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FF It's complicated||DISCONTINUED|| IMP NOTE-pg86 (Page 7)

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Posted: 21 June 2010 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Aww.....fantastic FF dear loved it from start to finishClapClapClap....and can't wait for you to update soon.Big smile
Hummm....Abhi loving Natasha.....hummm....bot bad...but Karan Wahi will look so young in front of the girl playing Natasha currently....(Rucha Gujratri)
Love Abhi.....alotTongue

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good one
glad abhi and khanak are good friends
shaan beta u have try harder
do continue
bye sumi

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please continue

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Hey dear im Noorya
just read ur FF and its mindblowingTongue
the story is soo nice and since u added ur new character i just LOVE  the sotry even more coz i just madly love KARAN WAHIEmbarrassed
and his character is just soo amazing...i specialy loved when he was pulling Shaan's legs in the kitchen it was hilariousROFLROFL
plzzz cont soon really wanna know hw Shaan will apologize to Khanak and what will Abhi doWink...
and can u plzz add me to ur pm list as i dont visit RBO forum often but dont wanna miss any partEmbarrassed
God Blee,

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Awesome part my dear ...
Plzzzz continue ... can you PM me when done ???
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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
thanks 2 all of u fr appreciating my work Hug
i'll update soon and boy oh boy Shan is preparing to tke out the big guns.... LOL  mre later............
love u all.......Big smile

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yasharan.love Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2010 at 11:00am | IP Logged
sorry for not updating for sooo long... im busy preparing for my entrance... 4 hours art class evrydayCry ... but ive tried to mke up for my delay....
i hope u guys like it...Big smile I'll update soon...
plz plz do comment and any suggestions are welcomed....Smile


Shan was driving back home, and was in a happy mood. By the time he had reached the office Akshay bhaiyya had become immensely busy with his work to even bother about Shan being late. His meeting with some investors had also gone better than he had expected, and they had gone on to sign the deal too. The party to celebrate the deal was tomorrow evening, and in such a short time Shan had been able to get hold of the best hotel in Mumbai for the party too! Shan was on a roll, he was feeling confident after having a good day at work. He had decided while leaving office that he will gain Khanak's forgiveness to, he had decided to corner her if he had to, and talk to her. Tell her how sorry he was for saying all those things to her. He turned his car and entered his home, he parked his car in the usual spot and stepped out his car, all the while muttering his speech to himself. 'I am sorry...'

Someone jumped on Shan while shouting, 'HI SHAN!'

Shan had been so shocked that he shrieked, ' mujhe maat maro!'  only to turn around and be greated by a laughing Abhi.

'Abhi it wasn't funny! Mera heart attack hote hote bachcha!'

Abhi tried, unsuccessfully, to stop laughing, between his giggles he said, ' haan mera prank itna funny nahi tha, par tera ladhki ki tarah chilana, bahut funny tha,' Abhi wiped his tears and mimicked Shan shouting, and started laughing louder.

Shan got irritated, 'tu mujhse baat mat hi kar, samjha tu!'

'kyun itna bura laga meri pyari dost ko?'

' Shut up Abhi! Mein iss incident ki baat nahi kar raha mein subha ki baat kar raha hoon.'


Shan rolled his eyes, he knew Abhi knew exactly what he was talking about but he won't "remember" until Shan repeated the incident, ' Kitchen mein terko mera mazaak udhane ki kya zaroorat thi! Teri wajah se mein Khanak ko sorry bhi nahi bol paya!'

'You should thank me for that and not complain.'

'acha? Thanks kiss liye bolu yeh bhi bata de? Meri taang khechne ke liye? Khanak ke samne mera mazaak banane ke liye? ya mujhe sorry na bolne dene ke liye? Kis baat ke liye tujhe thanks bolu mere bhai?!'

' tu option D bhool gaya.'

'Wah!' Shan started clapping his hands, 'very funny, itna badha joke marne ke liye terko national award milna chahiye.'

' HA HA... apna sarcasm apne paas rakh. Tujhe mujhe thanks bolna chahiye kyunki agar tu subha sorry bolta toh woh merko maaf nahi karti! Sirf sorry bolne se kaam nahi chalega terko kuch bada... kuch significant karna padhega Khanak ki maafi ke liye.'

Shan folded his arms, ' Achcha aur tujhe yeh kaise pata?'

' you see Shan unlike you, I actually listen and pay attention to women. Aur Khanak se meine poore din baat ki, aur jab bhi baat tere topic par aati thi Khanak baat ko ghuma deti ya, kaam ka bahana maar kar wahan se chali jati. Issliye agar tu usse sorry mangta toh woh teri baat puri hone se pehle wahan se chali jaati.'

Shan started to think, Abhi did have a point, and if what he is saying is true, he would have to something special for Khanak. He looked at Abhi, ' tere paas koi plan hai?'

Abhi smiled, ' terko mein idea's ki machine lagta hoon, ek request karo aur idea nikal aya, soochna padhta hai yaar!'

'tu hi toh keh raha tha tune poora din Khanak ke saath bitaya, terko uss time par koi idea nahi aya?!'

' Shan....'

'Shan you are back! Mein kabse tumhara intezaar kar rahi thi.'

Abhi and Shan both turned to be greeted by a smiling Tashu coming their way. ' Tashu!' Shan walked towards her and hugged her, ' sorry office mein kuch zayaada kaam tha.'

'it's okay Shan. Par ab tum jaake jaldi se tayaar  ho jao.'

Shan looked at her, his question clearly visible on his face, ' tayaar kis ke liye?'

Abhi behind them let out a triumphant ' Yes!' then came to stand with Shan and Tashu, ' meine kaha than a Shan ko yaad nahi rahega1 mein shaarat jeet gaya!'

Tashu had an irritated look on her face, ' Shan tum itni si baat yaad nahi rakh paye? Tumhi ne toh promise kiya tha ki aaj hum mere favourite restraint mein jayenge!'

Shan now remembered, he had promised Tashu a date for his mis-behaviour the previous night, he had completely forgotten! ' dinner aaj! Baby aaj mein bahut thaak gaya hoon, kal chale?' Shan hoped Natasha will agree to go tomorrow because he had not even made a reservation.

Tashu looked at him angrily, ' tum reservation karwana bhool gaye na?! Shan how could you, tum hamari date kaise bhool gaye?'

' Natasha i am sorry par mein poore din busy tha! Tum bhi toh reservation karwa sakti thi naa!'

Tashu looked at him, mouth opened, ' Shan!...'

' time out guys! Time out... tum dono ek reservation ke liye kyun ladh rahe ho? Don't worry meine reservation karwali hai. Shan tu jake fresh ho ja, reservation 9 o'clock ki hai. Tabtak mein Tashu ko company deta hoon.'

Shan smiled, ' thanks yaar Abhi, mein bus abhi aya.' He said sorry to tashu and then walked inside the house and towards his room. Leaving Abhi and Tashu alone.

'Thanks Abhi tum reservation nahi karwate toh aaj humari date night kharab ho jati,' she hugged Abhi, ' Kash Shan bhi tumhari tarah hota, tumhe meri har baat yaad rehti hai.'

Abhi smiled as he gently separated himself from her, ' finally tumhe ehsaas hua ke mein Shan se better hoon. Toh kya kehti ho? Ab realisation ho hi gaya hai toh bhaag chale?'

' flirt kar rahe ho?' asked Tashu smiling.

' koshish kar raha tha, par ab nahi. Meri adao ka tumpe kuch asaar hota hi nahi hai yaar!'

They both smiled and kept talking waiting for Shan's return.


Shan climbed the stairs leading to his room as quickly as possible, and when he entered the room he saw her, the woman whose thoughts had ruled his mind the whole day. He had been practicing what to say to make her feel better, he had been practicing ways to say sorry to her. But now when she was standing right across the room, unaware of his presence he couldn't  move let alone say sorry. She looked peaceful and beautiful as she tried to make head and tails of the various things he had strewn across the bed. He looked at her and smiled as she held his I-pod and gazed at it with unadulterated childish curiosity. Suddenly she looked up and saw him at the door. The curiosity was wiped off of her face and was replaced with embarrassment and pain. Shan realised that Abhi was right, Khanak was very still angry at him. And the thing that troubled him was that he did not know what to do. He did not know how to apologize, how did anyone apologize for the preposterous things he had said to her? How did one express their own sorrow at what had happened?

He bucked 'up his courage and walked inside the room.

Khanak started walking towards him. Okay shan, he thought to himself, you can do it, bus usse sorry bol de, jo kuch tu feel karta hai, woh bol dal. He looked at her, she was looking down and walking towards him. He stopped just as he reached the bed, and waited for her to stand before him. But she came close and kept walking, turning away and moving towards the door. A sense of panic struck Shan, he knew that if he doesn't apologize now he will never be able to, he thus held her arm as she passed him. 'khanak meri baat sunno please...'

'mujhe kuch nahi sunna, mujhe jo sunna tha woh mein sun chuki. Mera haath chodhiye.'

' Khanak...' he walked and stood infront of her, still holding her hand, he looked into her eyes. ' I am sorry, mein bahut gusse mein tha...,' he looked down, ' nahi jo meine kiya uski koi explanation nahi... ,' he looked at her again, ' mein apni harkat par bahut sharminda hoon. Mujhe koi hak nahi tha... hai tumse iss tarha baat karne ka. Please mujhe maaf kardo.'

Khanak looked up at him, ' apko jo bolne tha woh apne bol diya hai toh main jaa sakti hoon?' she started to leave, but Shan held her hand and pulled her to him.

She struggled, ' chodhiye mujhe! Chodhiye!'

Shan pushed her to the wall and cornered her, she has to hear this, he thought to himself and this is the only way.

' Apko koi haak nahi...'

'Shh...' Shan put his finger on her lips, ' shh... bus ek baar meri baat sun lo uske baad jaha jaana hai waha chale jana.'

Khanak looked at him angrily, ' mujhe kuch nahi sunna!' she started struggling again.

Shan held her tight, not to tight to hurt her but tight enough to make her stop struggling and start listening to him. ' mein jaanta hoon jo meine kiya uski koi maafi nahi hai, meri wajah se sab kuch khatam ho gaya, sab kuch kharab ho gaya, aur mein uski maafi mangna chahata hoon. Suraj ke saath jo hua... Dhulwadi mein meine jo kuch kiya... yahaan aake meine tumhe jo kuch kaha, goldigger aur pata nahi kya kya... jo meine kal raat kaha... sab ke liye Khanak...' he looked at her, her eyes were shut. He let go of her hands and held her face in his arms. Trying to tell by his actions that it was okay to open her eyes. He needed her to open her eyes. He wanted her to see him as he said it... as he professed his own hurt and sadness at the events of a past few months... he wanted her to know that he understood... he wanted her to understand. She opened her eyes, 'Khanak... I'm very sorry...'

They looked at each other... they both understood each other, each other's pain and the impact the previous few months had had on them.

Shan felt as if he had been successful at making her realise that he was indeed sorry for what he had said... what he had done, he hoped that she would find it in her to forgive him.

Khanak looked at him, his eyes that were begging her for forgiveness, also had pain in them. She wanted to tell him that she had forgiven him. That she had understood his anger and frustration at not being with the woman he loved. She wanted to tell him that when the initial pain and shock of his words had gone, she had realised that she would have perhaps reacted in the same way. She had done it to, she had been so angry at having her Suraj being snatched from her that she had wanted to give Shantanu a punishment. She had called upon the whole village to give her justice, she had been so mad at him that she had wanted him to suffer too. And now she was the one standing between Shantanu and Natasha and she understood his anger towards her, and his need to hurt her.

Khanak opened her mouth, 'Shantanu...'

'Shan!chalo dinner ke liye late ho jayenge.'

Their moment of understanding had been interrupted by Natasha.

Shan backed away, and Khanak gathered her thoughts before starting to go.

'khanak tumne mijhe maaf nahi kiya na?'

Khanak stopped, ' kuch maaf karne ko hai hi nahi Shantanu.'

She walked out the door.

Shan stared at the door,' mein haar nahi accept karoonga... mein tumhari maffi paa kar rahoonga Shantanu-style.' He smiled and went to change his clothes.



' yes! Yeh plan kabhi fail nahi hota! Ab toh Khanak ko mujhe maaf karna hi hoga!'

'kya kar raha hai?'

Shan went stiff, shit! Abhi ko bhi Abhi hi nana tha!! Shan cleared his throat.

'uhh.. kuch nahi breakfast bana raha tha... bhook lagi hai na.'

Abhi went and sat on the kitchen table and peeled a banana and started eating it. ' Acha toh tujhe sach mein lagta hai ki mein maan jaaonga ke jis insaan ne apni poori zindagi mein kitchen mein kadaam tak nahi rakha hai. Woh aaj bhook lagne par kitchen mein aa kar khud khana bana raha hai... woh bhi cheese omelette . Abh saaf saaf bata tu  kar kya raha hai ya...'

Shan sighed, ' Khanak ke liye banna raha hoon taki woh mujhe maaf karde.'

'abhi sat upright, ' Khanak ke liye!'

'haan,' Shan platted the omelette and put the plate on a tray with a yellow rose for friendship.

' jab meine kaha tha ke kuch badha ... kuch significant kar toh mera matlaab cheese omelette bana nahi that!'

'Shut up Abhi. I woke up five thirty in the morning to make this... aur abh time hai two minutes to six... Khanak will wake up any second, mujhe jaakar use breakfast in bed dena hai. Now will you excuse me.'

Abhi suppressed a smile, ' haan yaar, tu ja don't let me keep you hear,  best of luck.'

Shan carefully held the tray and walked out the kitchen.

Abhi smiled devilishly, ' marega! Ek vegetarian ko sorry bolne ke liye omelette le jaa raha hai!'


Shan made his way up he opened the door when he saw Khanak standing near the window, stretching her arms. He smiled, and walked in, ' good morning!'

Khanak turned towards him her smile still plastered to her face. But then the smile was wiped off her face, she didn't like what she smelled.

Abhi bhi gusa hai, jaldi se khana deta hoon aur sorry bolta hoon.

' Khanak...'

Khanak interrupted him, ' yeh badboo kiss cheez ki hai? Ap uss tray mein kya laye hai?'

'badboo ! Khanak yeh to khushboo hai, cheese omelette ki...' he went and stood beside her.

' Khanak forehead wrinkled with disgust as she asked, ' cheeeshe aumlete?'

' cheesh aumlete nahi! Cheese omelette.... uh... anda.'

Khanak opened her eyes in shock, ' Anda! Chii... isse mujhse door kareye. Isse soong kar bhi mujhe ulti aane ko ho raha hai... mein maasahari (non- vegetarian) nahi hoon!' she held her mouth with disgust...

Shan panicked and took the tray to the far end of the room, and took hold of the rose and bought it to her. ' lo Khanak smell this phir tumhe ulti nahi aayegi!' with that Shan literally shoved the rose towards nose.

'Shan nahi! Achoo!' Khanak sneezed five time in a row.

'Shantanu mujhe gulaboo se...' she sneezed again and again...

Shan looked as if he was about to cry seeing his plan backfire, tumhe roses se allergy hai!'

Before Shan could say something else. Khanak ran to the bathroom and a second later he heard her throw up... and then sneeze.... and then throw up some more.

Shan felt dizzy himself, his plan had backfired in the worst way possible...

'Abh kya karoo? '

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Abhi's laughter coming from the hall.


Shan's reply was another fit of laughter as Abhi ran to his room.

  Shan sighed and dragged his feet to his phone and  called the doctor.

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its really awesum....abhi's entrance has made it even more intresting......

but i m feeling sad for tashu....she must not be left alone.....pair her up wid abhi ......that will be gud...

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