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 This thread contains all important links of this forum...it will be updated on a regular basis.

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Refer the links above for episode updates, video updates, appearances and picture updates.

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The story begins on a rainy night wen a girl...who introduces herself as Taani comes to meet someone called Anuraag in a mental asylum.....
wen asked abt her relationship with the insane man...she says he's her husband...but the person fails to recognise her.....
seeing his condition she decides to narrate their past to him...so that he can get his memory back.......
the story starts abt 10 yrs back wen both were in school....fighting over trifle of things...she teasing him for being obese...but nonethe less.....both were best of friends...just like their fathers......
Shekhar and Bimalendu(father's of Anuraag and Taani) were best of friends...their families were very close....and one day they both decide to strengthen this bond by getting Anuraag and Taani married.....Nilu(Anuraag's mom was aware of the reason why they were being married...but Laboni...Taani's mom was not!)...she was just happy that a boy like Anuraag would be the life partner of her daughter.......
The two children are not informed as to why they are being married to each other.Taani and Anuraag keep having fights with each other, sometimes due to Anurag's physical appearance, which makes him the butt of many jokes, embarrassing Taani. Also, a common friend Subodh, who is more handsome than Anurag, keeps on creating misunderstandings between them. Angry Anurag thinks Subodh and Taani like each other, but then he comes to know that she does not like him at all. The two of them make a pact that in the future if they fall in love with someone else, they will surely inform each other and amicably part ways.
The reason for their marriage is finally revealed when they come to know Bimal has a brain tumour and does not have many days left in the mortal world anymore.
Meanwhile, Ritesh and Ananya are married to each other after Ritesh proves his worth to Shekhar. But we come to know he is actually Ashutosh, a small-time con man who is after Shekhar's vast fortune. wen he comes to know of the alliance between anuraag and taani....he decides to create a rift between the two families.....and is successful in creating misunderstandings between them.....
Onu and Taani had gone on camp where a jealous Subodh tried to destroy their friendship by spreading the rumour that they were kissing each other. Humiliated, Taani breaks off her friendship, but on finding she cannot stay with Anurag, makes friends with him again. AT AM's party Anu comes to know that Subodh was the culprit and they both start fighting with each other. In her attempt to separate them from each other and pacify them, Taani mistakenly pushes Subodh down a waterfall into the jungle. Anurag takes the blame and is put in jail, and Taani has no choice but to tearfully see him suffer in prison.
Ritesh uses this is an excuse to break the already fragile friendship between Bimal and Shekhar. He says, in the most diplomatic way possible, that the wedding was a mistake.Bimal, who had come to comfort Shekhar is shocked to hear his best friend say such a thing. The trauma is too much for him to bear and he dies.....
Ananya comes  to know of the actual truth that it was Taani who pushed Subodh...and Anuraag took her blame.....She tells the complete truth to Ritesh and Shkehar too. Shekhar scolds Anurag and Taani for hiding such a big thing from them. Taani overhears all these Harsh words of Shekhar goes to her Mom and tells the complete thing to Laboni.
Anuraag and Taani meet in the garden at night.....Shekhar gets furious when he finds out that Anurag has gone out to meet Taani against his wish late at night. He is stunned to see Laboni in the park along with the kids. He accuses Laboni and tells her that it's because of Taani that the Ganguly family has to suffer such humiliation.Anuraag and Shekhar have a showdown...Shekhar feels he'll lose his son coz of Taani
IN school, Anurag gets restication papers from Principal. But he hides them from Taani and goes Home. Shekhar scolds him and drags him to school again asking to tell him the real truth of Subodh's Death.Taani comes to know that Anurag got resticated becoz of her and blurts out the truth that she pushed Subodh not Anurag. Taani is being Taken away by Police .
then Taani is bailed out...but family differences keep increasing...which ultimately leads to Anuraag being sent away to America to study...and Taani's family moving to Siliguri....
before going...Anuraag gifts Taani an angel and asks her to keep with her always....
leap of 8 yrs


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The show ' Tere Liye ' explores the strong but intangible emotion of 'selfless' love between Taani and Anurag as they traverse different phases of life from childhood, through adolescence to finally adulthood. It is a story of two people bound to each other in childhood, separated by circumstances, and brought together by the unbreakable bond of love but only to be separated again!

Main Protagonists


Harshad Chopda As Anurag Ganguly - A little reserved by nature and very close to his family, Anurag can be a tad possessive about the people he loves, but he loves with all his heart and soul. The first thing that strikes about Anurag as a kid is his obesity. He is 99 kilos and happily growing to be even fatter. He shares a very special bond with his mother, but is scared of his father. He loves his parents and respects them. He is not actually shy but a little reserved. Though eating is his weakness he maintains a thoughtful mind and always thinks before he speaks. When he grows up and comes back from abroad he looks and appears a different person altogether. He looks handsome and is well dressed and well behaved. He appears to be the typical English bred young man who speaks softly and believes firmly in the values of life. When he falls for Taani he sacrifices his life and soul for her love.

Anupriya Kapoor As Taani Banerjee - A traditional Bengali girl, Taani is the only daughter of her parents whom she respects and loves dearly. She is very positive and believes that love is the real meaning of life. The love and care she receives from her parents she returns to them manifold. She is a bubble of positive energy and she believes that living for others who you care and love is the real meaning of life. She stands by truth and her love is honest and full of integrity. When the love of her life leaves her and goes to someone else, she still stands by him and gives her full support.


TaAnu - Taani + Anurag


Story So Far

Lavishing Ganguly's

Kali Prasad Mukherjee As Shekhar Ganguly (Anurag's Father) - Shekher Ganguly is a very suave business man, he owns a Popular and Famous Publication House in Kolkatta . Shekher is very strict with the kids, but their mother is full of forgiveness and love for her children. Although Shekher appears to be a tough man, he is a fun loving chap when he is with his friend Bimlendu.For him always his family happiness comes first. The husband wife duo are a very amicable couple.

Geetanjali Tikkekar As Nilanjana Ganguly (Anurag's Mother) - Nilanjana is a positive and kind lady. She is a Very caring and Loving Mother to all her 3 kids and also she treats Taani as her own daughter and adores Taani so much. She loves singing and she is an avid singer. She wants her children to learn singing but none of them translate her dream into reality. She is full of forgiveness and loves her children.The husband wife duo are a very amicable couple.

Rajat Tokas As Robindo Ganguly(Anurag's Brother) - Robindo is a very fun loving and carefree guy. He hangs around all day with his friends, watching movies and flirting with girls. Even at school he is famous for his naughty company. He doesn't take life seriously and for him life is all about pranks, playgrounds, school buddies and his various girl friends.

Garima Bhatnagar As Mrs. Ananya Ritesh - She is Anurag's eldest sister who is married Casanova Ritesh. She loves her Younger siblings a lot. She Trusts her Husband Ritesh Blindly more than her own blood. She is Dominant. She does not mean to be Rude but when it comes to discussing Personal matters with her mom she tends to lose it and become Rude. She developed a kind of hatred towards Bimlendu's Family trusting her husband's words and Acts. Now she is handling his Dad's Empire with Ritesh.

Nikhil Arya As Ritesh Basu/Sengupta - Ritesh is Anurag's Brother-in-Law and Ananya's Husband. He is Casanova by nature and Married Ananya for her Money. Ritesh is Selfish Person who all cares about his own happiness & Luxury. He is Main Reason between the Drift of Both Families. He acts all Good infront of people and only Bimal and Laboni Couple Knows his Evil Intensions. His Dream is to occupy the Entire Ganguly Business and Enjoy his Life to the Fullest. The Husband and Wife Duo has only one Daughter names Kuhu. 

Kuhu - She is Daughter of Ananya and Ritesh Couple. A Very Cute and Bubbly Girl

Devarsh Thaker As Anurag Ganguly - Young



Yatin Mehta As Robindro Ganguly - Young

Adorable Banerjee's


Virendra Singh As Bimlendu Banerjee (Taani's Father) - Bimlendu is a very simple, modestly educated mithayi shop owner. He loves his family and respects his friend. His simplicity and goodness always makes him popular wherever he goes. For Bimal his friend's happiness and family comes first later his happiness. He respects and loves his friend Shekhar so much and always treats Onu, Robby and Ananya as his family Members. He is the First one who came to knew the evil intensions of Ritesh and before dying he cared for Onu and Ananya along with Taani and Taposh.

Supriya Raina Shukla As Laboni Banerjee (Taani's Mother) - Laboni is very funny and loud. She wants the best for her kids and she has very high ambitions for her daughter. She wants her only daughter to get well settled in a nice family. She always treats Onu and Taani equal and loves them equally. She loves to call Anurag "My Motu" and adores him so much. Neelu and Laboni are best friends and respect each other. Only she and her husband Bimal knows the real intensions of Ritesh but they are helpless as none from Shekhar family believes them in this matter.

Shakkti Arora As Taposh Banerjee- Taposh comes across as a very positive, soft spoken, introverted guy and is good looking. But as the story progresses his actual traits will be revealed. He is someone who can go to any extent for his own happiness.

Prachi Deshmukh As Taani Banerjee - Young


Other Important Characters

Neha Saxena As Mauli - Mauli is Close Friend of Taani from school days. She is a simple middle class, well educated and well behaved girl. She studies well and also takes good care of her house. She is full of character and self respect. She is well mannered and well spoken and is good in everything. Her only weakness is the man she loves. She bears all his vices and becomes blind to his flaws and faults. She worships the man and can do anything to get his love.

Aadesh Chaudary As Subodh Bhattacharya - He is Both Taani and Anurag's Classmate in School. He Had a Huge Crush on Taani and tried to create so many misunderstandings between Onu and Taani. He is one of reason for TaAnu's separation in Childhood. He lost his leg because of Taani in that waterfall accident. After 8 years he is completely changed person and well educated. Subodh is Doctor by Profession but he has Crush/Love on Taani even now.

Tanya Abrol As Paromita - She is Both Taani and Anurag's Classmate in School. She is a simple middle class and fun loving girl. She is TaAnu's Classmate from School. She had a crush on Anurag since her school Days. The Fighting and Comedy between her and her Freind Aaromita is Laughable and Too Funny.

Aaromita (AM) - She is Both Taani and Anurag's Classmate in School.She is a simple middle class and fun loving girl. She too had a crush on Anurag since her school Days. The Fighting and Comedy between her and her Freind Paromita is Laughable and Too Funny.

Leena Jumani As Miss Meenu - She was a lecturer in TaAnu's School. Anurag had a Huge Crush on Her . She is Good Looking and well behaved. She always treats Anurag as her Best Student and gives Advices to Anurag about Life. Anurag's Heart break when he gets to know that Meenu is getting Married to her Collegue Padmanabham.

Yash Tonk As Mr. PadmaNabham - He was a Lecturer in TaAnu's School. He Loves Miss Meenu and always supports her. He is Now Married to his Love of Life Meenu.

Mr. Arindam Basu - He is Best Friend to Shekhar Ganguly. He is a Tough Person and always believes in Hard work and Money. Anurag in America Stays with him and Handles his business.

Neha Janpandit As Nupur Basu - Nupur is a Daughter of Arindam Basu . Nupur is a Typical Business Woman from USA. She is a Modern, well-educated and career-oriented Girl who is deeply in love with Anurag and he too is madly in love with her. Now with her entry , its now to be seen how Anurag and Taani's love would Grow.

Anurag Sharma As Mr.Sushant Roy - He is Common Friend to both Anurag and Nupur who came from US to find a Indian Girl For him on order of his Mom. Anurag tries to Fix him for Taani. But Taani tells the truth about her child Marriage to Sushant and makes him refuse to Marry Her. He came to India to make a Music album and he finds Taani and decides to make a Music album with her. He is in love with Taani and want to make her as his life partner.

Taanu's Classmate's (Kids)

Meghan Jadhav As Subodh Bhattacharya

Kritika Sharma As Mauli

Chandni Bhagwanani As Paromita

Khyti Modi As Aaromita

Ekta Methal As Aaromita (Ex-Aaromita)

Other Roles

Ex-Ananya Ganguly - Roosha Chatterjee

Subodh's Mom - Shalini Arora

Mauli's Father - Bodhan -


Banner -- Balaji Telefilms

Producer -- Shobha Kapoor & Ekta Kapoor

Director -- Ravindra Gautam & Muzammil Desai

Creative Director -- Doris Dey

Screenplay -- R M Joshi

Dialogue -- Shirish Latkar

Cinematography -- Mahesh Thalkad

Editors -- Vikas Sharma, Vishal Sharma & Sandeep Bhatt

Art Director -- Sourabh Kaushak

Music Director -- Sunil Singh

Lyrics -- Devendra Kafir

Singer -- Kailash Kher

Face Book Profile's Of Actors

Thanks to parina for the real names of the kids. Here are Face Book IDs of Tere Liye Cast Thanks to Parina again for this search

Anurag - Devarsh Thaker

Taani - Prachi Deshmukh

Subodh - Meghan Jadhav

Mauli - Kritika Sharma

Paromita - Chandni

Taposh - Shakkti Arora

Laboni Maa - Supriya Raina Shukla

Neelu Maa - Geetanjali Tikekar

Robindro - Yatin Mehta

Aadesh Chaudary - Subodh

this post will be updated as more info is gathered

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 Chat Clubs

 Tere Liye - Chat club # 1



 Tere Liye  Chat Club #2ll






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 Fan Clubs/Hubs

Anurag and Taani Heaven # 1

 Celebrity Fan Clubs:http://india-forums.com/forum_topics.asp?FID=149   

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 ll Samia Creations ll
II Vandy's Creations II



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II Aishus Adda II

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