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{...Beyond the limits..(2)} - AR [Part42 - Pg120]

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Posted: 09 June 2010 at 8:45am | IP Logged
hey is the new thread...thanks for all em sweet words ye posted..!

here ye go with the link of the first thread:

PART 28 - pg 1
PART 29 - pg 12
PROMO  - pg 19
PART 30 - pg 26
PROMO  - pg 34
PART 31 - pg 35
PROMO  - pg 42
PART 32 - pg 44
PART 33 - pg 52
PROMO  - pg 59
PART 34 - pg 62
PART 35 - pg 70
PROMO  - pg 75
PART 36 - pg 77
PART 37 - pg 83
PROMO  - pg 90
PART 38 - pg 92
PART 39/1 - pg 99
PART 39/2 - pg 103
PART 40/1 - pg 108
PART 40/2 - pg 111
PART 41    - pg  116
PART 42 - pg 120

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suzzane14 Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2010 at 9:00am | IP Logged might not (might not) be suitable for people under a certain age like 16 or smethin...!


her cheeks radiated as she caught hold of the bath screen, her cloyed, brightened up mind flashing back on his amorouous,  passionate words, he loves me, she got a glimspse of her hefting bust that he had kissed, god. her heart pounded against her chest in paiety, in love. inducing the dark, hot blooded temptations within her. her spine tingled as her mushes towards her  cleavage cued up in her mind, taking her breath away. her eyes caterwauled at that beautiful moment, at that close sensual proximity when she recalled them.

he stopped me from going, was that love what i saw. she closed her blinders as the thought stirred within, as the fear, as the furor bestired in, spooking her emotions, the affectivity, her keenness. what if he dashes all those hopes again, i wont be able to live then, i have started to love him more than myself. but what ye saw was love in his eyes, it felt right, it felt like it
was something trustworthy, that he will be there. she got a load of herself in the mirror, her blanched bruise that he had kissed so dearly, so fervidly. i can trust him, she moved towards the closet, her happiness, her satisfaction conking down from her pessimisstic, colorless thoughts.

ridhima sighed in weariness, the shower hadnt done any better to relax the chaos in her brains, in her souls, she felt agitated, worried, i am not going but is this a right decision. i cant see him tensed and worked up because of me. he didnt even sleep coz i was goin.

'armaan', she mumbled, delighting in the pleasure his name gave her.


she closed her peepers. feeling his hand tug the linen dizening her dainty, hot chassis, 'armaan', she billowed, as he bit her lobe. glossing the droplet that dangled down her cape, taking a whiff of her honeyed, pungent scent. the somatic touch of his obleeks slathering against her wrap tingled her souls.

'yer a babe', he mouthed, taking her in his arms, her hotness, her steamy, kissable sight stimulating his itch. 

she mugged his shorned waist, trying to get her answers, trying to feel the love again. concerned about his sack time, her passion incensed by the ardor in the air. she snogged his peeled chest.


he caressed her bruise, bussing her shoulder, sensing the affection, the emotion, that beatitude, satiety after opening up his heart, after venting out his pent up anger, frustration, distress, his emotion, his passion, his love. he smiled as her heartwarming, gleeful greens looked up at him, mannnn i love her, his heart felt light after uttering these words, his souls, his hawkish mind didnt complain this time, didnt buzz a question that abrades his cognizance, didnt course the fury in his systems. it appeased him, it gave a certain pleasure, he wanted to mutter them again, tell her he wont hurt her again. never, his heart cheeped in paiety, in ardor. 'i love ye',

she grazed his pate, hearkening those words that were exciting the ecstasy in her systems, 'ye too', she mumbled, her eyes welled up in emotion, her heart sickened at her thoughts, i hope i dont get hurt again.

armaan frowned, his souls rang an abrading bell as he took in her soft, emotional utterance.

'ridhima', he mouthed, getting an eyeful of her vexed, gushy greens.

she looked at him, her sudden coyness, her emotions, her happiness, her love, the exhaustion from the past two days were taking a toll on her cognizance, her acuteness. she reamed her blinders, unleashing her sentiments, not wanting to ruin their moment,

'no its just i'm out from the shower', she parted away, walking towards her wardrobe, hiding the tenderness.

he narrowed his eyes, nettled at her state, 'ridhima', he groaned, wanting her to just pour her turmoil out, clean breast of her pent up emotions, her love and not keep it all in her. she tied her hair in a messy bun, calming her lewdness down, her desire down,

he took in the sights of her golden, lacy aft, his itch exciting his urge to pelt her wrap away. his lickerish, randy mind rolled out, hatching a picture in his brain, he went upto her and jacked her up in his flippers, cantering out of the closet.

'armaan', she screamed, her cheeks burnt with fervor 'what the hell', her heart throbbed at their lubricious, carnal postion as her dizzy state made her drape on the bed. the sunless, shadowy darkness in the room exciting his urges, that sensualism. 

'wont ye tell me whats wrong', he whispered, pecking her temple. 

she breathed in, holding back her enamored smile, her heart throbbed against her chest, she nestled his hair, her fingers thriving with the sleekness of his hair, her spirits were having hots for his love, to delight in his passion. she puckered up his upper lip.

he nipped her lower lip, getting vibes of her timid state, trying to convey that he is there for her, their closeness was making him realise that this is love and nothing else, that ridhima has grabbed that seat of affections, he wont let her down, that this time he really wants to make a promise and stick to it, fulfill her wishes, her hopes.

she spooned his mushes, taking his efforts to her heart, her love, her sentiments shedding light upon his ardency, his tender loving care. he pecked her kissers and glimpsed at her green peepers, taking a gander of that hesitation in her eyes.

'mm...k i wont force ye alrite....buh if....there is anything ridhima that ye feel like sharin....then dont ever hesitate luv....i am there for ye', he tucked her tress, feeling blissful after being nice to her.

her eyes gleamed in adoration, in devotion at what she saw, at what she was seeing; that change in his mien, that love in his eyes that was answering all those questions, scraping out her chaos, her hesitation, her fears out of her systems, out of her mind, she could see the love this time without any need to have hopes around. she could feel his wish to have her trust on him. 

she smiled, necking his waist. her slender fingers skimmed his shorts, 'you make me crazy',

Armaan smirked, her wrap rammed down her bust, his kisses shaved it down. 'i know',

ridhima tittered, huffing as he kissed her cleft, her love, her passion craving for more. she had yearned to feel his fondling, desired for this feeling every minute. her every system dulled down, inducing a whirling sensation in her gray matter. she lipped his neck.

he puffed, getting high on the delicacy of her skin, the mesmerism in her warmth, in her hotness. he grubbed his face in her nape, gently loosening the crimp that propped her wrap in place, his eyes moistened up as he recollected how he had jammed her to the wall and she had cried in pain. 'what i did....wasnt right', he hissed in her ear, pecking her lobe. she heaved, her eyes mewling up at his hearty apology.

his every selfish, hoggish action striked him as being wrong, tear jerking, heart shattering. 'my apologies wont lessen yer pain when i didnt care about ye...when....i was rude', he kissed her blinders, his emotions, those repentant voices of his heart wiping her tears away.

'i should have called you', she cried, as her mind went back to what she endured, how she thought she failed at the very first night of their wedding, how she fell for him with each passing minute, she felt hallowed, blessed to be loved by him. her heart strickened as she recollected her dejection, that depression. her eyes dissolved in tears.

he glimmed at her beatific, euphoric greens, understanding her happiness, her emotional frame of mind, her cheeriness, her elated eyes raised his spirits,
'i am an ass', he purred.

'...tell me about it', she put up a happy expression, lightening up the mood, her heart egging on the way he blamed himself.

he bit his lip in sadness, dropping his gaze remorsefully.

'huh', his minds rang a bell, he looked up, catching a glimpse of her coy smile.

he shook his head and chuckled, 'ill tell ye lots about it', he leaned in, grubbing his face in her bared nape, his hands hoisted her wrap up from her dainty hocks, her hands frisked with the knot of his shorts, arousing the restlessness, his hanker.

he flicked his lips with hers, tears sopped up their cheeks in rapture, 'i'm sorry', he maundered, mushing her kissers, stirring down her fauces.

his touch was grating her sadness, bringing satisfaction into her systems.

'love ye', she moaned, slowing down. her lips caromed his barely stubbled maxilla, firing up the love, the adulation between them.


She bit her lip sadly, hefting the phone, giving a call to padma. aaj armaan ne yeh prove kardiya hai, i couldnt be a good mother. her eyes moistened up as she recalled the times when he disgruntled her, dispirited her. i have to tell them somethin before she
leaves today. her fazed, fiddled state clued in, telling her to wait before informing ridhima's parents, but we just dont have time, i have to inform them about her arrival anyway.

Ananya sighed as the phone kept ringing, ab yeh utha bhi nahi rahi. her rile, her miffled frame of mind carped at her to give armaan a piece of her mind. she clomped the phone down and sat on the couch. 'uff'.

Billy sat beside a frustrated ananya. 'tum pareshaan kyun ho', he questioned.

she glared at him, 'ab tou mujhe yakeen ho gaya billy ke armaan tumhara hi beta hai......tumhe bhi kuch samajh nahi aata or use bhi nahi', she griped. nestled by his brightened up moods, koi khush kaise hosakta hai is time per, why is everything falling

he chuckled, 'tumhe kia pehle shak tha apne aap par...',

'billy please i dont even get how can you be so eased out when you know about armaan and ridhima',

'well wo isliye kyunki ridhima kahin nahi jaa rahi', he informed happily,

ananya raised her eyebrows, 'kia everything okie between them now', she asked, hoping for a positive answer.

billy smiled and nodded positively, 'maine samjhaya use....aur woh maan gaya', he boasted.

'kia', she stood up in joy, in gladness, 'oh my i wont have to call them....thankgod', she muttered.

'excuse me.....thank me as well....maine hi tumhare us bewacoof bache ko samjhaya warna abhi tum phone laga rahi hoti ridhima ke parents ko', billy groused, faking a snit, not liking the way he isnt getting any credit.

'tum log kuch nahi bhi karte to aaj meri bachi ruk jaati', bi smiled butting in their banter, she gave her feet a rest, sitting on the couch.

'per', billy mouthed, only to be stopped short by a chirpy bi, content after hearing the gnarly news, 'acha jao ab jaake breakfast lagao....mujhe bhook lagi hai', she gibbered, switching on the television, not paying any heed to the latter's bewildered state....


'armaan...', she yawped, his lips untied the foldings of her wrap. it slipped down her bust unclothing her udders.  her chest upheaved, retching for breath as he kissed her teat,  his hands caressed her smooth, soft haunch line, palming her buttocks. shoving her in.  dousing in that pool of lewdness, in that itch. his senses conked down at the daintiness, the lightness, the frailness of her breasts.

the searing, hot air around them made her exhale out to catch some breath. she clenched her fist in his sleek hair, wanting to cumber her leg, her bare aft, her bare convex slathered against the black satin sheet of their bed. dazing her, he kissed her shoulders, nibbling her velvety flesh. he was high on the lushness of her skin. 'sexy...its mine....just mine',

his words quashed her vocal cords, she couldnt say anything. her long, varnished nails dug into his skin. she panted, opening up her floodgates. wheezing in the hot, lewd air around them when his chest mangled against her breasts. her heart squealed in glee as her
figure slithered under his passionate lips that trailed down her maw. he caught hold of her wrap to pelt it away from her bod when she caught his hand.

they breathed out, their lips letting out a smile, they were together. she intertwined his fingers with hers. he kissed her plush, lips,

'what....if i say', she grazed his pate, getting her acuteness back as they slowed down. she shook her head as he grinned at her, 'get some sleep', her concern rolled out.

he smiled, kissing her forehead, 'then.....ill misses....we've got a lot to do', he chortled seeing her eyes widen up in chiller.

her bosom gently slinged up and down, catching some breath, blowing hot and cold. 'let me....get this straight mr...', her cheeks glowed at what she was going to say, 'if ye...if ye make love to me now....', he smirked, grasping her meekness, her timidity, he kissed their wedding gourmette in her finger, the sight of that ring pleased him, raised his spirits, 

'yea...', he lipped her teat, 'go on.....i'm listenin',

'arma..', she pursed her lips, calming the lust in her, looking away, holding back her titters, the first blushes of the dawn irradiated the dark, shadowy room.

'armaan.....wont ye.....wont ye get tired',

he nodded negatively, moving up, kissing her jaw, his kissers making their way up, 'i dont get tired in doin people', shit, he stopped. he closed his blinders, gritting his teeth, his joyful mind kicked him.

her smiled faded away, a chilled gush of adrenaline went through her veins, her insides quavered in fear, her fingers stopped delighting in his hair. he looked up in her greens, taking in the sights of her funk. her eyes questioned his love, is this just a moment.

'ridhima.....i'm...', he murmured, bemused to see her shaken, pesimisstic state of mind, his heart shedding light upon his mistake, his ignorance towards her love has riled negativity in her thoughts, his eyes sopped up at what he has done.

'i need to get....changed armaan.....mum.....mum might be waitin downstairs', she burbled, scared stiff at his words, fazed at the amore he was showering upon her. unsure of what to make out of his words, he didnt mean what he said, ya but,

he parted away in remorse, looking away from her denuded bust, disgusted by himself for what he has done to her, to her thoughts. there is no optimism at all, have i dashed her every hope. god,

she faked a smile, ' just...lie down for a bit okieee',

his eyes moistened up at her tenderness, at her love, at that concern, can she ever stop caring about me, he was appalled at himself,

she fixed her wrap, tucked its fold, faintheartedly, walking in the closet, leaving a rueful armaan behind.

A tear rolled down her eye as she bent down, roosting her head on the glass pane, recalling the lewd, ardorous moment, catching a glimpse of her reddened bust, heaving as a witness for his every kiss....

------- here is the part....have fun...hope ye liked it...em i dnt really know what to say...all i am gonna say is that ye'll get to read extreme passion in the next few parts with the intense emotional love between the two....i hope this part didnt gross yous out..!!!

ill be back with more of my yakkety yaks! thanks for all em comments once again that ye posted!Smile

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The best part until now
thanks for the pm n update
love sanam

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heyyy dear,
awsome part
continue sooon



congrats for new thread


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first of all..............
on ur new thread.........nd the part ws awsum..........
the sincerity they share is "beyond the limits"
write soon......will be waiting.....
and thnx 4 d PM!!!
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Originally posted by armaanrox

first of all..............
on ur new thread.........nd the part ws awsum..........
the sincerity they share is "beyond the limits"
write soon......will be waiting.....
and thnx 4 d PM!!!

lol....thank ye so worries.....there's lots comin up...keeep readin!

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OMG suze!
Awesome part!
Was very passionate!
But I hope ridima dosnt missunderstand him!
Hope arman shows his love 4 her more clearly!
Thanks 4 da pm!

PS-cOnGrAtS 4 dA nEw ThReAd!

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Originally posted by vruls

The best part until now
thanks for the pm n update
love sanam think!!!??? lol thank ye anyway...!

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