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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 7:31am | IP Logged
There are fans, and there are fanatics! When it comes to Harshad Chopda and Additi Gupta, it's always the latter. Such is their fan-following from the days of 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil', that the fanatics simply can't see any other girl opposite Chopda.

Harshad, has made his comeback with the Balaji Telefilms show 'Taryay Liyay' where he's paired opposite rookie actress Anupriya Kapoor. The show launched on June 14 and clocked a cool TVR of 3.96 for its first episode. In its opening week, 'Taryay Liyay' drew an average TVR of 3.8. These numbers are impressive but Harshad Chopda fans are still disappointed. Their bone of contention is that Ekta Kapoor should have taken Additi Gupta and not Anupriya for this show.

We've received quite a few such comments from ardent Harshad-Additi fans. Below are some of the comments.

Surekha: Not..Ekta...it would have been better if she could cast Additi Pupta opposite Harshad in 'Taryay Liyay'. I hope the show flops big time

Urja: Girls love Prem, not Harshad. When he was with Heer, we were happy but now that he's with another girl, they are getting angry.

Dhiraj: Do not like Harshad this time. He's Ekta blue-eyed boy now. Want to see you with Additi.

Payal: The masala is missing without Additi Gupta. Not going to like the show no matter how great the concept is. .Sorry Harshad.!

So, how does Mr.Chopda react to such fanaticism?

"Well, this was expected. We've had famous jodis before, but none could create the magic like Heer and Prem. Whatever popularity I've achieved today is primarily because of 'Kis Desh...' Additi, as a newcomer really rocked, Tomorrow, if I'm paired opposite another girl in a new show, people will say the same thing about Anupriya." said Chopda, who now plays Anuraag in 'Taryay Liyay'.

Taking into account, the viewer feedback, would he then ask Ekta to consider adding Additi in 'Taryay Liyay'?

(Laughs). "I don't think can do that. Ekta knows what is best for her show. She's often gets her jodis right. I hope that tomorrow when Aditti takes up a new show with a new guy, the viewers appreciate their pairing. Once that show is over, the fans will no longer want to see me with Additi but the guy with whom she goes on to do her second show. I wish her all the best," Chopdaa concluded.

Amidst the Heer-Prem craze, our heart goes out to Anupriya Kapoor. Our Tanni of 'Taryay Liyay' though is cool with it.

She says, "I'm aware of Heer-Prem's fan following. However, it doesn't affect me a wee bit. I faced a similar thing whilst I did 'Miley Jab Hum Tum'. But after a while, people began to appreciate my role. Similarly, I'm confident that people will accept me as Tanni. I think people need to grow with time."

Both Harshad and Additi have expressed their point of view, but we doubt that it can satisfy the die hard Heer-Prem fans.

-Mayur Lookhar /TellyCafe.com


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Posted: 24 June 2010 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Tere Liye's grand opening

A loyal fan-following and an interesting concept is all that you need to make a successful show. STAR Plus joined hands with Balaji Telefilms and the duo launched a show titled Tere Liye starring Harshad Chopra and Anupriya Kapoor as Anuraag and Tani respectively on June 14th.

The show which replaced Sabki Laadli Bebo registered a grand opening of 4 TRP. Seems like Chopra's charm and Ekta Kapoor's hunger to try something innovative yet relatable has worked its wonders with the audience.

Says an elated Anupriya, "It feels great to be a part of the show, which has been well-received by the audiences right from day one of its launch. I think the reason behind its success is the unique concept. The popular notion goes that if it's a Balaji show, it will be all about the tiffs between a saas and bahu but this show has been treated differently. It's a dark love story, something the viewers haven't seen so far. This is a stepping stone towards a new and fresh approach. I also give the credit to the cast of the show. The kids are doing an excellent job and you can't imagine any other actor stepping in their shoes."

Viewers have been demanding the channel and the production house to bring Harshad back with Additi Gupta, her co-star from Kis Des Mein Hai Meraa Dil ever since the news of the show surfaced in the media. But this didn't deter Anupriya a wee-bit as she was confident that the same viewers will accept her opposite Harshad. "It didn't disappoint me at all, as it takes time to adjust to and welcome a change. I knew they will accept me with Harshad eventually and all they needed was time. I am receiving positive responses for my on-screen chemistry with Harshad, going by the promos they have seen", states the actress.

Apart from the viewers, it's a thumbs up for the girl even from her family. They love the show so much that they cry and laugh along with the girl watching her on screen. "My parents have loved the show and it's concept", she says.

Talking about her experience with co-actor Harshad Chopra, the actress says, "Oh! He is a lovely co-star. He is chilled out and gives you your space thus making it easy to work with him."

Harshad says, "It obviously means a lot when viewers appreciate your work. We need to maintain the TRP and keep entertaining the viewers. Credit goes to the channel Star Plus for promoting the show so well and airing the catchy promos which attracted the viewers to the show. The production house too come up with a nice concept and great cast. All the characters look in place on the show and even the kids on the show are doing a swell job as actors. The USP of the show is its different approach."

Talking about the constant demands from his fans to repeat the popular on-screen pair of Harshad and Additi, the actor says, "I am sure that the same viewers will like Anupriya and me as a couple and after this show ends they will request the production house to repeat us in their next show. I want to state that when I said I am not attached to Additi Gupta at the press launch of this show, I meant that I am not physically attached to her and we aren't conjoined. Media has misinterpreted my statement and published it which has hurt me a lot. Additi is a dear friend and I wish her luck in all her endeavours. I really care for her and I am sure she will be back with a bang."

The upcoming track will be a lot of fun to watch as Anuraag and Taani have buried the hatchet and have become friends all over again. Watch your dearest Anuraag and Taani on Tere Liye at 10:00 pm on STAR Plus.


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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Ananya to get married to Ritesh in Tere Liye

The on going track in Tere Liye focuses on Ananya's (Garima Bhatnagar) confusion on whether she should side with her father or whether she should go ahead with Ritesh. However, the future episodes will bring happiness in Ananya's life, as her mom will now be her full support and help her in getting together with Ritesh.

According to our sources," Just yesterday's telecast showed Ananya agreeing to her mother's instructions. She does meet the guy her father wants her to get married to. Now her mother has realised that she loves Ritesh and has agreed to support her decision as well. With her mother's help, she convinces her father about Ritesh. The future episodes will focus on Ananya and the confusion over her wedding. As for Taani and Anurag, they are back to being friends."

On probing further on how long will the childhood track continue our source said, "The track has just started and will be on air at least for another month before the adult Taani and Anuraag are on air."

Source : Tellychakkar

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 11:31pm | IP Logged

Harshad Chopda's True Confession

Life presents you with very few opportunities. For some, it comes only once. Thus it's imperative that one seizes it the moment it arrives. Television heartthrob, Harshad Chopda, is an honest man who never shies away from expressing his gratitude to the people who changed his career.

One doesn't need to look beyond Ekta Kapoor and 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil'. Blessed with the two, Harshad stands as the most popular male actor on television today.

He is candid enough to admit this, "Whatever popularity, I've achieved today it's because of 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Di'l. I became a household name as Prem. I was appreciated in my debut show 'Left Right Left' too. However,

Amber Dhara' was a different story" (The actor was allegedly sacked from Amber Dhara because he'd supposedly violated an existing contract for the Sony show)

He continues, "If it wasn't for 'Kis Desh..', God knows what would have happened to my career especially after the 'Amber Dhara' experience."

Amber Dhara is long erased from one's memory. Couch potatoes are now singing, 'Taryay Liyay' mar jawa Harshad. The actor is back on television with Balaji's newly launched show 'Taryay Liyay' where he plays the character of Anuraag. The show has been off to an impressive start with an average of 3.8 TVR in its first week.

We'd tried getting a word from Chopda on our earlier story but the actor wasn't available then. When asked, whether he's surprised by the good opening, Chopda sighed, "No, I'm not. On the contrary I was expecting more numbers. The good opening is the result of the good marketing and promotion done by the channel. The posters, on-air promos, and the title song ' sung by Kailash Kher ' have had its effect on attracting the viewers to the show. I'm sure; the number will only get to increase in the coming weeks."

--Mayur Lookhar/TellyCafe.com


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Posted: 28 June 2010 at 6:57am | IP Logged
Harshad Chopda down with viral!

Fans of Harshad Chopda have been eagerly waiting for his comeback in Tere Liye for quite some time now. However, TellyChakkar had reported there is still time for his entry and will take at least another month before the grown up Taani and Anurag (the lead characters) make an appearance. However, the latest one according to sources is that the leads were to shoot for a promo last week, which has been delayed because Harshad has not been keeping well.

The actor has been down with flu since last week and has been unable to shoot. His parents are suffering from malaria and his father has even been admitted in the hospital. The actor has thus taken leave to take care of his parents. Harshad says, "I was supposed to shoot, but am not shooting yet, as both my parents and I are ill. Actually no one in the family has been well including my dog Shadow. I am suffering with viral infection but my parents are been diagnosed for malaria, so I am here to take care of them."

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Posted: 28 June 2010 at 6:59am | IP Logged
Harshad In Bad Health; Currently On Leave!
The popular, handsome hunk, Harshad Chopda with a vast female following, is going through stressful conditions. This happened due to the change in climate while shooting for Star Plus' 'Tere Liye'. The guy has not been keeping well at all and had to take a break from the shoot.

Harshad's parents are ill too. In fact, his father has also been admitted to the hospital and his mother is suffering from viral fever. "I have taken a break from the shooting as my father has been admitted to the hospital and my mom is not feeling well. There has to be someone to take care of them both and I am the one who is doing so. I have to run to the hospital and also take care of my mother at home. I am also visiting the doctor for myself as I have to get well soon too," says a visibly ailing Harshad.

So what's the matter, Harshad? "I am suffering from viral fever. But my parents too need to be taken care of which means that I have to keep my illness aside and do my duty first. Going to the shoot would be a problem as there won't be any body left to look after my parents. I am currently on leave," explains Harshad.
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Posted: 28 June 2010 at 7:01am | IP Logged

Harshad Chopra on a break?

Harshad Chopra

Harshad Chopra on a break?
The popular, handsome hunk, Harshad Chopra with a vast female following, is going through stressful conditions. This happened due to the change in climate while shooting for STAR Plus' Tere Liye. The actor has not been keeping well at all and had to take a break from the shoot. Harshad's parents are ill too. In fact, his father has also been admitted to the hospital and his mother is suffering from viral fever.
niveditha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2010 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Fans Reject Anupryia, Want Only Additi Opposite Harshad

'Junta sab jaanti hai' (The people know everything). That's how it works in a democracy.  Right or wrong doesn't matter, what works is public opinion.

As much as we respect Anupriya Kapoor, the public opinion is simply not in her favour. Our readers have given her the thumbs down when it comes to being paired opposite their beloved Harshad Chopda in 'Tere Liye'.

In a poll carried out on TellyCafe, we asked the readers which leading lady makes the best pair with Harshad Chopda.? At the time of going to press, we received 15,104 votes. Out of this, Additi Gupta has received an overwhelming 13,699 votes. That's more than 90 percent. Poor Anupriya Kapoor was trailing by miles with a paltry 1351 votes that amounts to just 8.9 per cent. Some die hard Kritika Kamra and Sara Khan fans made them earn 29 and 25 votes respectively. We wonder how Karan Kundra and Ali Merchant would react to Kritika and Sara being paired opposite Chopda?

Well, the verdict is clear. Fans simply can't see beyond Additi when it comes to Harshad. Such is their fanaticism that they have commented in huge numbers on the recent stories on Harshad, Anupriya, and Additi. In fact, in one of the stories, things have got real ugly with some unruly fans using profanities against Additi.

As hard as Harshad or Anupriya may try to pacify them, the verdict is out – Out go Anupriya, enter Additi. The big question though is will Ekta Kapoor oblige? We have our doubts.



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