Angad's Pratigya or Pratigya's Pratigya ?

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 When I watch this show a serious question comes to my mind.............whose Pratigya is this show really about ? Pratigya's oath or Angad's Pratigya of vowing to destroy Krishna and Pratigya's life both ......FOREVER ?
If it is Angad's Pratigya..........this oath has been immensely succesful till now . His Pratigya is almost fulfilled . Angad is a very interesting villain ..........besides having the audacity to be physically aggressive .........he has the mind of a veritable IAGO and is an astute judge of human character . See how he studied Krishna's psyche and manipulated him by telling him exactly what he wants ............. see how he decided to make Pratigya suffer for life .
But about Pratigya's oath...............some questions here .
1] If she reflects on her life story ..........this whole mess started with HER SLAP to Angad .  Pratigya supporters feel that  this is the anger of a woman whose choices were taken away and so she is justified in her revenge plan [ revenge unlimited without any concrete plan btw....just a vague idea of not sleeping with him forever] .  They say that her marraige to Krishna was not DESTINED but FORCED , that destiny played no role in it and so she shud NOT take this stand that hey by destiny i ended up marrying Krishna so let me try and work on this marraige and achieve sumthing positive out of it . They say that this is Losing .
Well ..........wasn't it Destiny that put Angad in the same train she was returning from ? Destiny played an important role in the life of this character ...........and that slap she gave Angad [ a very justified one btw] changed her LIFE it or not , this is a fact .  She succeeded in creating such hatred in his heart for the humilation he took on the station ...........that he pursued her like an evil shadow till this point and has a great hand in determining her life and fate . Angad is the Rahu or Ketu in her destiny evil , maleficient planet she is UNAWARE of .
2] Angad pulled Krishna in this to teach her a lessson coz Pratigya had assumed that her slap wud teach him a lesson and so wud the police . Krishna however took a fancy to her and warned Angad NOT to hurt her or he wud be answerable to HIM . Since Krishna and Angad both hail from the same world ..........recognising a formidable foe .........Angad withdrew . Had Krishna NOT been there in the middle between him and Pratigya wud Angad have withdrawn ?
The answer is NO . Police wud have NOT been able to control him for long....nor corrupt politicians. We see a thoroughly corrupt system in this serial......which is REAL .I applaud this serial for showing us such blatant realistic issues........mega chauvinism ,  thorough corruption , the total helplessness of the middle class man to deal with this from ANY angle . It is true ............the corrupt mess os such , it CANNOT be dealt with by taking the bull by the horns . All this is in the serial is real ........except for the oath of Pratigya .......I see it as unrealistic and not well thought out ..........and never being succesful in real life . Forget a gunda , it wud never be succesful even with a normal guy who had married her by pressurizing her father over some other matter .
Even if the police had briefly arrested Angad he wud have bounced back . The Professor wud not have been able to protect her , nor her brother . Nor the system . Nor the narrow minded society in which she lived in that narrow gully in that green house . Nor politicialns like Vratdhari . Angad lifted her during daybreak and kept her for a whole night and WENT SCOT FREE . Reality for u again . Like it or not.....Reality . Neither cud she do a thing about it nor her family .
  3]  The only .........and I repeat .........the only factor that kept a leash on Angad was Krishna. Angad detected danger there to his own life . So he thought twice before doing anything drastic to he knew the world Krishna came from and the laws of that world . U cross a bigger fish when ur small fry and ur killed .
The truth is had Krishna not been there .........Pratigya wud have been RAPED by now . She wud have been unable to show her face in that society , her sister wud never have been married , her life wud have been a living hell and she wud perhaps be forced to flee Illahabad .
Angad who beat Nitin up so mercilessly .........wud have not hesitated to rape her and throw her to his two side kicks to feast on . The night he abducted her and kept in confinement .........and refused to let his two dogs feast on her or touch her himself is for two things............he was terribly afraid of what Krishna wud do to him when he found out and he was intelligent enough to plan something bigger , keeping the larger picture in mind . So forget touching her , he kept his face out of her sight and left her home after planting a seed of misunderstanding in her mind . Lucky for her , that Krishna's shadow hung over the thinking process in Angad's mind moulded his thinking process to the extent that rape did nOT enter his mind AT ALL . He wud have been murdered by Krishna plain and simple . So he thought of all alternatives except rape .
What stood between Pratigya and Angad ? The system ? Her sanskaari family ? The police ?Her own self respecting spirit ? If Angad had raped her brutally and vanished from her life forever , wud she have been able to do a Lorena Bobbit on him however spirited she may be ? Or wud she be left in the dust to lick her wounds forever ?
The stalker , the gunda , the spoilt brat ........the beast Krishna  stood between her and Angad ..............unknown to both of them . Neither did Krishna know he was standing between her and Angad [ coz he did not know Angad had not forgotten or given up. He genuinely believed him when Angad told him he had given up on Pratigya. ] nor did Pratigya know it coz after taking her signature on the Maafi Naama he disappeared from her sight . And this , my friends is the INTERESTING STORY . That she was saved by a beast ultimately coz the beast took a fancy to her .
4]  Characters like Dadi and Komal .........grey characters ............who irritate at times but often r used by creatives to speak hometruths ..............say interesting things  from time to time .When Komal bashed up sum guys............Pratifya supported her and Dadi retorted with ...........Why r u encouraging her to drink poison when ur own life became a mess coz u did this once ?
Women libbers wont like this statement but it is a fact of life .  We see Pratigya shutting up when Dadi said this .The gundas wud not have messed with Komal coz she is SS's daughter ..........not coz Komal silenced them , had they been snakes like Angad . Coz some gundas bounce back . Male ego is a dangerous thing and before stepping on it a woman must think about her safety too . Some gundas may retreat ...some dont and stay on to make issues . Remember Pratigya and Aarushis ride to CIvil Lines and how Angad and his friends circled her on motorbikes . Much as it looks immensely dashing to slap unknown guys in serials ..........reality check is they r best IGNORED . Inviting so much later is not worth it .
5] Pratigya's assumption or decision to teach a lesson ..............had no concrete plan or time period . It was a decision made without even really knowing that person . If she believed Krishna had kidnapped her , beaten Nitin , how did she assume or believe she cud 'teach ' him anything at all ? Such monsters r beyond 'teaching' ..........they will laugh at u on ur face and eat u up . Wud such a monster be even remotely affected by dialogues like U can have my body but not my heart  ? He wud say who cares for ur heart and rape her and leave her to pick up the pieces .
R women really in a posiion to 'teach ' such monsters ?Reality check is NO . Some truths r bitter and better accepted so that safety can be focussed on by other means .......not filmy assumptions that we can 'teach ' and bring about a change without even knowing what we r getting into .
Will we see some character telling Pratigya about these reality checks ? This has nothing to do with Krishna's handsomeness or submitting to a man at all is merely understanding and accepting a simple fact of life that u can 'teach' or ;change' things only when ur in a position to do so . Not otherwise .  Without having police contacts , political connections , manpower , a job , how the hell was Pratigya even assuming she cud teach anyone anything at all and make a diffrence ?
And thats where the thinking comes in . Men like Angad , his two sidekick wolves , SS , Shakti , wud have instead taught her a lesson for even assumimng to think this way ..........coz the language out there is of POSITION . Im in position ....ur not is the blunt language . This is the reality check .
And so if she feels she is indeed in a position to teach Krishna a lesson today  it is coz he gives her the power to do so by continuing to be emotionally involved in her and wanting her on a emotional level . If he takes away this power by detaching himself emotionally from her ...........she cannot do anything at all . Her whole revenge plan is based ultimately on his emotional attachment .  Forget saying sorry , SS wud have told her stay there at ur maayka forever .
5] Some say its not that  Krishna and Shakti r diffrent is more about how Pratigya and Kesar r diffrent . Kesar is another woman from another family , she will always be diffrent from Pratigya . So will Komal .These r other women from other backgrounds........Komal btw has Pratigya's strength and more . What is interesting to note is how a man .Krishna is different from his blood family males ...........SS and Shakti . Shakti has become replica of SS ..........But we see a struggle in Krishna as he pretends to be like his Dad in front of him but does not mind being egolessly in love with Pratigya on a personal level . Hence the Shakti Krishna comparison coz this diffrence is within the blood family itself .Kesar , Amma , komal will always be diffrent compared to Pratigya so will other women from all around Allahabad .
And so I feel inspite of being a woman that Pratigya needs a reality check . I dunno if this show even intends giving a social message but if at all it does ..........give one based on reality . If Women enter marraiges with filmy unreal assumptions of their own strength they will be in grave danger . Either dont enter the marraige at all or if u do , learn to survive intelligently .
This serial , through the Professor's mouth constantly refers to the crooked , corrupt 'system' .  I have a suggestion for creatives ............please show it dawning on Pratigya ultimately that if she wants to change the system truly she can do it by staying within , not walking off to maayka and insisting on temporary ego gratification [ as SS will not change even if he apologises and will make life hell for her after it like a trampled snake] ................she shud slowly and surely try to change the WOMEN around her like Kesar , Amma etc to the extent that we see Amma REFUSING to eat salt when SS demands it in front of her children and ALL women standing behind her . Or Kesar calling in her rich maayka [ it seems Shakti married this dark gal only coz she was from a rich family ] to make Shakti answerable for hITTING her .
Chauvinism flourishes when women take it .........and it wud be interesting to see Pratigya tackling it by changing the women and stunning the men . This sabak wud be far more interesting than the unreal one that she feels she is doing right now . As far as the diffrences between her and Krishna go ...........we can hope to see them getting resolved by Angad blurting them out  and also by time .
If Krishna mellows down at this stage , life of the serial goes . Whether some people like him or not , he makes this serial interesting . Besides we r not here to see constant preaching , we r here for entertainment . So suggestion to creatives for TRPS is .......dont take away his fire and also show Pratigya making a diffrence changing the women instead of taking SS by the horns .

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I haven't read your post yet but am sure when i read it i will like it so will edit my postb then

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KC waiting for ur feedback
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Good post Clap
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very well said ClapClapClap 
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will get back to you with my one liner later...running behind schedule today... Wink
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very well said
prat wants to seek revenege without any plan
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Okay just finished reading da post. It was amazing. I had to revisit my questions which had arisen when I started watching this show but then slowly accept that thank god it is show and not a real situation.

Pratigya slapping Angad, as a woman it does give you a feeling of elation that a woman is fighting for her self-respect. Unforunately in real life many women go thro this very quietly. Some do make a brave attempt and do what Pratigya did. If they are lucky the guys just accept it as their fault and forget about it or else you have goonda chasing u whose ego is hurt.  I mean we have cases where women have been eve-teased when they are with their husbands or boyfriends. The reason is that the Indian system breeds such people. For a woman to take a step like hitting a goonda like that, it is must, that the law is put in place.Prats wld not have been safe had Krishna not shown any interest in her.

Prats decision to get married to teach him a lesson. That is a very unrealistic solution to her problem. Kools, as u pointed out. She went into this marriage to teach a lesson to a guy who she assumed was capable of doing things like beating her fiance, kidnap her etc. Wld it really matter to a man capable of such crimes if he raped his wife especially in a family which takes pride in such deeds. Surprisngly despite living in that house for quite sometime it has not registered in Prats head.

Kools as u said the cvs have pointed some very serious social issues but unfortunately the solutions are very unrealsitic

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