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 Friday, June 18, 2010, 14:27 [IST]
Thoda Hain Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hain

'Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai' proved to be true to it's the name, after the opening week, as it had to be content with thodisi (little) TRPs. 'Thoda Hai..' had launched on 7th June replacing Rajan Shahi's 'Swarg' at the 7.30 pm slot.

It will be totally unfair and too early to write this Rose Movies and Colors show off, but a look at the descending numbers, since its first telecast, indicates that the show will have to come up with something better in order to attract the viewers.

According to the TAM data week 24 (June 6-12), the show opened with a TVR of 1.85 – a good enough number for the channel which had obtained a rating of just 1 TVR in the final episode of 'Swarg', the preceding week. Perhaps, the viewers didn't find the first episode intriguing enough. The ratings dropped to 1.56 on Tuesday dropping further to 1.4, 1.33 on the following days touching an abysmal 0.86 finally on Friday, June 11.

Soaps with the Marathi touch normally find favour with the viewers, so why did 'Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat..' fail to impress?

Romit Raj, who plays Nishikant, says, "Before discussing the ratings, I must tell you that my family and friends have really appreciated the show. Friends like actor Dilip Joshi have also appreciated our work. I'm back after a year's break. Hearing such comments from well wishers can be very encouraging indeed!"

"As for the ratings, the 7.30 pm slot has become very competitive now. The FIFA World Cup opened with a grand ceremony. The viewers may have drifted there. We're just a week old now. I'd like to see the rating of the second week though. I'm hope it will improve by then."

Contrary to Raj's claim, the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony that was aired from 5.30 pm to 6.12 pm could only muster a TVR of 0.61 in the Hindi Belt.

Well, we wish the show and Romit all the very best. Hopefully, 'Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat' will get to score more goals, if nor TVRs in the next TAM rating.

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Cultural insights

Increasingly, producers are using the cultural diversity card in many Hindi serials. Families belonging to regions from Maharashtra to Bengal are being portrayed on the small screen, writes Srabanti Chakrabarti

A still from 'Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zarurat Hai'Here is a question for you on a lazy Sunday morning ' think of a serial that you used to watch during the nascent days of satellite television and you might come up with names like Junoon, Khandaan, Sailaab or Dastaan. Now think of the characters and the backdrop of these shows. Do you remember which part of the country the lead characters came from? Well, all these shows were based in a metro and the characters were part of the cosmopolitan crowd who made the mega city their home. Where they came from was not important and did not make much of a difference in the serial. Now fast forward time and think of the late 90s and early 2000s ' Kyun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Baa Bahu aur Baby and the retinue of saas-bahu soaps where the story was largely based in Mumbai. The Viranis of Kyun Ki'were from Gujarat, the Basus of Kasauti from Bengal and so on. One could not miss the Jai Shri Krishna and the Durga Puja in the serials!

If you think, this is just a mere coincidence, you are mistaken. In the recent past, serial makers have made a conscious effort to explore the rich diversity of India and bring it to your living room. Is it a careful ploy by the makers to help you relate to the show, thereby increasing TRPs? If it is, so successful has this ploy been that producers just can't seem to have enough of it. Ekta cites the example of her latest show Tere Liye to disagree and explain the real reason, "This show is based on two families in Kolkata.

When I agreed to make this serial, I never wanted to cater to just the Bengali audience, as this niche group can always watch such shows on  regional channels. I have created Tere Liye in such a way that it can appeal to people from all over the country. I feel everyone would like to know how two culturally rich Bengali families live with each other," explains the lady, who has always expressed her fondness for the city of joy and its inhabitants.

However, if you take a look at the shows that were launched in the last few months, you will realise that increasingly, the cultural diversity card is being used as the USP of Hindi serials. Sarvgun Sampanna is based on a a Lavani dancer ' a dance form from Maharashtra, Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai is based on a Maharastrian family who lives in the old Shivaji Park neighbourhood in Mumbai, in addition to Tere Liye. Ekta, the czarina of Indian television and the person who started the trend, says, "It is the story that is important and if it demands a focus on the region, we have to portray the same.

When I started Pavitra Rishta ' the story of a typical middle-class Maharastrian family ' it had a cosmopolitan feel, however, when I did Sarvgun Sampanna, the feel changed. Since the story spoke about the Lavani dance form and the struggle of dancers in rural Maharashtra, I had to bring in that element. But I do admit that of late, most of the ideas presented by my creative team have a regional background."

With physical and geographical barriers being broken by cosmopolitan lifestyles and cross-cultural marriages, the growing interest in such diverse content is partly understandable. Explains Goldie Behl, producer of Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai, "Though we are Punjabis, both Shrishti (his sister and co-producer) and I are married to Maharastrians. After observing our extended families for a long time and knowing them closely, we decided to make a show depicting the Maharashtrian way of life. In a way, it is a tribute to our in-laws!"  In this show, the Behls depict how relationships are nurtured in a Maharastrian family.

If the diversity and newness factor affected the producers so much, one can imagine the impact it will have on viewers. Naturally they would like to see more of what goes on elsewhere in the country. Little wonder that you find shows based in Rajasthan, Jharkhand and remote corners of Uttar Pradesh these days.

Interestingly, however, we have not seen too many successful shows based on South Indian families. Is their any particular reason? Is the language barrier acting as an obstacle? Ekta seems to agree. She says, "We do not have a very strong viewership in South India for our shows. However, once it's translated and telecast, it gets good ratings." Whatever the case may be, no one is complaining. If Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, promoted unity among diversity in the 80s, different Hindi serials have taken up the mantle now. Undoubtedly, it is a delight to get a taste of different cultures on the small screen.

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Email Author
New Delhi, June 15, 2010
First Published: 12:43 IST(12/6/2010)
Last Updated: 17:58 IST(15/6/2010)

Actor Govinda's daughter Narmada will take a while to make her acting debut. But his nieces are already competing against each other on the small screen. Two of his sisters' daughters, Ragini Khanna and Aarti Singh, have their respective shows, Sasuraal Genda Phool and Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai, on Star Plus and Colors, in the 7. 30 pm slot.

Not at loggerheads
The latter's show has just gone on air this week, while the former's has been on air since two months. Singh's show is based in Mumbai and Khanna's in Delhi, both in middle-class homes. Both sisters play married women!

Bring up the similarities and the spirit of competition, and Singh laughs, "We never talk like competitors. Of course, we're aware that our shows run in the same slot on competing channels, but thankfully we don't come at loggerheads at all because we're one big family." Singh admits that she adores her sister's show on the rival channel.

"Ragini makes the character believable. I can't imagine anyone else playing Suhana. That role looks tailor-made for her though I know it's never that way for any actor. She's worked really hard and the show's ratings speak for that," adds Singh.

Has Ragini seen Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai? Singh says she has, adding that she been inundated with complimentary messages from immediate and extended family. "The day my show becomes a hit, I'm sure Ragini will be happy for me," Singh says.

Mama mia
Wonder if uncle Govinda has congratulated his niece who plays a Maharashtrian housewife despite the language barrier? Singh gushes, "Mamaji saw two-three episodes. He told me I was doing really well. He said he was proud of me because he feels the character I'm playing is difficult and demanding and doing justice to it has come rather smoothly to me. That gave me a high, apart from the show finally kicking off this week."

Reportedly, Thoda Hai... was expected to come on air in March in the channel's (Colors) afternoon band.
Singh admits: "Thank God we're in the evening slot. I've heard that the channel personnel saw the episodes and decided to take it in the early prime time. With due respect, it gives just every actor a greater high to be in that slot than being in the noon band."
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Would the Kulkarni wedding be a smooth sail on Colors?

24 June 2010 | 7:05pm   Comments 5 Comments

Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai on Color's TV is about to witness the wedding of Nishikant and Pragya…

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Romit Raj

I have a very bad habit of watching television. Doesn't matter when I reach home, late at night or early in the morning, my day does not really end until I watch a bit of television. I even watch Surya TV as I do not restrict myself to Hindi channels alone. I don't really understand anything but still  enjoy watching it. But that's very bad, I know.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar /

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War of sexes on Kitchen champion 2
Buzz up!

After putting to test the culinary skills of actresses who have barely stepped into their ghar ka rasoi, Kitchen Champion is back with its second season and a twist.

This season you will not only witness the fiery, strong willed women but the suave and adrenaline pumping male protagonists from various shows on Colors who will be thrown into the pits of hell's kitchen.

Kitchen Champion 2 will unleash the war of sexes where the girls and guys will be pitched against each other. Some of the names who are on the verge of giving their nod are Aditya Redij aka Raghav of Na Aana Iss Des Laado, Rohit Khurana aka Vansh of Uttaran and Romit Raj from Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai.
Ronit Roy will host of the show but it is uncertain if Roshni Chopra was approached to host season two.

The actress had almost finalized the deal but had to back out at the last moment. Confirming the news Chopra said, "I won't be able to do the show as I will be busy with my other commitments. Things didn't work out so I was left with no option but to opt out of the project."

Reverting to our text Roy confirmed that he is hosting
Kitchen Champion Season 2. He said, "Yes, Kitchen Champion 2 is set to begin soon and I will be hosting it. I am super-excited as this time it's going to be boys vs girls."

Only time will tell if the male brigade will be able to outshine the fairer sex when it comes to kitchen politics. Catfights were so last season; we hope this season that the food will do the talking!

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'No saas-bahu drama'

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Romit Raj.
Romit Raj.

Romit Raj, the popular TV actor is back in a new avatar in the daily series "Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zarurat Hai" on Colors.

He started his career with a Bengali telefilm ("Pratibimbo") and then moved on to Hindi serials like "Shakalaka Boom Boom", "Har Dil Kuch Kehta Hai", etc. He gained popularity with his roles in daily soaps "Ghar ki Laxmi-Betiyaan" and "Maayka".

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: Tell us something about your role in 'Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zarurat Hai'?

The serial depicts the life of a middle class Maharashtrian family living in Mumbai which strives hard to grapple with the fast changing world to fulfil their simple basic needs. The story revolves around eight characters and the changing world around them. I play the character of Nishikant (Nishi), who works in a call centre. He is a confident guy and gets his way easily. Nishikant loves Pragya and gets married to her.

How is it different from the common trend?

"Thoda Hai…" is different from other serials. It is a story of a family which lives, loves and struggle for their dreams together. There is no conventional saas-bahu drama or scheming characters. Instead, the members are very fond of each other.

Q: What difference do you find between small screen and silver screen? Which is more demanding?

Shooting for films is long drawn out process which is carried out over a period of months while the situation is somewhat different when it comes to small screen. Sometimes we've to shoot for episodes scheduled to be aired the very same day.

Do you intend to take a leap towards Bollywood?

Of course, I would love to act in films. For last 5-6 years, I've been getting offers to act in films but nothing has clicked. I am very passionate about acting and would go for something really good.

Q: Apart from acting any other plans?

I intend to anchor women issues oriented chat shows someday. I am highly inspired by Barkha Dutt. I've already anchored a women-based reality show 'Perfect Bride' and plans are that I would be hosting the next season of the show as well.

Keywords: Romit Raj, Colors TV

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Priyanka Chopra in Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai

21 July 2010 | 5:40pm   Comments 7 Comments

Priyanka Chopra visited the sets of Colors' Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai...

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