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~Will You Love Me?~ Promo (01/01) (Page 5)

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xogopi1022

lovedd it. it wasn't boring rather it was cute, you should continue soon before the weekend.
aww..thnx sweetie!
i wish i could have updated b4 the weekend but i had 2 get ready 4 my exams Unhappy but don't worry i will update very soon! Big smile

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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by armaanrox

hey it wasnt ws awsum........
plz continue soon.......cnt wait....thnx 4 d pm
thnx hun!
im glad u liked it! Big smile
i will update very soon!
n ur welcome!
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Posted: 25 June 2010 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Riddss

heyyy dear,
nice part
thanks for Pm.
continue soon

thnx sweetie!
glad u liked it
ur welcome n i will continue u very soon! Big smile
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Posted: 27 June 2010 at 5:21pm | IP Logged

 *Chapter 3*

Riddhima's Bedroom
"Okay, Riddhima...You can do this. All you have to do is dial his number and wait for him to pick up his phone. What will I do after that?!...Oh do I talk about?...Of course...the project...but...What if he's sleeping?...Oh, come on, Riddhima...It's almost eight o' clock at night...He can't be asleep this early...But what if he is doing something really important and I disturbed him?...Then he'll get mad at me and never talk to me again!...Get a hold of yourself, Riddhima...Your over exaggerating...Okay, now stop talking to yourself and just call him!"
Riddhima had been pacing in her room for about an hour now thinking of what she is going to say to Armaan when she calls him or if she should call him at all.
"Okay, let's do this."
Riddhima looked at the paper which had his phone number and started dialing. Her hands were shaking out of nervousness. She slowly put the phone to her ear.
Riddhima bit her lip.
Maybe he's busy...I'll just...
Oh God!
"Hello." said Riddhima.
"Yes...Who's this?" asked Armaan.
"Ummm...It's Riddhima."
Riddhima played with her hair, turning it around her finger.
"Oh, hi!"
"Hi...I just called you to talk about the project."
"Yeah..." said Armaan, waiting for her to continue.
"Ummm...Where and what time do you want to work on it?"
"Ummm...You can come over my house at one o' clock tomorrow."
"Your house?"
"Yeah...Is that a problem?"
"Oh, no, no. Not at all."
"Alright, then. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Okay. Bye."
Riddhima put the phone down.
"Armaan's house?...OMG!...What is wrong with me!...How could I have said yes to that?!...I'm so nervous...He always makes me nervous...Please help me, God!"
Riddhima went out of her room and went downstairs to her living room. It was time to watch her favorite show. She really needed something to take her mind off things.
Outside Armaan's House
Riddhima looked up at the house. It was a wonderful house to look at. It was big but not that big. Just the right size. In front of the house there was a nice, big, green lawn. Riddhima just felt like lying on it at night while looking at the stars. There were flowers in the front part of the house and a wind chime hanging near the door. Riddhima wondered if Armaan liked gardening or paid workers to do it. It looked so neat. Riddhima also noticed a silver (whichever car you like) on the driveway.It all looked just too nice.
Riddhima started walking up to the door. While walking up she passed by the flowers and gave them a sniff. Riddhima closed her eyes. She always loved the smell of flowers. When Riddhima got to the door, she looked down at herself.
I hope I look alright. I changed my outfit more than ten times before I was satisfied. How about my hair?...Let me just run my hand through it.
After Riddhima was finished finxing her hair, she was about to ring the doorbell. But before she could do that, the door opened and Armaan stood before her. Riddhima was startled.
Wow! He looks usual.
Wow! She looks really cute. She doesn't seem like other girls.
"Ummm...Hi!" said Riddhima, breaking Amraan's thoughts.
"Hi! Come in, come in."
Armaan moved aside and let Riddhima pass.
Armaan had seen Riddhima outside his house, observing it. Then he saw her smelling the flowers on her way. That put a smile on Armaan's face. He had also watched Riddhima fix her hair, wondering why she even needs to. For some unknown reason, Armaan felt the need to open the door at that moment so he did. And now she was in his house.
Riddhima looked around and Armaan looked at her.
The inside was as wonderful as the outside. Everything was so neat and tidy.
"You have a beautiful home." said Riddhima.
"Thanks." smiled Armaan.
"Your mom must be proud of it."
"She is and of me too. She's lucky that her son is a neat freak, like her, and not like other boys. Otherwise this house would have been a dump and everytime she would visit, she would be spending her time cleaning the house.
He's a neat freak?!...So am I!
"Visit? Your parents don't live with you?" asked Riddhima.
"No, they actually live in India. My parents and I used to live in America together but as they got older, they missed India more so they decided to move back. I was born here so I like it here better and decided not to go with them."
"Your parent's weren't upset?"
"They were a little but I was eighteen and they thought I was old enough to live on my own. They trust me and give me my privacy and I love them for that."
"Lucky you."
"Why? Your parent's don't trust you?"
"No...they don't and I'm glad they don't live with me either..."
Riddhima became sad. She does not like talking about her parents. It's a past she wants to bury and throw away.
Armaan was looking at Riddhima's face. He saw her expression change and thought it must be a touchy topic for her so he decided to change the topic.
"So...let's start working on the project. We'll go upstairs to my room since I have my computer there so we can type up the paper."
"Follow me."
Armaan led Riddhima up to his room. When Armaan opened the door, Riddhima was really surprised at what she saw. There were some very disgusting pictures of girls hung up on his wall. Everything else was there, yes, but those pictures just...It made Riddhima feel really uncomfortable and disgusted.
How can he have these pictures?
Armaan turned and looked back at Riddhima.
"So this is my room." said Armaan.
"What happend?" asked Armaan.
"What?" asked Riddhima.
"Your face..."
"What about my face?"
Riddima felt her face.
"No, your expression...Do you feel uncomfortable being in my room?"
"No, no...Your room is very nice."
Riddhima made a full three hundred and sixty degree turn and looked at his room, avoiding the pictures. Armaan noticed.
She feels uncomfortable because of the pictures?! Wow! She really is something. A lot of girls have come to my room and none of them ever felt uncomfortable or complained about these pictures.
"You know what, Riddhima? I don't feel like typing the paper right now. I'll do it some other time. We'll go downstairs in the living room and work on the project there."
Riddhima was relieved when Armaan suggested on working downstairs.
While walking back, Armaan and Riddhima discussed the model they will be making of Shakespeare's famous scene.
"Well, I think we should do the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet." suggested Riddhima.
"Good idea. Are you artistic?"
"I think I'm average at my artistic abilities."
"Good cause I can't even draw a circle properly."
"Haha...I'm here now. Don't worry." smiled Riddhima and Armaan smiled back.
When they reached the living room, Riddhima sat down on the couch with her bag and Armaan went to go get the supplies. After Armaan came back, they started working on the model. Well, Riddhima was the one working on the model while Armaan watched.
"Let me help you, Riddhima."
"Okay, you can start painting the background."
Riddhima was on her knees trying to shape the figures of Romeo and Juliet. So Armaan also went beside Riddhima and started painting. Riddhima tensed up on having Armaan this close to her that she moved her arm and ended up having Armaan paint her arm red.
"Couldn't you look where you were painting?"
"Couldn't you look where your arm was moving?"
"Armaan, this was your fault."
Riddhima pointed her finger at him.
"Excuse me, this was your fault."
"No, it wasn't." Riddhima said, getting irritated with Armaan and herself.
"Yes, it was."
Before Riddhima could finish, Armaan took the paint brush and colored her nose. Riddhima opened her mouth in shock. Now she had a red nose to match with her red face that had turned that color from anger and embarrassment.
"Haha...Riddhima...haha...your look like a tomato...haha..."
Armaan was rolling on the floor, holding his stomach, unable to control his laughter.
Oh, I'm not leaving you now.
Riddhima took another paint brush and dipped it in white paint. Armaan stopped laughing. Riddhima looked at the brush then at Armaan with an evil smile.
"Now, Riddhima. You wouldn't want to do that." said Armaan, backing away.
"Why wouldn't I?" asked Riddhima while moving forward.
"Cause your a good girl so just put the brush down."
"Oh, you don't know me."
Riddhima moved forward and moved the paint brush all over Armaan's face. Now it was time for Riddhima to laugh.
"Haha...Armaan, you look like a ghost...haha..."
Riddhima kept on laughing and Armaan just stared at her in awe.
She looks so cute laughing. I'm surprised I never noticed her.
Riddhima stopped laughing when she saw the way Armaan was looking at her. Armaan realized what he was doing and broke his gaze.
What are you thinking, man!...Get a hold of yourself. She is so not your type.
Armaan and Riddhima went back to working. They would pull each other's legs here and there about how they looked covered in paint. Riddhima had never opened up this easily with anyone, especially Armaan but now that she knows him, she feels like she can be herself in front of him. Armaan also felt the same. Even in the short spam of time, they were enjoying being with each other. It was as if they had known each other their whole life.
"There! All done!"
Armaan and Riddhima stepped back and looked at the project.
"Wow! And you said that you had average artistic abilities...You did a great job!"
"Thanks...but you also did a great job painting."
"Thank you."
Armaan took a bow. Riddhima smiled.
"I guess I should be going now."
Armaan frowned. He didn't want her to leave.
"Yeah...I never thought we would finish quick."
"That's because we used teamwork."
Armaan and Riddhima started walking towards the door. When they reached, Armaan opened the door for her.
"Bye, Armaan."
"Bye, Riddhima."
Riddhima started walking. Armaan watched her go.
"Riddhima!" Armaan called out.
Riddhima turned around. Armaan ran up to her.
"Ummm...You forgot to give me the paper so I could type it later."
Riddhima opened her bag.
Riddhima handed the paper. Armaan took the paper.
"Bye." said Riddhima.
Riddhima started walking again to her car.
"Riddhima!" Armaan called out again.
Riddhima turned around. Once again, Armaan came up to her.
"I know it wasn't a date or anything but I still had a great time. We should definitely hang out sometimes."
Armaan leaned forward and kissed Riddhima on the check. Riddhima was about to faint.
OMG!!! Act normal, Riddhima.
"Bye." said Armaan.
"Bye." said Riddhima, getting into her car.
As Riddhima drove away, Armaan watched her car disappear.
Hey guys! How are you all? I finally update! It's a longer part so I want to see many comments and press the like button! Anyone who would like a PM please tell me in your comment and add me as a friend so it's easier for me to sent them. Have fun reading! Embarrassed

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u did a AWESOME job ... i loved it...update soon plz

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Jina...!!! AWESOME part yaar! AR are so cute and adorable..awwww totally fantabulous..loved all the scenes at Armaan's place and the lil growing bond between the two..the "mutual" attraction and everything...!! awww thnxx for this was very nicely written and described..wished i could read more and more..cant wait..please update soon dear and so sorry for the late comment..i just got my laptop back today
okay i know i sound greedy but I WANT MORE! and that too soon..Evil Smile

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heyyy dear,
awesome part
thanks for PM.
continue soon


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omg omg omg hi hi i'm so excited for the next part when are you going to update? please say tomorrow please say tomorrow... It was so good, I especialy loved the ending.

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