ille?ConfusedLOL)
..Paavam Gopi ku thaan onnum puriyale.. He tries to leave the place and his sister rings the cycle bell and Tan Tada cycle Gopi kannule pattuchu..

Ore Sentiment thaan.. Paavam he gets too emotional seeing the cycle and learns from his sister that it was the officer who found the cycle for him nu.. He asks about thanking her and his sisters asks him to thank her directly.. He talks about calling chithappa first (ada ada eppidi valathirkkangaShocked...)Illa first thank her nu sisters sonna pecha thattama he tries to call her on the phone but she comes in front of him ..

He thanks her and she gets emotional this time expressing her feelings about seeing him getting emotional for a cycle which was there with him for a long time.Similarly the pain which a person would feel when his dear ones who is so friendly and close suddenly stop talking to them or ignore them (Appidi podu kannu.SabaashClapClap...)He is speechless.. She thanks and says bye to the sisters and leave. On the way she meets Gopi's appa and greets him and leaves..

Avar ulla vandhathum Gopi kitta visaarikkaranga and comes to knw about the lost cycle which is back to their house.. Avar cycle pathi ketta santhosam oru pakkam irundhalum,maheswari kalyanam,devanai return nu good news pathi solli solli cycle gap le oru kutti lecture kudukkaru...Gopikku purinjuthu, enakku thaan onnum puriyale...

Aiyo vandhuttaangayya namma Pushpa purushan Mr Preyasudan..Someone comes in a bike and finds Psudan having tea outside a tea shop.. Avar kitta generala pesi pesi he talks about a Groom for Maha.. Payyan Canada maapila pola (Appa London, America mapilai nu kettu kettu idhu oru change a thaan irukku)Maha appa ku Canada lendu Mapila nu sonna odane ore gushi thaan pongo... Payyan Software engineer thaan..

Pushpa veetle le arisi kaaya podaraanga.. Avang payyan moderna dress pannarthan nenachu komaali mathiri dress pannikitu vanddaru.. Amma pulla konja neram comedy pannaranga , i mean pesaraanga.. Atlast Solkaattu bomma mathiri pullaya kakka otta sollararu...

Psudan vandhu Canada nu solli build up kudukkaraaru.. Pushpa ku kooda vayathile puli karaching now.. Maha kitta appa Passport edukka education details and ration card ellame kekkaraaru. Edhukku nu ketta odane Mappilai kitta kudukka nu sollaraaru. Idhu ketta odane Shock ,Ammavum ponnum shocked


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Poor deivanai...
Ellarum deivanai yadhaan thitranga...gopi knows abt this kaamu va maappilai parka vaa matter...avaru chokku kitta solli andha maheswari maapu parkaa vaibavatha innoru naal vachurukalam illai....

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Thanks for the kalakkal update yekkoi ....ClapClap
Intha sambantham for Mahesh and that boy has already created a problem in the family... starting with a split in Mayil's family CryCry... inni yenna problems ellam varumo Ouch... kadavul kaakaa...
honeydaisy IF-Dazzler

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thanks for updates... why deva and meena hate each other? this means flashback? why cant this ladies give up for others happiness once?
smlaksh IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Suma .. Next enna , Deivanai Search Mission aah ?? hmm , Chok's could have postponed Mahes's GSC .. he very well knows abt Deiva ..
rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Shree and Aishu, thanks for the updates. Hmm, intha Deivanai kku semai kurukku buthi !!! Meena genuinely
loves Kaamu and Paramu - how can she close her eyes to the obvious??? EnnamO pOngappa - But Thiru merits a mention - ithu varai story line gels.
raaspach IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Aish.
Mayil sithappu....irukkumbodhu oruthangaloda arumai theriyadhu...waitingwaiting
very good acting by poovilangu mohan sir...ClapClap
"Avicha muttai "  "vellai Panni"......ennanga idhu??....
Pandi ennadanna kamu sister aa "Kundhaani " nnu solran...
Ungalukku mattumdhaan patta peru vaikka theriyumo??
Enga roja akkava pathi ungalukku theriyala...pudhusa vandhurukeenga illa...
Roja akka...pls ellarukkum name sollunga...First andha pandi payalukku vainga....AngryAngry

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VaichiduvOm - antha Pandy ai pakkarache ellam
erichalaa irukku - oru mattamaana nick kuduppOm,
what say???

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