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Monday, April 2, 2012

I took it as an compliment when people gossip about my relationship with Harshad : Anupriya Kapoor

Tere Liye was the romantic saga which created history in a very short duration of time (14th July, 2010 to 2nd April, 2011).  It was the love story of Taani (Anupriya Kapoor) and Anurag (Harshad Chopra), who are bound by the thread of love from their childhood.

I caught up with Anupriya Kapoor aka Taani of the ruthless love story and here she shares about Tere Liye, Taani and Harshad Chopra. 

Do you know why April the 2nd is special?
Well yes, of course I remember. I want to make a little correction to your question, 2nd April is not special for those who are related to Tere Liye.

It was incredibly sad day not only for fans but for me also. Because Tere Liye went off air on 2nd April, 2011, so I think it's a not the day to celebrate.

What do you think is the secret for the success of Tere Liye?
Tere Liye was an absolutely performance driven show and has an amazing story line. Each character was so balanced that no actor overshadows the other. If you look at each character, you will realize they are all very well scripted. May be this was the secret behind the success.

Tere Liye went through a lot of changes in terms of creative team over the time. 
Actually, naye writers, creative's aur director's aa rahe the.. jaa rahe the. I don't know audience are aware of it or not, I think they never felt that some many things are changing in the background. 


Off course viewers never felt it.  Do you know why?
The casting was perfect as everybody fits the bill and all the actors were emotionally attached to their characters.  Inspite of creative changes in the background, each actor managed to maintain their performance and had given their best. 

You have received kudos for executing the character of Taani so well. Do you have anything to say?
When you are playing a character then you should not only act, you must feel it as well, which is hardest part of acting. I was psychologically attached to Tanni. I actually cried, laughed while playing the character. 

Your fans still remember you as Taani. 
Sometimes I feel happy, I think kuch achcha kaam hii kiya hoga maine. 

So do you think audience will accept you in different character as they still see Taani in you?
 I know they will be with me and accept me in different characters also. 

If given an opportunity will you work with Harshad as a co-star again, would you say yes?
What do you think?

You are not supposed to ask questions?
Haha..Obviously my answer will be yes.

If you share screen space with Harshad then your chemistry might typecast? 
I don't think so because woh naya show Tere Liye nahi hoga.

If you could play any other character from Tere Liye, which one would it be?
I would love to play Taani again and again, because that's the only character of Tere Liye which suits me.

I am curious about your relationship status.
I am single. Don't forget, curiosity killed the cat(laughs)

You've been linked to Harshad Chopra earlier.
We never dated, neither I was nor am I in a relationship with Harshad.  They were just rumours.

Are you bothered because of such rumours?
I can't be bothered with them. Initially I used to get irritated but gradually I started taking it as a compliment.

You are taking relationship rumours as compliment... I am confused.
I think our on and off screen chemistry was responsible for this (smiles).  As an actor I take it as compliment because we enacted our roles in Tere Liye very well that people started believing that we are off screen couple.

What are you doing these days?
I am travelling too much these days.

Travelling and losing your stuff.
Exactly, recently I forgot my blackberry while shopping in Dubai.

I am tempted to ask what you have lost today?
(laughs) I lost one of my diamond earrings. I am still searching pata nahi kaha gayi.

Would you like to do a reality show since you have done 'Jee Le Ye Pal' in the past?
Yes I would love to.

How real reality shows are?
'Jee Le Ye Pal' was a real one, it was a clean reality show. I will never cheat my audience in reality show. If I ever do a reality show and felt it's scripted then I will openly accept it.  I believe in calling a spade a spade.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Harshad Chopda

He has a smile that melts hearts. He has body and persona that exude magnetism and change his fans into fanatics. Who are we talking about? Well, none other than handsome and charming Harshad Chopda. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see him back on the tube after his last show Dharampatni went off air in a jiffy. Well, the wait is now over as the man, who personifies awesomeness, is all set to enthrall the masses as Raghav in Saubhagyavati Bhava on Life OK. In a candid interview with Tellychakkar.com, Harshad talks about his character, his link-ups and more. Excerpts:

Tell us something about your role in Saubhagyavati Bhava?

Ohh… that's a tough one. Where do I start from? Let's see… Actually my role has got many layers to it. My character's name is Raghav, he is someone who fights for the weak and is completely heart-driven. Whenever he does something he doesn't think about its repercussions. He can't see injustice happening to somebody.

Why did you opt for the show?

I have always taken up projects which excite me and Raghav is definitely a very interesting role. It is something which I have always wanted to do. I
would love to be remembered for my role in Saubhagyavati Bhava.

Have you watched the serial? Did you like it?

Yes, I have and I think it's a brilliant show. Both the actors are extremely talented and I love the chemistry between Karanvir and Sriti. They share a great equation and the combination is brilliant. I am looking forward to work with them.

Okay. But many people are of the opinion that the show glorifies
domestic violence. Your take on it…

See everyone has his or her way of looking at things. Unfortunately, people are giving more importance to the negatives in the show rather than the positives. Here is a case of a man who is mentally imbalanced and Saubhagyavati reflects that the problem can be solved with psychiatric help. Moreover, domestic violence is prevalent in our country and the show is just creating awareness about it.

Now, usually it has been observed that no two big actors are friends. Will it be the same with you and Karanvir?

Karanvir is popular and it's a good thing. I believe he deserves all the success and the fan following that he has got. He is doing a great job in the show. I believe as an actor what I give to the show is important and I don't find any reason for fights. We both are a part of the same show and it is our
responsibility to keep the momentum alive.

The channel (Life OK) is very new and was launched recently. So did you have any inhibition to take up a project in a lesser known GEC?

TRPs or GRPs don't bother me as long as work is good. I always give importance to content not the medium or channel.

So are you super excited?

Yes, I am very excited and just waiting for the shooting to commence. I can't wait to go to the sets.

Now, let's talk about your last show Dharampatni. It was a high-profile show but went off air within months of its launch. Are you disappointed?

Different people said different things about Dharampatni. Many said that it was not handled and treated well but I still consider it as one of my best works, irrespective of its final outcome. Yes, it is true that it was short-lived. People say I have a huge fan base, but no matter how popular you are, in the end it is the content of the show which matters. I worked extremely hard in Dharampatni and also Tere Liye but the sad part is that both the shows couldn't complete its desired journey.

What did you do in your break time?

I enjoyed the time to the fullest. I completed all my pending work. I spent some lovely time with my family and my dog. It was an awesome feeling to be with my loved ones all the time and now that I will start shooting, I wish that I can spend those moments on sets too (laughs).

On a personal note, you have always been linked to your co-stars, be it Aditi Gupta, Anupriya Kapoor or Aasiya Kazi. Are you the lover boy of the TV industry?

(Laughs) What should I comment on this. I have nothing left to talk on this topic. Media has always cooked up imaginary stories about me. And in the future, I think I will be linked to a girl who will not be alive or will be imaginary (laughs).

Finally, any message for your fans?

I would like to thank them for loving me continuously. I know you guys are waiting desperately to see me back on screen. So now you can watch me in Saubhagyavati Bhava.

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A million hearts flutter when these telly posterboys with toned physiques, charming smiles and great screen appeal walk into our living rooms everyday. Here's a sneak peek at tellyland's hottest heartthrobs. Drool on... 

Harshad Chopra From Left Right Left to Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil, Tere Liye to Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati Bhav?, Harshad is tellyland's favourite heartthrob and has the ability to charm the audiences without even trying too hard! USP: A million watt smile, dreamy eyes and an easy charm that's hard to resist. 


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Shakti Arora looks up to Big B as an anchor!

Shakti Arora looks up to Big B as an anchor!
Shakti Arora

Shakti Arora who was last seen in Sanskar Laxmi and also seen in Tere Liye and Agle Janam Mohe Betiyan Hi Kijo has recently debuted in Siddharth Tewary's Gyaan Guru as an anchor.

"It was a normal audition call from the production house which I attended and got selected! It was that simple. This show is based on Indian culture. It will test the contestants about their knowledge on these subjects,"" says Shakti. The show will also have an entertainment section with audio-visual rounds.

Shakti admits that he is not a very knowledgeable guy but he is learning a lot through this show. ""The participants who are coming in this show has to go through a knowledge audition. Only after they pass that, can they come for the show. Thank God I don't have to pass that.""

Shakti will be sporting an Indian look in the show. ""I am happy that people will not consider me in the same league with Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan since they all have done anchoring. "" So who does Shakti look up to as an anchor? The response comes within a nano second, ""Undoubtedly Mr Bachchan! He is the ultimate anchor. He is an institution for all of us."" Well, Shakti as an anchor if you achieve even 10 percent of what Mr Bacchan has achieved, it would be worth it.

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Given a chance, Anupriya will definitely pair opposite Harshad

Anupriya Kapoor

Anupriya Kapoor the name is enough to drive her fans crazy. She gained mindboggling popularity as Taani in Balaji Telefilms' Tere Liye  and till date, resides in the hearts of millions. But since then, she has gone missing from the small screen.

"I know my fans want to see me on the screen as soon as possible. I am getting offers but nothing is exciting me to the extent of giving a nod. Currently, I am busy travelling and it is keeping me busy," she shares with Tellychakkar.com.

Now, in the entertainment industry, link ups are a common phenomenon. Stories of Anupriya and her co star in Tere Liye, Harshad Chopda's love affair became the talk of the town. Rumours of them dating and coochie-cooing in real life started hitting headlines on newspapers and entertainment portals on a regular basis. But both Anupriya and Harshad have always taken the denial mode. So in the future, will she pair opposite Harshad ? "Why not' If something interesting comes up then I would definitely love to work with him. But actors don't get repeated in TV shows very often. But if everything falls into place, then we will be seen together again on the tube," she ends.

We are sure that fans will go crazy to see Harshad and Anupriya romancing on the screen all over again. What say!!!

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Shakti Arora

It's always good to receive compliments. And it is more special when it comes from someone who is very close to you. And who better can understand the feeling than Shakti Arora (host of Imagine's Gyaan Guru).

"I have been in the industry for quite some time now, but after watching me on Gyaan Guru, my grandfather complimented me for the first time. He actually liked my style of anchoring," shares the handsome actor with us.

Shakti's grandfather also hails from the world of entertainment. He is none other than veteran actor, producer and director Chandrashankar. He is also the founder and trustee of CINTAA.

"He always appreciates good work. So I knew that I would get compliment from him the day I put up a good performance. And yes, this time around he did pat my back," he goes on to share.

Furthermore, he says that he has always admired Amitabh Bachchan as an anchor and he "likes him a lot".

"When my grandfather told me that he felt I was as good as Amitji I did not know what to say. He comes with a lot of experience where else, I don't and I am sure I am not even ten percent of him but then the compliment means a lot to me."

Well, congrats Shakti and keep up the good work!!!

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Ladies move over..Men are here to stay.! Indian Television  now has a wave of good looking hunks rolling on your favourite shows.

Aditya Redij (No Aana Iss Desh Lado), Harshad Chopra (Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil), Arjun Bijlani (Miley Jab Hum TumBarun Sobti ( Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon), Kunal Karan Kapoor (Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha)and many other boys from Indian Telly screen are turning into heartthrobs and many hearts are drooling over them.

Viewers and their co-stars are very much impressed with these young lads who possess toned body, great physique, brooding representation and a killer smile. These guys land daily in our living rooms through small screen and do everything that a screen 'hero' can do. They love their ladies, dot on their wives, respect their elders and fight with wicked guys  to protect their girlfriend's.

These TV guys are leaving no stone behind to compete with their silver screen counterparts and even their screen presence is as hot as any big star like SRK, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Good going guys! Who knows you may hit the big screen someday.


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Neha Saxena on a break !

Neha Saxena after her role on ' Tere Liye' takes a break to catch up with friends and family..

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