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silly os,ds gallery..welcum..sajan ds page 1.:-)

-nautankidollz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 10:20am | IP Logged

heya guys welcome

so finally me and simi (simar456) are opening this os, ds gallery
where we would from time to time post updates on sajan n mayur n some random os
(one shots) and ds(double shots)
ok ok i know topic ka naam sun ke aap log bahut confuse huye honge
silly os and ds gallery???
let us clearify
silly= si(of simi) +lly(of dolly)
silly kinda defines us so used that as our short name hee hees
and now why ds
i mean double shots
those who know me know that till date i have never been able towrite an os though i tried it loads of times
all of my os's got converted to ss on requests
hee hees again
so this time i decided to post just two parts on my random ideas
the first entries on this gallery will be a sajan ds on their first meet in present scenerio
requested by mine n simi's jaan
n a mayur ds will be cmg soon
pls do comeent guys l
loads of lov
simi n dollyROFL

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-nautankidollz- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 December 2006
Posts: 20441

Posted: 10 June 2010 at 10:21am | IP Logged
first ds
by dolly
specially for u sana
love u loads n loads

pain defines love

or is it the other way round?? 

Part a>>

{by samrat}


Standing there in front of that place I questioned myself again.

What the hell was I doing here???

Wasn't I already in enough of pain?

Why did I came here every evening to be broken into pieces yet again..

I looked at the door to the outhouse of my old mansion

It looked lonely just as me



It was raining heavily n I was already drenched completely


I looked at the door

The balcony

At the vines draping the railings

I looked over all these things n waited for the emotional assault to begin

Nothing happened

No memories attacked me

Neither of the happy old times

Nor of the time in which I destroyed everything that mattered to me


The rain speeded up ,, so much that the outhouse was almost made invisible by it .. almost

.i moved forward slowly letting the cold rain n heavy wind cut through me with every step.

Pain was good I deserved it

I deserved every ounce of punishment I could manage to get from anywhere

That was the reason I visited this place every day

Just to be tormented by the memories associated with this place


I wanted punishment of my deeds

N as everyone had left me

This was all I could do to punish myself..

I walked a little faster now

Eager for the pain of lose to hit me


N as I stepped on the first of the stairs


Memories indeed hit me

The first one was of her

Of Nupur

The one life I ended


"ise kya hua??"

With my voice a mental flashback of college corridor appeared .

Gunjan n nupur were walking side by side

Nupur leaning on chashmish's shoulder n was almost sleeping

Gunjan gestured towards me saying that di needed sleep ,I smiled

It was so like our nupur


She opened one eye n said

"dekho tum dono mere ass paas normal behave karo varna mujhe darawane darawane sapne aayenge"

I laughed .

"gunjan aur kitna chalna padega , yeh class kab aayegi??"

"nupur kaho to mein tumhe apni bahon mein utha k le chalun??"

"haan haan pls"


"sorry samrat..yeh mayank  ki vajha se mera dimag kharab ho gaya hai"



                                the flashback ended on  a gasp from me

Yes the pain came ,gnawing at my insides

It was good I deserved it

I needed to suffer for ending it all



I took another step

Another memory this time featuring my best friend

My x-best friend


"ise cupboard mein chipa dete hai"

"haan samrat cupboard mein to baby ko itni taazi hawa milegi k vo jaldi badi ho jayegi"

"to bathroom mein"

"haan kitna conveneinthai na agar use bathroom jaana hoga to toilet to saamne hi hoga"

"to bed k neeche??"


"dude jagha batao mein ise chupa deta hun"

"acha acha theek hai bed k neeche"


By now My wounds were exposed

The crazy rain mixed my tears with it.

Good if anyone passed me  

He or she wont notice that I was wailing like hell


But who would pass me now??

Who would want to come near me now??

Haven't I already driven each n every one of them away from me forever??

Pain , blistering, senseless pain rocked through my body

It was soo much to endure n yet it wasn't enough..

I took the Next step

N this memory knocked me breathless

As I felt her voice in the flashback

"samrat tum pagal ho"

"pagal to mein ho gaya hun chashmish tumhare pyaar mein"

"samrat pls sab log dekh rahe hain"

"to dekhne do chashmish mein sab ko batanna chahta hun k mein tumse kitna pyaar karta hun"

Chashmish turned n looked around at the students gathering in the bb court

She looked embarrassed

I bend forward n utilised the opportunity  to kiss her on the cheek


She looked at me stunned

N with in seconds the astonishment on my act turned to a lovely blush



No more I could endure no more..

I collapsed on the steps there itself

And sat their feeling the pain of it all crashing over me

Wave by wave



I could hear the silent sobs that got build up in my chest

No one else would be able to hear them

That is ,if there was anyone else to be beside me

I looked around in desperate hope of spotting someone


No one

I had driven everyone away

I had destroyed everyone

I had finished several lives in one single go

Great samrat u deserve an applause..

Guilt strong ,hot unendurable guilt blistered through my veins.

I closed my eyes n sobbed silently

Begging everyone to forgive me

Though I knew no one would

As Not even I could do that



{by gunjan}


I was walking the familiar path after three long years..

I had no idea why I chose this day to come here

To visit this old house of di n jiju

To visit the old mansion in which my first love samrat shergill used to live??

What did I intend to find in those ruins??

Why was I visiting that once happy place

That to today..the day when long back all of it was destroyed by none other then the person I loved the most??



Pain took a swipe at me as I remembered him

No no

I won't think about that person who destroyed my life


It was selfish n stupid of me to even come here

I should turn back right now n go to the orphanage I was working on currently

N yet I could not make my feet to take a step in opposite direction

It was as if the mansion was exercising a strange pull to attract me

N I was willingly giving in too that pull

So I walked forward towards my doom getting drenched in this rain ..


Rain was painful for me too

As I remembered one such rain of long time ago when I had given myself too him completely

When me and samrat had become one


No no gunjan don't take his name

U r no longer his chashmish

That girl got killed long ago

U r just gunjan now

 gunjan bhushan


With that thought the pale lucid face of my sister came into my view

When she was declared dead after fighting against coma for days in the hospital


I remembered mayank's face when he looked at his dead wife

I remembered them both n relived the hell of long time ago

Something got shattered in me again

No I couldn't still love the guy who had destroyed it completely


I didn't love him

I hated him

I would make myself hate him


I would continue to hate him


I didn't realise but I was already standing in front of the outhouse where my di n jiju used to live

There was someone sitting huddled up on the stairs

It was too difficult to make up who he was in this heavy rain


But suddenly my heat at started beating faster

It felt as if it wanted to break free from my body n go away to someone else??

What was happening

I suddenly felt terrified

As it hit me


What was I doing here

Why why had I allowed my self to some soo close to the past that was soo painful??

Why had I suddenly allowed myself to come so close to him


N who the hell that guy was who was sitting on the stairs like that in this heavy rain???


I gasped ,the rain had suddenly become chilling

Bone deep chilling

Who was that guy??

The boy looked up as if my gasp had been a shriek he heard across a silent sea

He looked up n met my eyes

And I froze


With me all my emotions froze too






Everything froze in that one second as I looked towards him

As my eyes locked in his

I had no idea how much time passed then


Was it few minutes or several hours??

Or had a whole era passed between me and him already???

My legs give away  n I slumped on the concrete pavement just in front of the old house of my killed sister n bereaved brother in law

Locked in the eyes of that one person who destroyed it all


{by samrat}


Rain felt good

I had always loved rain

This rain had not long ago gifted me something that made my life worthwhile

This rain had gifted me her


But then I had,with the help of my destructive hands destroyed everything


Another sob built inside me

I felt wretched as usual

Punishing myself this way was the only thing that made this life bearable

Another voice ringed in my ears


"itna kuch barbaad kar ke bhi tum apne saath kaise jii rahe ho samrat??"

He hated me

Ofcourse he would

I needed to be hated

I deserved it

Yet still I wished once if they would forgive me give me a chance to rectify my mistakes



How could I ever rectify them..


I heard a gasp then from somewhere in the loneliness around me

Was their someone out here in this storm beside me??

I looked up instinctively

N found my eyes locked in those of a girl standing a few feet away from me..


on seeing that girl my heart beat had increased many fold

I didn't recognize her

But may be my body did..

Or my soul did


Who was she


This rain made it all the more difficult for me to see her..

N then I saw her falling on the pavement as if her legs had given away

I recognized her



Everything in me became undone.

The grief the guilt the love the pain

Everything increased manifold

So much that it was entirely impossible for me to even breathe..

Was I seeing a dream in my nightmare


Was I allowed to even dream of her

Was my angel back??

No no samrat don't get ur hopes high


Hope is something that has completely gotten burned away from ur pathetic life

I broke the eye lock


She was not for real

N this pain was much more then I could endure

I got up then n turned away from my imagination who was still sitting in that miserable posture on the road


I turned away from her n faced the door to the outhouse

With a click I opened it

N I went inside

The sudden warm air that welcomed me in that litte house did nothing to improve my chilled nerves


My eyes went straight to the wall

On that group photograph of the four of us

At college

Me my love my best frind n that someone special who was no longer alive

Thanks to me..


I crawled to that picture n taking the small frame in my hand I caressed it

Its glass had been broken long ago

N yet still seeing that picture filled me with nostalgia like never before..


{by gunjan}


Why was I still on floor??

That guy was just my imagination

Samrat had been my imagination

If he had been for real then he would not have walked away from me

Gunjan get a grip pls

Finish what u had come to do here

Go inside n relive the moments that ur sister once lived

I should get up shouldn't i??

I should

Moreover there was a strange pull with which the house was nviting me

I had seen my imaginative samrat going inside that door..

That stopped me


No no gunjan he wasn't for real remember???

Yes I did remember

Slowly I managed to get up n walk towards the door

I suddenly felt more serene then ever

Though my heart was still beating at a high rate n yet it felt that I was finally at peace

As if my soul had finally found its destiny


What rubbish am I talking??

Shut up gunjan n just walk in


My  hand felt strangely cold over the door knob

But I clicked it open


N saw him standing there with a photograph in his hand n

Tears spilling from his eyes


I froze…yet again..


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samratrocks IF-Sizzlerz

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woah! awesome superb... n rocking! omg.. hoe emotional yaar.. doolly,,,, yeh kaisa emotional atyachaar hai... happy journey sanu!

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No_Comments IF-Sizzlerz

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This Was To Good...
Very Touching...
Mujhe Toh Rona Agyaa...Cry
But Do Continue This Yaa?
Was This Just Itna Hi Lenght?
Pleasshhhh Cont.....Embarrassed
Thnnxx For PM...

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thanks sana
yup read when u have time
n thanks hina for the lovely comment
m soo glad u liked it
love dolly:-)
marisol45 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2010 at 11:09am | IP Logged
simply mindblowing
i could feel samrats pain and guilt
you described their feelings so well
plz continue soon

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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hey dolly and simi superb work yar loved it and congo for this new thread Party and i will miss sana yar and her updates and do continue soon and thanks for pm

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zobsheh Goldie

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wonderful ...fabulous ...fantastic. Clap ...and so so emotional Cry ....i hope our sajan meet soon and their first encounter can be as beautiful as yours Day Dreaming .....please update soon and pm when you do Smile...please give a happy ending to this OS....because don't know when our sajan will meet and when will they get together at least in your os...we can feel happy Smile

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