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Tuesday 2/6/10

NS is waiting for S - squared . Both arrive and NS is livid. Shouts at them for getting her in to a big "MESS" ( hmmm, Sivasu kku thozhil mess thaan, athaan unnaiyum maatti vittuttan !!) " students kitte donation vaangina, nothing will go wrong nnu solli.....ippO AK is kambi counting !!!! " Sivasu says that they had an air tight plan - "ellam intha Vaasu pannina confusion.." NS gets the important info
 "Inimel Vaasu vaa le namakku no issues....avan ai pOttu thallittu thaan varren.." NS has a fresh fit "Yovvvv,  ( ohh, ellarume Yovv thaanaa?? Roja thought that it is the PET name for AK !!) why did
 you do some thing like this now?? It is going to be a bomb blast !!!" Sivasu says that with her money she can buy some one to take the blame " avanai arrest panrathai neenga inge TV le paarkkalaam !!" NS says that she could do squat with her money "neither could I save myself nor could I save AK !!! My kids are mad at me !! Kanna pinna nnu thitti ttu pOittanga !!" ( Oh athaana problem. Antha Yovv kambi counting is not an issue??) Now Shiva chips in " first thing in the morning, we will consult a big lawyer and get AK out, dont worry, sleep well.." NS says "dont keep talking it, ok??? The S squared is dispensed. NS is all set for a night of water beating.

Garden and his sagalai are busy bringing in gunny bags  - stuff needed for thani kudithanam. Today is the D day for Valli and Garden - thani cooking starts. Kavi is serving Bell. Valli announces " inimel engalukku thani cooking, no one is invited !!" Pearl is shocked. Wants to know the reason for this sudden development. Aavudai is equally interested. Beach is asked to moderate. Valli says that she has no respect here. Beach needs details and Valli says that her BIL was humiliated in the hotel - " kozhundiya hotel nnu urimai yaa sapida vantha varai sappitta food kku panathai kakku nnu solli karaar aa kaasu vaangittangale.." BIL gives a "athaane??!!! en kitte ye vaa??' look. Beach plays the true moderator - asks Pearl - "is this true??" Pearl says that she was just being a business woman "but athukkagaa yen intha adhiradi action??" All this is watched by Kavi - with a sly smile. Bell is eating "enakka kalyaanam?" attitude !!! Well, time to spill out every thing - Valli says that Kavitha is smart - "she knew exactly how to deal with this dysfunctional family. When she started her separate kitchen, no one questioned ??? And this is not all " Goads Garden to spell out the rest of the arrangement. Garden wants the share "hotel le varra kaasai 3 panga pirichudunga, anne.." Camera does another round of "catch me if u can" - all the shocked faces are shown. Beach appeals to Garden - who is categorical
 " the other day you told Bell that once the wife comes siblings take the back seats. Applies to me as well, right?"  Bell tries to console Beach - who barks at any one who cares to listen "leave me alone". Beach summons Kavi who is cool - tells her that she started this whole drama "now all of us are playing Navagrahas !!! All because of you !!! Family le kozhappam panna ve nee vanthirukke. Time to throw you out.." Kavi coolly says "namba veetu prachani theeranum nnu
kovil kku vanthOm.... Pearl akka unga mele romba nambikkai vaichu irukkanga....but neenga vera akka vOda .....kovil le....." Beach pales. Kavi further says "If  I really wanted to create trouble, I would have pOttu kuduthufied to Pearl. Well, as long as, you keep off me..." the sentence hangs in the thin  air - azhagana blackmail - Beach says that he does not have "that " kind of relationship with the other
 "akka " .Kavi smiles "nambittene.."

Hospital - Vaasu is awake. Omni learns that Sivasu is behind this murder attempt. Jhansi Raani Omni wants the police to be involved. Chithappu tries to dissuade " Sivasu will trouble Vaasu some more !!" but Vadai agrees that the police have to be brought in (athu sari, chaynng chakk nnu decide panniyachu...just go all the way, man !!) Omni orders Vadai to hold forte in the hospital - jong jongs to the police station. Narrates the whole incident to the inspector and
gives him lessons on justice ( pOchu da, innikki judge vesham aa??) " Murder attempt is as good as a murder. So, punish that murderer Sivasu, say what??" (say what aa??? enge say panrathu??? Neenga thaan judgement kuduthaache !!! Naanga refute panninaa, enga
life gaali ngovv !!)
Inspector is a smart man - promises to do what Omni says... Rojaaaa innoru tharam "freeze, vera yaaru?? Omni mele thaan"  apdinnu ezhuthine..... Omni kitte pOttu kuduthu, unakkum gallows vaangi kuduthuven, gabardhaarr.......


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Thursday June 3rd updates

The episode was a great mokkai episode.. Here is the update.

At the police station, CM complaining against Sivasu who defends and says that they are pazhi sumathing. CM wears the shoes of lawyer and argues. Masakkali blouse potta Madhu comes there to argue for Sivasu. CM and Madhu argues. Madhu tells Sivasu so great, no account balance asking while running canteen, CM is fraud. Inspector asks about Vasu murder attempt and Madhu tells Vasu and CM fraud and they have cheated many. One of those has dones this and CM pazhi pottufies on Sivasu to hide the truth. CM asking then y give canteen to me.  Madhu telling hubby darling mistake. CM telling ok let ur hubby Ak come and say who is good. Police station la ivanga ipadi theva ilama edhuku pesarangane puriyala.. Namma ellam muttal ilaya, adhan avanga ninukittu vetiya pesitu irukanga.. Madhu tells inspector to inquire properly and asks Sivasu to come. Inspector tells this is not her house to take him, CM has given complaint against him and he has to enquire Sivasu. So do things legally. Muttai kann Madhu urutifies her eyes and tells i'm VIP and dont speak lifting ur hand infront of me. Ins tells so wat, i cant bend law for u and i'm not tat kind of police, (Police la law bend panra police bend pannadha police ellam types a?) do legal proceedings. Madhu leaves. Sivasu threatens CM before being taken inside. CM thanks Ins and tells see how he is speaking infront of u itself. Ins tells, he knew face reading and Sivasu face tells he is a fraud, so will take action. CM happy.

CM reaches hospital and updates Mams and dear hubby. Hubby telling about how MA is not good and the discussion of hubby beating MA goes for which CM tells he shouldn't have, (aama atleast for AK who was behind CM and now behind bars) Dr. comes out. CM inquires about Vasu's health. Dr. says he is fine u can meet him. CM asks about discahrge and Dr. tells u can take him. Afterall, its ur serial and u r the creative head, so kathi kuthu is not a matter ifu decide to take into ur custody and we can tell that only coz of ur care, he is safe now. Dr. gives some instruction to come to hospital if any prob and contact him in mobile if any emergency.
CM happy and goes inside and meets Vasu. Vasu's mmom is there and gives a overaction. Vasu asks about AK and expresses concern abt unable to meet him. CM tells he was feeling bad that he was not able to meet u, aama pinna CM inga irukum bodhu avaru ilena eppadi. CM tells vasu about discahrge matter. Vaasu with a suprise effct on his face tells that he dint expect this to happen this soon. (Aama enga seril la irundhu veliyethiruvangalonu dhane Rajkanth nenachinga? Ennavo chinna vayasula apa aanu madhiri efrfect kudukararu. Moonu ruba kudutha munooru roobaiku nadikararu) CM asking Vadai to settle bill by taking money from bank (we used to take it from nearby nayar kadai). Vadai promptly leaves. Vasu's mom thanks CM. CM sambandhame ilama tells unga paiyanuku onnum aagadhu, he is alright.

Beach comes to Chinna veedu. His keep(Sneha) is waiting and as soon as he comes asks him to get ready. Beach asks where and she tells bored so going to shopping. Beach gets irritated and updates about Kavi seeing them and the indirect blackmail. Keep Sneha sheds her tears and asks if she doesn't have rights beach tells all rights within 4 walls. KeepSneha tells that it is better if their matter comes out arasal purasala. Beach asks what she is ularufying? Keep Sneha tells if akka meaning MA, at this point beach gives a stare and she withdraws the akka, if Ma comes to know about this all of a sudden she cant  tolerate but if she hears something nowitself and when she comes to know later it il not a big prob. Beach taunts her for thinking rubbish. Keep Sneha asks abt who is Kavi. Beach tells Bell's wife. She asks Amu is bell's wife na? then where does this Kavi fit into? Beach asks if she knew everything abt their fanmily and explains about thiruttu kalyanam. Keep Sneha tells that Thambi Bell lu irukura dhairiyam kooda Kadarkarayanukku ilai. Beach asks her if she is criticizing him. She samaluchufies asking y he is afraid. Beach tells his life and his bro's life are different. Bell not famous in the town, Beach very famous. Has madhipu mariyadhai in the place and also in family. He doesn't want to spoil that. He tells, if it comes between his madhipu mariyadhai and keep, he will leave keep and leaves the place. Keep Sneha sozhatufies her saree and stands there.

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Friday 4/6/10

Court - AK is out of Abacus school - temporarily. NS is sitting with her son Suresh and PA Shiva. ( Madras Electricity board le copper wire theft aam - ellam NS kondai le irukkungovvv ) The judge grants a conditional bail - " 5 lakhs money, 2 individual guarantors..nearest police station le signing every day... In the interest of the students, your college can function..." NS has a proud look ( ennamO avanga thaan judge mathiri !!! Amma di, Judge, police officer, doctor, garment factory owner and hotelier - ellame Omni thaan , Omni mattum thaan , purinjitha??) Goes to the court clerk and gives a cheque for 5 Lakhs. NS signs as a guarantor and the clerk needs one more. NS asks Shiva to sign but he slips like an eel "Sir kku na sign pannina pidikkathu. ...avarukku sign panra alavu....I am not a big man..." The clerk says " You run the risk of cancellation of the bail - late aana judge bail ai revoke panniduvaar !!" Omnipotent Omnipresent arrives. Ignores NS..goes straight to AK "sorry sir, I got the news from a lawyer friend only now, athaan late.." Omni is all set to sign but NS has an ego trip - must have remembered the bank incident -
 " Noooooo, ava sign panni thaan en purusan veliye varanum nna.....I would much rather have him counting kambis.." Omni waits does a "catch me if you can shocked faces round" Suresh calls "mummy"  - " unnale thaan he went to abacus school...ipdi vetti ego le yethanum panni appa bail ai kedukkathe..." The court clerk for his part warns again "avangalaa vanthu sign pOdaraanga !!! Neenga venam nna.....bail...revoking..." Finally Omni signs. NS , hubby ai thallikittu pOguthu...Suresh thanks Omni.

Vaasu's house. Glycerin tank amma is feeding sonny boy Omni arrives with chithappu in tow. Expert doctor's advice from Omni "marunthu correct aa saapidanum... sappadu le be careful.... There is a leak ?? in the glycerin tank - starts crying " na kudukkara kanji uppu sappu illai nnu solraan...oru kalyanam pannikOda nna kekka maattengsaraan vu vu.." ( Rombbbbaaaa mukkkiyam, avanukku oru wife irunthaa, athuvum unnoda sernthu oru glycerin tank kku selavu vaichu irukkum !!) Vaasu says that he does not make enough money "kalyaanam, kuzhandai kutty ellam unaffordable !!" Omni dons the marriage broker's cap - "un salary le sikkanamaa family ai run panra pOnna paarthu .....I will get you married.." ( Roja is happy, Omni's avtar for the day is settled..) Chyangg chak time for chithappu - " Omni sonna Vaasu wont refute....and Omni will say only what she can do....6 months le kalyaanam thaan..." Glycerin tank seals the leak. Omni hands over some money to Vaasu who objects "veen selavu.." Omni smiles  " I do not see this as an expense "

NS is getting ready to go to the college. AK stops her " pOrum nee college paartha lakshanam ...stay home.." Sari, jolly aa water beat pannindu veet le ye irukkalaam nnu NS ninaikkathO?? No, she has to refute Yovv - " I just made one mistake and you want to restrict me??" Are you scared that you have to go back to Abacus school??" AK points out " who ? me?? scared??? It is you who got scared and called me as soon as you saw the police !!! If you are not scared of kambi counting, you should have gone with the police - even when I offered to take the blame !!" NS has no answer for this but still wants to go to the college " why?? you want Omni back in the college??" AK says "leave her off this - there is no reason as to why she has to brought in to the picture !!" Suresh is privy to all this - now intervenes " Mummy, your place is the bar ..which fortunately is home !!! You stay where you belong and let daddy do his job. He is out on bail ...not acquitted, gotcha?? " Asks dad to go "mummy ai naa parthukkaren.." AK leaves....
8th wonder of the world - Freeze is not on Omni !!!!!! Rojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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Tuesday June 8th updates

Bell updates Kavi abt the Police station call and Amudha's complaint. Kavi tells that it is not a prob, she will remove thaali and they can tell that nothing between them. Bell agrees. They reach PS. Kavi ask her brother to come to PS. Bell asks y, Kavi tells police will inquire house periyavanga, no need of ur side, my anna will take our side so i cald him. They go inside. They both as planned tell that Kavi is distant relative of Bell and  she stays there to find job. Bell, without any hesitation tells that Amudha and his family have prob and she asked him to comeout, since he dint come out they r separated. He also tells that Ammu is mentally disturbed. Amudha tells abt Preggy, Kavi denies such thing, Amudha asking to do medical check up, Police asking her to be calm. Then police tells that they want to inquire veetu periyavanga.. Kavi tells abt her brother. Amudha complains, but Police asks to wait. Kavi's bro comes. Kaiv and Bell instruct him. First he disagrees considering Kavi's life, then Bell assures and bro agrees. He plays the same tune with some extra sandhadhis like Amudha is suffering from hysteria and he dint bring up her sis like that. Police buys that and sends off Amudha asking to check up. The lady inspector apologises to Kavi and Co.

Ak comes inside his house and goes to meet Madhu, Anjali is also there. AK advices Madhu not to take Sivasu in bail. Madhu supports Sivasu and Shiva and scolds CM. AK tells her that they both are not good and she should understand. Madhu tells they are the one to listen to her n obey her. AK wonders how come she takes their side. Anjali tells "Inam inam thodadhan serum" Madhu asks her to shut up. AK advices Madhu somemore. She is no mood listen. Ak tells that when she understands one day, no one will be there around her and still he alone will be there. Ak and Anjali leaves. Madhu seems moved by the last words for few seconds and again comes back to her ususal thimiru look.

Amudha crying n runs to complain to the nadamadum Supreme court, CM, in the Garment factory. With a warm welcome, Mams, Vadai and CM question her. Amudha severe crying. Everyone questioning. Here comes answer for all the questions. Amudha college leave, work in a shop, Vadai interferes asked to study y job, CM telling if bored u could have come here, anyway fine, go ahead, Kavi and Bell Mams coming and fighting with Amudha, Amudha job pink slip, Amudha going to police station, again interference and go ahead, Kavi planning and removing thaali and telling no relation. CM shocked.


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Chellamey Updates,
June 9th,2010, Wednesday.........
Amutha updates all the happenings in Abacus school to the trio. Vadai and Mams get angry. Vadai tells that he will go to Bell and asks why they had all told that his sister is Mad. Mobile Supreme court gives the judgement that it is Amudha's mistake to give complaint against Bell. She further tells kudumba prachanas should not go to Abacus school. Amudha wonders why CM is not supporting her. CM says that we have to think carefully before taking any move because it is her (Amudhas) vazhkai. Everyone is satisfied with the judgement.
Top of AV's house, Bevarse Bell thinking deeply. Kavita arrives with a coffee(Indha orupadathavanakku coffee veraya!!!!!). He asks Kavi what type of life they are living. Although he tied thaali, he is unable to tell Kavi as his wife. He also tells that Beach and Solai are leading happy life with one woman.Kavi smiles heavily and says many things are happening around us which we are unable to know. (Beach and Sneha scene comes to Kavis mind) Kavi says him to not to think tooooo much. She tells Bell to have faith in her so that nobody can separate them. She leaves. Again, this orupadadhavan thinking deeply.
In Aks house, NS water beating daytime itself (Today no copper wire kondai, only pinju mittai hair style) in the hall. NS daughter Anjali reading a book. Sonny boy comes to Anjali. He is already in water beaten condition. Both bro and sis starts kindelling NS. NS warns them to get out from there. After some heate conversation btn NS, Sonnyboy and Anjali, Bro and sis tells NS as Ratchasi. NS becomes bhadrakaali. She gives nice palaars to bro & sis. Both are shocked and take a decission to go out of the house. NS doesnt care all this. Both of them are about to leave the house, Our anbana AK comes in. He questions where both bro and sis are going. Both of them updates palaars issue.
Now AK plays the sentiment drama. Both of them tells that they cannot live in this house peacefully (This is tooo much pullingelle. Unga appa NSkitta ethana adi vaangirukkaru,thaangirukkaru. When NS is beating AK, you have watched like Tom and Jerry cartoon show. Aaana ippo NS ungala adicha, valikithoooooooo!!!!!!!!) AK consoles them.(AK and Venkats acting is superb.ClapClapClap) All the three have some small oppari and a hug. AK goes to NS and gives some advice to behave like a good mother blah, blah, ........ (Normala irrukkum nerathile AK pechi NS purijukaadu, ippo mattum purinjippala!!!!!!)
Screen Freezes on NS...............(I think NS has given nice palaars to director to freeze on herself rather than our CM. What do u say Rojakka???)

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Friday  11/6/10

Since Omni condescended to share the freeze schedule, it is mandatory that the episode starts on her face ( Rojaaaaa, give
me a breakkkk, will ya??)
Wants to reconfirm " Beach solla sonnaraa??? Illatta neengalaa vanthu news kudukkaringalaa??? "
( off the screen dialog " Omni, nee thaane  ennai vanthu inge news solla sonne?? IppO puthusa kekkare??") Chithappu feels that he should be given a fair chance too - so juts in " Ennamma nee???
If Beach wanted to invite you, he would have come with Pearl and extended a formal invitation !!" Omni is sad that even such a happy occasion can not bring the family together. While all this goes on, Vadai stands  with the trade mark towel of the CHEFs - innikki enna
menu nnu sollungappa, na yen velai yai pakkaren look - ( ACD,
ithu thevaiya ungalukku??? Roja does not demean cooking, she does that day  in and day out after all !!! But even she has other things to do - like updating Omni and her antics !!!! )
Finally the
Mobile Supreme Court (Thanks Meenu, semai nick ) decides to
buy a sari for Rathna. Ropes in dad as well " Only Rathna needs to know that it is from me, let the rest think that it is you who bought it, say what??" ( say what aa??? Yaaranum pesida mudiyum??? Enga Meenu kuduthaale oru nick , ada ada ada ....) Omni and dad leave for saree shopping, Chithappu leaves for the garment - he does not forget to tell Vadai " inge pathukka ppa " ( menu kuduthachaa??? If he cooks any thing that Omni does not like, serial le irunthu galtha ngovv !!)

Sneha and Beach - at the work place. Pearl comes in. Beach warns Sneha to behave but she has no such noble intentions. Runs to
Pearl and welcomes "Vaanga akka" Pearl is smart enough to
identify the voice "engiyO ketta kural" - Sneha is happy "mission accomplished " Beach does a thiru thiru ( amma di Pearl, oru
tharam ketta voice ai identify panre, enga appan kuthirukkul illai
nnu un purushan fidget panraane, athu theriyaliya unakku??? EnnamO pOmma, Kavitha kitte tuition eduthukkO)
Sneha is introduced as "Beach's employee" . Pearl tries to pry some more
but Beach cuts her off "summa thOndathe, (aama , apram unmai yai kakkiduvaar !!), pray, what brought  you here?" Pearl says that Rathna's function is scheduled for the evening " came to buy clothes for her. And also thought of taking you with me. Illatta, you will delay your home coming !!" Beach is happy and starts to go with Pearl. Sneha is in seasoning mode - Yaruppa, konjam mustard seeds and dry chilli kondu vaanga, oil illamele Sneha moonjile vedikka vaikkalaam - decides to stop Beach. Comes running and says that Beach has an important meeting " Can't miss this client....he will go abroad...." Beach immediately packs off Pearl - " nee pO, I will finish the meeting and come home.." ( ninaippu thaan , nee enge innikki vettu kku pOve? Omni no 2 has decided to "show you water" ) Pearl reluctantly leaves. Beach wants to go for the meeting but Sneha suggests that they should first go home - "coffee, freshen up...apram meeting "  ( coffee aa??? athu sari, grocery list le sleeping pills vaangum  intha amma ....Beachuu, Rathna function puttu kicchu ngovv )  Police station - NS is bailing out Sivasu. Jalra Shiva and a paavam looking  advocate are with her. NS gloats to the inspector "paarthiya yen power ai??? Eppoodi??? " Sivasu the frog croaks as well - NS pond le irukkira mithappu - Inspector puts a stop " Bail le thaan poringa di, acquitted illai, ok??? Intha case le nee nichiyam maattuve.."

College - canteen. Sivasu and his alla kai. Sivasu wonders as to
how Vaasu escaped. Also tells his crony " admission le nalla
dhuddu paarthu settle aagalaam nnu plan... ellam  Oothikkiche !!"
AK comes hearing this and does the stupidest thing - seeks
justice !!!! " I was running this college with out a black mark....You spoiled my Nattu Sarakku's mind and made this place an ATM?? Nadaiyai kattu, no more canteen for you.." Sivasu says that AK
has no authority to send him out " NS madam sollattum, apram paarkkalaam" Words fly from both ends ....fist fight ensues. As Sivasu manhandles AK, the students in the canteen charge at Sivasu. AK says that Sivasu's life is in jeopardy - " IppO edathai
gaali pannale.....nee gaali doy.." Sivasu leaves the place but vows to be back. Freeze on a pensive AK ( Roja kku head reeling !! Ava
yethO oru vaarthai sonna nnu Omni thalai kizha maarittanga !!!!
Need to closely follow Merriam-Webster.. puthu eponymous word yethanum gets added aa nnu )


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Thursday June 10th updates

At the construction site, a guy delivers home made food to Beach. Sneha, who has been given a job there, offers to taste it and comments that the food doesn't have any taste. She tells that MA hasn't cooked tasty. Beach tells that MA is health conscious and hence would have done that and he is used to it for past some years and hence he likes it. Sneha doesn't seem to leave and offers him to take her Chicken Briyani. Beach hesitates and says what others will think and he cannot waste his home food. Sneha compels him to take briyani and she tells she il eat that food and tells that he is the boss and hence no one wil tel anything. Beach takes briyani. Sneha takes the lunch from home aside and throws it in dustbin. A passerby lady asks that instead of thrwing it in waste bin, she could have given her that for which Keep Sneha replies that they are bored of the same food. Two ppl pass that side and tells that Beach took food from Sneha and wasted home food. "Periya edathu vevagaram namakedhuku" they tell this and leave.

At beach's household, a teacher comes with Beach's daughter Ratna and informs about her puberty. Everyone happy and try to inform Beach, but his mobile switched off. Ebach reaches home later and MA asks that y mobile off, for which Beach replies official work. MA scolds him how can they inform things to him for which Beach tells what that important has happened. They inform abotu Rathna and MA plan for her grand sadangu. Beach denies such idea reasoning Bell and his keep which will become vetta velicham. It is asingam for their family. MA tells one day everything should somehow come out, for which KAvi also tells ofcourse one day things should come out and gives a nakkal siripu.

The discussion abt Rathna's sadangu continues and Beach accepts to do that but not mcuh grand. AV tells that he should cal CM also. Beach and others get irritated. MA tells she il cal only relatives and not enemies. Beach tells then it il be not a sadangu but sangadam for all. AV insists on the importance of athai being with Rathna and asks Beach to listen to him atleast now, but Beach firmly says No and leaves.

AV comes to CM's household and informs her happily about Rathna. CM feels very happy, also Mams and samayalkaarar Vadai feels happy. CM tells she is very happy but feels that she wanted take care of each and everything for Rathan at this time but now she cannot even see her. All feel bad. CM asks AV if he came byhimself or Anna asked him to inform. AV keeps mum, for which Mams gives explanation that based on the law of silence and AV's facial explression, the equation gives a product which needs to be understood that AV came by himself and the by product of which is CM feeling sad.


Sorry for the brief updates,. I dint watch the epsiode and my updates are based on oral updates I got. Please pardon, if anything is wrong.
It is good that Vadai helps CM in her chores, but need not show that he is always cooking, with a towel around his shoulders.

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Update schedule for Chellame

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