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{...Beyond the limits..(2)} - AR [Part42 - Pg120] (Page 119)

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birthdat treat do naaa

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update soon plzzz plzzz
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continue soon na plz
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nice parts
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omg big delay, all I am going to say is I am very sorry but here I have already started on the next part and I am looking to finish this up soon as not much is left anymore

                           PART 42

She opened her eyes slowly as the strong odor of his exciting cologne filled up the air, giving a rise and shine to her senses. Ridhima looked around in their bright, sunlit room. The cream coloured walls were irradiated by the sun that peered in from the large french windows buoying up her soul. 

she moved upwards, inspired, vitalized after their talk the previous night. her mind conjured up the sweet nothings he whispered in her ears, the heavy pets he dropped on her skin as he nuzzled in her neck when they were watching some television together, his hilarious words that cheered her up, gladdened her spirits, the time they spent last night had juiced her insides up, it had perked her moods up, drawing them both so close to each other. 

she got out of bed, making her way in the wardrobe, all set to start the day and head to the hospital. Her dad had an appointment to discuss his surgery with the surgeon. I am sure it will go well, she smiled, giving her optimism a listen. 

Ridhima stopped at the door, getting a look at her sexy, erotic man as he walked in the wardrobe just after taking a shower, rigged in a towel covering up the founts of her spine tingling sensations. she bit her lip in fervor, fired up by this mini goody she was getting 
as her eyes feasted on his risque physique, mentally untucking that towel that covered him up, unliking it, wanting to lick those well defined abs, pounce on him and feel those henched, strong muscles, kiss his toned, chiseled chest, fondle his obliques and..

he turned around, sensing her shallow breathing, her sweet, honeyed fragrance had alerted him of her presence. armaan got a load of her scrutinizing gaze on him and bit back his cocky grin as it hit him that his gorgeous wife was starting to get wild in her thoughts. 
he went closer slowly. she closed her eyes as the smell of his striking eau de toilette began smashing her cognizance, intoxicating her. 

he chuckled, roused and heated up too, gazing at her nightshirt that was sliding down her shoulders giving him eyefulls of her cleavage. she glanced in his desirous greys, wanting to graze his wet, rasped back hair that were presenting his sharp facial features. ridhima pursed her lips, putting a smile on her face, he had caught her, 'morning', 

''re pleasantly wild in your thoughts for me this morning han', he mugged her waist, pulling her close with a force,  intensely. he touched her upper lip with his hungrily, taking her in a kiss. 'it's not you, it's the cologne', she smiled near his lips, encircling her arms around his neck, mushing his lower lip, electrified and heady with the sensation of his soft lips dandling against hers. 

'arm...', she moaned, looped from the powerful mix of odours from his seductive, spicy toiletries as he pondered in her mouth, deepening the kiss, hot and bothered. he pressed her against the wooden door, steamed up. she clinched his damp, sleek hair in her hold and sighed, her heart pounded against her chest. 

he leaned in, stroking her thighs, thrilled and hot blooded and caught hold of her nightshirt. he slowed down, brushing his kissers with hers and broke off, lifting her nightshirt. ridhima closed her eyes and rested her head on the door, breathing out heavily in amatory. she raised her arms, he took it off her and pelted it away in air. 

armaan puckered up her lips in thirst again, snogging them, she was about to kiss him back when she saw the daylight, and it occurred to her, she was getting late and there was a lot to do downstairs too, her parents will have to wait for her and they'll get late for the doctors. 'armaan', she stopped him half heartedly, pecking him, 'sweetie...i am getting late, doctors...remember', she let out, calming her heavy breaths. 

'ridhimaaa', he groaned in complain, slightly bugged to have been abruptly asked to halt his overpowering lure for now. 'you could've stopped me before', 

'heeey', she smacked his arm, ticked off, irritated, craving to spend more time with him.  'it's not my fault i have to see the surgeon the first thing this morning', 

he got a load of her titillating white and black polka dotted bra, pushing up her dainty chest, smoking out her cleavage, 'agh get dressed're so distracting', 

she giggled, feeling pretty, blitheful with his words. 'i need to take a shower get dressed and go downstairs, i'll be there in 10...', 

'you better be there in 10... don't make your parents wait alright and the first...the very first thing you're meant to do after speaking to the cardiac surgeon is tell me what he said', he asserted, making his commanding tone obvious, not wanting her to be looking 
for a moment to come up to him the whole day. she nodded at him, understanding the reason behind his ordering mien, that was it, they weren't meant to have any more talks regarding their hesitation to confide in each other, it was all going to be head on now, it was time to show their parents the strength of their relationship.

'alrite go now...sadly i cant come with you babe...have to attend a lot of conference calls, go to our headquarters here in's not a holiday for me', he smiled, chipping her in with his details and flicked his lips with hers lovingly, tenderhearted at her ducky nod. 

'that's fine mallik...but you better not start bossing me around', she joked, bracing their spirits up positively to make a start, things were going to be different, she could sense it, they were going to get better now. she grabbed her towel and went inside the bathroom, leaving a grinning and gladsome armaan behind, cackling at her remark...


Billy was passing by the main entrance when ridhima stepped down the stairs, 'goood morning bache', he wished her brightly, joyful over how cloudless and warm the day was. 

'morning dad', she hugged him sweetly, he caressed her hair in fatherly love, he just adored his darling daughter in law.  

'dad...what has the doctor said so far about papa', she asked composedly, putting away the disturbing and dull thoughts in her mind that made her fidgety and restless in worry for her father. 

'i was just telling armaan about this...beta he's one highly sought after doctor and it looks positive from all that he's told me, however with every procedure there are always risks attached, there are some precautions that we have to be aware off as you might know...which is why the appointment is scheduled today', he tuned her in with the happenings. 

she lowered her gaze, mulling over his words uneasily, obviously there were going to be risks attached, it was a balloon angioplasty after all, she was aware of the risks however everything seemed so all talk at the moment, as if there was no meaning to it, she 
just wanted her dad healthy again. her eyes moistened up, brooding over the worse case scenarios, she had to be strong though, for her, for her mum, for her family, she had cried enough. 

billy took note of ridhima's distressed expressions, 'ridhima...beta you have to be strong and besides he's the best out there, one of the top cardiac surgoens so such a procedure is nothing for him, he's predicts it's going to be successful...dont get hopeless and 
just the end of the day, it's all in god's hands', he added in compassion, it's better to tell everyone to keep the worst in their minds rather than not expecting it at all when there were difficulties involved in her father's case. it's never in anyones hands
really, it's always god's will that decides your fate. 

'thanks've seriously done a lot', she lightly smiled, thinking deeply about his words, if the doctor predicts it will be successful then it means those risks involved with the angioplasty aren't major because he can overlook them, i hope the doctor has more positive things to say about papa, she sighed, embracing the recently found optimism in her, seeing a ray of sunshine in the midst of all her dark, negative thoughts.

'no worries's nothing, now will my daughter actually eat anything today', he patted her head, keeping her hands around her shoulder warmly, 'ohh i am famished', she giggled, keeping her hands on her tummy perkily and they walked into the modish kitchen together. 

ridhima and billy's chirpy and pleased, loud voices caught padma's attention as they came in. 'goood morning ridzii', she smiled at her sweetheart, fresh and energetic, seeing her daughter after ages, happy and appeased, it was really calming her down, allaying 
her worries for her ridhima. she took note of how much at ease and comfortable ridhima was with her father in law, almost as if she was his daughter. 

'morning mumma', ridhima took her in a bear hug, 'did you sleep well...and is papa okay, where is he', she asked in watchfulness, in care. 

'he's outside with ananya and armaan, laughing away to glory...jaake rok tere paagal husband ko...gosh ridzi he's actually hilarious and that rahul', padma shook her head, delighted with her decision of coming to maryland to get shashank's operation 
done. they really needed to have to a good time after all that they've been through. 

ridhima took note of her mother's simpering, content face slowly turning into a long one, becoming sombre. she looked at billy who nodded at her, signalling her to talk to her mother and went out into their backyard. 

she pursed her lips, thinking of all the quiet and soothing times she used to have with her mum, gosh i missed her sooo much, her insides became overwhelmed with tenderness, with her mum's presence around her, she was actually standing infront of her. 
'mumma...aap theek ho na, kiya hua', she kept a hand on padma's shoulder, interrupting her train of thoughts.  

'haan...haan mujhe kia hona hai...main to bas soch rahi lucky we are to have a son in law like armaan, he's a gem...just perfect, it's only been six months ridhima, but look at you', she patted ridhima's cheek, her eyes dissolving in tears emotionally, 'you look so grown mature, kaisi pagal si thi pehle', 

ridhima huffed out a laugh, dewy eyed too. her insides were tearing up in repentence, she just couldn't fathom looking back now that she never made an effort to call this very person infront of her, her mother! who loves her endlessly,  life would've been soo much easier had she called her, she would never have sunken into that darkness. had she really matured, because she didn't think so, she is so tenderfooted and immature, it would'nt have taken so much time for her to cop on if she was even a tad bit perceptive of the things around her, she lowered her gaze in disappointment, masking her true expressions that wanted to pour out to her mum but she couldn't, not by risking her and armaan's future together, she had to stay constrained and silent for now, she had to be reserved and not let out too much about her life after getting married, it was bound to come up and she was scared stiff, in cold feets that she'll let it out, she wont be able to control herself. she put a fake beam, 'bahar's such a lovely day...that's why we're having breakfast outside', 

padma knit her brows together in bewilderment, perplexed with the slight absurdity in her daughter's behaviour. ridhima had turned around, quickly grabbing the bowl of fruit salad. 'yes...ofcourse', she uttered, let down, observing her daughter's hasty steps as they moved out.


'muskaaan...tu bas karegi itni bhi scary nahi thi movie...kal raat se sar paka rahi hai', nikki groaned in annoyance, sick of muskaan's constant rambling over how bloodcurdling and frightening it got by the end of it. Nikita closed her eyes wearily, they weren't able to even catch a wink because muskaan made her and anjali sleep in her room, rest was all laughs since they didn't end up sleeping at all and were talking and catching up the whole night. Due to this and to her dismay, she didn't even sleep with abhi who ever so considerately, kissed her goodbye and went to the other two guyz, i bet you they were up too, she thought to herself. 

'it was terrifying', muskaan repeated and wriggled in creeps. 

anjali rolled her eyes tiredly at muskaan's exaggerated reaction and diverted her attention to a rosy, fresh and bouncy looking ridhima, approaching them with a bowl in her hand 'hiii're all bright eyed', she called out, winking chummily at her. 

ridhima tittered, 'it's such a beautiful morning...but seems like you lot haven't slept at alll, god what happened ', she asked, standing by the teak wooden furniture and served ananya some fruit salad, giving her a smile. 

she took a look at a thoughtful armaan, engaged in a phone call as he approached them. 

'yeh sab is muskaan ki galti hai...gadhi, she can't even take a scary movie', nikita carped, hitting muskaan's head as she was taking a bite of her maple syruped pancake. 

'not when it's full of blood and ghosts...disgusting overall, you could've picked a better movie nikki', muskaan snapped in a hissy fit, they had been moaning about her getting scared the whole night now, it was getting on her nerves, jesus.  

'arre girls stop arguing...kal raat bhi bohut awaaz karrahe the sab ke sab', padma plopped herself on one of the chairs. 

'aunty these two have been killing my brain cells since last night...poor me', anjali remarked teasingly, 'i feel for myself',  

'well...sound for inviting me', ridhima muttered, folding her hands against her chest, faking a snit, pretending to be mad. 

'ridziii natak mat kar...tu pehle armaan ki paas se to hat phir hum tujhe batayenge hamare plans', nikki mouthed, not taking her feigned anger seriously, she knew her best friend inside out. 

'noo actually...i am glad she didn't join you freaks', armaan chinned in after he hung up on the call and made out what their topic of discussion was. he stepped on the patio with shashank and billy after him, smiling at his words, taking their seats. 

armaan went upto his green eyed beaut, enthralled by her revived, blooming skin glowing under the sun. she was looking beautiful. 

she glanced at him, a light shade of pink crept upon her cheeks at the thought of having him close infront of her parents and nikki, so much has changed in this six months, yet it feels like it was just yesterday that they got married.  she got a load of her dad beaming at her, he loved armaan, he admired his perfection, his excellence.  

'she would have been like you guyz now...wrecked, and she has to go to the hospital', he said, encircling his arm around her waist, pulling her close. 

'only coz you mentioned the hospital armaan...she's going to be with us tonight and besides nikki wont be here for long whereas you two have your whole life to cling to each other', anjali announced, making everyone chuckle. 

'you can try anji', armaan snickered, answering back smartly. 

'pssht...don't be such a loser armaan, i say yes anji', ridhima smirked, giving him a coy, smug look purposely, irking him for the fun of it. she rolled out her tongue at him and shifted her gaze from a playful armaan, derided by her comment to anjali. she clapped her hands in excitement, 'we're gonna have soo much funnn', she cheeped.. 

he raised his eyebrows in thought, pleasantly occupied, wow she really was inviting trouble, he crowed to himself naughtily, hatching up his randy plans.  

'haha...armaan you dont have a say anymore', billy cackled with the others. 

shashank discerned the interaction between his daughter and armaan, the funny exchange of emotions between them, he was keeping his eyes on the two ever since his arrival. he figured it's better to take note of every single thing before jumping to conclusions. he was upto his mind with worry when it came to ridhima, one major question that was enraging and disgruntling him was the fact that his daughter never called once in these six months, she only started showing concern when she came to know that he had suffered from a stroke, what happened to her? something was definitely up that compelled her to not give us a call? 
he knew his sweetheart.

'fine...', armaan let out a sigh, feigning displeasure as if on the spot and settled himself on one the chairs. 

he peeped at her, now stupefied and perplexed face, bemused. ridhima bit her lip in puzzlement, her victorious attitude was crumbling now, but he never gives in so easily. 

'sit down and eat something will you', he murmured deviously, looking up at her. 

she widened her eyes in a stunner as it dawned upon her, he was setting his wits to work and planning something.

she narrowed her eyes at him, shooting an icy stare but he flashed her a charming smile, unaffected, mocking her anger and took a bite of his scone. she gave her feet a rest, taking a seat beside him slowly, in caution. his actions were already pestering her. What is he thinking of, she grilled her senses in a miff...


'so essentially what will happen is that through a balloon catheter we'll be widening an obstructed blood vessel in mr. shashank's heart', Dr. Steven summarized, after flashing light upon the procedure incorporated during surgery, giving a genuine smile to ridhima 
who had her hands clasped together in worry. 

she nodded restlessly, 'and...with such complicated procedures like these, i believe there must be quite a lot of risks attached Dr', she questioned, clinching her hold on her phone to maintain her composure, chipping her insides in and making sure she was mentally 
prepared incase there's a long list of risks. ridhima glimpsed at her pale dead, listening intently to the doctor and gulped feelingly. 

'well as part of my practice ridhima, I have to tell you the major complications despite the fact that balloon angioplasty has been safely performed since 1941 and with successful results in the end, there can be another stroke or an artery reclosure too and in worst case scenarios heart failure, but those are very very unlikely circumstances. However in your dad's case we're mainly expecting nausea, slightly abnormal heart beat or bleeding so minor complications really', stevens muttered, flicking through the pages of her dad's report. 

she gasped in sadness, her insides pelting her heart rate to its typic though at the optimistic words of the doctor, she had to be strong and avoid her pessimissm, but omg abnormal heart beat, she mumbled, her eyes tearing up. 

billy chuckled at ridhima's over reaction and went upto her, 'he's merely stating complications riddhima, calm down', 

'they're still complications dad', she sighed, mustering up the courage in her to ask her final question 'and...what happens after the surgery', 

stevens smiled at her anxious mien, 'we'll monitor your dad to see if there are problems so an overnight monitoring is required...ridhima i suggest you take it easy, your dad is not at a high risk and this is merely an intervention, if there was anything major, we'd tell you'. 

Ridhima nodded and stood up, giving him a quick smile, sewed up but only slightly assured from the doctor's words, everyone was raving about this big shot of a doctor, agh 

she rubbernecked her gaze around his speckless and orderly room, with a wall covered with all his laurels, awards and achievements, all acknowledging and attesting his perfection. 

she volte faced her attention back to steven when his pager buzzed 'well billy, mr. shashank...they seem to need me, don't worry for now it's all under control and the surgery is scheduled for day after tomorrow, so I'll see you all then', he shook hands with everyone 
and walked out the door. 

'so ridhima what did you make of him', shashank asked, wanting to know his daughter's take on the doctor, she didn't seem to be very impressed, he giggled. 

'he's very confident', she uttered, making everyone smile, 'but he better be all that perfect', she said, pointing towards his wall of achievements and fame, 'otherwise i'll SUE THIS GODDAMN HOSPITAL', she stormed off in a tizzy, disquieted and still fretful, this is all
very stressful, i know there are very few complications but it's still a surgery, you never know for godsake! why are they so calm, she grilled her chafed mind.

'wowww wish i recorded that for armaan, phir kabhi larayi nahi karega ridhima se', billy laughed, surprised at his fuming daughter-in-law. 

shashank bursted into laughter, 'she's one moody girl billy, i have so many stories to tell you all', he murmured, conjuring up their sweet memories from her childhood, aaj itni bari hogayi hai meri ridhima...


Rahul put up a beam on his face seeing armaan opening his plush X4's car door, 'ammyy broo what's happening', he asked, attempting to sound casual

armaan shook his head at him, latching onto his soft soap, 'why do you even bother rahul...what was yesterday about', he questioned pretenselessly, getting in the car and switching on the engine. 

'well..', Rahul sighed and seated himself in the passenger seat, giving up. 'it's been a while since atul has been with us in Boston armaan', he started, as armaan drove out off their driveway '...infact it's been a month, something...something really big has happened with ridhima's family, other than her dad's stroke and their little communication problem', he glanced at armaan, I can't believe even anjali didn't tell him this. 

'whaat', armaan stopped the car, taken aback, puzzled and bugged. Atul hadn't seen ridhima since ages then, why didn't he make an effort to meet up with her and tell her what it was, or even call her to ask her how she was doing for godsake, she had no one around that time...not even me. 

'why didn't he meet up with her and tell her, or screw that even ask her how she was keeping up...he's meant to be her friend right', armaan yipped, nettled and piqued by atul and his ignorant attitude, mentally criticizing and placing responsibility on Atul for not even making an effort, sickened over how no one was there, if atul had been there, she wouldn't have been in this state. 

'well anji has been hanging out with him loads and apparantly he was really holding himself back from meeting up with her because he knew once he sees her he would just end up blabbering everything out to her...shashank uncle had stopped him from saying 
anything to her, they want to tell her themselves', rahul explained, giving a pat on armaan's shoulder to calm him down. 

armaan closed his eyes, recalling his beaut's face. he rubbed his eyebrows, irked and harried, how much does she have to bear, if something bad has happened to her family which is even worse than her dad's stroke, she won't be able to take it. 

rahul glanced at him, worried about his two dear friends, from the time the two have been married, it's been nothing but one situation after another for them, 'look armaan...whatever it is, we're all there for her, this time she has everyone and most importantly, she
has YOU', 

He nodded, listening to rahul's words, motivating him to be a backing for ridhima, 'but atul...I cant believe that retard...', 

Rahul cut him short, 'well anji told me he hated himself every moment for not knocking on her house door and taking her in a big hug, anji was really there to support him despite all their rows...there was never a time when anji didn't give out to him for not meeting up with her...and he used to be on about her the whole time, always asked us how she was's not his fault man',

'i just hate the way she has to deal with one thing after another...she's already dealing with sooo much right now',

'well that's why i told you about this first...i think it's best if you prepare her mentally for what's coming in her way...just incase', rahul suggested, hoping for the best for his two friends from the bottom of his heart...


as always, criticisms and comments are very much appreciated!!
next part coming soon too!! until then byee Big smile

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