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The Serial "Pratigya": Addressing a Social evil or Social issue


Before I started watching this show I was under the impression that the show dealt with the addressal of a social evil: eve-teasing.  I was extremely disappointed when I realized it did not.  In fact it seemed that the "eve-teasing" was used as bait to draw the audience and viewership into watching another Indian soap.

 As I have stated in other posts, the issue of stalking was depicted in a realistic fashion. Alas, the solution was very filmy. It would not happen in real life because the most moderately educated people would not find the solution of having your daughter marry a stalker and potential rapist palatable. The girl's acceptance of the shagun is another no-no.


The only way the girl would be able to effect this marriage realistically is by eloping with the stalker, in which instance, the marriage would DEFINITELY be consummated, her maayka ties severed by either her parents or her husband and her future at the mercy of her stalker husband's temperament and good graces. Society and the law would be unsympathetic of her plight, because as a society, unfortunately we do not suffer fools. Tough to accept but that is the way it is.

 The only practical solution to eve-teasing is ignore and evade. That was not done and so in my opinion, the show did not address the issue, just glimpsed it in passing.

 So, then I began to wonder if I had misunderstood the intent of the show and then I realized I did. The show did not deal with a social evil. It dealt with a social issue.


A WOMAN'S EMANCIPATION IN CONSERVATIVE INDIA - a progressive 21st century solution for a developing 20th century society.


For those who disagree let me say this. A student's overall rank is not determined by their highest scoring subjects but by their average grade in all subjects.

 India may have reached the 21st century in cosmopolitan and metropolitan areas but these areas only comprise a portion of our geographical landscape.  The remote, rural and non-metropolitan areas are either on the cusp or trailing behind in the 20th century. The reality is that there are few Nitins, a few more Krishna's and a large number of Angads.  While we may want to befriend a Nitin or tie him a rakhi, we tend to marry Krishnas because Nitins cannot protect us from Angads. Another sad but practical fact.

 As a society, as a culture, as a country, we have been drawn to learning, from the time of Nalanda to modern day India.  Our learning is not always formal (in schools, etc) but many a time we learn from informal means, our society, our family, our experiences, etc.

 Unfortunately, the literacy rate in our country is affected by social and economic issues i.e. explosive population growth, disproportionate distribution of wealth and a large than normal middle class strata.

 As a result formal education is the luxury of a select few. So those who receive it must appreciate this privilege and utilize it for society's betterment not detriment.


Our education is very theory based and our centres of learning and knowledge do not provide us with many opportunities for practical application. As a result, our students unrealistically expect that the world outside their universities has moved in sync with their curriculum and is working on similar ideals. What a culture shock for them.

 The Saxena siblings have this problem. Their ideals are inspired by their father's teachings (which are commendable) but the man has not provided them a supporting dose of pragmatism.  Pratigya's idealistic stand is misaligned with the society she lives in and has only survived this far because of her husband's indulgence and tolerance and strength. It is sad that she learnt her father's idealism but not her mother's pragmatism. It is almost like the Saxena siblings are sitting inside a sound proof chamber which shields them from reality and the only person allowed in this chamber is their father.

 Women's liberation or emancipation was a wonderful and extremely successful movement when it started but in its purest form it is very dramatic for the global society we live in (which unfortunately is still a man's world). As a result, we see that most successful women do not use this "drug" in its purest form but temper it for a more successful outcome. That's pragmatism for you.  Pratigya is using it in its purest form and that is why it is being found unpalatable by those she is using it on.

 People who share Pratigya's ideals and mindset, see a tempered formula as being a compromise. I see it as being an effective and necessary balance.

 Woman's emancipation is a western-influenced formula.  There is this desire in academic and progressive India to model the East after the West (the grass is always greener on the other side), but if we are to do this we must have a clear and objective understanding of the west.  

 We must compare apples to apples. Compare Mumbai to New York, compare Delhi to Washington but remember that while we have Bihar, the US has Texas. We have our social ails and they have theirs. Why should we model ourselves after the West, when the West is far from a Utopic Society?

 A transplant is only successful when it is compatible with all other organs and characteristics of the body. To successfully transplant an ailing organ you do not poison or butcher the healthy parts of the body.

 Instead of the unnecessary culture shock, why don't we create a customised solution for India and our society. Use the western solution of women's liberation in a more palatable fashion. Look for cultural progression not culture shock. After seeing Pratigya, I feel that it is this social issue that is being addressed and I am very curious to see their technique of addressing the issue as the tracks progress.

Many have said the show should be called Krishna not Pratigya because of the krishna's characther's charisma and draw to the audience, but if the show is truly intended to address the social issue I have stated then the show is aptly named "Pratigya".
HopeBig smile

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Very well said...I agree with you for every word...
In few of my post I said, if Pratigya tries to solve the issues strictly by book (on principle ground) she will never resolve the issues...and resolving the issues keeps the life moving and brings the change slowly...Pratigya had evaluated Krishna's potential correctly, she could have used him for good...

I also said the root cause of Arushi's behavior is the shock from what she is seeing and what she had been taught (by her father)...that is why she keeps pestering Pratigya to share her when Pratigya came back to Saxsena house, Arushi asked Pratigya will she go back...? what is her opinion etc...

The change in perception about woman in India didn't come overnight...all though a great deal of work is due, we have progressed enough compared to other countries...all those women fought for this progress didn't stick on debating right or wrong...they used 'Compromise' to get their message to the other side...

Just my 2 cents...

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what a wonderful, thought provoking post.
my two cents worth -
the traditional status quo regarding women sustained over so many years because it served a purpose. women had no separate income, and so no separate voice. their strength came from their position in the household, from the relationships they forged. family was their primary concern and karmabhoomi if you will.  it is changing now at a grass roots level as women get equal right to inheritance by law, and independent income. in the real world india, the person paying for pratigya's golgappas would call the shots. 
that is why when someone like pratigya, who is not standing on her own two feet, and is no where independent talks about atmasamman, it becomes rings untrue. you gain respect from the work you do. your actions command respect. traditionally for a woman this would have come from looking after the people at home. feeding them, loving them and of course giving birth to them. looking after a family is no small task. 
i havent' watched much, but from what i've seen so far, the girl comes across as cold, snooty and uncaring. any normal girl from india, especially one belonging to this kind of background would first atleast touch her parents in laws feet as soon as she met them. you are bowing to the age, to the relationship, not to the particular people as such. it is a concept, a culture. it is sanskar.
this girl seems to be competing and challenging her father in law at every step. any other girl woudl be very worried about her parents, about them not accusing her of breaking her brother's marraige, this girl shows very little concern either for her own parents or those of her husband.
i don't think this show is at all about either eve teasing or is at all trying to show how girls in india today actually struggle and overcome these issues.
if pratigya wants to be respected, she will first have to give a little respect to those around her. maybe she should divorce krishna, not be a burden on her brother and father and try to stand on her own two feet first.
the first day she's fired by her boss, her atmasamman will know its right boundaries.

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Excellently written .
I agree with everypoint , and wish to  reiterate your apples and oranges point
If it is Illahabad it is Illahabad . Dont show unrealistic behaviour of women like pratigya who first
married the man she thought was her stalker to 'save her family' although she hadnt the foggiest idea how she was going to do that...........
later gauged that the stalker was emotionally involved with her and decided to make him miserable for LIFE as a revenge tactic
Who arrogantly went on believing that all her so called wINNING spree was due to her superb self confidence and ATMA SAMMAAN beliefs and NOT coz The so called Stalker was intensely human and tolerated it all for the sake of genuine love............that anyone else wud have taught HER the lesson of her life
Who doesnt underatand that compromise is needed to change the system from within a social unit............the household one lives in ...........not by staying outside that house and fuelling ego issues further and further . 
That the first sign of Education is never to constantly insult the uneducated .

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very well written!! well done!!

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i agree with you
pratigya has just studied in the school but she isnt educated
education has very different definiton for me
education teaches someone  how to behave and how to analyse things whereas pratigya just knows ABCD and 12345 if that means education for her than i am sorry she is not

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right choice, kool, gawker and steffroc. I agree with everything you added.

I can understand Pratigya's apprehension at going back. who wants to go to a den of horrors and especially not after she is in the eye of the storm. however, humility in a young individual is necessary to gain respect in society and family.

I am very curious to know how much she holds on to her ideals if her parents withdraw or limit their vocal support and insists like everyother middle class family to try her utmost to resolve the situation and her marriage before she gives up on it.

and seriously, if she does not succeed I think they should encourage her to divorce. this woman needs to end up an old maiden

gawker, she is snooty, etc etc. her charachter was not like that in the beggining but ever since she found out he was illiterate at the wedding her disdain and coldness has increased multi-fold, in my opninion.

yup she needs to get a job. you may not be physically humiliated at work but believe words can still do the trick. life is a compromise and physical abuse is not the only evil out there.

this girl needs a strong does of realism. she seems to cry wolf at each turn.


That the first sign of Education is never to constantly insult the uneducated .ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

couldn't have said it better. there is educated and then theirs enlightened.

I wish her dad had helped her to become the latter. 

guys, thanks for reading and commenting.

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HopeHug very well written competely agree with you!!

eve teasing was just a bait for the audience and it seemed to addressing social issue esp domestic violence.
But neither a solution for the social issue was shown nor a love story!
In Kesar's pregnancy track - saving her child was the only bright side of MKA Pratigya so far.
This serial has termendous potential and can be used to put across the social message.
->kesar's child
track can either lead to dark vs fair or boy vs girl
->Importance of education
Komal / krishna could be shown to finally know the importance of education at least basic writing / reading.
->Sexana family + prats
Practical knowlege / experience is more important than mere academic knowledge
finally be able to say no to abuses from Shakti or shakti's change of heart
->against dictatorship
why is that everything should only happen as per SS wish,  y can't shakti / krishna / komal decide their own future (rgding their spouse and kids)

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