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Here u will find the links to daily video and wirtten update :)do not post commentsBig smile

-IF DEV team
Written Updates:

Written Updates:

Monday --vandy-
Tuesday -

Wednesday - -Taanu-
Thursday --vandy-
Friday --Dimple-
Backup written Updater(s):
Monday --saBii-
Tuesday -maha_k
Wednesday --saBii-
Thursday - -saBii- 
Friday- maha_k

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JUNE 2010

14th June: Written & Video Update: 14th June 

                Tere Liye-14thJune10-Video OnL/DL/Pics[1stEpi]-EHQ


15th June: Written & Video Update: 15th June 

                 Tere Liye-15thJune10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*


16th June: Written & Video Update: 16th June 

                 Tere Liye-16thJune10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*


17th June: Written & Video Update: 17th June


18th June: Written & Video Update: 18th June

                 Tere Liye-18thJune10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*





21st June: Written & Video Update: 21st June

                Tere Liye-21stJune10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*


22nd June: 22ndJune Vdo & Writtn Upt:Tanis Father is mystery

                   Tere Liye-22ndJun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*


23rd June: Written and Video Update: June 23rd

                   23rd June-Tere Liye- HQ Video-ONline/Download


24th June: Tere Liye-24thJun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


25th June: Tere Liye-25thJun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*





28th June: Written N Video Update 28th June 2010

    Tere Liye-28thJun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


29th June: Written n Video Update 29th June 2010

    Tere Liye-29thJun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


30th June & 1sy July: Brief Update - 30th June , 1st July Episode

                      Tere Liye-30thJun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*

        Tere Liye-1st July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*

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JULY 2010

30th June & 1sy July: Brief Update - 30th June , 1st July Episode

                      Tere Liye-30thJun10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*

        Tere Liye-1st July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


2nd July: Written/Video Update: 2nd July



5th July: Tere Liye-5th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


6th July: Tere Liye-6th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


7th July: Written N Video Update 7th July 2010

 Tere Liye-7th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


8th July: written update 8 july

  Tere Liye-8th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


9th July: Written/Video Update: 9th July

  Tere Liye-9th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*




12th July: Written/Video Update: 12/07/2010"Anu Miserable"

    Tere Liye-12th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


13th July: Video & Written Update July 13th 2010 -Ananya runs

   Tere Liye-13th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


14th July: Written and Video Update- July 14

   Tere Liye-14th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


15th July: July 15th: Written & Video Update

   Tere Liye-15th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


16th July: Written/Video Update:- 16th July

    Tere Liye-16th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


17th July: Written/Video Update:17/02/10*Maha Epi*"Truth Out"

   Tere Liye-17th July10-Video OL/DL/Pics[1HR]*DVD Q*




19th July: Written/Video Update:19/07/10"Bimal On death Bed"

   Tere Liye-19th July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


20th July: Written Update - 20th July 2010

   Tere Liye-20th July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


21st July: Written Update - 21st July 2010

   Tere Liye-21st July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


22nd July: written update july 22

    Tere Liye-22nd July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


23rd July: Written/Video Update: 23rd July

    Tere Liye-23rd July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*




26th July: Written/Video update:26/07/10:"Taani's Success"

   Tere Liye-26th July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


27th July: Written n Video Update 27th July 2010

   Tere Liye-27th July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


28th July: ~ Written and Video Update: July 28 ~

   Tere Liye-28th July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


29th July: Written update 29 july

    Tere Liye-29th July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


30th July: Written/Video Update:- 30th July

    Tere Liye-30th July10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*

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2nd August: Written update 2nd Aug

       Tere Liye-2nd Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


3rd August: Tere Liye-3rd Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


4th August: Written and Video Update- August 4

      TereLiye-4th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


5th August: Written/Video Update - 5th August 2010

      Tere Liye-5th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


6th August: Written/Video Update:- 6th August

       Tere Liye-6th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*




9th August: Written/Video update:9/08/10"Bimal's last Rites"

      Tere Liye-9th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


10th August: Written and Video Update - 10th August 2010

        Tere Liye-10th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


11th August: Written and Video Update- August 11

        Tere Liye-11th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


12th August: Tere Liye-12th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


13th August: Written/Video update:13/08/10*Anuraag Resticated*

         Tere Liye-13th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q* 



16th August: Written/Video update:16/08/10"Taani Confesses"

        Tere Liye-16th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVD Q*


17th August: Written/Video Update - 17th August 2010

        Tere Liye-17th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*


18th August: Written and Video Update: August 18th

        Tere Liye-18th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*


19th August: Written and Video Update:August 19th

        Tere Liye-19th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*


20th August: Written/Video Update:- 20th August

          Tere Liye-20th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*


23rd August: Written/Video Update:23/08/10"Hold Ur Breath"

Tere Liye-23rd Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

24th August: Written/Video Update:24/08/10"Stop Biting Ur Nail"

Tere Liye-24th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

25th August: Written and Video Update- August 25th

           Tere Liye-25th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

|| Episode Snaps 25th August 10 ||

26th August: Written and Video Update:August 26th

                       Tere Liye-26th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

27th August: Written/Video Update: 27th August

                         Tere Liye-27th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*


30th August: Written/Video Update:30/08/10"Woot! Woot! Go Anu!"

Tere Liye-30th Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

TaAnu Pics:30Th August "HQ"

31st August: Tere Liye-31st Aug10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*


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1st September: Written and Video Update- September 1st

   Tere Liye-1st Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

  1st Sept 2010 Pics"HQ"

2nd September: Written And Video Update 2nd September

   Tere Liye-2nd Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

    Epi Pics: 2nd Sept 2010

3rd September: Written/Video Update:- 3rd September

    Tere Liye-3rd Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*




6th September:  Written/Video Update:6th Sept'10"Anuraag Wins"

                             Tere Liye-6th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
                             Tere Liye-7th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
                             Epi Pics 7th Sept"HQ"Post #1,4 & Pg 2
                            Tere Liye-8th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
                            Epi Pics 8th Sept "HQ"
                            Epi Pics 9th Sept:HQ
                                Tere Liye-10th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
                            Tere Liye-13th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
                           Tere Liye-14th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
                            Tere Liye-15th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
                            Epi pics 15th Sept"HQ"
16th September:  Written and Video Update- September 16th
                                 Tere Liye-16th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
Epi Pics 16th Sept"HQ"
17th September: Written/Video Update:- 17th September
                                Tere Liye-17th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
                               Epi Pics 17th Sept"HQ"
20th September: Written/Video Update:20th Sept'10 Taani Nurses Anu
                                  Tere Liye-20th Sep10-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
Epi Pics 20th Sept"HQ"

21st September: Written and Video Update- September 21st
                                 Tere Liye-21stSep10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
                                   Epi Pics 21st Sept"HQ"

22nd September:
Written and Video Update- September 22nd
                                   Tere Liye-22ndSep10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
                                    Epi Pics 22nd Sept"HQ"

23rd September:
Tere Liye-23rdSep10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
                                Epi Pics 23rd Sept"HQ"

24th September:
Written/Video Update:24th September
                                  Tere Liye-24thSep10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
                                  Epi Pics 24th Sept*HQ*
27th September: Written/Video Update:27/09"Taani Says yes 2 Sush"
                                     Tere Liye-27thSep10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
                                    Ep Pics 27th Sept"HQ"

28th September:  Written and Video Update- September 28th
                                   Tere Liye-28thSep10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
                                    Epi Pics 28th Sept"HQ"

29th September: Written and Video Update- September 29th
                                 Tere Liye-29thSep10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
                                   Epi Pics 29th Sept"HQ"

30th September: Written/Video Updt 30/09*Nupur's Modelling Spree*
                                 Tere Liye-30thSep10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

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October '10

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November '10

Tere Liye-1st Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Update- 3rd November
Tere Liye-3rd Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Tere Liye-4th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Tere Liye-5th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

-----------------------6th & 7th Nov. '10 Weekend

Written Updt:8/11*Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasaan*
Tere Liye-8th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Updt:9/11*Diwali Gift 4 Us*
Tere Liye-9th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Tere Liye-10th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Updt:11/11*Mission Kill Taposh*
Tere Liye-11th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written update-12/11 *molly to marry robbie
Tere Liye-12th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

-----------------------13th & 14th Nov. '10 Weekend

Written Updt:15/11*Anuraag Gets the Cheque*
Tere Liye-15th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Updt:16/11*Baahon Ke Darmiyaan*
Tere Liye-16th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Update- 17th november
Tere Liye-17th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Updt:18/11*Jealousy At Its Bloom*
Tere Liye-18th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

TL-Wu-19/11*anjana feelings comings*
Tere Liye-19th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

-----------------------20th & 21st Nov. '10 Weekend

Written Update:22/11*Has Cupid Struck??*
Tere Liye-22ndNov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Updt:23/11*Help Me Strangle Ananya*
Tere Liye-23rdNov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Updt: 24/11*Patchups & Heartbreaks*
Tere Liye-24thNov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written updt: 25/11*Only Heartbreaks*
TereLiye-25thNov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Update -26/11 *nupur on mumbai ramp*
TereLiye-26thNov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

-----------------------27th & 28th Nov. '10 Weekend

Written Updt:29/11*Onu Knows Taani's Truth*
Tere Liye-29th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

Written Updt:30/11*Meri Patni Andar Hai*
Tere Liye-30th Nov10-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

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